Bold – action within speaking form

Italics – flashbacks

"…" – talking

'…' – thinking

Bold/Italics – change of scenery

Bold/Underline/Italics – more emphasis when someone says something or something is realized by another person

Underline/Italics – minor Japanese words used within the story (also, lazy to translate XP)

Disclaimers: This is a crossover between Sailor Moon and Danny Phantom. I do not own these two shows. Sailor Moon is written by Naoko Takeuchi in manga form and aired as a series by Toei Animation and TV Asahi in Japan and by Kodansha Comics in North America. Danny Phantom is created by Butch Hartman aired as an American animated action adventure television series by Nickelodeon in 2004.

AN: Don't worry. I am still writing for my story, Moving On & Starting Anew, but this idea for this crossover will NOT leave me! ㅠㅠ So! I'm going to be writing this story, but very slowly because I FINALLY came up with ideas for my other story. ^^; This is just so that I can come back to it whenever and continue to write fanfic stories. =D Anyways, here is the prologue! ^^

Darkness was all around as a big red flame had flashes of purple. A figure, who was wearing a uniform that consists of a white leotard with a blue-collar, white gloves, light yellow shoulder pads, a blue skirt, and a red bow on the chest and at the back, was watching this, tears falling down her crystal blue eyes. She watched helplessly as a fellow Senshi whose uniform was all purple, sleeves of her leotard resembling flower petals, matching purple knee-length heeled boots with white laces, and a black front and back bow. She watched as she kept on repeating Moon Crisis Power Transform over and over again. It wasn't long until she felt six other Senshi power that she transformed into Super Sailor Moon, a type of crystal forming where the transformation brooch was. It also wasn't long that she mentally said goodbye to the Senshi as she went into the enemy, Pharaoh 90, to help her fellow Senshi, Sailor Saturn. As Pharaoh 90 was destroyed, no one saw the butterflies that flew out of it and went towards somewhere else…

"Gah," yelled out a female voice.

"Serena, are you alright," asked a male voice.

"I'm fine, Dash," said the now known Serena, "Just a dream."

"Well, alright," said the now known Dash, "Anyways, since you are up, how about I copy from your homework?"

"Dash," yelled Serena, "Don't you DARE!"

"Awe, come on, Serena," said Dash, "I was busy with football practice. Besides, I'm having that party soon. Our parents said I could as long as I finished it!"

Serena sent a glare with her crystal blue eyes at Dash for ever suggesting that. She knew that she wasn't the smartest, but at least, she tries her best. Good thing that her parents sent her to get tested for any anomalies. She now knows that she has a bit of dyslexia, but that doesn't hinder her. Combing through her golden blonde hair, she threw her blankets off and headed to the bathroom. Dash watched his little sister with his dark blue eyes and shook his head. He really wanted to give his party invites soon. "Come on, Sere," said Dash, his voice stopping Serena's tracks, "Please let me copy your homework just once!"

"You do know that I may have SOME mistakes due to my dyslexia, right," said Serena who crossed her arms and turn to look at her brother.

"Yeah, but your homework is already complete," said Dash, "As long as I complete the homework, I'm going to be fine."

"Hm," hummed Serena, "Alright."

"Yes," exclaimed Dash.

"But, on ONE condition," said Serena with a smirk.

"Only one," asked Dash with his own smirk.

"Mhm," said Serena, "I'll let you copy my homework, BUT! You have to invite Danny Fenton."

"Ugh," groaned Dash before whining, "Why?!"

"You know that I don't like you bullying, big brother," said Serena, "So, this is just payback FOR Danny by inviting him to YOUR party."

Dash sighed as he looked at his little sister… the little sister who was born just one year after his birth. He knew that both of them go to the same school and the same year, but he was still kind of surprised to know that his sister knew his bullying ways. He tries to hide that side of him from his little sister. Knowing that he HAS to finish his homework before inviting people to his party, Dash nodded his head to Serena that yes, he'll invite the boy Danny to his party. Seeing Dash's nod, Serena smiled. "Homework's on my desk, big brother," said Serena, "Oh! And don't forget to invite Hotaru. I need someone to talk to, too."

"Yeah, yeah," said Dash, "Don't worry. Hotaru and Kwan are going to be coming to this party too."

"Yay," exclaimed Serena.

- In A Different Household –

"Ah," screamed a female voice.

"Hotaru," asked a confused male voice, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, Kwan," said the now known Hotaru, "Just a dream is all."

"Want to talk about it," asked the now known Kwan.

"Not really," said Hotaru.

"Alright," said Kwan, "Well, it's morning. So, you better get ready for school."

"Thanks," said Hotaru.

Hotaru combed through her black hair that had hints of violet in it. She also rubbed her violet eyes as she got out of her bed to get ready for the day. Pulling on her dark violet tee and her black skirt, Hotaru walked out of her room. She gave her big brother a hug before going into the bathroom and got ready for the day. She just hoped that everything will be fine when she got to school.

- At School: Lunch Time –

"Oh great," groaned a male voice, "Dash is finally handing out his invites to his party."

"Come on, man," said another male voice, "It's not going to be the end of the world."

"True," said a female voice, "But you know Danny. He'll want to go because of…"

Once every student got to school, they endured their classes with their teacher, Mr. Lancer, until lunch time. It was this lunch time that it was focused on three people at a far by table. One was a boy named Danny Fenton, who had black hair and icy blue eyes. Another was a boy named Tucker Foley, who was African American and was wearing glasses and a red beret. The last person was a girl, named Samantha Sam Manson, who had violet eyes and black hair like Hotaru, except her black hair didn't have natural violet streaks in them and was up in a small ponytail that was held by a green hair tie. All of them could see Dash handing out invites to his latest party. Sam was about to comment that Danny wanted to go because of his crush on a certain Latino girl named Paulina, but she was cut off when Dash came and slapped an invite in Danny's chest. "Here," said Dash.

"A-An invite," stuttered Danny, "For me?"

"Yeah, well," said Dash, "My little sister wanted me to invite you."

"What," asked Tucker in surprise, "I didn't know you had a little sister."

"Same here," said Sam, "Though, I do feel sorry for her that she has to put up with you."

"Anyways," said Dash, "You, Fen-turd, are invited to my party… Just. You."

Dash then left the three alone as he handed his invites out to others. As he left, Danny looked at the invite and was still ecstatic to be going to a party with all of students that he never hung out before. He was still wondering who Dash's little sister was though. He never once saw Dash talk with any other person that looked like him. His other friends were surprise by learning that Dash has a little sister as well. "I'm surprise that Dash gave you an invite," said Sam.

"I'm surprise that his little sister TOLD him to," said Tucker.

"Same here," said Danny, "Hey! Do you think we'll find out who his little sister is?"

"Doubt it," said Sam, "She's probably stuck up like Paulina, and if she is, I wonder what her ulterior motive is to make Dash invite you."

The three friends sighed as they heard the bell ring that signaled the end of lunch. They walked back into school and talked about what they learned, but it wasn't until Danny bumped into someone. As Danny bumped into the person, all of them could hear the books falling down on the floor. Sam and Tucker sighed before telling Danny that they'll catch up to him, not once looking at who Danny bumped into. Danny grumbled as he bent down to help the person pick up their books. It wasn't until he saw a slim, but girly, hand picking up a book he was about to grab. Looking up, he saw a very beautiful girl with her golden blonde hair up in a high ponytail. He also was staring into really pretty crystal blue eyes. 'She's really pretty,' thought Danny with a flush as he said, "I'm sorry about that."

"It's no problem," said the female, "Thanks for helping me pick up my books."

"N-No problem," said Danny, "It was my fault in the first place. Anyways, I'm Danny. Danny Fenton."

"Serenity Baxter," said the female with a smile, "But, I prefer to be called Serena."

"Serena," said Danny dreamily until he reheard her last name, "Wait a minute! YOU'RE Dash's little sister?!"

Danny looked at Serena in surprise. He didn't think that he would run into Dash's little sister like that. Looking at her, he could tell that she was probably a year younger than him. He looked at her books to see that it was the same books as HIS year. Serena, on her part, looked amused at Danny's exclamations but still flushed a bit at the dreamy way Danny said her name. Sure, she didn't hang out with her bully of a big brother, but she was surprised that no one recognized that she was, in fact, a Baxter. She turned behind her as she saw her friend, Hotaru, waiting for her so both could get to class together, her cheeks finally residing from the color red. Turning back, she saw Danny was trying to say something to her. "Hm," asked Serena.

"U-Uh," said Danny, "I just want to say thank you for the invite."

"No problem," said Serena with a smile, "Anyways, we should get to class. turns to Hotaru Right, 'Taru?"

Hotaru nodded her head as she saw Serena and Danny finally get off of the floor. Nodding her head in thanks once more, Serena and Hotaru walked towards their class. Hotaru, however, was teasing Serena. She knew that Serena had a small crush on Danny when they were younger, and that crush was still there. Serena, with her cheeks full red once more, told Hotaru to stop teasing her. Danny, on his part, sighed a bit as the two walked into a classroom. It was then the late bell rang, and Danny cursed under his breath. He ran towards HIS class but was stopped by Mr. Lancer at the door. "You're late, Fenton," said Mr. Lancer.

"Crud," bemoaned Danny.

- In Japan –

"We HAVE to find hime and Saturn," said a female voice, "The universe depends on them."

AN: Hi hi! (≧∇≦)/ A new story for you all! This is just a base for my idea. It IS after Hotaru and Usagi defeated Pharaoh 90. That's what the beginning was. However, it IS a dream for the reincarnated self of Usagi and Hotaru. I made them the little sisters of Dash and Kwan since both guys are best friends. Growing up, Hotaru and Usagi, which her name is now Serena, are best friends. As for the coupling for this story… YES! This is a DannyXSerena/Usagi pairing. Hotaru probably won't be paired up until maybe later since I don't know who will be right for Hotaru. (^^;) Anyways, this will be my FIRST ever crossover with Danny Phantom. =P I hope you enjoy this fanfic as all my other ones. Happy reading and see ya whenever! (^_−)