You guys I am so sorry! I have meant to write more, but the words just aren't coming! I was so excited about a sequel, and I promise I will get one out eventually (I don't give up on stories) but life just seems to be getting more and more hectic for me. I find out today whether I made my school play, I am working 20 hour weeks at Chick-Fil-A, and I am currently a junior taking multiple AP (Advanced Placement, so like college level classes) classes so they are giving me a ton of homework! That, and I just randomly got this idea for an original book that I am kinda wanting to write as well. I know these are just a bunch of excuses, but I promise you guys I will get the sequel out at some point, hopefully soon. I want to finish my other piece, "Wait, What?" before I start on the sequel, but I am just having a super bad case of writer's block I guess. I'm so sorry you guys, I knew you were hyped for the sequel, and I'm to blame for a lot of that hype :/. Thank you so much for your continued support, and for all the likes, faves, follows, and comments! You guys are the best, and the reason I keep writing! Stay safe out there you guys!

Bug out!