Bold – action within speaking form

Italics – flashbacks

"…" – talking

'…' – thinking

Bold/Italics – change of scenery

Bold/Underline/Italics – more emphasis when someone says something or something is realized by another person

Underline/Italics – minor Japanese words used within the story (also, lazy to translate XP)

Disclaimers: This is a crossover between Sailor Moon and Danny Phantom. I do not own these two shows. Sailor Moon is written by Naoko Takeuchi in manga form and aired as a series by Toei Animation and TV Asahi in Japan and by Kodansha Comics in North America. Danny Phantom is created by Butch Hartman and aired as an American animated action adventure television series by Nickelodeon in 2004.

"I don't think I can do this," said a frightened Serena.

It was a couple of hours after Clockwork's revelation about Serena becoming the consort and QUEEN of the Ghost Zone. Danny was so sure that the two weren't going to become more than the dating relationship they had going on, but Clockwork threw a curve-ball. Danny could also see that Serena wasn't prepared to be crowned alongside him. Danny looked around after Clockwork's revelation to see that the others were also in shock about it…

- Flashback –

"Say what," exclaimed everyone.

"Technically," said Clockwork, "Princess Serenity V will be crowned consort to Daniel and will eventually become Queen of the Ghost Zone, ruling alongside Daniel here."

Danny and Serena looked at each other in surprise while their friends and Senshi looked at the couple in shock. Danny and Serena knew that their relationship wasn't anywhere NEAR what it was during the Silver Millennium, but with Danny becoming the Ghost King, their relationship will be more on the engagement side. That side was also something the two weren't really ready for. As Danny and Serena looked more surprised worried, the others turned to Clockwork and started to ask questions. "What do you MEAN that Usagi is going to be the Ghost Zone's Queen," questioned a surprised Rei.

"What do you mean that my baby sister is becoming a CONSORT," asked a semi-angered Dash.

"Well," said Clockwork, "You didn't think that WE would make someone in the ghost zone marry Daniel when he is with Princess Serenity V, do you?"

"No," said Danny firmly, "I am NOT going to be dating another girl when the girl that I love is already with me."

"Then, that is why Princess Serenity V will become Daniel's consort," said Clockwork, "It will also deter other ghosts from Daniel once he takes the mantle as the Ghost King."

With Clockwork's explanation, everyone looked weary about what was to come. Serena was going to become a consort of sorts to Danny, but did she want it? They all looked at Serena who had a grimaced face. She really didn't want to become some sort of consort, but she really DOES love Danny with all of her heart. She couldn't also really bear the thought of her heart being broken when she imagined Danny with another. Looking at everyone else, her face quickly took on a reassured face. "I-If that is what is best," said Serena.

"Girl," said Makoto, "You don't have to do this."

"Yeah," said Minako, "We could always come up with another way to save Mamoru."

"Don't forget Sam," piped up Tucker who was glaring at Minako for not remembering one of his best friends.

"Yeah," said Minako with a wave of her hand, "Her too."

Danny glared slightly at Minako for her carefree mind about one of his best friends. He knew that he wouldn't be WITH Sam, but he still considered her a friend. He turned his eyes to Serena though because it was also her decision to go through with being his so-called consort. He could tell the hesitance about it, especially when HE also felt the same. They just defined their relationship as a serious one, but to go to the next step so soon after a couple of months? Danny, however, blew out a relief breathe that he didn't know he was holding in when Serena finally said, "I will be Danny's consort."

"Then, it is decided," said Clockwork before turning to the French-braided, light green colored ghost, "Princess Dorathea, please escort Princess Serenity V to one of the changing rooms. turns to the Yeti ghost Frostbite, please escort Daniel to another changing room."

"Eh," questioned everyone.

"Now wait a minute," said Dash, "You are not going to…"

"Come along, Princess Serenity V," said the now known Princess Dorathea, "We shall get you ready for the ceremony."

- End Flashback –

Now, the Yeti known as Frostbite was helping Danny into a different outfit, much like how Danny dressed as Prince Aeolian. Serena was also being helped by Princess Dorathea while the ancient Greek armor-wearing ghost known as Pandora stood on guard in front of Serena's changing room. She didn't even let Jazz into Serena's room, even though Pandora knew that she was the older sister to Danny. Serena, on her part, just stared in the mirror to see herself in a similar outfit that was like her Princess Serenity dress. The only things missing were her birthmark of the crescent moon and her accessories. Taking one look in the mirror, Serena just uttered the same thing as before. "I really don't think I can do this," said Serena.

"Do you not love Sir Danny," questioned Dorathea.

"Of course I do," said Serena.

"But," pressed on Dorathea.

"But, is this going too fast," questioned Serena, "I mean, Danny and I have been together for only a couple of months. We just established that we are strictly dating and not thinking about marriage when we found out about our status within the Silver Millennium a long time ago. Now, we are being engaged again in the Ghost Zone when we aren't probably ready with that next step!"

As Princess Dorathea was listening to Serena's concerns, Frostbite was doing the same with Danny. Danny took one look at himself within the mirror and started to panic. All the times that he and Serena talked about just staying within dating status until a year or two before becoming engaged was pushed in front of his mind. Serena and he knew that they would eventually be at the engaged status, but so soon? He knew what a consort was and knew that Serena was also probably having second thoughts like he was having. Once Frostbite asked what was wrong, Danny confessed his worries. "I mean," said Danny, "What happens because of this, Serena and I break up due to the pressures of being consorts to each other?"

"Great One," said Frostbite, "It seems as though you and Serena should talk to one another before the ceremony begins."

"B-But, how," questioned Danny, "I mean, the others are waiting for us a-and…"

"Great One," said Frostbite, "I am sure that with Princess Dorathea, Pandora, and myself guarding the doors, you will have time to converse with your consort."

"Please don't call her that," said Danny, "And thanks, Frostbite."

Frostbite nodded his head before walking out of the door, Danny hot on his heels. Both went down a few doors down to see Pandora in front of the room. Apparently, the Senshi and Dash really wanted to talk Serena OUT of being a consort. The Senshi, although knowing that their memories were messed with, still wanted their Usagi to not become a consort to Danny and to be with Mamoru. They were so sure that one her full memories come back, she would gladly come back with them to Japan and be with Mamoru. Dash, on the other hand, was just being the overprotective brother that he was known for. He really wasn't comfortable knowing that when Serena became a consort to Fenton, the both would be considered engaged. Serena was just a teen like Dash, and Dash also wanted Serena to grow into her adulthood before even THINKING about being engaged. So, once Frostbite and Danny arrived where Serena and Princess Dorathea were, Pandora looked at them in question. "Is there something wrong," questioned Pandora.

"Not at all," said Frostbite, "However, the Great One would like to talk with his consort before the ceremony."

"You do know that it is against the rules for the heir to see his consort, especially when they are in their outfits already," said Pandora with a raised eyebrow.

"I do," said Frostbite, "But that just makes it so that we all will quickly change to something different before the ceremony."

"If you are sure," said Pandora before turning to knock on the door.

"Yes," called out Dorathea.

"Daniel and Frostbite are here," said Pandora, "Would it be alright for them to come in?"

Within the room, Princess Dorathea was listening to Serena's plight before a knock was heard. Princess Dorathea called out to answer and was surprised to hear that Sir Danny and Frostbite were outside of the door. Tradition dictates that the consort and the heir to the throne couldn't meet each other after they wore their outfits, yet looking at Serena's distraught face, Princess Dorathea forgo the traditions and opened the door. With a sharp yelp from Danny being pulled into the room and Princess Dorathea closing the door with her on the outside, the couple finally had time to talk about everything that was going to happen. "I never knew that you could disregard the traditions," said Pandora with mirth in her eyes.

"Well," said Dorathea, "I believe the couple should have time to talk things through before the big ceremony. After all, this is a big step for both of them."

"Indeed," agreed Frostbite.

- Within The Room –

"Serena," called out Danny cautiously.

"Danny," questioned Serena from behind a blinder.

"Yeah," said Danny who rubbed the back of his neck, "C-Can we talk?"

When Princess Dorathea went to answer the door, she pushed Serena behind the blinders for an unknown reason. Serena was confused because she didn't have any article to change into while getting ready for the ceremony. She jumped a bit when she heard Danny's voice before calling out from behind the blinder. When she heard Danny wanted to talk, she prepared herself to whatever Danny was going to talk about. Serena stepped out of the blinder and was in awe at what Danny was wearing. In front of Serena, Danny was wearing a similar knight outfit to his Prince Aeolian and looked very handsome. For Danny, Serena took his breathe away when she stepped out in a similar Princess Serenity outfit, but the color was light green to match his knight outfit. "Serena," said a breathless Danny, "Y-You look very beautiful. Gorgeous!"

"T-Thank you," said a blushing Serena, "Y-You look very handsome as well."

"T-Thanks," said Danny who flushed slightly, "A-Anyways, can we talk?"

"Okay," said Serena as both sat at the sofa that was inside the room.

"So…," started Danny.

"Yes," questioned Serena.

"Beautiful," said Danny, "You know that I love you, but it seems as though we need to talk about this consort stuff."

"Y-You don't want to," questioned Serena worriedly.

"Of course I want to be with you," exclaimed Danny, "But, we only thought that I would be crowned King so we had a ghost army against the ghosts my past father had. We never discussed about being consorts to each other."

"True," said Serena with a sigh, "This was just announced when we just arrived."

"Exactly," said Danny, "Though, I wouldn't mind being engaged to you. I do, however, remember that we talked about keeping our relationship strictly as dating until a year or so before being engaged."

Serena nodded her head. She, too, remembered the talks Danny and she had while they found out about the Silver Millennium through their dreams. Once they started to date, they talked about their dreams and talked about not being engaged until years passed. Just thinking about being engaged to her love had her flush a bit more. She also wouldn't mind being engaged to Danny, but their relationship was still relatively new. Looking at Danny, Serena could see that he was worried for her as well. This decision was quickly thrust on her, but she thought back. If she knew earlier about being a consort, she would have time to think about it and STILL decide to become Danny's consort. Serena took Danny's hands into hers and held it up between them. Danny, on his part, looked a bit surprised before looking into Serena's eyes to see love and happiness there. "If we were told that I would to become a consort to you," said Serena, "I believe that I would have still agreed to be with you."

"Truly," asked Danny.

"Mhm," said Serena, "Besides, no one at home would know that we are practically engaged besides our really close friends."

"So, we'll just be engaged in the Ghost Zone for a long while until we are ready back home," said a thoughtful Danny.

"Yeah," said Serena, "Besides, WE get the choice on WHEN we get married."

"When and not if," teased Danny.

"Well, if you DON'T want to marry me," trailed off Serena who was about to get up.

"I didn't say that, Beautiful," said Danny.

With that, Danny yanked Serena towards him, letting Serena fall on top of Danny when she tried to get up from the sofa. Danny also wrapped an arm around Serena's waist to stop her from trying to get back up. For Serena, she yelped lightly as she landed onto of Danny and felt his arm around her waist. She looked into Danny's eyes before leaning up and kissing him on the lips. Danny smiled inwardly at how lucky he was to have Serena before returning the kiss with as much love as he could pour into it. Both didn't notice that the door opened to reveal the three ghosts peaking in. They, however, were started by the giggles emitting from Princess Dorathea. "Guys," groaned Danny as he buried his embarrassed face within Serena's neck.

"I'm sorry, Sir Danny," said Dorathea, "But, it is time to quickly change outfits before the ceremony."

"Do we have to," whined the both, "We're already in our outfits."

"You don't want to have bad luck, do you," questioned Pandora.

"Ugh," groaned Serena, "It's like we're getting married or something. looks at Danny We are NOT getting married until a year or two, buster."

"Couldn't agree more," said Danny as he pecked Serena's lips.

"If you are done," said Frostbite, "The Great One and I should head back to the other room to change outfits."

"Same here," said Dorathea with mirth in her eyes.

- Outside Of The Castle –

"They are late," said an impatient Rei.

"They aren't late," said Hotaru, "You are just impatient."

"Yeah," said Kwan, "Besides, we don't even know WHEN the ceremony was supposed to start."

"Clockwork said it was supposed to start soon," pointed out Ami.

"Doesn't mean that it was supposed to be minutes ago," talked back Jazz.

Both groups were on edge about what was about to happen. So far, the Senshi were being impatient or were trying to get into Serena's room to talk to her. Hotaru was glaring because Rei was complaining about the past once more on how USAGI was always late to anything important. She, however, held her tongue to start another argument that Serena was NOT Usagi. Jazz was also getting fed up with the Senshi as well because in her eyes, the Senshi were trying to make her little brother sad and heartbroken. Dash wasn't really on the Senshi side, but he was worried that the two were going fast into being engaged when they both were still teens. It didn't take long that both groups were glaring at the other due to frustration and impatience. However, before one of the Senshi could bite back, a male voice was heard. Everyone turned to the sound to see an extremely long purple haired and green eyed ghost wearing black full-body armor standing on the stage. "Here ye, here ye," said the ghost who was holding a scroll, "We are gathered here today to crown Sir Phantom as the Ghost King, along with his consort, Princess Serenity V."

"Who is that," whispered Haruka.

"He's called the Fright Knight," whispered back Tucker, "He is the spirit of Halloween and the former Ghost King's second-in-command."

"I guess he's going to be Danny's now," whispered/piped up Jadeite.

"Before we bring the couple out," said the now known Fright Knight, "Who in the crowd have any protests on crowning Sir Phantom and his consort?"

Rei was about to speak up, but her mouth was covered by Hotaru and Kwan's hands. The siblings were glaring at Rei for trying to stop something that would have happened if King Endymion IV weren't a pain on their sides. The Fright Knight saw the two cover her mouth, but he didn't point it out. Instead, the Fright Knight continued on the ceremony as he introduced Danny and Serena. The ghosts, the Senshi, Jadeite, Jazz, and the Reincarnates looked on as the side doors opened up. On one side, Frostbite was leading Danny to their left while Princess Dorathea was leading Serena to their right. Both were wearing outfits that reminded the Senshi, Jadeite, and the Reincarnates on how all of them would dress during the Silver Millennium. They, however, could see that the color was off from their Silver Millennium part. Instead of seeing white on Serena and glowing green on Danny, the two had the similar colors of icy light blue. All of them gasped as Serena and Danny finally arrived on stage where the Fright Knight gave the stage to them and Clockwork. "Do you Daniel Phantom, also known as Daniel Fenton, accept the Ring of Rage and the Crown of Fire as a part of you," questioned Clockwork.

"I do," said Danny.

"Do you Daniel Phantom, also known as Daniel Fenton, accept the responsibilities that come with governing the Ghost Zone," questioned Clockwork.

"I do," said Danny.

"Do you Daniel Phantom, also known as Daniel Fenton, accept to rule the Ghost Zone with honesty, integrity, and fairness," questioned Clockwork.

"I do," said Danny.

"Then, please place the Ring of Rage and the Crown of Fire on," said Clockwork as he motioned for Pandora to bring the two items to them.

With that, Danny squeezed Serena's hand for support before walking closer to the two items in question. Danny first grabbed the Ring of Rage and placed it onto his left ring finger. He then placed the Crown of Fire on top of his head in resignation. Once both items were on Danny's person, a powerful wave swept over the ghosts and traveled over the entirety of the Ghost Zone, indicating that SOMEONE was the new Ghost King. Danny, however, could feel the power that surged through within him. He tentatively smiled at Serena as Serena smiled reassuringly back to him. Clockwork then got the couple to come back to the ceremony as he started on the consort part. "Do you Serenity Baxter, also known as Princess Serenity V, accept being the consort and engaged to Daniel Phantom, also known as Daniel Fenton," questioned Clockwork.

"I do," said Serena.

"Do you Serenity Baxter, also known as Princess Serenity V, accept the responsibilities that comes with governing the Ghost Zone alongside Daniel Phantom, also known as Daniel Fenton," questioned Clockwork.

"I do," said Serena.

"Do you Serenity Baxter, also known as Princess Serenity V, accept to rule the Ghost Zone beside Daniel Phantom, also known as Daniel Fenton, with honesty, integrity, and fairness," questioned Clockwork.

"I do," said Serena.

"Then turns to Danny Young Daniel, please place the items that is presented to you on your consort," said Clockwork.

Danny sweated a bit as he walked towards the other items Pandora quickly brought out. These items was a diamond princess tiara and a ring that looked like a combination of his ice and ghost powers. First taking the tiara, he walked towards Serena and gently placed the tiara on top of her head. Danny then quickly took the ring before gently taking Serena's left hand. It really felt like they were being engaged as Danny placed the ring gently onto Serena's left ring finger. Serena, on her part, flushed slightly as she felt a wave of calmness and power surge through her once Danny was done placing the items on her person. Both still stared at each other as Clockwork made the statement that finalized everything. "Ghosts," said Clockwork, "Guests! May I present to you the new Ghost King, King Daniel Phantom, and his consort, Princess Serenity V!"

"We're still not getting married until years later," said Serena softly.

"Agreed," said Danny softly back before the couple turned towards the crowd who cheered.

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