"Any sign of them?" Saki as Triton asked.

"No, Your Majesty. We've searched everywhere. We found no trace of your daughter or Sebastian." Ken as the Seahorse said.

"Well, keep looking. Leave no shell unturned, no coral unexplored. Let no one in this kingdom sleep until she's safe at home." Saki said looking around with sad look on her face.

"Yes sire." Ken left.

"Oh, what have I don? What have I done?" A lone tear falls from Saki's eye.

"Nice acting Hanajima!" Our Vice-President said with a bright smile on her face.

Saki, who was currently kneeling on the ground looked up, a blank look on her face. "I was not acting." She looked over at Minami and Uo who were currently staring at her amused. "Minami, don't go with that—" She points at Kyo.

"THAT?!" He yelled and Minami covered her ears.

"Kyo she's only joking." Minami said.

"Next scene!" The VP said and Minami and Kyo took a seat on the ground, Kyo's hears were bright red.

"Has he kissed her yet?" Uo, as Flounder asked. Two students laid on the ground pretending to be a boat.

"Not yet." Kinoshita Minami, the other Minami and the meanest fangirl of Yuki said, she played an anger version of Sebastian the Crab.

"Ohh…" Uo rolled her eyes, a sarcastic Flounder. She looked over at Kyo and Minami. Minami was looking around at the room, pretending to look at the scenery.

"Yo, Flounder!" Any kissing?" Yamagishi Mio, the airhead of the Yuki Fanclub, asked. She was loud and did well as Flounder.

"No, not yet." Kinoshita glared at Mio and poked her in the ribs.


"Ehm!" The VP cleared her throat.

"Er— Well they — t-they better get crackin'" The trio moved closer to Kyo and Minami. Kyo was pretending to row.

"Move over — move your big betters. I can't se a thing." Uo pushed Yamagishi over and she fell on Kinoshita.

"Nothing is happening. . . . Only one day left, and that boy ain't puckered up once. O.K. All right, this calls for a little vocal romantic stimulation. Stand back. " Mio started singing badly.

"Wow. Somebody should find that p-poor an-imal and put it out of it's miserly." He stuttered his lines.

"Jeez, man, I'm surrounded by amateurs! You want something done, you've got to do it yourself. First, we got to create the mood. Percussion. . . . Strings. . . . Winds. . . . Words. . . . " Kinoshita snapped her fingers and began to lisping the words.

" (We know the song) You wanna kiss the girl"

"D-Did you hear something?" Kyo glared at Kinoshita who hid behind Uo.

"Go on and kiss the girl (Sing with me now)"

"You know, I feel really bad not knowing your name. Heh - maybe I could guess. Is it, err, Mildred?" Minami made a face at Kyo who looked mortified he was placed in his position. "O.K., no. How 'bout - Diana? Rachel?"

Minami shook her head.

Ariel. Her name is Ariel." Kinoshita said.

"Ariel?" Minami brightened and set him a big smile, Kyo of course became more embarrassed. "Ariel? Well, that's kinda pretty. O.K. — Ariel.." (A/N: Lol did anyone forget how awkward Eric was?)

"Go on and kiss the girl." The two students who represented the boat moved out of the way and Flotsam and Jetsam, who were played by Ken and Haruki, winked at each other and —

"Don't try it." Kyo muttered and the boys backed away.

"Well, well, my lost little lambs!" Minami felt two hands on her shoulder and jumped in surprise. She looked up and saw Ayame and Mine behind her.

"Eh?" All of the students went.

"Time is money. Be smart, line up and bare yourselves to me. Especially your body size." Ayame said with no shame. "Minami, my dear we missed you, isn't that right Mine?"

"Yep! Minami you really should come by more often, I have a super cute dress for you." Mine grabbed her hands and lifted her up easily. Ayame wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

"You really came.. Big brother…" Yuki said.

"BIG BROTHER?!" The entire class yelled.

"Oh dear — But of course. I'm a man who never goes back on a promise once made." Ayame said happily.

"Only those whoa re supposed to be are allowed here at school." Yuki said.

"No need for concern…" Ayame leaned closer and put a hand on his chin. "Before we who love one another so, there is no wall that can block our path. One needs only to jump over it and enter.."

"You'll get caught."

"IF you're talking about permission, we got that?" Mine showed the paper.

"Quite right. There was a change in Heaven and Earth and so the principal gave permission. Shall we get started, Mine!" Ayame yelled.

"Yes sir!" Mine said happily and all of the students backed away slowly.

"Now Yuki. Obey and be measured. I shall make you not only a gorgeous but also slender Prince." Ayame took out a tap measure.

"Wrong. The role of the Prince isn't me but—" He pointed to Kyo who was currently trying to get out of the room. "The one who's trying to run away."

"..." There was a moment of silence from Kyo, Ayame and Yuki.

Ayame sent a cocky smile towards Kyo and sighed. "Kyonkichi eh… I see. I see. Hmm.. I understand. It's not possible to make him both gorgeous but also slender."

"You look really cute in your school uniform too." Mine winked at Minami. "Though I think a tighter fit would suit much better."

Minami blushed. "Thanks Mine."

"Um.. How do you know her Honda-san..?" Our VP asked.


"Dressing up… Do you like dressing up…?!" Mine's eyes went big and her face flushed.


"Hi, I'm Uotani. You're acquainted with Mina? That's quite the outfit." Uo said.

"Yeah, this is Mine." Minami explained.

"I'm Hanajima…." Hana said.

"Wow once again, I'm pleased to meet you. Do you like dressing up?!" Mine went very close to Uo, who looked much like a model. "I get to make everyone's costumes."

"Really?" Uo asked, somehow unfazed.

"My…. Please make my outfit pure black." Hana said.

"Pure black… Pure black eh.. That has a nice ring to it.. Okay…" Mine said with even more excitement.

That was a few weeks ago, but the play wasn't going very well. With the singing scenes.. Which hardly anyone could do and many of the roles being strange of miscasts. It was decided that the script would be rewrite to accommodate for everyone.

"Is it okay changing the story?" Uo asked.

"It's alright. But then, the class that's doing Mito Koumon. They've changed the story setup such that 'In truth, Koumon, Suke and Kaku were women' and they fight most violently against evil!"

"JAPANESE CHARLIE'S ANGELS…!" Uo said with a look of surprise, horror and complete intrigue.

"Full throttle eh…" Hana said.

"In other words, there's a bath scene of someone other than Ogin?!" Haruki asked.

"I think that the teacher would reject having the bath scene…" Yuki said unfazed.

"I wanna see that or rather, must be nice theirs's seems much more interesting."


The day ended with Kyo's bloody hand and a new script.