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"Welcome Lord Potter. I've been expecting you for some time time. My name is Ripclaw and I am the manager of the Potter accounts. Please take a seat and let's get straight to business." Ripclaw said pointing to the chairs in front of the desk. Harry and Mustang sat down as Ripclaw gathered some papers on the desk and turned them towards the pair. "These are the papers you need to sign to take up all of your lordships." Ripclaw said. Harry went to sign them when Mustang pulled his hand back.

"You idiot. You never sign a contract without at least looking at it first. Let me take a look at it if you aren't." Mustang said as Ripclaw grinned at her.

"I think I'm going to like your partner here Mr. Potter." Ripclaw said as Mustang glanced over the contract.

"It looks good Harry. A typical signing over of properties." Mustang said as Harry looked at her. Harry just smiled at her before signing the document and handing it over to the goblin. Ripclaw took the papers and handed Harry a ring box.

"Inside that box is your lord ring for Potter. We will go through your other lordships after you get your main one." Ripclaw said as Harry took the ring out of the box and put it on. There was a bright flash of light when Harry put on the ring. Once the light died down, four women were seen standing around Harry. Harry turned to see all of the women who were supposed to be his wives.

The first one was a tall, red hair woman with blue eyes who was wearing a red leather jacket and tight red leather jeans that did nothing to hide her figure. The next female that Harry looked at was another redhead with green eyes.

She looked to be wearing some gold spartan style armor that didn't do anything to hide her curves either. Harry saw Mustang go up to the women in the spartan style armor and hug her while turning to the next women.

Harry had to take a second look to make sure the woman was real. The women that Harry was looking at had pink hair and eyes with clothes that barely covered her modesty. That wasn't the weird part. The woman had what looked like a halo on top her head and large, white wings sprouting from her back. He saw the woman wave at him enthusiastically and he waved back out of instinct.

He then turned to the final women. The woman had blonde hair and bright blue eyes that were looking at him curiously. She had a cute pair of glasses on her and was wearing a blue shirt with a stylized S on the front and a red skirt. He was brought out of his observations when he was glomped by the women with wings.

"Hello my husband. My name is Jibril Ravenclaw. I'm so happy to be able to learn new things with you." The woman that Harry now knew was named Jibril said. The others took the opportunity to introduce themselves as Ripclaw watched on in red hair, blue eyed woman introduced herself as Jean Potter. The person that Mustang greeted was Phyrra Gryffindor. The final person introduced herself with a wave of her hand as Kara Evans.

"Well this is an interesting occurrence. I just have one more lordship to give you and you and your group can head to the Potter manor and look over your ledgers." Ripclaw said while handing Harry another set of papers. Mustang went to look over his shoulder as Harry scanned the document, learning from Mustang's lesson from earlier. Harry looked towards Mustang for confirmation that it was fine. She nodded and Harry signed the document. When Harry put on the second ring, he wasn't surprised when another flash of light revealed a woman.

Harry looked over her and definitely enjoyed what he saw. The woman had purple hair and lilac eyes. She was slender wearing a crop top along with a pair of skinny jeans. She stuck out her hand and introduced herself as Major Motoko Black. "Is this everything?" Harry asked, turning to the goblin.

"All there is left to do is to go over your ledgers, but I'm going to allow you and your new wives to go over it at the Potter manor. The flow in my office has a direct connection to the Potter manor for you to use." Ripclaw said while motioning to a fireplace in his office.

Harry and his wives ended up in a pile after all going through together. Harry reoriented himself and found a heavy weight on top of him. "Can you please get off?" Harry asked as the person quickly got off of him.

"I'm so sorry for that." Phyrra said, grabbing his hand and helping him up.

"Well that certainly is a fun experience. Do you know how it works? How do you make it?" Jibril started asking excitedly. The others looked on amused as Harry tried calming her down. Harry and others started looking around the room they were in. Perhaps room is an understatement. The room was very big with massive doors on one end and a massive quartz stair case with gold handrails. Harry somehow knew that they were in the entrance to the otter manor and where everything was in the mansion. The others were looking around the entrance taking everything in when a house elf popped in front of them.

"Hello master. My name is Typsy. I am the head elf for the Potter manor." Typsy said. The women were surprised as Kara spoke up.

"What do you mean by he is your master? Why do you serve him." Kara asked.

"Oh I've been a servant of the Potter family for my entire life. I took care of master Harry when he was a little baby. He was such a cute boy. Us house elves love serving others." Typsy said as Harry blushed at what she said. Harry was confused though as to how well she spoke.

"Typsy, how do you speak so well? Most of the other house elfs I've seen don't speak nearly as well." Harry asked. Typsy clapped her hands in excitement before answering.

"Mistress Lily taught all of the house elfs how to speak properly." Typsy said before completely switching topics. "I'm so happy to have all of you as my new master and mistress. Everything has been quiet without others to take care of." Typsy said excitedly.

"Well thank you for taking care of the house. Could you show us around the mansion?" Harry asked.

"Sure thing master." Typsy said as she led them on a tour.

Harry and his wives were having dinner when a flash appeared blinding everyone. Once everyone could see, there was a note next to Mustang's plate. Mustang picked up the note, unfolded it and started reading.

Hello Harry's wives,

Most of you have various equipment that helped you do your jobs. Do not worry, we have fixed that. After you have finished reading this letter, they will appear waiting in the library for you. Yes Jibril even a copy of Imanity's library will be sectioned off for you. You won it fair and square and it would be rude to take it from you. Enjoy yourselves and kick Voldemort's ass. Plus you guys get to go to new worlds after you kick Voldemort's ass!

Many thanks, Fate

Ps. Harry needs to be trained by you guys. He really doesn't know how to fight to well -Death

Harry flushed in embarrassment as everyone looked at him. "I suppose we have to come up with a training schedule for him. We will have to start slow because he doesn't look strong right now. It's not the first time I've had to train a newbie." Phyrra said as everyone looked at her. "What Death said we had to train him. We all have different strengths although no one here knows how to use Harry's magic. We'll have to get someone to help him with that." Phyrra said as everyone nodded.

"I can ask my godfather if he will help train me. He fought in the previous war so he should know how to fight well." Harry said, trying to help.

"We're going to need to go shopping to get clothes. I refuse to wear the robes that the wizarding world wears. Plus Harry needs new clothes. Our husband is not going to be seen in those awful hand me downs." Mustang said as everyone agreed with her.

"Let's get some dinner and we can go shopping tomorrow. Jibril can't come with us because she is too different from humans and we'll attract way too much attention. I think a small group of us should go tomorrow" Jean said, not wanting to attract a lot of attention to their group. Harry called Typsy for dinner and everyone followed him into the dinning room. After they ate, Harry asked a question that brought everyone to a halt.

"Since we're all married, how are we going to sleep?" The women looked at each other and gathered around to talk to each other. Harry stood awkwardly to the side as he saw the group of females whispering to each other. He was relieved when they broke apart and Mustang spoke up.

"We've decided that until we are all comfortable with each other, we will rotate who gets the day and night with you. You will be able to have one day your self

Harry was getting into bed when Mustang came from the bathroom. Harry took a good look at her as Mustang smirked at his reaction. Mustang was wearing a set of red silk pajamas that were lined with gold stitching. Harry couldn't take his eyes off her as she got into bed next to him. "We aren't going to do anything yet we just met today. However, we can tell each other about our pasts." Mustang said. Harry laid there and listened to her story. He marveled at how similar yet different their lives was a member of a caste society like him. However, she was at the top of society. She eventually led a civil war to overthrow the caste system and allow equality for everyone. He was amazed at how advanced her civilization was that they had colonized the entire solar system. She started explaining that they were nearly victorious when the sovereign nuked the moon into oblivion, killing everyone on it including her and her best friend. Harry and Mustang eventually fell asleep in each other's arms as they comforted each other.

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