Hello everyone… so I recently lost a lot of interest in Warriors and while I am continuing Heart of the Willows I will be updating less frequently, once a month at least, twice if I'm lucky, but now I'm really interested in the Percy Jackson series and I recently read a lot of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson crossovers. My favourite character in Percy Jackson is Nico di Angelo and I read one (Rising From Shadowed Ashes) by GreenCrystal19 and I loved it. I have their permission to make my own twist on their story, so hopefully this one will be a good story as well, I'm not the most confident with my writing so we'll see how it turns out...

This fanfic is written after the events of Heroes of Olympus, and during the Goblet of Fire, like a ton of the other Harry Potter Percy Jackson crossovers, but hopefully mine is different enough...

Anyway, hopefully my writing, not used recently and accustomed to Warriors, will do well in this fanfiction!

Nico's POV

They had just defeated Gaia. He was out of the infirmary. The gods weren't trying to murder him. Life was supposed to be good.

It was nice for a while, but it had felt like nobody needed Nico anymore- during their quest to save Olympus, everyone had been relying on him to get the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-blood on time, and Reyna and Coach Hedge were relying on him to not accidentally shadow-travel them to Australia. He had had one almost-maybe-kind of kiss with Will, and then they both got awkward and red and didn't see each other after that.

Once he was out of the infirmary, he had decided to pay his father and the Underworld a visit, but halfway through the shadow-travel, someone or something, perhaps even Hades, had pulled him off-course and changed his direction.

Now, he was sitting next to a campfire, with two tents set up nearby. Three people, teenagers around fourteen or fifteen, gaped at him in shock.

"He's way too young to have his licence to apparate," One of them- a tall, freckly redhead- hissed to his friends, and the only girl out of the three shook her head.

"I'm sorry," She said uncertainly, and Nico noticed her crooked teeth and bushy hair. "Who are you?"

"I'm Nico di Angelo," Nico said, before nearly slapping himself. Names had power- why in Hades had he just revealed his name to three complete strangers? They could suddenly turn into monsters, for gods' sake!

"Well, Nico," The third spoke up, a boy with hair as bad as Percy's, green eyes and a thin scar on his forehead. "What are you doing here?"

"No need to interrogate me," Nico said, his defence up. He was ready to get his sword out when he noticed a weird thing about them- all three of them held thin sticks like their lives depended on it- in fact, the redhead was pointing his stick at Nico at the moment.

After a moment, Nico realised it must be some sort of wand- did that mean they were wizards, or something?

"What's with your wands?" Nico asked, gesturing to the wand in the redhead's hand.

"You don't know?" The boy with the green eyes asked incredulously, and turned to the redhead, who had tightened his grip on his wand.

"Ron, maybe lower your wand a bit," The green-eyed boy said, and the redhead- Ron, slowly lowered his wand.

"I don't like this, Harry," He said nervously. "He's obviously illegally apparating, and just look at him! He's like walking death!"

Nico laughed bitterly- he got the same reaction every time.

Even the other campers do, he thought.

Every first-time camper flinched at the sight of him, and even some who had seen him before avoided him when they could. It was the truth- Nico di Angelo simply wasn't the most welcoming demigod to be around. He wasn't a popular guy with tons of friends, an awesome parentage and an infectious smile, like Percy or Jason. He wasn't funny, like Leo, or awkward and cute, like Frank, and he wasn't even started with the girls like Annabeth, Piper or even his half-sister, Hazel. Nico just wasn't the best at anything, apart from being creepy.

"Ronald Weasley!" The girl said furiously. "Don't be so rude!"

They seemed to be under the impression that he couldn't hear them, even though he was sitting right in front of them. Ah, another one of his many, undesired talents.

"But he's so unnatural," Ron protested.

"He's also sitting right in front of you, so maybe you should stop talking like this," Nico suggested, and they flushed.

"Sorry, about that," The girl said guiltily. "You're just a bit unusual, that's all."

"I know that," Nico said angrily, when a balding redheaded man, surely Ronald's father, poked his head out.

"Hermione? Harry? Ron? Who are you talking to?" The man asked, looking around, but Nico had already faded into the shadows.

Nothingness happens here… Dedicated to Hazel (Though she did come back to life again)

Nico was attempting to shadow-travel somewhere else but once again, someone or something threw him off-course- this time, he was in the Underworld, with two gods in his presence. His father and a lady he thought was probably Hecate.

"Father. Lady Hecate," Nico said politely, trying not to grit his teeth.

"Hello, son," Hades nodded. "Now, I'm sure you're wondering why we led you to my domain."

Nico nodded.

"I am sure you have little respect for the three you met," Hecate began. "But you have been sent to protect them. They attend a school called Hogwarts, and they are special- the boy with the messy hair is the boy who lived, Harry Potter."

She explained Voldemort and what to protect him from, but nothing else.

"You must protect them from He Who Must Not Be Named," Hecate said. "While you are powerful, we would have preferred a large group- however, you were the easiest to reach. One other shares your quest, however, someone you know. She is already at Hogwarts- now you must live with the Weasleys until it is the Golden Trio's time to get to the school, and she will meet you there. Protect them however you can. The Dark Lord must be stopped."

"Oh, and Nico?" Hades cut in. "You must keep your identities secret. You will be introduced as Olympus School Of Magic, and you are here to compete for the Triwizard- Quadwizard, now- Tournament. Understood?"

"Of course, Father, and Lady Hecate," Nico nodded politely, while he silently raged on the inside.

"I imagine you wish to join your friends now, and I am sorry you cannot," Hecate said, almost sadly. "Go now. Harry Potter and his friends will need your help sooner than you think.

Hades waved one pale hand and Nico was sucked back into the shadows.

Dedicated to Charles Beckendorf and Silena Beauregard. Rip Charlena

"So… you are Nico di Angelo?" The same balding man asked, holding a match. "Ooh!" He squeals when it lights on fire, and drops the match in surprise. The girl, Hermione, according to Lady Hecate, kindly reaches over and teaches him how to use a match properly.

"Yes, I am," Nico sighed as the man- Mr Weasley, he assumed- looked at the campfire delightedly. He had put out the old fire on purpose, just so that he could make a fire. It was slightly odd, but Nico thought that wizards and witches probably didn't know the mortal world very well though. Hermione, on the other hand, seemed quite smart and 100% magical in a witch-sense, but she had good mortal knowledge as well. Nico wondered how that had happened.

"When does your school resume?" Nico asked, trying to sound casual.

"Hogwarts? In a week or so," Harry said. "Why?"

"Because I'm going to be going to Hogwarts this year," Nico said, trying to think of a convincing lie. "I'm a transfer from America."

"America!" Hermione said in surprise, nearly dropping the matchbox. "That's quite far away!"

"Yes, I didn't notice," Nico said. "Has your headmaster not said anything about me?"

"Oh, actually, Dumbledore did mention some American transfers!" Mr Weasley said, looking uneasy- Ron's brother, Percy, also looked uncomfortable.

"Di Angelo! A word here, please," Percy said commandingly, and Nico strolled over.

"You are not supposed to mention the tournament to them yet," Percy hissed, and Nico wondered what it was- Hades had mentioned it as well.

"Sorry," Nico mumbled, before going back to the group.

"I'm here for the year," Nico said uneasily, hoping he would learn what the Quadwizard Tournament was soon.

"Dumbledore mentioned multiple transfers, though he never mentioned how many. He did say a group though, I would have expected more of you," Mr Weasley said wonderingly. "Are you muggle-born, half-blood or pure-blood?"

"Um, half-blood?" Nico said, trying to not make it sound like a question. What on Earth is muggle-born or pure-blood? Why hadn't Hades and Hecate mentioned that?

"Muggle-born?" He asked finally, and Mr Weasley looked surprised.

"Why, witches or wizards born to people without magic, bless them!" He laughed. "Don't you know? Muggles don't have magic at all!"

"Oh," Nico said, turning paler, if it was possible- it was clearly common knowledge and made him look even less believable. "Sorry, over in America we call them… Mortals."

"We're mortal too," Hermione butted in. "And what's the name of your school?"

"Uh, Olympus School For Magic," Nico stammered, trying to keep up with his own lies. "And we are mortal too, but in America, there are a lot of terrible monsters. Mortals are easily killed. Us… we are specially trained."

"Alright," Hermione said suspiciously. "I've never heard of Olympus School For Magic."

"That's because we're well-hidden," Nico said, starting to sweat under his black jacket and skull t-shirt. "In America, it's so dangerous a sweet eight-year-old girl in the street who comes up to talk to us is assumed to be a monster, cleverly disguised. It's the best we can do, making sure it is hidden and no mortals can find it."

"Hmm," Hermione said, looking unconvinced. "Well, I suppose I have to believe your story for the moment."

Nico let out a breath of relief.

Dedicated to Leo… who also came back to life to find Calypso (Yay for Caleo!)

After the 'Kwiditch World Cup' ("Quidditch!" Screamed Ron indignantly) Nico fell asleep nearly immediately, falling asleep in the surprisingly large tent that belonged to Mr Weasley's friend or someone like that. He was rudely woken up by screaming, and tried to go back to sleep.

"Tell Ireland to quiet down!" Nico yelled finally, assuming it was Ireland going overboard with the celebrations.

"It's not Ireland," Mr Weasley said, waking up Harry and Ron frantically. "Get up! Ron- Harry- come on now, get up, this is urgent!"

Nico tried to listen, and realised the screaming was different- more panicked, louder. There was a scent of death.

"Death Eaters," Someone breathed, and Nico choked. Who would want to eat Thanatos? The god was reasonably nice and slightly creepy, but Nico couldn't talk, he was just as freaky.

"You lot- get into the woods, and stick together," Mr Weasley shouted over the noise, and Nico was torn. The Thanatos Eaters were dangling poor mortals up sixty feet, and he wanted to help, but his father and Lady Hecate had both ordered him to protect Harry and his friends- this situation seemed to scream 'Harry is in danger'.

Go to Harry, said a voice in Nico's head- Hecate's voice.

Who are you? Nico checked.

Hecate, the voice replied. Go now. After you visited us, we were attacked- your father and I- it is taking all of my strength to keep this connection. We are being held by powerful magic. Go to Harry- I will do all I can to get the mortals away from the Death Eaters.

Will you be alright? Nico asked.

Please, child, go quickly. You could barely defeat Gaia, could you? Your new enemy is worse. Just… bring the downfall of Voldemort and hope. Your friends at Camp Half-blood cannot help you- every time any god uses their power, they become weaker and more susceptible to her attacks. You cannot do that to Iris or Hermes.

Who is it? Nico begged.

I cannot say… she is not quite free yet, but she will be at least as difficult to defeat as Gaia… The connection was quite patchy now.

Nico tensed.

Child. Go and continue your quest. You have my blessing, Nico, but I can no longer keep my connection. I will try to help the mortals…

And with that, Hecate's voice faded from Nico's head and Nico ran for his life, chasing Harry and his friends into the forest, while thinking about Hecate's warnings. It was definitely a she, and he couldn't contact anyone. It was only him and whoever was already at Hogwarts. Hazel? Annabeth? Piper?

He caught sight of Hermione, Harry and Ron, who was sprawled on the ground.

"Tripped over a tree-root," Ron was saying angrily, followed by a lot of cursing. Nico helped the boy up, but his mind was elsewhere.

"Well, with feet that size, hard not to," Said a drawling voice from behind them.

The four turned sharply to see a pale boy with blonde hair standing there, leaning against a tree and looking utterly relaxed.

Ron told the boy something Nico was sure he would never had said in front of his parents.

"Language, Weasley," The boy drawled. "And who do we have here? A new one? A mudblood too, I suppose?"

There was a cry from the Golden Trio.

"Don't call anyone that again," Ron threatened as he drew his wand.

"I'm not a mudblood," Nico said (though he had no idea what a mudblood was), sending the boy a death-glare, and the boy recoiled.

"Watch where you're looking, or my father will hear of this," The boy snarled.

My father is ten times more powerful than any other, Nico thought furiously, and he noticed shadows rising up from behind him.

"Stop," Nico said calmly, willing the shadows to go back down.

"Well," The boy said. "You've chosen the wrong person to mess with, boy."

Then he walked off, already disappeared into the shadows.

"Ah no, I don't believe it… I've lost my wand!" Harry said suddenly.

"We'll be fine," Nico said. "I can fight without a wand. I don't even have a wand right now."

"Are you kidding? We need wands for defence!" Ron said incredulously, before turning back to Harry. "Maybe it's back in the tent."

"Maybe it fell out of your pocket when we were running?" Hermione asked.

"Yeah, maybe…" Harry said, but clearly he wasn't convinced.

"Quick, we need to get to find somewhere safe and find everyone else," Nico said nervously, when a rustling noise made them all jump- out of reflexes, Nico nearly pulled out his sword.

"There is bad wizards about!" Shouted Winky, a house-elf they met at the Quidditch Cup who was owned by Mr Crouch, who had helped run the games. "People high- high in the air! Winky is getting away!"

"What's up with her?" Asked Ron curiously. "Why can't she run properly?"

"Bet she didn't ask permission to hide," Harry said, and Nico assumed house-elves needed permission to do anything and everything.

Hermione launched into a heated lecture about house-elves and slavery. She broke off abruptly and looked over her shoulder- everybody else quickly followed.

It sounded as though someone was staggering towards their clearing. They waited, listening to the sounds of the uneven steps behind the dark trees. But the footsteps came to a sudden halt.

"Hello?" Called Harry.

"I'm going to go and see who it is," Nico said in a low voice. They had already seen him shadow-travel by accident- he had landed nearly on top of them when they were near the campfire, after all- and they assumed it was something called apparating, so he needed no explanation when he faded into the shadows.

He came out where he thought the footsteps had stopped, but couldn't see anything.


Something vast and green grew in the sky, but Nico was too busy searching for whoever it was.

"Stupefy!" Someone else screamed, and he ducked- green sparks flew over his head.

He slowly slunk back to where he had left the trio, and saw many men, Ministry men, with wands.

"We're too late," A witch in a woollen dressing gown sighed. "They'll have disapparated by now."

There was a heated argument while someone went to see, and they came back with a limp figure in his arms- Winky the house-elf.

"No," Mr Crouch said jerkily, looking at his servant.

There was another round of accusatory glares, shouts and arguments until Harry spoke.

"Hey- that's my wand!" Harry said, pointing to the wand in Winky's limp hand.

"Is that a confession?" Someone from the ministry asked, and Mr Weasley reddened- Nico hadn't even noticed he was there.

"Is Harry Potter likely to conjure the dark mark?" He asked angrily, waving his hand at the other man for effect.

"Er- of course not," The man said, looking shamed. "I just got carried away…"

"Obviously!" Mr Weasley thundered, and Nico zoned out again. Suddenly, there was a yell.


Suddenly, Winky, who had been brought back to consciousness by a spell, let out a scream.

"No, M-m-master, please!" She screamed. "No! Give m-me one chance! P-please!"

"But she was frightened!" Hermione burst out angrily, glaring at Mr Crouch. "Your elf is scared of heights, and the masked wizards were levitating people! You can't blame her for trying to get out of the way- or are you that pathetic?"

Mr Crouch took a step back.

"I have no use for an elf that disobeys me," He said coldly.

"Um, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take my lot back to the tent," Mr Weasley said nervously, breaking the tension. "You three, come with me. Yes, Nico, you too. If Harry can have his wand back please- and Amos, Dumbledore approves of Nico- yes, everyone else is already back at camp."

The man, who was apparently named Amos, gave Harry back his wand, and they slowly picked their way back to camp.

"What's going to happen to Winky?" Hermione asked the moment they left the clearing.

"I don't know, Hermione," Mr Weasley said tiredly. "I'm quite tired today- we can discuss elf rights tomorrow."

Dedicated to Ethan Nakamura, son of Nemesis

The next day, they took the next keyport or portkey or whatever to Stoatshead Hill and they walked to 'The Burrow' which was apparently the Weasleys' home, and where Harry, Hermione and Nico would be staying for the next week or so.

As the house- which looked more like several houses stacked together with magic, and had chickens pecking around- came into view, a plump woman with wildly flying red hair galloped up to them, faster than Nico had seen anyone run in his life. This, he decided, had to be Molly Weasley, who were feared by the twins- Fred and George Weasley- hated on by Percy, and loved by Harry and Hermione.

"Oh, thank goodness, thank goodness!" Mrs Weasley screamed as she gave out hugs galore- she even hugged Nico before stepping back. "Wait, who are you?"

"Nico di Angelo," Mr Weasley answered for him, looking relieved to be back. "A transfer from America."

"I thought there would be multiple," Mrs Weasley frowned. "And how do you know he is who he says he is? After the death eaters, we can't take any chances."

"Dumbledore sent an owl last night confirming Nico's place as a transfer," Mr Weasley replied. "And apparently there is another transfer already at Hogwarts."

"We should send him ahead," Mrs Weasley suggested. "We don't have room for him, unfortunately, and if his friend is already there, he'll have company."

"I'm supposed to stay with Harry," Nico objected, before realising Ron's parents would probably keep Harry alive for the week. "But if you give me a picture of the school, I can get there."

"Alright," Mrs Weasley said slowly. "I was more thinking about Arthur apparating you there, or floo powder…"

"What's that?" Nico asked, and Mrs Weasley sighed.

"I think I'll get you a picture."

Dedicated to Sirius… so sad… oh wait, he isn't supposed to have died yet…

He stepped out of the shadows, and his jaw dropped open immediately. He faced a tall, towering castle, with a dark, shadowy lake nearby (It was a surprise Nico hadn't shadow-traveled into the lake at all) and there were three people outside- one elderly man with a long beard, one middle-aged woman with a pointed hat and a seemingly fifteen-year-old girl.

"You see, Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall," The girl was saying. "The other transfer is supposed to come today, and he isn't here yet!"

"Do you know who 'he' is?" The lady, Professor McGonagall, said in an irritated voice, and the girl shook her head.

"I only know it's a he," She said, and Nico slunk up to them.

"Calypso?" He asked the girl, and she turned around.

"Nico?" She asked hopefully. Despite her tone, her eyes seemed slightly disappointed- perhaps she had been hoping Leo would come instead.

"Hi," Nico said awkwardly. "What are you doing here?"

"I was going on a ride on Festus," Calypso said irritably. "Then I fell off him and landed here."

"Then you got a visit from Hecate, and she told you everything you need to know while conveniently leaving out most of the useful details," Nico added helpfully. Calypso nodded.

"Where are we going to stay?" Nico asked.

"I've just been sleeping in the Gryffindor common room," Calypso sighed. "But I haven't been sorted yet. Actually, we're supposed to not be sorted until school has officially started."

The sorting and the houses were one thing Hecate had explained, so Nico nodded along.

"Can I join her?" He asked, and paused. "The same common room, maybe. Or just-"

"This is a trial," Dumbledore said. "Don't waste this opportunity. But for the moment you can, but-"

"For gods' sake, I have a boyfriend," Calypso muttered. "And Nico has no interest in me."

Professor McGonagall glared at Calypso, before walking into the castle, looking rather annoyed.

"Well," Nico said awkwardly. "Lead me to wherever the Gryffindor Common Room is."

Just a note- Calypso never lost her immortality in this fanfiction, and her powers are healing and um, gardening?

Well, that was hard to write. I never thought it's this hard to write this kind of cross-over. This was so hard, and I'm sure my slight laziness didn't help. I skipped over so many scenes (The meeting with Beauxbatons, the entire Quidditch World Cup, a lot of the explanations about the dark mark…) purely because I'm too lazy. I added in a lot of scenes in editing but UGH this was so hard. I also had to rewrite the entire thing multiple times because I didn't think I portrayed Nico correctly. I still don't think Nico is quite right but honestly, I don't know how I'm supposed to make his personality seem more like Rick Riordan's Nico. I also don't think I did Molly Weasley right- but the reason she let Nico go is because she's so worried about her family she doesn't have time for Nico (Out-of-character for her, I guess, but Nico is a strange dude and makes people do strange things)


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