Two bright lights flashed and reflected off of a nearby window.
"You didn't bring in backup, did you?" Nicole asked Goren, realizing the lights were car headlights.
"It's protocol. You know that."
"You aren't a detective anymore, remember?"
"Right…" Goren turned to see who had pulled up. "Anyway, I didn't expect anyone to show up…" His voice trailed off as he turned back around, only to find the seat across from him empty.
A door slammed as Eames got out of her car and walked over to the table. "Why didn't you wait?" she asked.
"I thought you'd show up earlier, if at all!"
"What are you even doing out here, in the dark and the freezing weather? Don't you know it's the middle of winter?"
"Oh, come on! We're from New York! We've seen worse winters. Didn't I say I got a lead?"
Alex looked annoyed. "A suspicious lead? Yeah, you said."
"And now you've scared Nicole away, Alex."
"Nicole Wallace? You're kidding, right?" Goren gave her a look that said he was completely serious. "Oh, come on, Bobby! You and I are the only two people crazy enough to be out here right now!"
"I know we're the only ones out here. I just said that! You should know by now that Nicole's been more interested in messing with me than with you."
"Messing with you is right! Someone must be. Or you're only messing with yourself."
"You think I haven't thought of that all day before I came down here?"