A/N: This story is my first attempt at a multi-crossover story. This is based off of Stargates1fan Balanced Realities and Alienyouthct's Harry Potter and The Cliche Stew. If either of those two see this, hats off to you two for writing great stories. For my followers, you know that I like rare pairings. This story follows that same pattern. I do not own any of the characters or their respective fandoms. Let's get on to the story.

Harry Potter woke up in a grey room with a man and a woman in front of him. The man was wearing white robes, while the woman was wearing robes that seemed to absorb all light. As he looked at them, one question came to his mind that had to be answered. "Am I dead?" he asked.

"Indeed you are. That is why you are in front of us." The man started. "My name is Fate and standing next to me is my sister Death." The person now named Fate finished.

"If I am dead why am I here?" Harry asked, wondering what his purpose for being here was.

"You are here because you have been wronged in your life and I plan to correct that mistake." Fate started as his sister interrupted him.

`"Oh just get on with it. We plan to give you a power boost, a harem, and send you back in time. This power boost will be from me while Fate has chosen the females for your harem. We will contact you and your wives once you have defeated Voldemort and he has come to my realm." Death said as Harry looked at them confused.

"I thought I was dead. How could I be sent back in time and what about Ginny?" Harry asked, wondering about his girlfriend.

"Man he is so dumb sometimes. Thankfully the girls I gave him should set him straight." Fate said to his sister. He then turned to Harry and answered his question. "You shouldn't trust the Weasleys. Ginerva gave you a love potion and your so called best friends report everything you do to Dumbledore. He wanted you to sacrifice yourself so he could kill Voldemort and become the next Merlin." Fate finished as Harry stood there shocked. Death bursted out laughing at the look on Harry's face before trying to speak through her laughs.

"Oh my god. The look on your face is hilarious. I can't believe you never found out. They weren't subtle at all." Death calmed down before she spoke again. "That is why we need to send you back in time. I can't have the person who is supposed to be my master be so clueless now can I." Death said as Harry got over his shock.

"Anyways," Fate interrupted before Harry could ask what Death meant by being her master, "I will allow you to meet one of your future wives now and send her back with you to help you with the goblins." Fate waved his hand and a woman appeared next to Harry. Harry and the female studied each other.

The first thing that Harry noticed was how tall she was. She was much taller than him and looked like she could take on Hagrid in a boxing match. The next thing he noticed was her golden hair and her starting gold eyes as she stared at him. He then looked down to see that she was wearing a suit of armor that looked heavily damaged like she had been in an explosion recently. He saw a sword on her hip that looked much thinner than the Sword of Gryffindor. He was brought out of his staring when the women spoke.

"So this is supposed to my husband. He looks as scrawny as a red." Harry didn't know whether to be insulted or not. He had no idea what a red was.

"That will be one of things the goblins fix when you go visit them. Anyways, Harry this is Virginia Au Augustus also known as Mustang. Virginia, this is Harry Potter." Fate said in response to Mustang as he introduced the two to each other.

"If you ever call me Virginia I will beat you so hard you will be feeling it a month later." Vir- no Mustang said to Harry. He was a little intimidated by her, but didn't show it. Instead, he put out his hand for her to shake.

"It's nice to meet you. Hopefully we can get along sooner rather than later." Harry said as Mustang stared at him.

"So you do have some spine. Don't worry, I've met a couple of my sister wives and we'll whip you into fighting shape in no time at all." Mustang said as she shook his hand. Harry held back a wince as she gripped his hand really hard. He was used to pain anyways.

"Now that you two haven't killed each other, it's time to send you back. You will be sent back to the train ride home after your fourth year. Again, we will you and your wives once you have defeated Voldemort." Fate said. He waved his and everything around Mustang and Harry disappeared and they found themselves in an empty compartment on the Hogwarts express.

Harry and Mustang looked at each other and took in their surroundings. Harry noticed they were in a compartment towards the back of the train. He also noticed that Mustang's armor had been changed to wizard robes. Mustang looked down at her clothes and sighed.

"These things feel so uncomfortable. How have you been able to stand these for so long? What does this snake crest on my robe mean anyways?" Mustang asked Harry.

"You don't know about the Hogwarts houses? I thought that you knew everything by your reaction when Fate mentioned the goblins." Harry said as Mustang looked annoyed.

"We were only told your history and the basics of magic. We didn't get any details unfortunately. He wanted to make this hard on us for some reason." Mustang responded.

"That crest is the crest of the Slytherin house of Hogwarts is divided into four houses each representing one founder. My house is Gryffindor. I wonder why he gave you slytherin robes. Slytherin and Gryffindor are known for their house rivalry." Harry was brought out of his explanation when Ron and Hermione burst into the apartment.

"Oh we finally found you Harry. We have been looking for you everywhere." Hermione said as she hugged him. Ron took a look at the other person in the compartment and noticed a hot chic. He was wondering who she was until he saw the Slytherin crest on her robes.

"What are you doing with a slimy Slytherin Harry?" He shouted as Harry looked annoyed.

"We were having a nice conversation until you barged in rudely. Just because she is in Slytherin doesn't mean she is evil Ron." Harry growled out, annoyed at Ron's insensitive nature. He was also mad at the betrayal of his two closest friends.

"She obviously has you potioned mate! You would never defend Slytherins. You should leave and come sit with us. We found an empty compartment next to Fred and George." Ron said as he looked at Mustang with disgust.

"Get out." Harry said in a stern voice as Ron looked at him startled.

"What?" Ron questioned.

"I said get out. If you can't get over your prejudice of my friend here then you can leave and find your own apartment." Harry said sternly as Hermione started to reprimand Harry.

"You can't talk to Ron like that Harry, he is your best friend." Harry turned to Hermione. He was really annoyed that Hermione was backing Ron and thought that she might also be in Dumbeldore's court.

"If he can't respect who I decide to become friends with then he can leave." Harry said as he stared at Hermione. He was curious to see what her reaction would be when Ron growled.

"Fine then. Just don't come running back to me when you realize that she is using you." Harry watched as Ron stormed out of the compartment as Hermione followed him with her eyes.

"I'm going to try and calm him down before he does anything more stupid. I'll see you later Harry." Hermione said before rushing after Ron.

"I don't know how you could stand them for so long. They didn't even ask for my name." Mustang said as Harry shut and locked the door.

"I'm just beginning to wonder the same thing. I believe it is because they were my first friends. Anyways, when we get to the station I'll apparate us directly to Gringotts. Do you know how I'm going to meet the others?" Harry asked.

"I don't know. That is what I'm supposed to help you with. I'm the most political minded of your future wives." Mustang said. They sat in the compartment and got to know each other. Harry was surprised to learn how far advanced the world where Mustang was from. The world was similar to his where there is a social hierarchy where the lower levels are looked down upon.

As the train rolled into the station, they walked off the Train and Harry led her into a secluded area. Harry grabbed her hand and spoke. "Prepare yourself. This might be unpleasant for you." Once they landed, Harry looked at Mustang and saw her looking amused.

"You think that was going to unsettle me. That is nothing compared to the Iron Rain." Mustang said, laughing. Harry pondered what the Iron Rain could be, but decided to ask later. They needed to get to Gringotts.

Harry and Mustang entered Gringotts and went straight to a teller. Harry saw the teller glance up at him and to his scar. "We've been expecting you for some time now Lord Potter. You haven't been answering any of your summons." The Goblin growled out.

"I haven't gotten any letters from you." Harry started. He was interrupted from further speech when Mustang spoke up.

"Just take us to his account manager. We can settle this there." The goblin looked at the female that had arrived with Lord Potter.

"What gives you the right to be in a secure setting with Lord Potter?" The goblin asked.

"I'm his fiance." Harry was looking between Mustang and the Goblin wondering if he would have to intervene before the Goblin just waved for them to follow. Harry was relieved that he wouldn't need to do anything drastic. Harry wondered which lordships he would get as they walked deeper into Gringotts. He knew he would get the Potter lordship as the goblin called him Lord Potter. He wondered if he would get the Gryffindor lordship as well since he was able to pull the sword of Gryffindor out of the hat in his second year. He also wondered if Sirius would let him have the Black lordship seeing that Sirius isn't able to have heirs from his stay in Azkaban. That's all he could think of that he had. Harry realized that Mustang might know so he turned to her. "They told me to leave it as a surprise." Mustang said before Harry could even speak up.

"How did you know what I was going to ask?" Harry was confused.

"You were either going to ask who the others were or what lordships you were going to get. My answer satisfied both those questions." Mustang replied.

"What if I was going to ask something else?" Harry asked, wondering how she deduced what he was going to ask.

"We are about to get your lordships. I could see the cogs turning in your head and realized that you either were wondering who would show up with the lordships or which lordships you would get." Mustang answered. They were cut off from their conversation when the goblin leading them stopped in front of a door.

"Your account manager is behind this door Lord Potter. He is waiting for you." The Goblin said. Mustang and Harry entered the room to find an old goblin sitting at an ornate desk staring at them.

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