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Summary: Marinette decides to make Chat Noir a jacket after she notices that his suit doesn't keep out the cold very well. But what happens when he decides to wear the jacket to school—as his civilian self? (Marichat/Adrienette)

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Marinette sat peacefully, finishing up yet another outfit idea in her pink room when she heard the knocking on her trapdoor that led to her balcony. She looked up, knowing that there was only one person who entered through there, aside from herself of course.

And lo and behold, there that mangy alley cat was, grinning and waving at her. Marinette let him in, scolding, "Kitty, you could get sick out there! It's freezing!"

"Visiting you is always worth it," Chat replied flirtatiously.

"Oh stop it. Did you need anything?"

"Only a friendly face to talk to. Are you busy?"

"Not at all. What happened? Was it your dad again," she accused knowingly. Chat had started visiting her after the Evillustrater akuma, and his regular visits had brought the two teens together. Marinette had started to learn more about her partner, and she knew he couldn't even tell her everything, as they were still trying to keep their identities secret.

"Yeah," Chat replied, his ears drooping. "I just-I don't understand why he has to be such a jerk all the time! It seems like he won't let me do anything unless he is sure that I won't have fun! I ask him if I can hang out with friends, and I get an instant no! It's like he doesn't care at all about me! He only lets me hang out with my friends at school, and even then he is constantly threatening to take me out of school if I misbehave or try to stand up for myself! I'm just so done with him!" At this, Chat's eyes started to fill with tears.

Marinette drew him into a hug. "Shhh, it's okay, everything is going to be okay. I'm here, no one will hurt you. Let it all out. Let it all out," she cooed, too used to his reactions by now to be startled.

It made her blood boil to think that someone was so evil as to reduce their teenage son to the broken boy in her arms. She had told him on multiple occasions that she was willing to talk to his dad for him, but neither of them were ready for a reveal yet, so the offer had been rejected.

Lately, the frequency of Chat's visits had picked up, and each visit brought with him colder temperatures as well as more tears. Marinette was heartbroken for her closest friend. He had shown her a completely different side of himself than Ladybug or the other civilians of Paris got to see. He was much gentler when he visited her, and didn't flirt or use cat puns nearly as much. He trusted her, it was as simple as that.

This hug...actually feels really nice, Chat thought, before quickly expelling the thought from his head. He loved Ladybug! Not Marinette! Not sweet, caring, generous, gentle, beauti—no! He loved Ladybug!

Marinette continued hugging him until he pulled away. "Thank you Marinette. You have no idea how much this means to me," Chat smiled softly at the girl, talking in her bluebell eyes, and the light smattering of freckles across her nose. Her hair was down, and she was in a ratty t-shirt and a pair of shorts, but in that moment, Chat thought she had never looked more beautiful. Forget about Ladybug. She would never give him the time of day. Yet here was a girl who was always there for him, always supporting him.

He wanted to lean down and kiss her, but he knew that she would not be appreciative of the action. She loved someone, she had told him. He was sweet and kind and caring, and Chat knew that he had no chance. But he could still dream. Plus, he didn't want to ruin his friendship with her, it meant more to him than she could ever know. Knowing that when he was upset he had someone to go to made even the worst lectures from his father bearable.

"How was your day at school?" she asked him softly.

This was where things got tricky. He wanted to tell her everything, but he knew that one slip up could end in her figuring out his identity. He therefore chose his words carefully. "School was long, but not nearly as long as the lecture my father gave me," he told her, trying to lighten the mood. She didn't smile, instead looking at him worriedly. "Don't worry, it wasn't anything this alley cat can't handle," he assured her. "The bell rang too early, but I was probably the only one thinking that." He laughed bitterly. "I talked with my friends for a while before I had to go home, which was nice. They always manage to make me feel better, even when it feels like I can't do anything with them because of my father. What about you? How was your day?" He thought he knew the answer, so was surprised when she started bawling.

He pulled her close, murmuring, "It's okay, I'm here for you, shh, don't worry. Just cry."

"I'm sorry kitty," she sniffed, "you shouldn't have to deal with me like this. I should be able to be stronger."

"Everyone needs to cry Princess. No one can be positive all the time, not even you. Plus, wasn't I the one crying not that long ago?"

"You were, but you needed to cry! I should be fine, threats mean nothing unless people go through with them—"

"Threats? Who was threatening you?"

"Lila. Again. I should be fine with it, I knew what was going to happen when I started questioning her lies, but I just didn't expect her to go this far!"

"What did she threaten to do?"

"She told me that if I didn't let her get away with her lies, she would make sure I had no friends, and everyone would think I was the liar, not her."

"Princess, I'm so sorry. Is there any way I can help?" As Marinette blubbered, telling him that there was nothing he could do, he felt anger bubbling in his chest. How dare Lila threaten Marinette? What made her think she could get away with such things? And why would she want to in the first place? Everyone loved his princess, everyone except Lila, that is. He looked down at the crying girl in his arms. "Princess, can I ask someone to stay by you while you are at school? So that Lila has less of a chance of cornering you?"

"No Kitty, I don't want anyone else dragged into this, it's bad enough that you know about it."

"I am going to pretend you said yes," he told her sternly. "You need someone to help you Mari. I know you don't like dragging other people into your problems, but if this gets too much you could be akumatized. And I don't know if I could fight you. Let me ask one of my friends to keep a closer watch on you, please Princess."

"Fine. But don't make it into a big deal, and don't you dare tell them that I was crying over it!"

"Cats honor," he vowed, holding his right hand in the air. "Is there anything else going on?" he asked her. Those tears couldn't be just from Lila, Marinette was a strong girl.

"It's nothing, Kitty. I already told you too much. I'll be fine!" She gave him a watery smile.

"Whatever you say, Princess. Do you want to hang out for a while or should this alley cat head home?"

"You can stay. That is if you don't have somewhere to be," she added hurriedly.

"Nowhere to be except for next to you, beating you at a game of Ultimate Mecha Strike III."

"Oh, you are so on Kitty," she told him, the gleam back in her eyes. He was glad that he had been able to make her feel better, but he was determined to get to the bottom of what had really made Marinette cry.

They played Ultimate Mecha Strike III for about half an hour before Chat brought up the question again. "Princess, why were you really crying? I know Lila has to be part of it, but you have never cried over just her threats before. What happened?"

Marinette put down her remote, turning so they were facing each other. "Alya and I got into a fight over Lila. She thinks that I'm not giving her a chance, and that if I did we would be best of friends. She has deluded herself into thinking that it has always been my fault that Lila and I weren't friends, and that Lila has been trying to be my friend this whole time. We had the fight right after Lila threatened me, and it just made me realize that she doesn't even have to go through with her threat, it is already happening. When you asked about my day it just brought everything back. I'm sorry I cried, Kitty, and I'm sorry that you have to deal with this now."

"I'm glad you told me," he told her softly. "Remember that even when it seems like no one else will listen to you, I will be here for you. No matter what."

"Thank you Kitty. For everything."

"Anytime, Princess. Now, are we going to finish this game of Mecha Strike or not?"

Over two hours later, when both the teens were finding it hard to keep their eyes open, Chat decided that it was his time to leave. "Well, Princess, thank you for your therapeutic game playing. I will win more rounds at some point!" he told her optimistically.

"Of course Kitty, you are always welcome."

With one last smile at her, he opened the trap door to her balcony. "Furry cat toys, it's freezing!" he exclaimed. With that parting comment, he lept off her balcony, headed for home.

Marinette frowned after him, worried. He had looked really cold, and she knew from experience that the suits didn't protect against the weather very well. She had never really thought about how cold it must get for him on his way home, as he usually left her house rather later than the two had patrols.

Her designer brain instantly started planning, and she smiled to herself, excited to start her new project. But first, sleep.

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