A new life in the past

Adopted from carnivorous usagi

Sawada tsunayoshi, vongola decimo ( Neo vongola primo) was died. But, instead go to after life like normal, he got reborn as G (vongola primo storm guardian ) younger sister. ".. mio dio! Di.. did I just reborn as G's younger sister?" from that day he decided that fate hate her (a/n : u know vongola luck)

Fem!27, fem!10th generation, fem!enma ( pair : 10th generation X 1st generation )

Note : I don't own anything , this story I adopted from fanfiction , I only edit a few things and make the ending.

Chapter 1 : of adjustment and a tragedy

He was lying in his bed, knowing his time will end soon. Almost all of his guardian with the exception lambo ( he know lambo will follow him afterwards, his hyper intuition said ) already moved on to afterlife. Sawada ietsuna ( his first son and the eldest) already doing a good job continuing his will as vongola undiscemo ( current don ), while his youngest son sawada ieyuji helping his brother as the current CEDEF boss ( basil's successor ). Their wives and his grandchildren ( he can feel his grandchildren pure sky flames ( not yet strong, they still at young age ) and know the future vongola will be alright with them.

" I don't have any regrets… " with warm and kind smile, he closed his eyes.

But there is a problem, he didn't go to afterlife. After he close his eyes, he know his soul float from his body. Suddenly he was envelope in darkness and floating. When he open his eyes, he was greet with view of a beautiful pink haired lady and a pin-( G: oi.. its red!) I mean a red haired boy that look at him.

" ara, ara, look she open her eyes. What should I name u, my dear little girl " a sweet yet kind voiced said.

When he see the boy he shocked " that's vongola primo strom guardian G! why he is here? Don't tell me I just got reborn as a baby ?! And why did the lady use woman pronoun to call me… mio dio ! did I just reborn as G's not supposed younger sister ?! "…..( yup my fate hate me … I know! ).

" hmmm… do you have suggestion, Guantino ? " said the lady ( should I call my mom now ? )

G suddenly turn red like tomato " mom! I already told you to call me G! "

Her new mom just giggle " fine. G, are you satisfied Guantino ? "

" what's the use call me G, if you just going to call me Guantino ?! " if possible G's face redder than before.

He just giggle ( should I use woman pronoun now ?mmm… )

They suddenly stop talking and stare at the baby, it made the baby uncomfortable.

" oh ! I know, I will name you renata " proclaim the- she mean her mom and G just blanch.

" what?! Her name literally mean reborn! "G shouts, he looking awfully very red. ( well somehow it suits me, being reborn and all. )

Their mother just giggle and amused at him, " should we name her guantina instead ? " their mother asked.

The baby giggle ( I should say G reaction is amusing … blame reborn for influenced me too much )

" fine! We name her renata ! " G shouts.

Their mother just giggle at her son reaction and then look at the baby, smilling widely and warmly " welcome to the family, renata" she said.

Renata POV

Having G as older brother really isn't so bad. Back in my infancy years, he took care of me when mom was busy or isn't at home. Though one thing that I hate was being a baby is hell, like knowing things that a baby shouldn't known or being bored because you can't do anything. Or when you want to do something but you can't, because you are a baby! And don't even start with potty and feeding! ( I wonder is this how the arcobaleno felt back then ?, mmmm… probably not, consider they still strong even in baby form ). Well, anyway like I said being G's younger sister isn't bad and it's nice to have older brother. Especially his reaction to hide his joy ( terribly failed though ) when I call his name as my first word.

" G! " I called him

" Oi! Rena! " G shouts from the front door

" G! are ? where did you want to go ? " I said while hug him.

" I want to go out for a while. Tell mom I will go back late with a friend " he said while patting my head.

I know where did he go though. He had been going out a lot lately, saying he has a friend there in the town when I ask him. I know him meeting the future vongola primo, Giotto ( from what I heard from G ).

" take care, fratello " I said

" don't I always ? " he said, with that he was off.

Being reborn a girl was quite hard than being reborn as G's not supposed younger sister. But I am working on it. I can say the situation quite fun, other than the fact of having absent father ( mom refused not to tell us where and who are our father until we adult ). I have pretty nice childhood ( having a kind and gentle mother and older brother ), the day I spent with my new family is full of laugther and smiles.

" renata ? " my mother called me from the kitchen.

I go and see mother making dinner, " mom! Fratello going out again, he say he will come back late with his friend " I said while titling my head upwards and smile cutely.

Mom only giggle and amused at me while raised her brow, " oh ? then we will have big-" before she finish her sentence, a few armed men barged into our house and all hell broke loose after that.

"hosh… hosh " I am running really fast now. Tears freely flowing from my eyes. Turn out the armed men were from mafia. They looking for father, who I never met. Mom managed to hold them to make me escaped, to live.

" renata.. please, for guantino your fratello, for your father, we can't let them live alone now, can we ? " said mom.

" mom, why you to father.. " I couldn't ask her that..

" renata… your father may be a mafia but he isn't bad person, he just a man with too much justice in them, the reason we can't be with him was because his enemies, even I can't imagine his live now. Don't hate him, we decide to separate for your two safety " mom said.


"go! Away from here! Now! " shouts mom to me.

And so I ran, but mom.. she … when I look back at the house for a seconds. The house engulfed in flames, creating a blazing inferno. Mom, she took down the men with her. When I spot a big tree, I climb and hide there. It's not like I can run away anymore, my feets sore and my lungs burning with the lack of oxygen intake and exhaustion. Once I rest enough and not panting heavily, I opened my hands. On the palms of my hands is mom's necklace. Shaped like a teardrop and coloured as blue as the sky, covered with golden linings. A necklace that shines when light hits it. I miss her, I miss mom. But, what happen to G now ? will he be okay ? will he think that I am dead like mom ?.

" at least he is safe, he miles away from here and safe " I thought

I repeat it again and again in my heart " he's safe and alive ", " G.. fratello was safe and alive ", it didn't take long for me to sleep while crying in my heart for the loss of an amazing woman.. of an amazing mother…