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The Guardian sat silent in that back of a modified Arcadia Jump ship along with Zavala and Anna Bray. Two weeks had passed since Aldrin Sov murdered Cayde-6, but it still felt like yesterday for everyone in the ship. Cayde's death took a toll on everyone. Ikora felt guilty over not being there for him. Zavala didn't let it show, but he really missed Cayde. Anna didn't know Cayde all that well, but Ikora looked to her to fill the Hunter Vanguard seat, so she couldn't help but feel some remorse for Cayde's passing.

However, none took it harder than the silent Guardian in the back. Cayde's death nearly broke him, how could it not? The two were almost brothers. He was the only one there when Cayde passed. He received the task of hunting Cayde's killers down. And now, he carried Cayde's gun, the Ace of Spades. Cayde left his most prized possession in the whole world to him. The Guardian fondled the weapon in his hands while the engines hummed in the background.

"We're on final approach to Phobos. Gear up back there." Ikora said over the intercom from the cockpit.

"Right." Anna said before checking her auto rifle.

The Guardian stood up, took another glance at the Ace of Spades, and went to holster it. Zavala put his hand on the Guardian's shoulder.

"Make him proud, Guardian." Zavala said before prepping his own carbine.

The Guardian's Ghost (henceforth referred to as Ghost) materialized next to him.

"Any idea what the Cabal is doing down there?" Ghost asked.

"Yes." Ikora said, entering the room. "And it's not good."

"We believe the Cabal are constructing some kind of weapon. It's massive in size, so it's anyone's best guess what it can do." Zavala said.

"Then we better blow it to hell before we find out." Anna said.

"That's the spirit." Ikora said as she double-checked her pulse rifle.

"Ghost, a map if you please." Zavala asked.

Ghost displayed a holographic reconstruction of the compound. It looked like a giant power plant, all connected to and centered around a large vertical ring.

"Ikora and I will transmat to the west side of the compound. Guardian, you and Anna will transmat to the east side. We'll make our way to the control center on two fronts and divide the Cabal's resources in the process." Zavala said.

"Once inside the control center, we'll find a way to destroy the weapon and cripple the base." Ikora said.

"Sounds good." Ghost said.

Zavala nodded and walked to the back of the Jump ship to prepare for transmat. Ikora started to join him but Anna stepped in front of her.

"Are you two good?" Anna asked.

"We'll manage." Ikora said before joining her fellow Vanguard.

They trnasmatted and the ship changed course to drop Anna and the Guardian off.

"I hope those two focus on killing the Cabal; it might just keep them from shooting each other." Anna said.

While grim, Anna had a point. Zavala and Ikora were not on good terms, not since Cayde died. Ikora wanted to go after Aldrin, but Zavala insisted they stay to protect the Last City. Ikora accused Zavala of cowardice, and likewise Zavala accused Ikora of disloyalty to the City. Perhaps there was some truth to both, but needless to say, Cayde really was the only thing holding the Vanguard together. Now Anna had to fill those shoes, and they were definitely some big shoes to fill.

The Guardian and Anna prepared to Transmat, but before they did, Anna looked at the Guardian.

"Hey, I don't know if you buy into the idea of God, but I have a piece of advice that might help." Anna said.

The Guardian nodded.

"Someone once told me that when you lose someone you're really close to, it's just God's way of making room for someone new. I don't know if that helps any, but I can't play both voice of reason and moderator between the other two. I need you to be the level headed one out there." Anna said.

"You can count on me." The Guardian said.

"Thanks." Anna said just before the two transmatted inside the compound.

The two materialized just behind a guard, patrolling the halls. The brute turned around to investigate the noise, only to catch a knife in the face from Anna.

"Nice kill." Ghost complimented Anna.

"Thank you. Now help me hide the body, we need to preserve the element of surprise." Anna said before she and the Guardian moved the body behind a bulkhead.

"Commander, what is yours and Ikora's status?" Ghost asked.

"We've breached the outer defensive perimeter, but the inner defenses around the control center are too heavy for stealth. We'll have to openly engage to get in." Zavala said.

"Roger that, wait until we get there." Anna said, before motioning to the Guardian to follow.

The two opened the door to the connecting hallway and saw tens of Cabal. They barely avoided detection by jumping behind some crates.

"There are way too many Cabal to take without tripping the alarm." Ghost observed.

"Then we'll go around them." Anna pointed to an air vent.

The two dashed across the corridor as quickly as possible, opened the vents, and slipped inside. The Guardian switched to his Galliard-42 auto rifle, equipped with a SPO-28 FRONT scope, and shouldered the Python shotgun he previously carried. The two navigated the vents for a couple minutes before arriving at an access point near their team's position. However, three Cabal stood just outside the vent.

"I'll take the one on the right." Anna said before kicking the vent hatch with enough force to send it flying into the center-most guard, disorienting him.

The two remaining guards turned to fire their weapons but Anna and the Guardian proved faster. Anna sliced the throat of her target, while the Guardian nailed his with a quick burst from the Galliard. The final Cabal raised his weapon but Anna shot first, dropping him. Anna motioned to the door, as the Guardian opened it to reveal a balcony overlooking a large courtyard.

"Commander, we're in potion but we don't have eyes on you." Anna said.

The Guardian pointed toward some crates, where Ikora waved to them.

"Never mind that, we see you." Anna said.

"Alright then. The control center is just beyond this courtyard. We'll storm it, and then find out what the Red Legion is up to." Zavala said.

"Ready when you are commander." Ghost said.

Only seconds later, Ikora and Zavala leapt out of cover and plastered the Cabal near them. Anna and the Guardian jumped down to the courtyard and joined their Fireteam. The base's alarm sounded, and every Cabal soldier in the general area took up defensive positions in the courtyard.

"Here's where the fun begins!" Anna yelled as she gunned down every Cabal in sight.

A foot soldier began running for Ikora, but the Guardian blew it's head off with the Galliard-42.

"Thank you, Guardian." Ikora said.

The light barer nodded and kept fighting onwards.

They eventually reached the final area of the courtyard, but faced the toughest challenge yet, a squad of shielded Bruisers and a Goliath tank.

"Oh great! How do we get passed those guys?" Anna yelled.

"Simple." Ikora said, before throwing her Nova Bomb super.

The blast completely erased the bruisers, but didn't do much damage to the tank.

"Okay then." Anna said before using her Golden Gun super.

The Guardian also activated his Arcstrider super. The two made quick work of the tank, as well as any other Cabal in the area. The Fireteam quickly moved into the control center before any reinforcements arrived. Once inside, the four mowed down Cabal operating the alien tech.

"Seal the door!" Zavala ordered.

"How will we get out?" Ikora asked angrily.

"Not now Ikora." Zavala said before looking at some of the screens.

"Yes now! You've been blowing me off since we set down on this base." Ikora said.

"Do you blame me? If I had listened to any of your suggestions, we'd be fighting a hell of a lot more Cabal right now." Zavala returned.

"No we wouldn't. You'd realize that if you even payed attention!" Ikora yelled.

"Guys! Now is not the time, nor the place, to hold this argument." Anna said.

Amidst the argument, the four failed to realize that one Cabal was still alive.

The brute quickly started pressing buttons on a control pad. The Guardian noticed this and shot it in the back. Before it died though, it pressed one final button. Loud mechanized noises began sounding as some kind of device began to transform in the courtyard.

"What the hell?" Ikora asked.

Anna ran to the station the Cabal used.

"Anna, what's happening?" Zavala asked.

"I'm not sure Commander. It looks like that Cabal activated the weapon they're working on." Anna said.

By now the device began to look like a giant ring.

"What does it do?" Ikora asked.

"I'm not sure, it's like nothing I've ever seen before." Anna reported.

"Huh? Strange." Ghost said as he inspected security feeds.

"What is it?" Zavala asked.

"It appears that the Cabal are evacuating the base, in quite a hurry." Ghost answered.

"A bomb?" Ikora asked.

"Unlikely. This thing looks like a giant energy collector." Anna said.

"What could possibly need that much energy?" Zavala said as he observed the size of the ring.

"I'm not sure we want to stick around to find out." Ghost said.

The ring started glowing as blue energy began collecting in the center of the ring.

"What's it doing now?" Ikora asked.

"This… This isn't possible!" Anna said.

"What isn't possible?" Zavala asked.

"It's draining light from the surrounding area! Almost like a miniature version of the device they used on the traveler." Anna said.

"We need to go." Zavala said.

"Sir, that may not be a wise idea. The Cabal apparently built this room to protect against the weapon but not the rest of the base." Anna said.

"So if we step outside…" The Ghost started.

"We're toast." Zavala finished. "We have to destroy it."

"Are you mad? There's no telling what will happen if we blow that thing up now!" Ikora yelled.

"Would you rather let it continue what it's doing! It could threaten the city if we let it keep going!" Zavala countered.

"How do you know destroying it won't do the same?" Ikora asked.

"I don't! However, I do know that we can't let this thing keep running, so my vote is to put it out of commission while we have the chance!" Zavala said.

"And my vote is to observe it until we know what we're actually dealing with!" Ikora said.

"Well then, I guess the winning vote belongs to the Hunter Vanguard." Zavala said.

"Anna, what's your vote?" Ikora asked.

Anna groaned, "Do you two really have to draw me into this?"

"YES!" Zavala and Ikora yelled at the same time.

Just then, a loud crack rang out from the weapon, followed by ear piercing screeches as the entire super structure began failing.

"It's overloading! We've got to go now!" Anna yelled.

"What about the draining field?" Ikora asked.

"Better that then disintegration!" Anna yelled.

The four escaped the control center and began running for the nearest landing pad. The draining field seemed to disappear before the entire frame of the weapon buckled in on itself, creating a giant rift.

"Run for it!" Zavala yelled as the base started coming apart.

The rift exerted a massive gravimetric field on the surrounding environment, pulling everything inside of it. The Red Legion base was shredded in minutes as the anomaly expanded.

The Guardians finally reached a landing pad as the entire base behind them fell away, into the rift. Zavala punched something into his wrist gauntlet. A few moments later, their ship appeared and hovered over the pad.

"This gravity field is too strong to transmat! We've got to board using the ramp!" Zavala yelled.

"You first!" Ikora yelled.

The ramp dropped and Zavala boarded the ship, followed by Anna. Before Ikora could board, the balcony she and the Guardian stood on collapsed. Ikora almost fell into the rift, but the Guardian grabbed her hand. He tossed Ikora to Anna, who caught her and helped her into the ship.

"Give me your hand!" Anna yelled to the Guardian, who barely hung onto a poll attached to the landing pad.

The Guardian reached his hand out, but the poll snapped.

"No!" Anna yelled as the Guardian flew off toward the rift.

"Anna! Come on!" Ikora said, trying to get her fully aboard.

"No, we've got to go back for him!" Anna yelled.

"Anna! He's gone! And we will be too if we don't leave now!" Ikora yelled.

Anna looked back at the ever-expanding rift and cursed, but allowed Ikora to pull her aboard.

"Is everyone here?" Zavala asked from the cockpit.

"Just fly!" Ikora yelled.

Zavala knew immediately what happened. He engaged the boosters and escaped the gravity field. He looked back one last time, to see the disaster zone that may have cost the life of his best Guardian and friend.

But the Guardian's story was far from over.

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This is set during Revenge of the Sith, specifically the Temple raid.

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