"God and the zodiacs made a promise together. No doubt long ago… several hundred years in the distant past… That forever they'd be together. However often you're reborn that you'd go to his side and wouldn't leave going to visit always. That you'll always… be together."

"Even now, the zodiacs are bound by that promise. Even though we have no memory of it our blood remembers that promise. A 'bond' when seen from the side may seem to be a beautiful thing but if the people involved feel it to be a burden then it only becomes a cage. Hence 'curse'"

"Do you want to remove the curse? What… can't you give up? What's… the most important thing for you?"

Rin asked her but Minami couldn't respond.

"Honda-san?" Minami heard a voice ask her and she blinked and looked up. The days had gone in a blur, it was as though her body had gone into auto-pilot mode but Minami couldn't remember anything that had happened. The Class Vice-President had a box in her hand and on the black board it said 'Play selection: The Little Mermaid' on the top left of it. "Okay now… We'll gather mine and everyone else's nominations together and tally the votes for the cast. Please wait a bit…"

"The Little Mermaid… " Minami muttered and looked over at Uo and Hana. "You didn't want it?"

"The play selection was also determined by random draw so it can't be helped… Arisa…" Hana said with a large curling iron in her hand.

"Even so I really wanted a period piece! 'Mito Koumon' and the likes were also on the list!" Uo said gritting her teeth. "I really wanted a role that pulls out a pillbox."

"Suke-san?" Minami asked, she recognized the play.

Uo nodded. "But The Little Mermaid?! What's that at this age. GAG!"

"Did you really want to pull out a pillbox so much? Arisa…" Uo asked and she started curling her hair.

"Sorry… I'm late aren't I?" Yuki said as he poked his head through the door. He had on his blaze.

"Aa thanks for coming." The Vice-Prez, Yumiko said. "We're just counting the votes now."

"Thanks for coming., in truth the role of the Prince was settled as yours but you'd declined. That's too bad~" Ai said.

"Won't you change your mind?" Sakura asked.

"I don't suit a Prince." Yuki said.

"Lies." Minami said with a small smile.

"The tally's complete. We'll write it up, okay?" Yumiko asked with a smile.

"I'll write it…" Yuki said embarrassed.

"Thanks um, in that case here're the results. First off the main cast, we'll be going with the following — For the remaining cast, majors sets and such will… be decided later."

Minami could only stare.

Ariel: Honda Minami
Prince: Sohma Kyo
King Triton: Hanajima Saki
Ursula: Sohma Yuki

"WAIT A MINUTE!" Kyo yelled his face bright red

"NO WAITING!" Yuki yelled back though he also looked embarrassed.

"Why not, it'll be good. Prince Kyon." Ken teased.

"You might actually suit it pretty well, Prince Kyon ahaha." Haruki laughed.


"It seems like we can get some laughs out of it." Uo said unbothered.


"If you don't play the part I'll tell Shisho." Minami said and Kyo turned a few shades paler.

"You guys calm down and think things through this cast's completely wrong…" Kyo groaned.

Minami brought fake tears to her eyes and covered her face. "Kyo, you don't want ot be my Prince?" Minami looked up at him with the cutest face she could muster. "My own best friend doesn't believe in my acting capabilities…"

"That's not…" Kyo released a large sigh realizing he was outmatched.

"I'll be heading back." Yuki said and Minami looked over at him and smiled.

"Don't overwork yourself."

Yuki sent her a bright smile. "I won't."

"Ow…" Minami said as she felt something land on her head she looked up and noticed Kyo had put the script on her head not so lightly.

"Let's go already.." Kyo said embarrassed and Minami said her goodbyes and walked back to Shigure's.

"Hmmm… The Little Mermaid eh… You're kidding, Kyo's playing the part of the Prince?!" Shigure said the moment he had the script in his hands. "That'll be good it'll be something to see, definitely have to get this on video."

"Minami…?" Kyo said from behind her, his voice too calm. "What're you doing? Don't tell him anything he doesn't need to know."

"The Prince… Kyo's the Prince.." Shigure chuckled.

"DON'T LAUGH LIKE THAT! CONFISCATED!" Kyo snatched the script out of Shigure's hands immediately went upstairs with Minami trying to grab it instead.

"Kyo come on~" Minami whined. "He was gonna found out anyway. Plus I need to learn my lines!"

"I bet you're just happy you get to be Ariel." Kyo said annoyed.

"Of course I am." She said and stopped walking, Kyo stopped with her. "Whenever I was in elementary and middle school they usually gave me really minor roles. Like Tree A or Bush B or Villager 3 something like that, they said I would stand out too much against the rest of the students. So no matter how hard I practiced the lines or how well I acted, they never gave me a bigger role."

"So sorry, but I am happy." Minami sent him a small genuine smile. "Can I have my script back now?"

He paused for a moment and placed it on top of her head. "Yeah whatever…"

"Elementary school level…" Yuki's voice said and both of their heads snapped over to see Yuki standing near the side of the hallway, though his eyes were narrowed down on Kyo. "I didn't want to interfere but would you mind letting me get out of the entrance at least?"

"Si-Since when… were you there…" Kyo asked embarrassed.

"Now then when was it…?" Yuki asked sarcastically and walked up the stairs.

"Welcome back." Minami said and Yuki smiled at her.

"Thanks." He said. "Aa, is that the script? It was handed out?"

"Yep, here's yours." She passed his script into his hands.

"Minami, the pot's boiling over —" Shigure said and she rushed downstairs and turned down the heat.

"Gonna put this upstairs —"

"Kyo." She heard Yuki say and paused.


"About 'that hat' right now it's in the hands of Minami…. I assume I don't have to go about returning it to you." Yuki said.

"Guys, dinner." Minami said pretending that she didn't hear the conversation.

"Okay." Yuki said with an easy smile. "I'm hungry. Maybe we should eat first."

"I'll… eat later." Kyo said.

"Kyo…?" Minami said as she watched him go upstairs.

"I wonder if it's something from the past that he didn't want touched…" Yuki muttered and looked back at her. "But, it's about time he started getting things together, otherwise… it'll be a problem."

Minami frowned for a moment but looked at Yuki a bit confused. "Yuki? Did something good happen today?" She asked.

"I've settled something." Yuki said and took her hand. "And I feel much better."

"... that hat…" Minami said and Yuki paused, looking down at her. "Please… don't… bring it up to him again.." She looked down a dark look on her face, she knew the truth behind the hat. "I don't think he… no I… will be able to handle that conversation just yet…."

Yuki knelt down to her height and peered up at her face. "I'm sorry, I won't." He placed his hands on her cheeks. "I wouldn't want you to make this expression again. I'm sorry Minami."

She rested her hands on his.

The hat, how could she have forgotten…

A/N: The Cinderella Arc was used as a way to connect Uo and Kureno and Tohru and Kyo. Since Uo and Kureno are already talking to each other and Kyo's not getting together with Minami. It will be used in other ways. The manga said it was selected at random so I though I might as well change it, butterfly effect of Minami's presence and all.