Jan 3, 2027, 10:33 am house

Lincoln and Ronnie Anne were sitting on the couch together watching Fairy Tail when Ronnie Anne's water broke

"Lincoln I think my water just broke," Ronnie Anne said

"oh my god here we go the Baby's on the way we got to get you to the hospital," Lincoln said way faster than normal

"Woah Lame-o calm down it going to be fine" Ronnie Anne said

with that Lincoln calm down then said"yeah yeah it is so I got the bag of stuff for you and the baby well you two are in there" after that Lincoln And Ronnie Anne got in Ronnie Anne's 2018 blue ford escape

"ok Lincoln just stay come and don't speed the last thing we need is to get in an accident"

"I know Ronnie Anne I'll make sure we get to the hospital safe and sound," Lincoln said

1:26 pm Royal wood's hospital

'I hope everything' Lincoln thought to himself he then saw doctor Beeston the doctor who was in charge of Ronnie Anne's birth

"Lincoln Loud?" dr Beeston asked

"Yes," Lincoln said

"I just came to tell you that your wife and son are doing fine and you can go and see them," dr Beeston said

"Thank you," Lincoln said while walking into the room Ronnie Anne and his son were in

"Hey, there honey, how you feeling?" Lincoln asked Ronnie Anne in a quiet voice as to not wake his son

"Good a little tired but overall happy that this little guy's here," Ronnie Anne said

"Good so how is he doing?" Lincoln asked

"Lorenzo here is doing fine," Ronnie Anne said

"Good," Lincoln said while taking a seat next to Ronnie Anne, "the doctor said I can leave in two days so on Tuesday you think you'll be fine by yourself for the next few days," Ronnie Anne said slightly laughing at the last part

"Yeah I'll be fine and I'll be even better when you two come home," Lincoln Said after he said that Lorenzo started to wake up Ronnie Anne then hand's him to Lincoln

"Hey there Lorenzo," Lincoln said "I'm your dad I hope we can have a long and fun life together," Lincoln said kissing Lerenzo's forehead then handing him back to Ronnie Anne cause he started to cry cause he was hungry Ronnie Anne the proceeds to breastfeed the burb Lorenzo then the two of them fall asleep with Lincoln just sitting in the seat next to them in silence looking at them he could tell this was going to be fun his first kid

ok first off sorry if it's a bit short I was having difficulty trying to make a birth chapter for Lincoln And Ronnie Anne's first kid (yes there will be a second but not for a few chapters probably at least 2 or 3 I also learned how to do a line across between different parts of the story so that's good now references

the date of Lorenzo's birth is the actual birthday second I myself have gotten really into fairy tail it is a really good anime and the only one other then pokemon that I have watched so far third is Ronnie Anne's car is the same as my mom's car, the time i put for lincoln going in to see his son is the time i was told i was born and the last one is is actually one of my friend dad who is actually a doctor

but until next time alexthe8t out