Harry Potter x Frenemies

Standing Still Part #1

Ron scoffed as Jake made funny jokes at Julianne.

She was trying to get rid of Murray, Jake's dog, so she could use him to do all her school projects.

She had three other guys as her, "boyfriends" doing the same thing for her in different classes.

Man it was a rough and tough ride.

"Ron, why don't you have a girlfriend again?" Someone asked.

"Because, I don't have a girl I like that's in my life?" While it wasn't entirely true, he didn't consider Hermione to be a...crush-able girl.

"Ron. Come on. I know-"

"Jake. Please." Ron snapped.

Jake backed off. But only till school was over.

While walking home... "And I know you like Hermione a whole lot more then you let on."

"Jake. Why can't you just let it go. Her and I will never be. We're too different." Ron said.

"Unless you don't try, you'll never truly know." Jake said.

Barking came from up the street.

"Hey Murray! How are you doing? You want Ron to come in and play? Sure. Come on man." Jake said.

Ron smiled and ran inside after the two.

"Hey you guys." It was Savannah and Hermione.

"Hey you two. What brings you guys here?" Jake asked.

"Something Harry wanted us to talk to you guys about." Hermione said.

Well this should be good.

"What did Harry need?" Ron asked.

Jake pulled out some snacks for everyone to enjoy while they talked.

"A short video for Avalon and Halley's web." Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Are you serious? Why does he enjoy hanging out-I take it back. My brothers and Ginny also hang with them and love their web." Ron said.

"Well, they want us...to be the stars of it. And Harry is directing." Savannah said. "Hermione and I are in agreement, what about you guys?" She asked.

"Well, can Murray be in it?"

"I already asked, and they said yes." She smiled.

Ron smirked. "K-I-S-S-"

"I-N-G!" Hermione finished.