RWMtB: Ever After

JacobxBella; SethxSarah

Rated T

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RWMtB: Ever After

Jacob and Bella: Midnight Cuddles & Conversations

Bella was roused from her sleep when she felt the bed dip under slightly heavy weight, indicating that her husband was finally home. Blinking to adjust to the darkness of the room, she looked at the clock on the nightstand to see that it indicated it was midnight. Turning over to look at her spouse she mumbled, "You're late."

Jacob smiled apologetically and wrapped his large arms around her small frame, pulling her close to him saying, "I know, I'm sorry. The Pack meeting ran later than I thought it would."

"Is Sarah home, too?"

"Yeah, she's in her room. I heard her turn her lamp off just now."


"I checked on him before coming to bed. He's out like a light."

The brunette nodded and snuggled closer to Jacob, sighing contentedly as she cuddled into him. Jacob chuckled softly and held her close, cuddling to her as she did to him. They finally got situated with Jacob lying on his back, Bella's head resting on his bare chest. She listened to his beating heart for a while, the sound of it close to lulling her back to sleep, as well as Jacob lightly stroking his fingers through her hair. It was quiet for a while, each of them listening to the other's soft breathing. Eventually the silence was broken by Jacob saying, "Hey Bells?"

Bella opened her eyes and shifted her head to look up at her husband without moving her head from his chest. Blinking she hummed, "Hm?"

"I was thinking that we should get away for a bit."

Frowning Bella asked, "Get away where?"

"I was thinking a little vacation to say…Florida?"

"Florida?" Bella sat up fully in bed and looked down at her husband, the light shining from the half-moon shining through the curtains and illuminating his handsome face. "Why in the world would we take a vacation to Florida? What's in Florida that would warrant a vacation? What about Sarah and J.J.? Especially J.J.? We can't leave Sarah here by herself to watch our son."

Jacob chuckled and sat up as well. "Well, we won't be leaving them behind. They'll be going with us to Florida to the best place in the world for a kid: Disney World."

Chocolate brown eyes widened in surprise before Bella started to laugh softly. Lying back down next to him, she wrapped her arms around and snuggled close to him before saying, "Oh Jake, that sounds wonderful. A family vacation to Disney sounds amazing. Sarah has never been before, so I just know she'll love it. And J.J., well I'm sure he'll find some amusement and fun out of it, though I doubt he'll remember anything."

"Good, then it's settled. We leave out Thursday morning and will return Tuesday."

"What?" Bella couldn't help but asked somewhat alarmed.

Jacob simply grinned at her. "I've already booked our flights, bought our tickets, got us a hotel room on one of the Disney World Resort, and passes to all the parks. We're going to have so much fun, Bells."

Bella simply stared up at Jacob in awe before laughing softly, cuddling him as he cuddled her. Shaking her head, she whispered, "You're amazing, Jake. I love you."

"I love you too, honey."

Author's Note: I thought to do something cute with this drabble concerning Jacob and Bella; at least, I thought it cute. I hope you enjoyed this one and look forward to the next one. That one will be about Sam and Leah. XOXO, SehunsBae37.