RWMtB: Ever After

JacobxBella; SethxSarah

Rated T

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RWMtB: Ever After

Jacob and Bella: J.J.

Isabella Black nee Swan was humming as she sat in the living room, folding laundry while watching cooking shows quietly. She was folding the last basket of clothes and then she could finally take a break; she had been cleaning all day after all. Just as she put the last of her husband's shirts to his pile, a small whimper caught her attention. Turning her head, she looked next to her on the couch where her infant son was napping, his baby blanket covering his legs as he smacked his lips in his sleep before settling down again. Bella smiled at the cuteness before quietly rising to put the respective clothes piles in the right rooms.

Her six-month-old baby boy, Jacob Ephraim Black, Jr., was the perfect spitting image of his father. Everything about him screamed Jacob, from his black hair to dark brown eyes and cute smile. Though, his hair did have a bit of a curl to it like hers did. He had been sort of a surprise, seeing as she didn't think she would end up having another baby after her daughter, but here he was, the precious little bean. Not only that, but he was the apple of his father's eye, though her daughter would claim she was always daddy's little girl. His birth had been scary, as both he and Bella had ended up in distress and he hadn't been breathing, but luckily thanks to the relentless efforts of her doctors, their little boy was alright and was so loved.

Coming back to the living room, she stopped at the couch where her baby was blinking his eyes blurrily, obviously having just woken up. Smiling down at him, she said softly, "Hi J.J. Did you sleep well?"

J.J., as his big sister Sarah had started calling him the moment she heard his name, smiled up at her and reached his hand up, reaching for his mother. Giggling softly, Bella picked up J.J. and held him close, letting him rest his head against her shoulder while one hand clenched her shirt. She walked out of the living room to the kitchen, intent on getting some puréed pears for his little after-nap snack. However, before she could, she heard the front door open and as she turned around, she saw her husband step inside the home.

Jacob Black rolled his shoulders as he closed the door and hung up his keys, having just gotten home from work at his garage. Looking up, he grinned at the sight of his wife and son. Walking over to them, he wrapped them in a hug and greeted, "Hello, you two."

"Hi Jake," Bella replied, smiling as he gave her a sweet kiss.

Jacob then turned his attention to J.J. who squealed happily at the sight of his daddy. Chuckling, he gently took him from Bella and held him saying, "Hey, little man. Were you good for mommy?"

J.J. squealed again and spit some bubbles, patting his little chubby hands against his father's chest, causing his parents to laugh. As he did, Jacob turned his attention back to his wife. "Where's Sarah?"

"She said she'd be with Claire helping her pick out clothes for when she went off to college. Though she did tell me that Quil seems to be having a hard time with it."

"I'll talk to him later. If he continues feeling down about her leaving, Claire will decide not to go and then he'll feel guilty about that."

Nodding her head in agreement, Bella asked Jacob to watch J.J. while she went to go get his pears. Before long, the two of them were settled in the living room, feeding their baby puréed pears and talking to each other about their day. As they did, Bella still couldn't believe that this was the man she ended up with after putting him and herself through so much. But in the end, it had all been worth it and they were happy. Not only that, but they had their little family together, a little family they wouldn't have had she not fully followed her heart. She had a home, a wonderful husband, beautiful children, and family and friends that loved her. She had Jacob, Sarah, little J.J., and she couldn't be happier.

J.J. let out a weird sound after Bella fed him another spoonful of pears before turning to look up at Jacob, a frown marring his face. Concerned, Jacob asked, "What is it, buddy?"

The baby didn't respond at first, but then smiled and spit pears all over himself and Jacob. Jacob let out an alarmed shout while Bella stared wide-eyed, then busted into laughter. Quickly standing, Jacob held his son out in front of him and rushed out of the living room and down the hall. The brunette continued to laugh as she followed behind, heading into their bedroom to get her husband a change of clothes while he was cleaning up J.J. Yes, she really couldn't be happier.

Author's Note: This is the start of my little drabbles following my multi-chapter story Rekindling What's Meant to Be, for those wanting to see more following the end of that story. I hope you all enjoyed this little drabble about Bella and Jacob. Tune in for the next one starring Sarah and Seth. Thanks so much for reading! XOXO, SehunsBae37.