Omake VII : Emma

For his whole life enma never expected to be died in old ages ( well, he's sure killed by being shot.. never expected that but not really.. it's mafia after all, maybe for tsuna but still it's a little… ), for a mafia don to die at almost 90TH old age it was miracle.

But he's never expected for strange things to be happened to him. For once he isn't freak out like he's always do ( even in old ages he sometimes freak out much to his famiglia amusement, especially his youngest grandson ( he should prohibit him to be taught by reborn ) that little brat… ). What strange things ?,

One, he's reborn in seems old or ancient era,

Two, he is now a she, it means she reborn as a girl

Literally if you being reborn as a girl when in the past life you're a boy who grow old, married, have kids and grandkids you freak out! But.. he ? no, he's calm or should he call himself she ?. if you ask why ? the answer, when you have a friend who grow up as civilian and suddenly he became the future mafia don ? you learn ! especially if the said friend attract weird, odd, destructive and violent people to himself, let's not to mention he can made a former enemies to be his allies and get the said former enemies's loyalties ! ( enma decided to ignore he's also one of the said enemy ).

And don't forget to add the said friend's guardians who could destroy cities or even countries if motivated ( note : hibari kyouya, rokudo mukuro ) without difficulty and they even smile while do it, also the seems normal other members of his family ( example reborn ) whose without a doubt not even sane.

The important part that seems crazy, insane and not logic ?

He seems to be able made allies with just a smile !

Many famiglias want to kill him but stop by just seeing his smile, some of them ( almost all ) immedietly sign up as his allies without much question ( he ignored the said smile include some music, sparkle and bunny spawn at the background ). The allies worship the ground he walk as he went to do his quest to reform the mafia, with a smile, a bit sky attraction, and a little music here and there, not even the vindice protest what he's doing !.

If you ask him when he see the result ?

Terrifying.. he doesn't said it loud of course, he doesn't want to suffer, thank you very much !

So in this situation he's not really surprise just one question,

Why ?

( didn't stop him from internal screams though, he doesn't want to humilitied by strange bullet ( courtesy of reborn ) he once get tutored by reborn ( the evil spawn !) along with his best friend. It helped him to not sutter or openly screams like girl ( addelheid weirdly smile at him for once ) to the point he can even save a tiny little bit of sanity he has left! ).

Emma, that's seems to be his- err her name in this life. Funny enough her name almost the same sylabell in the past life. She has brunette hair unlike red (like in her past life ) with a red eyes but unlike in past life, her eyes compass becomes ring (much to her horror). She life with her parents in a small house in the outskirt Italy. Her parent seems to be spoiled her rotten and over protective ( especially her dad ), she has to sweatdrop at that.

Her family isn't poor but they don't much rich either. Even so her present parents give all they could to their only child. Her parents do some trade business, her father often brought her to his work. She love seeing her father work.

In this life life her family have a happy and stable life, but happiness didn't stay long. When she was nine her grandfather failed to pay his debt. He run away with almost the family's fortune ( don't all old people like relaxing ? what the hell that old man do with that much money ? ), with no choice her father and mother paid for it. They almost can't paid and the debt collector want to exchange their debt to their child. But her parents won't have it, they worked hard to paid all.

When emma eleven, she unlock her earth flames. She trained it so she can use it to protect her important people in danger. It didn't take much time to control it, she took control of her flames with just few months. She beg some small officier police in town ( a/n : I don't know if there's a police in Italy in old times ) to teach her self defense much to her father horror when he found it ( her mother gleam in delight though).

Emma was fourteen when she got her first job as waiter at small café ( don't ask her how, she just get it ). A few days after she got her job, when she finish her shift she met someone she never thought to meet again.


"hello there, enma or should I call you emma now ?" said checkerface with a chuckle.

"don't waste it, what did you want from me ?" asked emma.

"*chuckle.. so fierce… I just want to tell you it isn't coinciedence you born again in this parallel world" said checkerface.

'parallel world he said ?!' thought emma paled of what she heard from him.

Checkerface seems to know what's in her mind, "*chuckle.. indeed, this is parallel world.. in primo's time if you may guess"

Emma gulped,"but why ?"

"because the sky need the earth when its faced a crisis" said chekerface

"you mean tsuna's here ?! how ? and support ? what do you mean by that ?" said emma as she confused with all these situation

"yes, Sawada tsunayoshi is already reborn here in this world… as for your other question it will be answered in due time" said chekerface

"what do you mean by that ?" asked emma

Chekerface didn't answer anything, he just silent for a moment before he open his mouth, "when the sea turn into the darkness, the clam swayed away by the darkness, the rainbow will put the darkness away , and the earth will aid to bring back the light to the world"


After that chekerface disappeared with puff a mist leaving emma to ponder what's he mean by that. The poem seems to hint something but she can't pin point what.. damn.. she sometime wished adelheid whom emma sure will give a damn good advice after punched her of course. Emma sigh and look at the sky, she hope the future will not worse… she felt something will happen … something big….

A few years later..

Emma now seventeen years old working on the café. She wanted to help her parents paying their debts even though her parents didn't agree, emma still want to help. The customers like her and some of them even give her big tips. The café quite popular for young people especially couples, but sometimes the café peacefull with not many customers like today.


"ah, welcome to the café, lovely customers~~" said emma as she turn around

Emma has to stop herself from shrieks in fear because the person who just enter is …

"ah, is there seat empty ?" asked the person with a warm smile

'why is Cozart de Shimon here ?!' thought emma surprise


"ah, sorry! Please follow me" said emma as she guide Cozart to an empty seat

As Cozart sit he took a glance at emma, a dust of pink blush appeared on his cheeks as he avert his eyes. Emma serve him a glass of water and took pen and paper to write down his order.

" what will you order, sir ?" asked emma getting Cozart out of his thought

"umm… your name ?" said Cozart lamely

'real smooth Cozart.. real smooth' thought Cozart

"umm… did you just flirt with me ?" asked emma belwidred that someone, more importantly her past life ancestor just flirt with her.

"yes.. ? I mean yeah" said Cozart as more blush appeared on his face

"ah… ettoo.. e- emma" said emma as she blush like tomato

"co.. ehem! Cozart de Shimon, you can call me Cozart" said Cozart

Since then Cozart became regular at the café emma worked, everyday without fail he always visit the café. As the time going on he even brought gift to emma like choclate, little earing or roses. Emma quite shocked that he brought her gift like that, and to tell the truth it's bring warm to her.

Cozart's famiglia start to realise something going on with their boss. One of his guardian Maddie come to him.

"boss, is there something wrong ?" asked Maddie

"ah, umm… no … no … nothing wrong" said Cozart

Maddie notice something behind Cozart, she side step him and seeing some flowers being arramge in a bucket. Maddie raise an eyebrow at this.

"since when you do this boss ?" asked Maddie

"umm… it's … ah I have to go… eto .. bye Maddie!" said Cozart as he dash out of his room red face.

Julio just come back from mission when he saw his boss run with a bucket of flowers in his arms. He see Maddie who look either to punch something or someone ( he guess it's their boss she want to hit ) or laugh all her might if her shoulder shaking any indicating.

"something wrong with boss ?" asked julio

"*pffftt… nothing wrong…. Let's just said there will be a spring here" said Maddie as she go into the kitchen while julio just standing there confuse at what his family member said.

Cozart run as fast as he can with his arm full of flowers. He just get emma's address from her co-workers with a lot of tease and threat ( he didn't know emma is so popular there ). When he near her house, he see a car parked there. He thought emma or her parents must have guest but pushed away that thought when he heard crush. He get in, and seeing a group of man in black suits holding gun and throw threats to emma's parents.

"paid up ! you not paid this month yet!" said man A

"please give us time!" said emma's father

"we want it now ! or you can hand over your pretty daughter to us" said man B as he leered at emma, emma felt so disgusted with him seeing her like that.

"no! please ! just give us time !" said emma's mother as she hugged emma tightly

The man A just getting annoyed and want to hit her when Cozart enter the room,

"I will paid their debts with all of its interest" said Cozart

"hah ? who the hell are you" said the man C

"wait ! I know him! Shimon's family head!" said man B

"so ? what your answer ? or should I use violence here ?" asked Cozart

"w-w… we will take it" said man A

Cozart hand over the money to them and they gone. Emma's parents thanks him many times. Cozart just smile at them and asked if he can borrow emma for a while. Emma's mother immedietly know what these young man want to do and give privacy to them much to emma's father annoyance.

"I swear if he break little em's heart I will kill him!" said emma's father

"hush dear! You being annoying! I am sure it will be alright !" said emma's mother

With Cozart and emma

"umm… something wrong Cozart ?" asked emma

'this is it ! Cozart you must man up !' thought Cozart nervously

" i… I want to.. want…" the more Cozart want to said it the more nervous he is now.

Emma just tilt her head, confused why Cozart is so red and nervous to her now ?



"I … I want to tell you that I like you ! please go out with me !" said Cozart as he bowed down and give the flowers to Emma


Emma just wide open her eyes, she couldn't believe it that her pastlife ancestor fall in love with her ? is it really okay to accept his feeling ? will it cause paradox change in the future ? she close her eyes, she inhale and exhale her breath then she open them. She know her answer even it's not the right one and perhaps this isn't what must happen here in this timeline but… even so she decide to gamble her life, to decide her own future!


Cozart didn't know how long it is but the next thing he know, emma hug him tightly.

"yes… I will go out with you!" said emma smilling

Cozart stunned for a moment before he too hug emma back, she accept him ! he's so happy, he hope this happiness will be forever. The next few days cozart told the news to his famiglia and invite emma to his manor. All his family member happy for him and throw a big party for Cozart and emma.