Hey guys, this is just a short little drabble I thought up! I know I should be working on The Jacket . . . but I'm kinda getting writer's block for it so I decided to write this instead!

Summary: She was the only light in his otherwise dark world.

Disclaimer: Only the idea and words are mine.

He looked over at her, watching the loose tendrils of hair fly around her face. She was beautiful. She took no notice of him, she never did. He was an invisible admirer. And still he loved her.

His affections were never returned, but he continued to love her. She was the only light in his otherwise dark world. When his father pushed him to the limit he knew his lady would at least pretend to care, and tell him kind things as he cried.

When he had problems at school, she would help him and comfort him. She never loved him in the same way, no, but still his heart refused to love another.

As the years passed, she still took no notice of him, instead dating many people as her civilian self. But he could never hate her. Not even when she came to him crying about her latest breakup, he couldn't hate her.

She was the constant sun, while he was the inconstant moon in every aspect except for his love towards her. His love only waxed, never waning. Each time he thought that he could never love her more, his heart surprised him by finding more room to store love.

He started falling for everything about her, from the tilt of her lips to the set of her jaw when she was angry—often at him. She was beautiful in every way, and she called to him.

He was attracted to her like a moth to flame, intrigued by the new light. Her fire drew him in, and soon he was trapped. Not that he wanted to escape very often.

But sometimes, oh how he longed to find another light in his life, one that could draw him away from Ladybug. But no one came.

He had promised his heart to Ladybug, and it seemed that his heart had never forgotten that promise, no matter how many girls he dated, no matter how he tried to drown his pain.

He could admit it now. Every second he looked at her he was in pain. There was a physical pain for wanting her so much, for having her so close yet so far. And there was an emotional pain from her constant rejections, her pitying eyes as she told him "no" over and over again.

Each time he thought he could get used to it, and each time he was wrong. But he kept coming back to her.

No matter how many times she yelled at him he came back.

No matter how many times she used him as a human shield he came back.

No matter how many times he got hurt because of her plans he came back.

He couldn't seem to stay away.

She was the only light shining in the darkness, so he always moved back towards her no matter how many times he got burned.

He was a small planet stuck orbiting her, trying constantly to get away but always failing.

He tried to understand her constant rejections, but he never fully could. On some level, he always blamed her for his pain as she said no. It was her fault after all. She could say yes to him.

But he knew that this was a foolish dream. She burned brightest when she was happy, and he could never get enough of her light.

But she would never be happy with him.

And so he stopped fighting for his light. She found another man, and one day Hawkmoth was defeated. The two never revealed their identities, and Chat hurt each day thinking about it.

One day, Ladybug turned her miraculous in, handing the duties of Guardian over to Chat. And she walked out of his life forever.

Chat didn't fight for his light so he left her, and it was a lesson he taught to each new miraculous user: if you don't fight for it, it will leave.

Years later Adrien sat down on an old chair, his bones protesting. He was old now, almost as old as Master Fu had been. He was alone, and in the silence he pulled out a photo album and flipped through it.

All the pictures were of him and Ladybug. One tear slipped down his cheek, followed by another. And another.

His light was gone, she had been gone for years. He lamented the fact as his breathing slowed, each breath becoming harder than the next.

His eyes closed, and everything went dark. Forever.

I know it isn't very long but I couldn't seem to write so I just wrote about the first idea that came to mind. I'm sorry to all my readers following The Jacket, I promise that I will start working on another chapter soon! I love you all, and tell me if you have any new ideas!

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