Chapter Nine: The Second Battle.

In the Blue Base.

" Man ...They are really kicking their asses. "Blue Rookie commented as he looked from afar where Celestine recently hit the recruits who were down the base and Tex also hit the ones above.

"How come I never have the fucking sniper rifle?" Tucker complained as he couldn't see anything from the blue base to the red base. Caboose lowers the rifle.

"I'm very happy Tex is on our team and not theirs." caboose continued.

"Of course it makes things much easier for us." agreed the water soldier. "And above all, Celestine is the rudest and although she has a good body and great character as a leader .."

"Yes. I think exchanging Tex for Church was a good trade. "The rookie commented.

"It definitely looks like your assassination of Church is starting to work for us." Tucker agreed.

"You know, do you think so?" Caboose asked, "You know, I was going to say something but, uh, well you know, uh ... nuh ..."

"Did Tex enter the base?" Tucker asked, prompting Caboose to look through the rifle again, just in time to see Tex enter Red Base.

"Yes." Caboose replied. Then inside the blue base the blue flag reappears.

"Blue Team, flag returned." a male voice announced.

" What the hell ...?" Tucker looked around, confused, "Who said that?"

"Sorry, that was me." Church explained after clearing his throat, "I, uh, I guess I had something stuck in my throat. By the way, your flag is back." Everyone was sweating a bit.

"Hey, it's Church!" Caboose eagerly pointed out the obvious.

"Yeah, it's me. Hey, Caboose." Church greeted the Blue Rookie.

"Hey, Church, what are you doing?" Caboose asked in a cheerful tone.

"Caboose, ah-huh-huh," Church laughed, "I'm really not here to make a little talk, okay?" then he got serious,

"How did you manage to get their flag back?"

"W-what? Oh, t-that flag?" Tucker stammered "We've always had that."

"Tucker, who do you think you're trying to fool?" Church warned, before realizing someone was missing, "Hey wait a sec ... Where's Tex?"

"I'm not really sure," Tucker explained, trying to make up a story. "He said he was going to go to the store, something about, uh, effort." Unfortunately, Church saw the lie.

"Oh great. This is so typical. What was the only thing I said to you the last time I showed up? "He snapped.

"Is that Sidewinder is COOL!?" Caboose guessed with no idea.

"What was the OTHER thing I told you?" Church grunted.

"Don't let him get involved?" Tucker guessed.

" Right". church confirmed: "And what did you do?"

"... We let him get involved." Tucker responded, sounding like a child caught up in a lie.

"And not just a little involved. How involved?" Church continued warning.

"Very, very involved." Caboose replied, also sounding like a child caught up in a kept looking at the Red base but noticed something where Celestine was being held by a person wearing pink armor "The girl in the Pink Armor is fighting Captain Celestine!" he yelled warning Tucker.

"How?" Said Church ghost surprised. "she know how to fight?"

"Holy shit!" Tucker yells in surprise. "Girls I need to borrow your sniper rifles!"Tucker was going to turn around and had planned to borrow the sniper rifle by asking the girls but there was no one there except that there was only one person present and it is Olga with the assault rifle. "Where the hell did the others go?"tucker asks Olga.

"They went to the bathroom ..." Olga answered lying. Tucker and Church look at Olga.

"Why would they go to the bathroom at a time like this?" Said Church annoyed causing Olga to sigh annoyed.

"It's women's issues ..."Olga said lying.

Flashback ten minutes ago.

While the two male blues are staring at the red base watching Tex and Celestine kick the reds' butt. where Claudia already strangely calls herself Lorelia and she spoke something that Alicia worried a lot about when she declared ...

"I feel like your friends are in danger ..." Loreila said seriously causing the others to worry more.

"How do you know?" Said Olga seriously.

"Girls, I know it's crazy but that Claudia stole my body while I was in some dark place and I was watching you living in the blue base talking about strange things that are from another world ..."Loreila explained seriously.

"Wait?" Olga said with little understanding "Are you the owner of this body?"Olga asks assuming her arch-enemies had some trouble with the bodies knowing that Kaguya and Maia had an episode looking at the owners' memories.

"Yes ... I was born with my body and grew up with it ... wait, don't you tell me you are the friends of an exhibitionist?" Lore / Claudia said with an indifferent tone.

"Don't tell me you looked at Claudia's memories ..." Grace said in shock.

"Yes ... they are very crazy and very perverted wearing suits of armor but their skins and their private and intimate parts are exposed, what kind of world do you live in?"Lore / Claudia said with an annoyed tone and begins to frown "A certain psychopath raped that poor woman Claudia that was really horrible for my eyes ... and she was screaming father father ..."she said with poison and then they look around the women "You are stupid enough and new to participate in the war if you have already lost everything in your world ..."

Alicia is petrified when she hears Lore / Claudia's explanation about Claudia's memory of being abused by her own Father-in-law, Grave.

"What else did you see?" Alicia said sweating.

"Everyone ... it's hell ..." Lore / Claudia said in a tone of venom and horror. "The Black Dogs are terrible ... I heard your names ... Alicia, Prim, Ruu-Ruu, Kaguya, Maia, Olga, Chloe and Luca were all in the square ..."

"What square?" Said Olga understanding what the strange Lore was saying.

"Thorne Squate as Vault said ..."Lore said seriously but took out the rifle "first let's rescue your friends since we have the three possible threats that would be the two people; The guy with the Black armor and Celestine and also the male reds .."

"Wait, but how do you know about us?" Alicia said trying to talk to Lore.

"Ask your internal voice why the minister betrayed you and also the others who have an internal voice in their heads ..."Lore / Claudia said in a cold voice. Alicia went pale when she heard the name of the minister. Lore / Claudia looks at the others. "Alicia, Grace and Chloe are going to go with me to direct us to the red base to stop the attack but Olga will stay here and use the radio, if we don't come back in twenty minutes, you can tell those two idiots upstairs to help you rescue us. So let's go "Lore said seriously.

In present.

Olga had to lie but she had the radio on while Tucker and Church didn't realize without looking down where outside the blue base is Chloe, Alicia, Grace following Claudia, where they go to the red base. but Caboose noticed that but decided to continue watching how the girl in pink armor fights against Captain Celestine.

Memory Number One from Helly Mirtland.

"She is not fit to fight now ..."said the Doctor looking at something on the X-ray.

"What do you mean?" Said the pink haired woman dumbfounded at the man's statement. "There must be a mistake!"

"Helly's fermur has a crack, if she keeps using her leg like this, it will break ..."

"She will lose ..." Said the woman petrifying.

"I don't want to stop fighting!"yells Helly who recently got up from the gurney but was struggling to stand. "I will keep fighting!"

"Daughter, it is impossible..if you continue like is better that we cancel the fight .." said the mother. Helly turns pale

"What ... you can't do that to me ... I made a promise to my rival!" Helly yells angrily. "I have to comply!" she yells, lifting himself up but falls forward as she feels a twinge in her leg.

"I'm sorry daughter ..." The mother makes a sad face.

"Shit ..." Helly cries in hysteria. "Shit!"

At the base of the reds.

After Prim suddenly got up, pushing aside that she was holding onto the hand of Alter Celestine that earlier hit Kaguya and Prim. But that Prim is different, Maia and Ruu-Ruu knew Prim very well that they would never get into a fight and especially challenge the reincarnated goddess. Currently the situation became very tense and very different from those known from Eostia.

"An innocent girl knows how to fight ..." Alternate Celestine smiles under her helmet.

When she said that, without question Prim took her right arm with the gun and flipped it in the air to hit her on the floor "don't call me girl ..."Prim said but with an angrier voice

Celestine was unfazed by the blow she stayed still for a moment "That wasn't part of my job ... dealing with an ex-champion ..."

"Prim is you?"Maia said in shock looking at the innocent Prim who recently beat up a reincarnated goddess.

"Don't hurt her, it's Celestine-sama ..." Anna said worriedly

"I don't give a shit, I'm not going to get hit by an old woman, whoever doesn't like it ..."Prim said and jumps up to nudge her with all her might and a dent was noticed in the armor.

She raises her arms and begins to grab both of Prim's arms and a kick is raised, hitting the abdomen so that she would move away and take advantage of getting up "If I'm 30 years old, pink brat ... and your mother did not teach you that you should respect the elderly ... "she said denying Prim toggles

Prim lands on her feet and was going to run but felt slowed down "damn armor ..." Prim alternately complained and quickly detached the limbs of the armor "much better ... Also ...don't talk about my mother ... "Prim starts running towards Cellestine alternates

Celestine gets into fighting stance and waits to get hit by the alternate Prim "Let's see how good you are .." She said seriously. As for the three women they were in shock as he watched Prim and Celestine fighting.

"Is it me or is it that they are nothing like the ones we know ..."Ruu-Ruu said surprised about Prim's language and the way of fighting that hit Celestine.

Alter Prim runs but goes under cellestine and grabs her from behind to apply a German suplex key

but Celestine lowered both hands with open palms cushioning the blow from the ground. Both of Celestine's legs become entangled in Prim's neck alternately forcing her to let go of the body by hanging her with her legs. she had no choice and lets go of Alterna Celestine's torso as she lets go, Celestine gives a kick to the back.

"Wow ..." Ruu-Ruu said in surprise. alternates Prim gets up quickly, then runs and launches a rocket kick at him.

Celestine grabs the leg and throws it against the wall of the red base. prim steps down against the wall and propels himself with both legs towards Celestine and turns the kick towards the helmet.


but Celestine did not flinch from the damage but pulled back to raise her knee giving her a knee in Prim's abdomen.


"Bwaarg!" Prim yells vomiting blood.

"Prim!" Maia and Anna yell at the same time worried. but Prim didn't fall yet. Celestine looks at Prim.

"hehehe ... Is it the best you have?"Alter Prim Said without any problem since she breathed little and slowly rejoined but her helmet was bleeding.

"A stubborn and willing to die for someone useless ..."Alter Celestine said in a cold Prim responds again by attacking with a direct fist towards Celestine but she responds by grabbing the hand and bending her wrist back causing Prim to scream in pain.

"We have to do something ... or else they will both kill each other ..."Anna said worriedly.

"I'll stop Celestine,Anna stop Prim!" Shouts Maia, as both girls decide to interfere with the fight, Maia runs to the back "Celestine stop!" Shouts Maia, pulling Celestine on the back and hugs her from behind. "It's me! Maia! "she yells making Celestine react but she raises her head and hits her with the back hoof.


"Ahhhh!" Maia yelled in pain as she felt her nose break along with her helmet visor. Alter Prim seizes the opportunity and draws his pistol to his back.

"Now you will taste a thorn of the rose!" Said Alter Prim with energy and some happiness then she grabbed the gun to fire 3 bullets.

Anna lunges and hits Prim "Leave her alone!" Anna yells as she accidentally hit her hard in the abdomen.


The blow sent her flying forward, leaving her without air in her lung. Prim gasped from the blow. Celestine looks at Maia who moans in pain until she hit her on the neck that left her gasping for air.

"Stay there and don't interfere ..." Celestine said coldly. Maia falls forward and convulse Ruu-Ruu aims the shotgun at Celestine.

"Celestine-sama. Don't force me to hurt you!" Shouts Ruu-Ruu in a threatening tone. Celestine groans making Ruu-Ruu squeal in fright but her finger was shaking trying to pull the trigger.

"Come on,shoot me ... what are you waiting for ..." Celestine said challenging her. Ruu-Ruu was hesitant to shoot her goddess.

"If you really are Celestine-sama ... what is my race ..."Ruu-Ruu said hostilely asking to verify if it was Celestine-sama or the other person.

"I don't know ... some kind of brat or a brat trained by a crazy German ..."


Ruu-Ruu recently shot Celestine in the shoulder but misses her, she crouches and suddenly approaches her extending her open hand reaching for Ruu-Ruu's helmet on and pushing her strongly falling backwards as she hits the ground install head to side to back.


"Rookies..." Celestine sighs annoyed and rolls her eyes looking at Anna who is together with Prim who has just slowly got up.

"Sorry sorry sorry" Anna apologized to Prim several times.

Prim got up slowly and touched her abdomen "ay.. It hurts ... a lot ..." Prim said with a weak voice and almost crying.

"Prim?" Anna said looking at Prim "I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you .." She said until Celestine touches her on her right shoulder.

"Thanks for helping me, now let me beat you up hard ..." Celestine said in a gentle tone.

"What?" Anna said in shock. Celestine gives her a strong hook on the chin and then knees her in the abdomen. "Ahhhh!"she screams in pain falling to his knee.

"Cellestine !? Why did you do that !?" Prim said fearfully

"Wow the little rabbit got scared .." Celestine said looking at Prim "Let me punish you and then ..." Kaguya gets up slowly.

Kaguya slowly unsheathes her katana "don't touch my allies ..." Celestine hears Kaguya's voice but it was different and she looks back when meeting the same girl that she is using the Katana in a samurai position.

Celestine whistles looking at the edge of the katana "Nice will use it to sharpen your nails, Miss Asuna ..." she said with a mocking tone

Kaguya in one swift movement uses her katana to cut through her helmet and part of his lip.

"Wow ... well I guess we'll improve some level .." Celestine said tying her blonde hair and tied in a ponytail and took out the combat knife. "Well ... it's time ..." Suddenly Maia stands up lifting a rock with both hands.

"TAKE IT, YOU TRAITOR BITCH!" Maia yells hitting Celestine on the back hitting her with the rock on the head. Kaguya alternates taking advantage to damage her chest armor by making a large slash.


"What did you do?!"cries Prim worried and approaches Celestine who fell on the ground and blood came out. "She is our goddess !" She screams looking at Maia and Kaguya

"Hey, that bitch broke my nose ... now I can't snort cocaine ..."Alter Maia said complaining in pain but her tone is different.

"Also damage my allies ... I will not allow it ... I will not let my alliance be ruined ..."Alter Kaguya said in a serious way.

Prim stands up and looks at the two "who are you..Maia..Kaguya ..." Prim said fearfully.

Alter Kaguya just wiping the blood off her katana and turning around to later sheathe the katana. Prim was trying to cover the wound.

"Help me!"cries Prim in panic and looks at Ruu-Ruu who recently got up. "Ruu-chan, help me!"

"Du dumme blonde Schlampe, du hast es verdient zu sterben und du schläfst besser in der Unterwelt" (stupid blonde bitch, you deserve to die and you better sleep in the underworld) Ruu-Ruu speaks with a foreign language for Prim.

Alter Maia takes off her helmet revealing that she had blood in her nose and looks up "oh my nose ..."she complained and adjusted her nose but remembered something before Celestine attacked, she looked up at the red base "I think Grif yelled upstairs .." she said with a confused tone.

"We must take her inside the base .."Prim said covering Celestine's bleeding but Anna slowly got up. "Anna help me get her to the base, she needs attention be a healer!"

"Da.."Anna said with a Russian accent, carrying Celestine bridal style easily causing Prim to be surprised that Anna easily carrying Celestine.

But when Prim and Anna enter the red base they find a person in black armor who recently recovers the blue flag but Sarge and Lopez appear out pointing at the intruder.

"Freeze". Sergeant Red ordered. at the same time, Lopez enters from the right, catching the Freelancer. "Drop your weapon." Sarge sues, to which Tex complies.

" Hey friend." the Freelancer began.

"What?" Sarge replied

"You better hope the first one knocks me out." Sarge proceeded to hit Tex with the butt of his shotgun, conveniently knocking out the mercenary with one blow.

On the upper roof of the red base.

"Ouch…" the orange soldier moaned, "My fucking head. Jesus."

"He's hurt, Grif." Simmons said, getting up from tending to Donut, "He will make it, but we have to get him help quickly."

"Yeah yeah wait a second. What happened here?" Grif asked, "First Donut's head exploded, and then you passed out, and then a black thing appeared and started-"

" Wait wait". interrupted the maroon soldier, "I didn't pass out, something knocked me out."

Luca intervenes since she is near Donut "No, Grif fainted and Simmons hit someone .."

"Simmons!" Yells a familiar Simmons voice.

"Kaguya..what happened ..." Simmons said ignoring Luca.

"We were attacked by a Blue soldier but I was able to eliminate her with My saber that could pass her armor ... It keeps its edge ... But how are you?" Alternate Kaguya question.

"Hmm Kaguya ... are you okay?" Said Simmons a little scared "I notice you something different .."

Grif was going to say something but was hit by alternate Maia. "There's a ball of grease" she said mockingly.

"Maia?" Grif said confused but he looks at Maia who had a bloody nose since she wasn't wearing a helmet. "What happened?"

"Well a Blue bitch broke my nose and I knocked her out with the rock ..." Maia said smiling causing Alter Kaguya to glare with poison.

"You didn't ... I was the one who hurt her badly and told me to knock her out".Alternate Kaguya said taking out the Katana.

"Hey but if I hit her in the head with the rock that caused a concussion!" Shouts Alter Maia taking out the rock that was stained with blood.

"Katana" Alternate Kaguya said.

"Rock!" Alternate Maia Said

"Katana has sharp edges and is capable of cutting into human flesh!" Alter Kaguya, waving the katana angrily.

"The Rock is tough and capable of smashing bones and causing fracturing and brain trauma!"Maia Alter shouts , shaking the rock furiously.



"K - a - t - a - n - a ..." Alter Kaguya said seriously with a threatening tone.

"R - o - c - a ..." Alter Maia also threatens to Alter Kaguya.

"It seems to me that the rock is more effective ..." Grif said supporting Alter Maia.

"Yeah ..." Maia alternately smiles and raises her hand giving Grif a high five.

"Guys, this is not the time to argue about something immature!" Simmons yells, cutting off the discussion"We have a wounded man! "Luca drags a wounded Donut who is coming down to the base." It seems to me that the Katana is deadly ... "

"Thanks Simmons-kun ..." Kaguya smiles behind the helmet.

"Good but I assure you that I dont pass out ..." Grif continued continuing the previous topic.

"Man, just go find Sarge, we have to get Donut out of here." said the garnet soldier.

"Yeah right. Oh, and uh, I'm fine by the way thanks for asking, "replied the orange soldier, before running down the ramp.

"Anyway, nobody likes you anyway." Simmons mutters.

"Hey Nerd, have respect to your partner ..."Alter Maia said challenging Simmons.

"What did you call me?"Simmons said looking at Maia.

"Hey, don't raise your voice to Simmons-kun!"Alter Kaguya yells, drawing her sword.

"Kaguya don't fight, we are war buddies, we have an intruder in our base so w-"

"How called me,with bad name: Kaguya !? I'm Asuna ..."Kaguya interrupts Simmons and calls himself her name.

"Asuna?" Simmons said confused. "But did you tell me before to call you Kaguya?"

"I'm sorry for treating you like that, it's that those times have been too hard for me ..."Asuna approaches Simmons that he gets nervous. "Can you forgive me for treating you coldly ...".She said lamenting to Simmons that the last few weeks, Kaguya looked coldly at Simmons that left him somewhat emotionally hurt but now the owner of the body is under control: Asuna Kiriyama.

"Well ... ok I accept the apology I thought you forgot me, hahaha ..." Simmons laughs shyly and Asuna (Kaguya) laughs too but until someone breaks the moment.

"What are you waiting for? Are you going to kiss him?" Mairaka / Maia asks mockingly.

"No no no no!" Yells Simmons and Asuna / Kaguya at the same time with an embarrassed tone.

"I'm not dating her!" Simmons yells "We're just friends right?" He said looking at Asuna / Kaguya.

"Yes!" Asuna / Kaguya yells in embarrassment.

"I'm going to see Sarge!"Simmons yells running down the ramp.

she nods her head but inside her, Kaguya was screaming trying to get out of the darkness. "Stay there you damn impostor and pervert ..." Asuna said mentally.

"LET ME GO!" Yells the real Kaguya.

"Get me out of here!" The real Maia yells inside Mairaka's body.

"Nobody listens to you ..." Mairaka said in a low voice.

On the outside of the red base.

the four blue women cover themselves on the rock following the example of Lore/Claudia

"Well the key to get out alive is to work together and avoid the massacre of your friends ..."Lore/Claudia said seriously, as she placed a silencer on her assault rifle.

"Claudia are you sure about this?" Alicia said, doubting Claudia.

"I already told you, to call me Loreila, to limit call me Lore ..."Lore / Claudia said seriously as she pulled out another silencer and placed it on the gun. "You call the attention of the Red Men ... I will enter the red base to stop Alter Celestine ... cover me ..."lore / Claudia leaves and runs to the red base alone.

Alicia doubted but watches Chloe and Grace as they prepare their firearms and proceeds to draw attention to the male Reds.

At the base of the Blues.

Caboose once more staring at the red base through a sniper rifle.

"Yes, he is definitely captured ... Or dead ... Captured or dead." Caboose reported, before gasping while having an epiphany, "Or captured AND dead!"

"Oh well that's just PERFECT!" Church clicks sarcastically. Olga kept looking at the red base until the radio played a frequency.

"Ready to attack .." It was Claudia / Lore's voice. Olga looked back at the red base but looks at the three morons arguing.

"What !? What's your problem!? Why do you care if he's caught?" Tucker asked, "I thought you hated that guy anyway for stealing your girlfriend."

"I never said I hated Tex." Church replied, "I just said that she was the reason we never married." Caboose noticed something strange about what Church said.

"' She'?"

"Do not tell me that..."Olga looks back at the red base knowing behind the reason why Church could not marry his girlfriend.

At the base of the reds.

Luca left Donut lying on the stretcher but Ruu-Ruu touches her on the shoulder.

"Lass mich Donut heilen, er erlitt eine Gehirnerschütterung. Aber zum Glück wurde der Schädel des Gehirns nicht zerstört." [Let me heal Donut, he suffered a concussion. but luckily the skull of the brain was not destroyed] Ruu-Ruu said in German.

"What did you say?" Luca said confused but Asuna / Kaguya translates it.

"She will attend Donut ..."Asuna / Kaguya said understanding a bit of German but look at Prim who brings the stretcher for Celestine injured.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Grif said looking at Prim's action.

"She's hurt .." Prim said almost in panic.

"Sarge, we have to evacuate Donut from here." Simmons explained and Prim steps in as well by zooming in.

"There is another wounded who is a Blue soldier!" Cries Prim worried.

"Could you put that on a note and title it 'Shit, I know'!" sarge sarcastically replied, "Contact command!" Then he turns to Tex when she stands up, "Well look who's upstairs. Get up and shine, golden flower." As Tex gets to his feet, there are sparks coming out of his armor, causing her to jerk. There is also a short sound, like a distorted voice.

"Oh great ..." the Freelancer complained in her true female voice, "You broke my voice filter. Idiots suck dicks!"

"Ah-ha! I knew it! Only a girl could give me a headache this big!" Grif exclaimed, Alternate Maia hitting Grif with the rifle butt. "Ow!"

"Now did you feel pain?"Mairaka/ Maia said teasingly.

At the Blue Base.

"Let me understand this ..." Tucker began, "You're telling me that the guy that showed up here, he scared the hell out of us, shot Caboose and beat up the Reds wasn't a guy. Not at all? What was he? a girl? And besides, was she your ex-girlfriend? "

"In short, yes. It is an excellent summary." Confirmed church.

"I should have known ... She didn't like me ... Girls never did." Caboose chimed in.

"Obviously idiot ..."Olga said agreeing.

"Caboose," Tucker turned to the blue rookie, "I don't think anybody likes you."

" I like you ..."

"I don't think I've seen such a bad girl before. Are you sure it's a girl?" Tucker asked as he turned to Church, "And not a boy? Or like, part boy part shark?"

"I'm pretty sure I'd know if Tex was a boy And I'm definitely sure I'd know if she was part shark. "Church replied.

"Wait oh wait oh wait. If it's a girl, why is her name Tex?" Caboose wondered.

"That name sounds masculine ..." Olga commented

"Uh ... because she's from Texas." Church explained. Caboose fell silent at this response, "Trust me, it makes sense." the ghost shrugged it off. "And you can't blame her for being so aggressive. To begin with, it's not entirely her fault."

" Right". Tucker agreed, "You should blame God. First he does hangovers, and now half women, half sharks who don't even sleep with me. Thanks for nothing, God!" the water soldier screamed at the sky.

"It is better that you die like this so that no woman has a bad relationship with you", said Olga cursing Tucker.

"Do you want to shut up about that?" church asked irritably, "They recruited her into some kind of weird experimental program during basic where they infused her armor with this really aggressive AII'm not really sure how it all works, but all I know is that it made her meaner and harder than hell. "

"AI?" Olga said confused but suddenly a headache buzzed.

"AI ..." Caboose repeated, "What does the A stand for?"

"Artificial". replied the local ghost. Caboose thought for a moment.

"... What does the I stand for?"

"Intelligence". Church interrupted. Olga kneels down and moans in pain. Tucker noticed Olga.

"Hey Olga, what's wrong?Tucker said looking at Olga that she suffered from migraine but heard a female voice.

"The ... radio ... communicates ... to ... the ... UNCS .."

Olga was confused by the voice that buzzed in her head and sat back.

"Just a buzz in my head ..."Olga said and looks at Church "So she is a strong person because of the A.I ..." Olga said trying to understand ignoring the pain in her head.

"So the military put this show on her head, and that show turned her into a murderer, but deep down she's really a sweet and simple girl." Tucker asked.

"Oh hell no." church replied, "She has always been a rotten bitch. It's just that now she's a rotten bitch with cybernetic enhancements."

"Wow. Looks like you really won the lottery with that one. "The water soldier replied sarcastically," Nice catch, buddy. She is a guardian. "

"Hehe .. very good that one. You got a fatal romance .." Olga giggles.

"So tell me, Caboose?" Church asked the rookie, "Do you understand any of this?"

"I think so ..." Caboose replied slowly, "That Tex guy is really a robot, and you're her boyfriend. That makes you ... a gay robot!"

"Gay robot?" Olga said confused. "Is it almost Golem-like?" She mutters to Tucker.

"Yeah..but you don't know that word 'Gay' .." Tucker asked Olga as she shakes her head. Tucker whispers in her ear explaining the meaning 'Gay'

"Yes ... that's right ... I'm a gay robot." Sarcastically confirmed church. Olga upon hearing what Church said.

"BWAHAHAYAHA A HUMAN WITH A GOLEM DOING 'THAT', THIS REALLY TURNS INTO GOLEM GAY!" Olga laughs out loud. church, Tucker and Caboose look at Olga as she gets a little nervous and regains her composure. "Sorry for my immature scene ..." She said embarrassed for letting go of that embarrassing attitude.

"I liked what you laughed ..."Caboose said cheering Olga's reaction.

At the base of the Reds.

Grif, Alter Maiaand Simmons pointed guns at Tex at gunpoint

"So, you are a woman, huh?" Grif wondered. tex was silent at her question.

"So it's that intruder turned out to be another woman ..." Mairaka / Maia said pointing at Tex.

"Just ignore them," Simmons explained, "that's what I do."

"You're not that tough now that we draw your weapon, are you?" the orange soldier scoffed.

"Hey punk, I don't need a gun to kill you." the Freelancer replied.

" Yes of course." Grif wasn't buying it, "What are you going to do? Hit me?" in response, Tex fakes a lunge at Grif, causing the orange trooper to flinch and jump back. "Ahh!" he yelled, "Not to the face!"

"Turns out your lazy boyfriend is practically a coward ..."Asuna / Kaguya said returning the previous joke while watching Celestine lying on the ground being attended to by Hana / Ruu-Ruu closing the wound of the great katana cut.

"Will she be okay? .." Prim said worriedly. ruu-Ruu looks at Prim and lifts her thumb up. Sarge walks over to the two.

"For all the saints, why is the recruit Ruu-Ruu healing a blue one !?" Sarge yells looking at the act that Ruu-Ruu is healing Celestine.

"Wir brauchen Informationen von diesem Kapitän des Blues, der Rekrut Prim konnte ein Blau einfangen, sie wird leben. (We need information from this captain of the blues, the recruit Prim was able to capture a blue one, she will live ..)

"..."Sarge didn't say a single word after hearing that. "Are you a Nazi?" he asks with a careful and confused tone.

"Niet!" Hana / Ruu-Ruu yells denying.

"You can ... speak ... in ... English ..." Sarge said trying to imitate with a German accent.

"She said that; we are going to interrogate the captain of the blues that Prim was able to capture one alive but she turned out to be wounded with my saber that I could defeat her ..." Kaguya explained translating to Hana / Ruu-Ruu from what he said before.

"But before she spoke English profusely before ..." Sarge said remembering the time Ruu-Ruu spoke perfect English and now she speaks German.

"Possibly it is that she caused a concussion that that blue one touched some part of the nerve of his neurons with her hand ..." Asuna / Kaguya explained an innocent lie that Ruu-Ruu has brain problems. "Now she suffers from this and speaks only this language ..."

"Ja ..." Hana / Ruu-Ruu nods her head understanding the lie.

"Mother Jesus, my apprentice suffers from Hitler syndrome!" Sarge yells in shock.

"Niet!"yells Hana / Ruu-Ruu refuses to be part of a political dictator.

"There's something outside ..." Said Amelie / Anna who was on the roof of the base and had a Russian tone.

"What's wrong?" Sarge said looking at Amelie / Anna "Why do you have a Russian accent?"

"There are three possible enemies that are hidden in a rock .." Said Amelie / Anna looking from afar where there are three blue soldiers that would be; Alicia, Grace and Chloe.

The Base of the Blues.

"Well don't worry because I have a great plan on how we are going to rescue Tex and Celestine." the ghost Church explained.

"A plan? Oh man, I hate plans." Tucker complained, "That means we're going to have to do thingsCan't we just have a strategy or a ... mission statement? "

"Hey, can I suggest the plan ..." Olga said joining the conversation.

"I have an idea!" Yells Caboose

"Olga and Caboose, I better not want to listen to you ... I know one of you will mess up that one of us will be injured ..." Church did not want to hear another plan from the two recruits. "I just need you to do a distraction while I rescue Tex and Celestine."

Olga looks outside the base but she noticed something at the base of the reds and saw something the three figures were doing.

At the base of the Reds.

Amelie / Anna dismantles the Warthog's machine gun and loads it in two hands. Asuna / Kaguya moves the katana and takes out a combat knife and sharpens it. mairaka / Maia finishes smoking a cigarette and puts on her helmet again and reloads the assault rifle with real bullets and takes something out of her bag taking out a round tip device that had a small tank that said a warning. * Flammable gas * and lights a lighter and brings it towards the tip of the device causing a small flare.

Back to the blue base.

"Distraction?" Caboose nervously repeated, "Heh That sounds a lot like 'decoy' "Olga kept looking at the red base.

"The way I see it, the Reds have no idea how many freelancers we have here." Church explained her plan, "So all I need-" Olga interrupts Church.

"Caboose, give me the rifle ..." Olga said insisting that Caboose give her the sniper rifle.

"What?" Caboose said confused.

"Olga, this is not the time to use the sniper, so you better wait so ..."Tucker was going to scold the recruit.

"GIVE ME THE FUCKING SNIPER, NOW YOU MORON HUMAN" Yells Olga with hysteria and anger insisting more.

"Ok ..." Caboose no doubt hands Olga the sniper rifle in fear. she responds quickly by grabbing the rifle and placing her eye on the sight looking at the red base but for ten seconds, she detaches from the sight and takes out the radio immediately.

"Chloe get Alicia and the other out, get out of there now!"cries Olga alarmed with despair.

Where is Alicia, Grace and had the radio turned down but the three of them proceeded to follow Loreila / Claudia's plan, which was to shoot through the air to get the attention of the Reds.




They shot through the air until the first clip was used. Alicia leans out of the rock and looks at the red base where the three known ones are. Alicia put on an expression of relief.

"Girls, it's Kaguya and Maia along with Anna ..."Alice alerts Chloe and Grace that she put on a relieved expression.

"Anna, I'm glad you're okay!" Grace yells getting out of the rock, Chloe was about to get up but the radio emitted Olga's voice.

[Get out ...]

Chloe activated her helmet radio and turned up the volume.


Chloe looks at the three who had weapons but the only thing she noticed the most was that Anna had a machine gun, the same weapon she used in Warthog. Anna raises the machine gun at Grace.


"GRACE GET AWAY!" Chloe yells running towards Grace.

"Eh?" Grace said looking at Anna "Anna?" She said confused.


Amelie / Anna fired incessantly and stopped when the smoke cleared and there were only gunshot marks but not a single body.

"Shit...I failed ... "Amelie / Anna cursed herself while looking around" Hey Japanese and the Drugger, take care of the other one ... and I'll take care of both of them ... "she said while looking for the two blue ones.

"Hey. I have a name!" Shouts Mairaka / Maia complaining about the Russian. "My name is Mairaka!"

"Hush ... let's just kill the blue ones and that's all ..." Asuna / Kaguya unsheathes the katana.

Alicia stayed hidden behind the rock with her mouth covered and looked at the other rock that Grace and Chloe was hiding behind the rock. When Alicia wanted to get up she heard a metallic noise, Alicia slowly turned to meet Maia equipped with an assault rifle.

"Maia?" Alicia said trying to reason to Maia.

"Error..."Mairaka / Maia said pulling the second trigger where flares of fires began to come out.

"Kyaaaa!" Alicia yelled, pulling back but noticed Kaguya who lunged with the katana. "Wait, it's me Alicia!"Kaguya raises the katana horizontally but she dodges by kneeling down.


Alicia was able to dodge but felt a burning in her right arm, her right arm had a long cut that came out little blood, look at Kaguya who was slowly approaching.

"Why ..." Alicia said with pain and looks at Maia who was approaching Alicia. but both got shot.


"Run now!" Shouts Loreila / Claudia running while shooting Asuna / Kaguya who dances the katana hitting the bullets and Mairaka / Maia got away from the shooting.

"Hey don't meddle!"yells Amelie / Annna pointing the machine gun at Loreila / Claudia.


Loreila / Claudia started running around while shooting Amelie / Anna.

"Claudia, it's Anna!" Grace yells in concern and gets up but Chloe stops her.

"If you go out, she's definitely going to kill you!" Chloe yells.

"But, she's my friend. She wouldn't kill me!"

"It's not Anna, it's someone else!" Chloe yells trying to reason to Grace.

"And I'm Maia!" Yells Mairaka / Maia pointing at Grace and Chloe. "You are simple perverts ..." she said with a sarcastic tone.

"Maia, stop pointing this gun at us!" Chloe yells angrily.

"Nope ..."Mairaka / Maia said with a mocking tone but Alicia lunges on her back and grabs her neck with her fore right arm.

"Drop your weapon!"Alicia yells in a hostile tone and makes an effort to choke her but she realized that her body lacked musculature.

"Oh .. what a cute bear hug .." Mairaka said / Maia moans pretending to be in pain but raises her elbow hitting Alicia in the face.


"Off!" Alicia yells in pain. Chloe lashes out at Maia alternates.

"You're going to pay dearly, traitor!" Chloe yells, pulling out the knife, but suddenly Kaguya appears, alternately brandishing the sword, colliding with the knife.

"Your opponent will be me ... I see you are Amateur of swords, right?" Asuna / Kaguya said with a serious tone causing Chloe to clench her teeth, and move back again.

"Grace, run away from here ... we take care of these traitors" Chloe said as she stared at alternate Kaguya.

"Huu ... traitor, this is how you lost being betrayed by the legion of monsters ..."Asuna / Kaguya said mockingly.

"What?" Said Chloe, Alternate Kaguya immediately lunges kicking her abdomen, Chloe resists a little and brandishes her combat knife trying to reach the jugular but ..


Alternate Kaguya stabbed the knife piercing Chloe's forearm.

"Ahhhhh!" Chloe screams in horror coupled with pain.

Alicia tried to hit Alter Maia but she kept grabbing her arm forcing her to hit her herself.

"Don't hit you, don't hit you, don't hit you, don't hit you!" Shouts Mairaka / Maia forcing Alicia to hit herself. It seems that Alter Maia being the bullying and Alicia the victim of the humiliation.

"Enough!" Alicia yells, beating alter Maia.

"Ouch ... is that all you got, Nerd?" Mairaka / Maia said. Alicia felt a fear towards Maia Alterna but she restores her courage by pulling out the knife but gives her a beating in the face. "Well ... that was easy ..."she said while looking where Grace ran, she makes a funny face and pulls out a plasma grenade and throws it from afar which lands on the ground in front of Grace.


"No!" Chloe yells but Alter Kaguya astabbing her in the abdomen.

"It's over..."

Loreila / Claudia continued to cover herself on the rock avoiding being touched with the penetrating bullets from the heavy machine gun. But she saw that the other three were down, and she regretted little that they were the rookies.

"Girl ... just come and play with us ... just give up and I promise I'll kill you easily without pain ..." Amelie / Anna said with a smile.

Loreila / Anna takes out the radio and activates. "I need reinforcement ..." she said speaking on the radio telling Olga.

Olga fell to her knee as she watched Chloe get killed by Alternate Kaguya.

"This ... isn't fair ..." Olga said in a hopeless voice.

Church and Tucker looked from afar where they both look at each other. "Why are they outside !?"

"I don't know, man!" Yells Tucker who is also worried.

"I don't like this ..." Caboose said scared and worried that his friends are in danger. "I don't like those red women ..."

"Guys we don't have to waste time ... we have to rescue the women and ..."

"Look!" Yells Caboose pointing to where Grace is getting up. "She is alive!"

Grace didn't have her helmet on, she had her hair down and her forehead was bleeding incessantly but she moved slowly where her hands descended on her waist where she kept her two Kukris.

Mairaka kicked Alicia. "Come on get up!" she yells, kicking her in the abdomen while Asuna / Kaguya cleans her combat knife with the white handkerchief but noticed something from afar where Grace was. but Asuna / Kaguya realized that her instincts sensed something in Grace.

"Thirst for blood ..." Asuna / Kaguya said feeling current in his spine.

"Ah?" Said Mairaka / Maia who recently stopped kicking Alicia.

Grace moved a little differently as if she were dancing but she pulled something under her pants at her waist.

"Mairaka, down!" Asuna / Kaguya yells.



"Ah ..."Mairaka felt something burning in her left side, she looked at her left hand that was cut and was bleeding a lot. "Ahhhhh!" She yells, stopping the bleeding from her severed hand "My fuck hand!" She yelled in pain.

"Ara ... ara ...Katana girl, you dodged my attack ... "Said a voice with a sensual and cold tone.

Asuna / Kaguya unsheathes the sword. "Behind the skin of the sheep, there is a wolf with a fang ..."she said seriously as she looked at Grace who had her two Kukris and had a sensual smile but licked her lips with a malevolent look. "You are not the Grace of another world ..."

"No ... I'm a different person ..." Grace said alternately. "Call me ... The War Ripper ..." With the psychotic smile.

Asuna / Kaguya gets into fighting stance but Chloe stands up but her abdomen is bleeding. but a white cloth is covered with something covering the wound of a dagger in the abdomen abdomen.

"Damn it, how dare you nail me nella mia pancia (In my belly) ..." Chloe said with an alternating voice but with an Italian accent and took out two Dmr pistols pointing at Asuna / Kaguya.

"Two against one ... that got very interesting ..."Asuna / Kaguya said in a Smile challenging .As for Mairaka / Maia kept the bleeding from her hand covered, Alicia got up slowly but grabbed something on her sniper lying on the ground and slowly crawled away from the place. without Mairaka / Maia noticing that Alicia was approachinga transporter that went straight to the blue base.

"Where the hell did you go!" Shouts Mairaka / Maia looking around looking for Alicia but she was shot in the right leg. "Ahhh son of a bitch!"

Church, Tucker, Olga were trying to watch the battle scene and Caboose kept looking through the sniper rifle.

"Alicia, she's gone!" Caboose yells when he sees Alicia missing.

"Did they kidnap her?"

"A 12.7mm bullet can hit 1500m from the height of 6 meters from the blue base, but I failed to hit the head because that red girl almost broke the left socket of my skull and some rib cage columns and other parts of theRight shoulder to support the rifle butt, and the veins in my right arm that have a deep cut, is unable to perfectly handle the movements of the fingers of my right hand, I am unable to aim perfectly at the head ... "Said a familiar voice for Olga, Church, Tucke and Caboose looked on the right side where there is a known person who would be Alicia lying on the ground while pointing from afar "A week of my absence being in a dark place watching themmemories of another person who is a mind thief and it was scientifically impossible for a soul from another world to be able to possess another body from my world. They were unbelievable since I saw the memories of Alicia, being the princess of Feoh y The very naive woman allowed herself to be fooled by that perverted pedophile minister who was interested in the power and the young woman's body and those black dogs doing more stupid things than a caveman can obey the law of force; the stronger, he survives and is able to do anything like Vault with monkey brain thinking about his genitals in sticking those horrendous cocks sticking those poor ladies. that looks like it came out of a Japanese is absolutely impossible that there is another universe, I was studying at Harvard in the special squad of scientists from planet Reach but they expelled me because I made a complaint of sexual harassment to a scientific superior. Why do all men think about sex? why I am conscious while I speak and shoot that bitch who almost destroyed my body ... "Alicia spoke quickly but with long words that almost left Olga, Church (Ghost) Tucker and Caboose confused by listening to that long explanation so fast that they had never heard in their lives.

"Are you Alicia?"Olga said understanding and listening to Alicia's different voice.

"I am the daughter of the president of the arms corporation where they have good dealings with the UNCS, my last name is the best known of all the known arms companiesthe Astreoa Company; Future weaponry currently making upgraded bullets and upgraded armor. .My name is Cecile Astreoa and you must be Olga who calls herself Queen of the Dark Elves, that your background in history is pure poop and pure racism to my human race but you had some justice by making unjust wars against your friend Celestine and the other six alliances of the shield who was a poorly trained knight and his weapons were very harmless to the women of Eostia, that should complain about the goddess Celestine ... "Cecile / Injured Alice shows up and complains a lot about Eostia's world because Cecile saw Alice's hidden memories.

Olga understood a little but Church intervened angrily. "Cut it off now, stop talking too much so a little summary explains it! "Shouts the Ghost of Church and looks back at Tucker." Okay. Changes of plans! "He yells angrily.

"Changes of plans, if you never said an original plan?Tucker said looking at Church ghost.

"The original plan was for me to come in and you guys would get his attention, but those stupid bitches intervened for the rescue. Now that they got the attention of the Reds, I guess Tucker and Caboose helped Alicia defeat those Red Women. Olga come with me. we are going to the red base to rescue Tex and Celestine "Church explains the original plan and then the new plan and looks at Cecile / Alicia" Will you give cover to those two idiots? "Asks the sniper.

"I'm on it so I can kill the girl in the red armor ..." Cecile / Alicia said with a serious tone as she focused on giving him a long shot towards alternate Maia.


"Ahhh my other leg!" Shouts Mairaka / Maia from afar. "Fucking Camper!"

Celestine opens her eyes slowly but she heard something metallic causing her to open her eyes suddenly when she saw a table full of strange tools and she found a known person that is Ruu-Ruu sharpening a saw with the flint rock.

"Ruu-Ruu?" Celestine said looking at Ruu-Ruu. She wanted to get up but her hands are chained to something and she looks at Tex sitting down being pointed at by Simmons.

"What's up Celestine?", Said Tex with a nonchalant tone.

"Who are you, why are we at the red base?" Celestine said confused as she looked back at Ruu-Ruu who raised something that opened her mouth.

"Wer ist bereit zu singen?" (Who is ready to sing?) "Ruu-Ruu raised the burning chainsaw.

"We will be tortured by a German sadist and in final answer: We are screwed ..." Tex said dryly.

"Kyaaaaaah!" Celestine yells in horror.

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