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Clone after clone dropped dead outside Eastern entrance to the North Hall. The Guardian's auto rifle massacred anything in its path, and the clones couldn't do anything about it. Tiplee cut the stragglers down as Ghost reappeared and accessed the door controls.

"You might want to tell them we're coming before I open this." Ghost suggested.

Tiplee nodded and tapped her wrist comn, "Master Sindrellic, we're outside the Eastern entrance ready to extract everyone."

"Understood, we're ready to go." Sindrellic said.

Ghost opened the door, as several Jedi nearly jumped at the Guardian and Tiplee. They stopped themselves when they saw the dead clones.

Sindrellic and Shaak Ti ran to the entrance.

"We need to go now. Several squads got in our way coming here and the clones must know that they haven't reported in for a while." Ghost said.

"Yes, but where are we going?" Shaak Ti asked.

"The Eastern Hanger. It's well defended but my Guardian and I can break through." Ghost said.

"I certainly hope so." Sindrellic said as he motioned for all the Jedi in the Hall to follow him.

Indeed the clones had noticed that many squads had not reported in yet, but they never expected a massive charge of desperate Jedi coming at them. The few squads who'd come to investigate the disappearance of their comrades almost immediately died from hundreds of lightsaber slashes and strikes. A couple troopers ran away, relentlessly pursued by the horde of Jedi.

The clones ran through a doorway leading to an open corridor, near the Eastern Hanger. Many Jedi, enraged over the death or injury of their friends and fellow blade wielders continued their charge after the clones. The Guardian jumped in their way, however, blocking off their chase.

"Move!" One of the Jedi ordered.

"Not so fast." Ghost said, appearing next to the Guardian.

The Light bearer picked up a piece of fallen debris and tossed it through the doorway. Tens of plasma bolts pummeled the rock into oblivion from down the corridor.

"Want to die?" The Guardian asked before motioning to the doorway, "Be my guest."

The Jedi at the front of the crowd backed down.

Sindrellic made his way to the front as the Guardian was trying to observe the defenses of the hanger.

"What's the hold up?" He asked.

"This doorway is a death trap. Anyone who tries to go through here is going to get mowed down." Ghost said.

"Then how do we get to the hanger?" Sindrellic asked.

"That's what we're trying to figure out." Ghost said.

"We can't wait, they'll call for backup." Sindrellic said.

"They already did. I blocked the transmission." Ghost said, giving Sindrellic an idea.

"You have access to their comns?" Sindrellic asked.

"I do." Ghost said.

"Then tell the clones that we've pulled our group back, and to try and follow us away from the hanger." Sindrellic suggested.

"Lure them to us… Not a bad idea." Ghost said. "Okay, tell everyone to hide, and get ready to ambush the clones."

Sindrellic nodded and spread the message among the Jedi. As the monks all hid, Ghost issued the orders.

"All troopers guarding the Eastern Hanger, we have sited the Jedi moving away from your current position. Follow them and engage when possible." Ghost said in his clone voice.

"Roger that, moving to engage the Jedi now." The commander of the clone defenses said.

The Guardian double jumped atop the ledge above the doorway, Python in hand, ready for the ambush.

Several scouts entered the doorway first and thankfully missed the Guardian, who basically hid in plain sight. They searched the immediate area and then motioned for the rest of the troopers to push up. The Guardian held his fire until the commander came through the doorway.

The clones heard one of the loudest bangs in their life, as the Guardian's shotgun tore their commander's head clean off. They all realized what happened but not before the Guardian had generated a bow of pure Void Light. Just as the clones trained their weapons on the Guardian, he fired a void light arrow into the center of their ranks, which generated a void rift, bound all the clones directly to it, and seemed to drain their energy.

Seeing this, the Jedi jumped out of cover and ambushed the troopers. Even though fully armed, the clones offered no resistance, allowing the Jedi to easily slaughter them.

"To the hanger!" Sindrellic shouted.

The Jedi ran to the doors of the hanger, led by Sindrellic and the Guardian, but narrowly dodged a volley of oncoming fire when the doors opened.

"Some clones must have stayed behind." Sindrellic surveyed.

"We'll take care of them, just guard the entrance." Ghost said before the Guardian charged into the hanger.

The doors to the hanger closed, but those closest to them could hear blaster fire and clone screams through the doors. The sound lasted about five minutes, until everything went silent.

The Jedi waited for something to happen, but nothing did.

"He failed!" One Jedi shouted.

"We don't know that." Sindrellic said.

The whole group began to panic.

"Stay calm!" Sindrellic urged, but to now avail.

Master Shaak Ti and Marus joined Sindrellic in front of the doors.

"What's happening?" Marus asked, in a somewhat freighted voice.

"I don't know. The Guardian went in alone, the blaster fire stopped but he hasn't returned." Sindrellic said, more directed to Shaak Ti.

"Then we must prepare for the worst." She said before activating her blue lightsaber.

Sindrellic activated his green lightsaber, and the two began cutting through the door. Just as they were about to finish a circle in the doors, they opened, revealing the Guardian and Ghost.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. One of the clones hit some control circuits. I had to repair them to open the doors." Ghost explained.

Sindrellic and Shaak Ti deactivated their lightsabers and breathed a sigh of relief.

"You had us worried for a minute there Guardian." Shaak Ti said.

"Hangar's clear." The Guardian said as he walked back into the room.

The Jedi poured in and Ghost sealed the door behind them.

"Everyone! Aboard the ships! Pilots, we'll send coordinates for a rendezvous point once everyone is safely away from the temple!" Sindrellic shouted as the Jedi boarded shuttles, fighters, and even clone gunships.

The Guardian followed Sindrellic and Shaak Ti over to a Jedi shuttle.

"Once we're underway, I'll flood the clone battle-net, making it impossible for them to pick up the coordinates of the rendezvous point." Ghost said.

"Good, we should leave now before they realize what we're up to." Sindrellic said as he boarded the shuttle.

"We'll need a safe meeting point. Somewhere devoid of clones or republic sensors. Ghost, try and locate an area like that." Shaak Ti ordered.

"I'm already on it." Ghost said as the Guardian and Shaak Ti walked up the ramp into the shuttle.

"Wait!" Master Jocasta yelled as she ran over to the ramp.

"Jocasta, you were supposed to go with the younglings!" Shaak Ti scolded.

"Forgive me, master, but I left something very important back in the archives. It cannot be allowed to fall into the clones hands." Jocasta said.

The Guardian turned to Shaak Ti, "Go, we'll send you the coordinates."

Shaak Ti nodded and walked up the ramp into the ship, but turned back to the Guardian and Jocasta, "May the force be with you."

"And with you master." Jocasta said as the ramp raised and the ship took off into the massive city outside.

"Now, what exactly did you leave that's so important?" Ghost asked.

"A data chip, in the Holocron vault of the archives. There is data stored in it, which is vital to the survival of our order." Jocasta explained, obviously worried.

"We'll find it." The Guardian reassured her.

Ghost analyzed the layout of the temple for a few seconds, "I've laid in the optimal route to the archives in your HUD, Guardian. And I'll redirect as many clone squads away from that area as possible."

The Guardian nodded and looked to Jocasta, "Stay behind me."

Jocasta laughed, "Oh Guardian, I may be old, but I'm still quite formidable with a lightsaber. I'm not the one you need to protect."

"Still, it would probably be best to let us take point." Ghost said.

"Very well, lead the way." Jocasta said.

The light bearers crept through the halls of the Temple. An uneasy silence fell on the whole place. The distant gunfire, screams, and comn traffic no longer prowled the long open corridors. Merely the sound of quite footsteps remained.

Jocasta, Ghost, and the Guardian snuck past the remaining clone squads when they could, only engaging when no other option existed, and leaving no survivors.

At last, they arrived at the entrance of the archives, guarded by four clone troopers.

"So where do think they're hiding?" The first clone asked.

"Beat's me, sounds like Lord Vader and the boys in 2nd platoon did a pretty thorough job upstairs." The second said.

"So they're hiding in the lower levels?" The third asked.

"No way I'm going down there, no way." The fourth said.

"Relax trooper, Lord Vader will find 'em, eventually." The second said.

"How about I save him the trouble of looking." The Guardian said, appearing out of nowhere. (Having used the invisibility of his Spectral Blades to get close, unseen)

"Blast him!" The second trooper yelled.

By the time the clones raised their weapons, the first and second had knives in their chests, and the third and fourth received bullet holes from the Ace of Spades. All four fell down and slumped over in a way only dead bodies can.

Jocasta approached from behind a corner, "Such unnecessary and wanton waste of life. How it pains me."

"It was them or us." The Guardian said coldly as Ghost began hacking the door controls.

"The clones are trying to regain access to the temple's systems, I'm shutting down their intrusions into the grid wherever I can, but even without the main computer, they might soon have control again. I'm also installing failsafe subroutines, so I can restore my control if we ever need to come back here. Nevertheless, I advise getting whatever you left in there quickly." Ghost said as the door opened.

"No!" The second clone trooper mumbled as he lightly grabbed the Guardian's boot.

The Guardian cocked the Ace of Spades and pointed it as the clone's head, when Jocasta stepped in.

"Wait! Why are you doing this? Why the attack on the Temple? Who ordered you to do this?" Jocasta asked the dying trooper.

"Good Soldiers…" The clone slowly reached for his blaster pistol, "Follow Orders"



The clone's blaster hit the floor, having barely missed Jocasta's heart. The Guardian reloaded the Ace of Spades and looked at Jocasta.

"Them, or us." He said, before walking into the Archives.

They walked about halfway through the long hall of knowledge and holo books, until they came upon a massive door.

"I'm on it." Ghost said.

"I'm afraid not, this door can only be opened by the force itself. There are no electronic systems." Jocasta said as she extended her hands and the door opened.

Ghost and the Guardian looked at each other then back to Jocasta, "Lead the way." Ghost said.

The three walked into a room full of a familiar sight.

"Engrams?" Ghost asked in a gasp.

"Holocrons, the primary and safest way of storing information for Jedi. Each requires a Jedi to open, and each holds valuable data to the order." Jocasta said as she looked around the room, "Oh, what a pity it is to condemn them all to the hands of the clones, but we've come for one specific thing."

"That being?" The Guardian asked.

"You'll see, come, follow me." Jocasta instructed.

The Guardian and Ghost followed her to a nearby wall, where Jocasta pushed and pulled a set of holocrons, opening a secret door. The three walked inside and found a room full of artifacts and treasures. In the center of the room stood a mechanical frame, which suddenly came to life.

"Master Archivist Jocasta Nu, you have returned." It said.

"I have, Cator, is it safe?" Jocasta asked.

"Of course, I have kept my watch. Everything is exactly as you left it" Cator responded.

"What is this place?" Ghost asked.

"It is the treasury of the Jedi Order, the vault of all the most prized, important, and dangerous artifacts and relics in our possession." Jocasta said. "Cator here is the protector of said vault."

"Master Archivist, may I inquire as to the events outside the vault as of late? I have heard the sounds of battle and death." Cator asked.

"Unfortunately, your sensors do not deceive you my old friend. The clone troopers have turned on us, many Jedi lie dead as we speak, and a Sith Lord is loose inside the Temple." Jocasta said.

"Troubling… And these two… I assume are allied with the Jedi Order?" Cator asked.

"An accurate assessment." Ghost said.

Jocasta searched through several holo books on the wall, and pulled one out. Inside, she removed a data chip.

"Is that what we came for?" Ghost asked.

"Yes, it is the Order's database of every Force Sensitive child we know of in the galaxy. One of two in existence. A seed, from which, even in the worst case scenario, we can grow again." Jocasta said as she tucked the chip into her pocket and turned to Cator.

"My friend, I must ask that you continue your vigil for some time to come. I fear the Sith are once again rising to power in the galaxy. It may take years, decades, maybe even generations for the Jedi to return in force to depose them… Perhaps longer… But we will return, especially now that I have this." Jocasta told the frame.

"Of course, Master Archivist." Cator said as Jocasta, the Guardian and Ghost turned to leave.

Jocasta turned back one last time, "Goodbye Cator, thank you for your service. If fate wills it, we will see each other again."

"May the Force be with you." Cator said as the secret door closed, sealing the hidden vault for a long time to come.

Jocasta looked around the Holocron vault, "How ironic, I spent my whole life guarding this room from those I loved. Now I have to leave it and its secrets in the face of those that would destroy me."

"We don't have to leave the data stored here." Ghost said.

"I wish there was a way to take it, but unless you can carry several hundred holocrons and fight off the clones at the same time…" Jocasta began.

Ghost flew up into the center of the vault and emitted a wave of light throughout the room. All at once, every Holocron drifted out of the walls and opened in the air. The Guardian and Jocasta watched as Ghost downloaded the secrets of the vault in mere seconds. Once Ghost finished, all the holocrons dropped to the floor, empty and without their original blue glow.

Jocasta stood shocked, "How?"

"These holocrons are like crude engrams, a common method of information storage where we come from. I simply accessed them as I would any engram back in Sol, and downloaded the contents stored inside. Thus denying the clones the information and assuring that it stays with the Jedi Order." Ghost said.

"But how did you, a droid, access holocrons? Only force users can do that!" Jocasta asked.

Ghost looked over to his Guardian, "I'm getting tired of explaining this."

The Guardian shrugged his shoulders.

Ghost looked back at Jocasta, "I promise we'll explain everything, but we need to get out of here first."

"Yes, I suppose you're right." Jocasta said, still shocked at the Ghost's feat.

The three exited the vault, as the massive door closed behind them. They approached the doorway they entered through, but it opened to reveal a hooded figure.

"Hello?" Ghost asked.

The hooded figure stepped into the light, revealing a Jedi.

"Master Skywalker!" Jocasta exclaimed with some relief.

Ghost and the Guardian had a bad feeling though, the same bad feeling they got when they and their Fireteam, Natalia Raymen and Dare-8, fought Crota and Oryx.

"Are the Holocrons safe?" Skywalker asked.

"Thankfully yes." Jocasta said.

"And who are they?" The hooded Jedi asked.

"This is the 'Guardian' and his 'Ghost'. They've helped us defeat and evade the clones." Jocasta said. "Master Skywalker, what's happened? Why have the clones so suddenly turned on us?"

Skywalker activated his lightsaber as squads of clones poured into the room from all sides and took aim at Jocasta, the Guardian, and Ghost.

Jocasta ignited her lightsaber as the Guardian raised the Galliard-42.

"Skywalker! What is this madness? Call your soldiers off!" Jocasta ordered.

"My name… is Vader." The hooded figure said as he raised his lightsaber and gave the order to fire.

The Guardian threw a smoke bomb at the floor under his feet, engulfing a third of the room in a thick grey haze.

The Clones opened fire as two blue blades clashed. Audible clone screams could be heard as purple slashes flew across the origins of the blue plasma bolts.

Vader pushed Jocasta out of the smoke as the two dueled in the center of the archives. The clones continued trying to hit a target they could not see, as their numbers steadily declined.

Vader broke Jocasta's guard in a massive upward slash, and thrust his hand out toward her. Jocasta was thrown across the room by an unseen force, and smashed against a desk in the far part of the Archives.

Vader approached Jocasta while listening to the battle still going on behind him, he heard the sounds of a repeating plasma rifle, and two different projectile weapons. He returned his attention to Jocasta though, as the sound of the battle died down.

Jocasta leaned against the desk she landed on with her lightsaber in a defensive posture. Vader swung hard and knocked the saber away from the Archivist in one motion.

"You were always weak." He said, raising his lightsaber to deliver the killing blow.

Jocasta covered with her arm as Vader swung. Just before the blade connected with Jocasta though, a chair hit Vader in the back of the head, and knocked him over.

"Hey!" Ghost called from the Guardian's side. "Next time bring more soldiers."

The Guardian moved out of the way to reveal all the clones Vader entered with, lying dead at the entrance of the Archives.

Jocasta picked up her lightsaber and ran to the Guardian, "We need to run."

"You go, we'll deal with him." Ghost said.

Jocasta nodded and ran out of the door of the Archives.

Vader approached the Guardian, "This is where you die."

"Funny, we were going to say the same thing to you." Ghost chirped, and dematerialized.

Vader ignited his bright blue lightsaber and charged the Guardian. The Guardian drew the Ace of Spades and charged Vader.

The dual of the galaxies greatest warriors began.

The Guardian fired several bullets at Vader, who somehow evaded or destroyed them all with his lightsaber. Once in range, Vader swung at the Guardian, but the light bearer used his momentum to leap over Vader and land behind him. Vader turned to face the Guardian, who drew his Python shotgun.

The Guardian fired at Vader, who stepped out of the way of the blast. The Guardian fired again, but Vader dodged the buckshot. As the Guardian racked another shell, Vader swung his lightsaber and sliced the Python in half. Vader lunged forward in a stabbing and motion, but the Guardian used his dodge ability.

Vader pursued with a volley of slashes and swings. The Guardian bobbed and weaved out of the way of each one, and created a dagger in his hand made of void light. He slashed at Vader's chest, cutting part of the fallen Jedi's robe. Vader retuned with a powerful downward strike using the butt of his lightsaber, hitting the Guardian in the helmet and disorienting him momentarily.

Vader used that split second to swing at the light bearer's legs, missing them by only a few centimeters. The Guardian, in response, jumped and kicked Vader in the head with a spinning roundhouse. Vader, now dazed, stumbled to the side as the Guardian drew the Ace of Spades and fired a couple rounds at the Sith Lord.

The first hit Vader in the side. Though only superficial, the bullet wound caused him considerable pain and shock. The second missed entirely, and the third grazed Vader's arm. The Guardian quickly reloaded his hand cannon, but not before Vader threw his lightsaber at our hero. The Guardian ducked under the spinning blade, and returned fire at Vader. The Sith stuck his hand out and somehow froze all of the bullets in midair. Vader then thrust the bullets back at the Guardian, knocking him into the air and into the path of the lightsaber, which boomeranged back to Vader.

Just before the blade split the light bearer in two, however, he again used his dodge ability and landed unharmed… Save the dents in his chest plate from his own hand cannon rounds.

"I suggest a more brute force strategy." Ghost said to the Guardian while still hidden.

The Guardian threw an arc grenade at Vader, and drew the Galliard-42. Vader managed to block the arc bolt with his lightsaber, but it successfully distracted him from the tens of energy beams headed his way. Four or five bolts scored direct hits on Vader, tearing through his torso like a hot knife through butter. Several others grazed the Sith before he took cover behind a pillar. Fortunately, none of the bolts hit crucial areas on Vader, and they cauterized themselves, but the pain was immense.

The Guardian slowly approached the pillar, suppressing Vader with his insanely fast firing exotic auto rifle.

Vader used the force to throw a desk at the Guardian, which took our hero by surprise and knocked him over. The light bearer pushed the desk off himself but looked up to see Vader swinging at his head.

Vader swung with all his might, believing he finally finished this "Guardian." You can imagine his shocked expression when our hero blocked the lightsaber with a bow staff of pure Arc Light.

The Guardian kicked Vader in the leg, and cracked him in the shoulder with his Arcstrider Bow Staff. The Sith Lord reeled from the devastating hit where several bullets and bolts of energy already grazed him. The Guardian back flipped to his feet and pressed his attack with ferocious speed and unstoppable power.

Vader struggled to block the Guardian's volley of strikes and slashes, as the light bearer pushed the Sith out of the Archives and into the hallways. Vader could do little more than retreat backwards and try to hold off his relentless opponent.

The Guardian pushed Vader back significantly, and landed several good hits, which did considerable damage. Nevertheless, he could feel his super energy draining. Eventually, the Guardian and the Sith Lord's dual carried them onto a bridge overlooking the massive indoor plaza of the Temple. Vader managed to block one of the Guardian's massive swings and pin his arm against a pillar. The Guardian in turn grabbed one of Vader's wrists and tried to shove him backwards. All of this while their saber and bow staff were locked together.

A textbook deadlock, where the victor could only be determined through sheer physical strength. The Guardian pressed Vader as hard as possible, but his super was failing, and Vader could sense that. The Sith shoved the Guardian forward just as his super broke.

At this range, one swing from Vader would finish the Guardian, and Vader began his swing. However, the Guardian had one last trick up his sleeve. The light bearer leaned backward, drew the Ace of Spades and unloaded at point blank range.

The lightsaber ripped through the Guardian's chest, as the bullets tore through Vader's waist and rib cage. The Guardian fell, landing on his back on the floor of the bridge. The force from the hand cannon knocked Vader sideways, and he fell off the bridge.

The Guardian rolled to his side and pulled himself up to see what became of Vader, but sunk against a nearby pillar from the pain of the slash wound. Ghost rematerialized and healed our hero in the blink of an eye.

"That was too close." Ghost said.

The Guardian got up and looked over the edge, "Where'd he go?"

"I'm not sure, I lost his bio signature when he fell, and none of the temple cameras can find him." Ghost responded. "I doubt we've seen the last of him though."

The Guardian picked up the Ace of Spades and holstered it.

"You felt it too, didn't you?" Ghost asked. "It was just like Crota, and Oryx."

The Guardian nodded, searching for Vader from atop the bridge.

"I think we've worn out our welcome, let's find a way out of this place." Ghost suggested.

"Jocasta?" The Guardian asked.

"Safe, at least for the moment. She's waiting back at the entrance of the hangar." Ghost said.

The Guardian nodded, "Let's go."

The two made their way back to the hangar and met up with Jocasta.

"You survived?" Jocasta asked with some surprise.

"Yes, although we have more than a few questions ourselves." Ghost said.

"And Skywalker?" Jocasta asked.

"We wounded him, badly if my data is correct, but we don't think he's dead." Ghost said.

Jocasta pondered this information, "Then… we all have some explaining to do."

"Indeed, but let's get to safety first." Ghost said.

"There are more clones inside the hangar." Jocasta said as the Guardian looked inside.

The Guardian noticed that the clones sabotaged all of the remaining vehicles.

"We need another exit." The Guardian said.

Ghost checked the temple map, "This is still our optimal route. All others would require significant contact with clone forces."

Just then, a sparrow or hovercraft of some kind landed on the outside landing platform and a human man got out and approached the clones.

"Who's this?" Ghost asked.

Jocasta squinted for a second, "Why I think that's Senator Bail Organa! He's a loyal friend of the Jedi."

"Hold on, I think I can hack into the clone's armor cameras so we can hear what they're saying." Ghost said.

Ghost displayed a hologram of the clone's body cam

"What's going on here?" Senator Organa asked.

"There's been a rebellion sir." The clone answered him. "Don't worry, the situation is under control."

Bail Organa, not excepting the obvious BS answer of the clone, tried to get past the trooper to enter the temple. The clones raised their blasters on the senator.

"I'm sorry sir; it's time for you to leave." The commanding clone ordered.

Bail sighed, "And so it is." He began walking back toward his hovercraft when he heard the sound of a lightsaber activating.

"Get her!" A clone shouted before losing his head to a young Jedi wielding a blue lightsaber.

The girl ducked over the front three clones, and cut them all down, seemingly trying to get to Bail Organa. The rest of the clones in the hanger rushed out onto the landing pad and opened fire on the young Jedi who tried to deflect as many plasma bolts back at the clones as she could.

One clone fell dead from a deflected bolt but the rest overwhelmed the girl who suffered a devastating hit in her center mass. She fell backwards as her lightsaber deactivated.

"NO!" Bail Organa shouted while the seven remaining clones tried to regain control of the situation.

Before that could happen, however, four of the remaining clone's bodies became riddled with blaster holes and instantly collapsed.

The remaining three turned around to find the Guardian and Jocasta rushing them.

The Guardian gunned the closest down with the Galliard-42 while Jocasta parried a plasma bolt into the head of the second and killed the third with a slash across the chest.

Ghost rematerialized and sped over to the fallen girl and scanned her, while the Guardian covered their rear from a couple reinforcing clones.

Jocasta ran over to Bail Organa and took cover with him behind his speeder.

"Master Nu, what the hell is going on here?" The senator shouted over the sounds of screaming clones and the Guardian's auto rifle, as well as the burning exterior of the Jedi Temple.

"I'm not sure myself Senator! The clones tried to slaughter us in the Temple, without warning. Every man, woman, and child! And worse yet, Anakin Skywalker was leading them!" Jocasta shouted.

"This is bad." Bail Organa said.

"An understatement if ever there was one." Jocasta said.

The Guardian killed the last clone in the hangar and ran over to Ghost.

"I've healed her but she's unconscious." Ghost said.

The Guardian picked the young girl up, threw her over his shoulder, and ran to the hovercraft. He placed her in the back seat and jumped to the other side.

"We need to leave! Now!" The Guardian yelled.

"Who are you?" Bail Organa asked.

"He's a friend!" Jocasta said as the three got into the vehicle and took off into the sky of the massive city.

"Someone please explain this to me, the clones attack the Jedi temple lead by Anakin Skywalker himself and say that the Jedi have rebelled?" Bail Organa asked while flying through the night sky.

"Senator, at the moment, you know as much as us." Jocasta said while checking the girl's vitals.

"And you, who are you and how did that droid heal her?" Bail Organa asked.

"Can we just print an information pamphlet or business card? I'm really over explaining this." Ghost said.

The Guardian shook his head.

Ghost sighed, "Senator, this is my Guardian and I am a Ghost. We are light bearers from the Sol system and are tasked with defending the Traveler, Sol, Humanity, and all innocent people wherever we find them. Under the circumstances, that includes the Jedi."

"Sol? I've never heard of it. Is that in the unknown regions?" The Senator asked.

"We're… not exactly sure. We didn't come here intentionally; a Cabal weapon station malfunctioned and collapsed while my Guardian and I were assaulting it. The resulting wormhole or slipspace rift brought us here. To be honest, we could be from a totally different universe then this one." Ghost explained.

This understandably took Bail off guard.

"Well your timing couldn't have been better." Jocasta said. "Senator, they saved many Jedi's lives. But we need a way to get off world. Most of the vehicles that we used to escape cannot jump to hyperspace, let alone make it out of the atmosphere."

"I understand, signal them to land at my personal docking port. There's a CR90 there waiting to take me back to Alderaan. We'll get you off world until we can sort this mess out." Bail Organa said.

"Thank you Senator." Jocasta said while she cared for the young Jedi in the back seat.

Ghost switched to a private comn with the Guardian, "What if there are other Jedi still in the Temple? Ones who hid so well that I couldn't detect them?"

"Do you still have control of the Temple's systems?" The Guardian asked.

"I do, but not for much longer, we're almost out of range." Ghost said.

"Shut the entire place down, lock everything. Leave a coded warning message in the system to broadcast for any survivors." The Guardian instructed.

Ghost nodded and did as instructed.

The Guardian watched the night sky fly by and the massive city around him… As much as he wanted to stay and explore this vast metropolis, he knew this was just the beginning of a new, dangerous, and legendary journey.

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