Summary: When Daphne Greengrass got a job opportunity in the US she expected it to be her chance to escape from her past and all her problems. She did not however expect a certain muggle detective to become such a large part of her life or for a new dark wizard to arise. Well, what can you say but some things are best left unplanned for.

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Chapter 1: A Chance Encounter

Detective Liam Sanders was heated. He had three different murders piled up waiting for him at his desk and he just couldn't find the relationship between any of them. All he knew were the names of the victims and the method of their death, strangulation by a guitar string. There was just nothing similar that they held. They all had different races, genders, ages, and occupations and there was no college or event linking them together that he could find.

Quickly shoving the doors to the police department aside he stole down the steps and began walking towards the park to think.

It was a cloudy day reeking of dankness and depression. The grass along the sidewalk cowered under the pressure of the wind almost as if the little plants could sense the impending storm.

As Liam reached the park he aimed for his favorite path around the lake.

The ducks seemed to be at peace, drifting merrily along the surface, picking at little bugs in the water.

He arrived at his favorite spot at the side of the lake and moved to take a seat on the bench. That's when he noticed the strikingly blond woman reading a book and sitting in his normal spot.

Liam approached her, "Excuse me but that's my seat".

She glanced up at him harshly, causing him to flinch, "I wasn't aware that seats at a public park could be reserved."

He noted her British accent. Interesting. Liam turned his head away from her piercing gaze, "No obviously you can't, I just meant that normally no one comes here at this time. You just surprised me that's all."

She turned back to her book, visibly uninterested in his excuse.

"You mind if I sit there", Liam said warily as he pointed to the space next to the woman on the bench.

"No I don't mind.", she responded probably more out of politeness than out of genuineness.

Liam sidled down next to her, making sure to keep a good amount a space between them, and fished out his bag of bread crumbs.

She seemed very upclass, he noticed her perfectly trimmed nails and her high cheekbones, she had an air of royalty around her making her seem almost intimidating. Her hair was done back in a tight ponytail and her lips were tightly pressed together almost as if to shut out any semblance of openness and emotion in her impassive visage.

He began quietly tossing the crumbs into the lake for the ducks to eat.

"So are you new here, I don't think i've seen you around before?", Liam casually asked.

"Yes I was just stopping by to relax and read", the woman responded, still not taking her eyes off her book.

The breeze around them began to pick up and the clouds above them darkened.

Liam leaned back, "So... what are you reading?"

She raised one eyebrow but didn't respond.

He muttered, "That's cool too, just ignore me, I don't mind."

The woman closed her book, "As I said before, I came to the park with the intention to relax and read, I did not however come here to make pointless small talk with an insipid muggle."

Liam stared at her shocked, "Damn someone's in a bad mood today, why didn't you just say so!"

She reopened her book and pointedly ignored him.

"What's a muggle? I don't think i've heard that one before."

She looked at him sharply, "My bad it must have slipped out, it's nothing to be concerned with, just a random term" she responded nervously.

Now that was intriguing. If it was just a random term why did she seem so worried that he had caught it? He logged that detail in the back of his mind. He realized that he hadn't introduced himself, perhaps that's why the woman seemed so cold and closed off.

"Well i'd better introduce myself at the very least", he said. "Liam Sanders Head Detective for the San Diego Police Department at your service."

She still didn't look up from her book but he noticed a shift in her face at the mention of his job as a detective. Perhaps she was a felon or maybe just scared of cops.

"So what's your name?", he asked, hoping for some response. He knew he was being annoying but he just couldn't stop talking when he found something interesting.

The woman finally responded, "Greengrass."

He really didn't want to judge, but who the hell named their kid Greengrass. He looked at her questioningly. "Greengrass… that's your name?"

She chuckled, "It's my surname not my first name."

He shook his head in mock disappointment, "Wow I don't even get a first name, you really must not like me."

The woman looked up with a thin smile, "You're just full of questions aren't you?"

Grinning, he responded, "Well I am a detective, it's kind of my job to ask a lot of questions."

She closed her book, "Okay Mr. Head Detective, humor me for a bit then. If you're really so good…" she scanned the trail, "tell me the relationship status of that man."

Liam followed her gaze to a shabbily dressed man walking along the path behind them alongside a tall muscular man. He looked at the man intently looking for clues.

Okay let's do this. He's got an extremely shabby appearance so he most likely doesn't have a girlfriend who cares about his looks if he has one at all. The way he walks isnt confident at all, and he clearly doesn't have an engagement ring. Oooh is he checking out that woman in the blue hoodie. He's definitely single, or unfaithful. I'm gonna shoot for single, he gives off really strong single vibes.

Liam turned back to the woman with one eyebrow raised and stated, "He's single."

The woman nodded affirmatively, "And what gave it away?"

"He has the appearance of a slob and he clearly doesn't have self control over where his eyes go. He was either single, or dating a girl who he doesn't care about."

She smirked, "That's pretty good, not bad for an amateur."

"Amateur!", "Like you could do any better."

"I figured it out in a couple of seconds, detective, you took more than a minute.", she retorted.

"Oh okay, what gave it away for you then? ", he responded sarcastically.

She shook her head, "He was talking to his friend about how to get a girlfriend, sometimes you just have to listen.", she said with a smirk.

Damn… she got me good.

"Okay fine, you know what, I'll do you one better. I can figure out what your job is.", he stated.

She reopened her book and looked at him unimpressed, "Mmmm go for it, I highly doubt that you could do that."

Liam leaned back once more and focused on the woman in front of him.

Okay she's got calluses on her fingers, she probably writes a lot. She's been pretty confident and cold, probably some leadership position, one that doesn't allow for much emotion. She's also been pretty observant, so a job that requires carefulness and caution. If I didn't know better i'd say she'd be a perfect police chief.

He jerked up suddenly.

OF COURSE! She fits all the descriptions of a leader in law enforcement. She even showed some recognition when I'd stated myself to be a detective. She has to be some sort of chief of police or something.

"You're a police officer! Or some kind of law enforcement, a high position too!"

The woman looked impressed, "You'd be right about that, maybe not so much of an amateur then."

Liam responded pleased, "So I'm right then, yesss. "What branch of law enforcement then, Ms. Greengrass."

She returned her gaze back to the book, "I'm sorry to say but it's classified information detective."

Liam raised an eyebrow and got up. "Okay Ms. Classified information I have to go back to work, it's been great really."

The woman kept reading, "I can't say the same detective, please go away and leave me here peacefully."

Liam just chuckled, "I'm Looking forward to seeing you around Ms. Greengrass".

He turned around and set off for the trail humming, as a pair of analytical ice blue eyes followed him down.

He walked back along the trail towards the police headquarters, the weather around him didn't clear up and he felt the humidity around him rise.

"Oh great, I hate the rain", Liam muttered and opened his umbrella in anticipation of the downpour that was waiting for him.

Authors Note:

Okay, so what do you guys think?

I'm very excited to start this project and I hope it turns out enjoyable for you guys.

Also yes I had the audacity to start my story from an OC's perspective, deal with it.