Time and Time again,

A Saga of Tanya the Evil/The Irregular at Magic High School crossover.

I do not in any way, shape, or form lay claim to either of these works.

This is just a work of admiration from one fan, to those others that share the same interest.

The only characters or places I lay claim to are those solely of my own creation.

Chapter 1: Tempus Fugit

The class slowly settled into their seats, the instructor looking over them slowly, making sure that all of her students were where they belonged before nodding once to herself and starting the class. "Today we will be covering the rise and fall of the Reich, and how it affected the growth and circumstances of our own country." She says, then looks over the class, nodding as she picks out one student. "Tanya, will you start reading from the first paragraph, if you will?"

The diminutive young mage nods, glancing at the page once then starting to read the paragraph, ignoring the looks from those around her. She might be the youngest in the class, and have some odd quirks about her, but they have quickly come to respect her, even if it is a respect born more from fear than anything else. Still, she herself finds it acceptable. The less they ask, the less she has to not tell them, after all. She glances at the clock, mentally willing it to go faster, but stopping herself just short of making her intent come to fruition. It would be unseemly, after all. And not without a cost.

She finishes reading the paragraph, sitting in the rather concealing uniform that is the norm of the schools of this time and place, a far cry from what she knew in her first life, and drastically different in many ways than the world she knew what seemed like a short time ago, but that would be rather relative to one's perception of things, after all. Still, it wasn't bad. No bloody trench warfare, no dodging incoming anti-aircraft fire, no wallowing in the blood and gore that the charges would be reduced to. And no final stands against the Rus empire as it rolled through the heart of the Fatherland.

Still, even if this world seemed so much closer to her own, she could not fail to notice the differences, either. Or the similarities, for that matter. Two worlds where magic was not only accepted, but formulated and turned into a science. Two worlds where devices were created to further advance and formulate the use of magic. And, sadly, another world that was cursed by that maniacal sycophant, Being X. Yes, his visits had been few in this world, but that actually only made her more paranoid.

She glances at the clock, and sighs once more again. Unfortunately, another thing that these two worlds had in common was a Shugel. And that was where she was heading after this, then, she could go check on her adjutant. Not that she was worried about Visha, after all. It was simply good practice to check in on the well being of such a loyal and useful asset. Yes, that is all it was.

As class ends, she collects her bag, nodding to the teacher and brushing past the others to head towards the nearby hospital, placed conveniently next to the campus. It was almost like they expected their young mages to get hurt. She snorts, shaking her head. It's almost cute, how the students don't see the beautiful malevolence of the grand design of things. No matter the world or the year, some things remain the same. She looks to her phone as it beeps, displaying the time, date, and her reminder for her appointment. June 6th, 2094, 4:00 pm, A. Shugel, room 306 New Berlin Hospital. A far cry from the battlefield that Berun had become in 1926, one-hundred and sixty-eight years and a world apart. At least, for the rest of the world. For myself and Visha, it would be six months, three days, and one-hundred and sixty-eight seconds. The amount of time that we spent suspended, relatively. Add onto that the 'temporal damage' caused by our little jaunt through time, and it brings us to where we are now. Physically, at their best guess, I'm not seventeen, or close to it. Visha, amusingly enough, has physically regressed to about eighteen. One of the oddities of time, it would seem. Prices must be paid, after all. And to escape the hell we were living in, three years seems like a small price to pay.

Her ruminations are cut short as she finds herself standing before the sprawling expanse of the hospital. She adjusts her uniform once more, an unconscious habit from earlier times, and strides as quickly as her diminutive frame would allow her to. All too quickly, she finds herself at the receptionist for the deeper part of the facility, having passed through a series of discreet checkpoints to make it into the veritable heart of the beast, where the majority of the magically facilitated research and medical treatments are conducted.

She eyes the receptionist for a moment, then sighs "Tanya Degurechaff, to see Dr. Schugel, please." She says, wishing that she was just a bit taller. Being mistaken for a child or teenager for the rest of her life was just another of the many things that Being X would surely have to pay for, some day. At least at five foot tall, she didn't have to stand on her toes to see over the desk. That would have been the ultimate insult.

The receptionist, A Mrs. Adel, smiled and nodded. "The Doctor is waiting for you, dear. And don't look so down, I am sure it won't be that bad today." She said in the same tone she always used, the one that said that yes, it would be that bad, but since you have no choice, it's best not to complain. For her part, Tanya just smiles her fake smile and nods, squaring her shoulders before marching in to face the Schugel of this world.

"Greetings, Degurechaff, punctual as always." She is greeted by the young woman sitting behind her desk, the 26 year old looking her over critically, a look that always sends a sense of foreboding down the spine of the Devil of the Rhine. So like the looks that the good doctor would give her, before she found 'God'. And sometimes, afterwards, but those were far worse. At least this one had not yet found religion.

"Of course, Doctor. You know my background, I don't think I could be late if I wanted to." Tanya says with her usual bit of wit. "So, what is on the docket for today? More tests with the type 95? Or did you have more questions for me about where we are from?" She says as she stands at parade rest, hands clasped behind the small of her back.

The chuckle that slips from the older woman sends a cold shiver down Tanya's spine. "No, no. We won't be needing you for testing on that interesting, if primitive, CAD you have til this weekend. No, today I need to check you over, my good Degurecheff. It's time for your yearly physical, and I asked that I be the one to do it. Being the most familiar with you, after all." The gleam in her eye almost makes the combat veteran bolt, but she holds her ground, knowing that the sooner this starts, the sooner it is over. And the sooner she can check in on Visha, because it is, after all, what a good supervisor should be doing.

The exam itself is nothing too far from what she was used to from her original world, but with a few differences that always left her feeling a bit uncomfortable and blushing. Why they had to measure her body like that, much less the probing…. It was something that she would never get used to, in both of her lives. No mention was made of her scars, but the good doctor looked at her critically and asked "So, how are you sleeping? Are the nightmares any better?" She says in an indifferent tone of voice, having learned early on that this was the best way to handle things with the temporal refugee.

Tanya clears her throat and looks away for a moment before shrugging back into her uniform. "About the same as usual. The last few days on the front, and seeing Visha, that is First Lieutenant Serebryakov, being hit. Then, the usual sequence plays out, the one where I don't freeze time, and I get to see another one of my soldiers die in my arms." She trails off, subconsciously rubbing her hands up and down the opposite arm.

The doctor nods, making a quick note. "Well, that is all I have for you. I am scheduled to check in on my other patient, if you would like to join me, that is?" She asks, looking at Tanya out of the side of her eye, smirking a bit at the little reactions that she gives away and nodding to herself. "I think that your presence helps her relax, and makes my exams go much better." She says, giving the young woman a convenient way to give in, without admitting what she wanted.

Tanya nods, smoothing out her uniform. "Of course, doctor. I would be happy to see, I mean, to help Serebrykov if I can." As she falls in with the doctor she asks one of the questions that has been on the forefront of her mind. "Doctor, how are her implants working? Will she be able to leave the hospital soon, or does she need more testing and adjustments?" After all, it is only proper for a superior to check in on the recovery of those that they are tasked with the care of. And, she could use a pot of Visha's coffee, after all.

Doctor Schugel nods as she holds open the door to the ward. "Yes, actually, she is coming along quite nicely. The heart is working fine, and there have been no other serious complications. She should be cleared to leave next week, probably monday or tuesday. She should even be allowed to attend classes before long."

Tanya nods, smiling a bit at that. "I am glad to hear that, and have all the arrangements been made for her housing and such? Her class schedule was arranged and approved? And what of the testing for placement? Has that been seen to as of yet?" The diminutive mage asks as she marches alongside the doctor.

The doctor looks aside at her shorter companion. "Oh? I always just figured she would stay with you, you do have a second bed in your room, after all. And I figured it would be comforting for her to have a familiar face nearby. And, her class schedule matches yours, it just seemed like the logical thing to do. We have done the preliminary tests, and besides not being as proficient as we would like in our forms of magical theory, she does have a good and quick mind and is grasping the basic functions of the CAD well."

Tanya freezes for a moment, her stride breaking for one impossibly long second before she takes a few quick steps to catch up. "Yes, that would probably be the best solution, all things considered. I will, of course, want all the files on what I should be watching for, if something goes wrong." She pointedly looks forward, acting like nothing had happened.

The doctor nods, an amused little smirk on her lips as she adjusts her glasses. "Of course, Degurecheff. I had already anticipated your request, and all relevant files will be transferred before the weekend." She says as she holds open the door to the room, walking in once the former Lieutenant Colonel had entered.

They are greeted with a happy smile from the sole occupant of the room from where she is sitting in bed. "Lieutenant Colonel! It is a pleasure to see you again so soon. And it is nice to see you as well, Doctor Shugel. More tests and exams, I take it?"

The doctor nods as she prepares the things she will need, Tanya walking over and sighing. "And how many times have I had to remind you that we are no longer in the military, Visha? Unless you want me to call you First Lieutenant Serebrykov?" She asks as she looks at her former adjunct with those intense eyes of hers.

Visha blushes just a bit and shakes her head. "Of course not, L...Tanya. I am just still getting used to being on a first name basis with you. I mean, I never would have thought that we would be out of the military and not facing a firing squad, after all." She laughs nervously, her hand resting subconsciously on her chest.

"It's not bothering you again, is it?" Tanya asks, as any good superior would, as the doctor walks over, shaking her head as she begins her exam of Visha, the procedure carried out in an efficient manner before she looks at the two young women. "I should double check these numbers against the projections. I trust that you will show yourself out when it's appropriate, correct Degurecheff?" She barely waits for the brisk nod before gathering the few things she brought with her and excusing herself, to give the two veterans time to talk.

Tanya settles into her chair, fussing for a moment with her attire before looking at her former subordinate. "I have heard that you will be discharged soon, so congratulations are in order. I am glad to see that you are still as durable as ever, Visha. I always knew you were made of sterner stuff, after all, you were the only one that relished those K-brats and the other miserable rations that we had. Myself, I am glad to be able to eat something that is not dead longer than I have been alive, or fighting back on the way down." She quips, suddenly finding her hands oddly fascinating. "I've also heard that you will be my roommate. It would seem our status as women has once again paired us together, has it not?" She asks, looking at Visha directly once again.

Visha blushes a bit and coughs. "I never thought that they were that bad, Lieutenant Col...I mean, Tanya…." she hastily corrects at the pointed look she gets from her former commander. "And, yes, they told me earlier today that I could expect to be discharged shortly...And that I would be staying with you, Tanya. It's comforting, having one point of familiarity among all of….This." She waves her hand around the modern hospital room, then smiles happily at Tanya "But, I am glad to be alive. And it's kind of nice, not having to fight all the time right now." Her youthful appearance and bubbling personality slip for just a moment, letting Tanya glimpse the war-weary veteran that she seldom sees hiding in Visha's usual gaze. In a moment, the blissfully ignorant smile is one again on her face, as she reaches out to clasp one of Tanya's hands between her own. "I am looking forward to attending school, and trying out all the new foods." She ponders that for a moment, then gives Tanya a serious look "They DO have good food, correct? And I imagine I will have to see about finding a good source of coffee, won't I?" She asks with a happy little smile, one that Tanya hadn't realized she did miss, just a little bit.

Tanya coughs and nods, looking away for a moment before looking back at Visha. "I am sure that you will manage, as you always have. This world is different than the one we knew, but I am sure that we will manage. We survived the Rhine, after all." Both of them drift into silence for a moment, then Tanya looks at Visha intensely again "I don't know how far we can truly trust all of them. We had best remain on our guard, until we know more of what to expect here. I find it hard to believe that they don't want something specific from the two of us, what with all that they have done for both of us. In the meantime, the best things we can do is rest and recover, and discover as much as we can. The CAD's they use seem similar, in principle, to our own computation jewels, just much more advanced. And I am curious why they chose to use a CAD based replacement for your damaged heart, and not something a bit more…..Conventional." She trails off, talking to herself more than Visha, a habit that they have both become used to over the later years of the war.

"I am sure that it will be fine, Tanya…. After all, I have you here" She blushes, waving her hand at the sudden look from Tanya. "I mean, there has never been a front that we couldn't handle, at least till the end of things…." Visha trails off, looking tired and worn.

Tanya shakes her head, standing up. "I think that I should let you rest, and head home myself. My homework for tomorrow won't write itself. At least, I don't think it will. Maybe they have a gadget for that, that we just haven't seen yet?" She smirks at a suddenly laughing Visha, who nods and smiles. "Good night, Tanya…...Sleep well."

Tanya starts to walk towards the door, stopping to look back at Visha. "You as well. A soldier's first duty is to rest and recover. Whatever battlefield we face, it is best to be prepared for it. Good night, Visha."

With that said, the diminutive Ace of Aces starts to head for home, her mind a swirl of thoughts.


A new project!

It's been buzzing around in my head for a while, and with the movie for Saga, and the second season of Irregular coming, I thought I would give it a shot.

There will be quite a few OCs, at least in the first part of the story.

We will see where it all leads!