Chapter 11

Aurora groaned and tiredly blinked her eyes awake. The room was blanketed by thin grey haze as the morning light touched her curtains. She felt a heavy weight over her waist and shifted her body a little. She smiled softly and brushed her fingers through his soft brown locks as Tony snore quietly besides her, his arms wrapped securely around her as he slept.

Lifting the covers she peered underneath and let out a relieved sigh. They were still clothed. She loved Tony, she really did, but she was not ready for any kind of physical intimacy (it took three years before she could properly hug her dad without violently flinching). Her scars may be gone, but the feeling is still there, and the thought of showing her body made her a little sick. Also, they had only just gotten together yesterday. She wasn't some bimbo who would randomly jump into bed with the first bloke, ok wrong wording she thought as Tony hugged her tighter. Rephrasing, she was some bimbo who would randomly have sex with the first bloke, that's better.

There was movement in the corner of the room where it was most dark. Squinting, Aurora tried to made out the shadowy figure, "Dummy? Is that you buddy?"

"Who are you calling Dummy?" A deep voice replied, one Aurora knew quite well. Her bedroom lamp flickered on and her heart jumped.

"Dad, what are you doing here!? How many times have I told not to sneak into my room while I am sleeping!?" She snapped in annoyance. Though she was not all that surprised, he was a S.H.I.E.L.D agent after all, sneaking into places was his job. She continued to frown at him waiting for an explanation, but his eyes were not on her. He was glaring at her bed, more specifically she realized, he was glaring at Tony.

Who was her friend.

Who was a boy.

Who was now officially her boyfriend.

Who was sleeping in her bed.

Without his shirt on.

Aurora paled as she realized why her dad was glaring. From his viewpoint it appeared they had sex. Looking from Tony to her dad she quickly debated on what to do. She tried waking Tony up but quickly realized how pointless that was, Tony slept like a rock, so she did the next best thing…

She kicked him out of bed.

"Ow! Angel Face what was that for?" He whined and sleepily crawled back in. "If you wanted to wake me up, a kiss would be fine, great even."

Aurora wanted to yell at him as her dad's glare grew harsher. "Tony," she hissed. "My dad's here!"

"Hmm?" Tony lifted his head and glanced over his shoulder. He swept his eyes left and right and couldn't see anyone. His eyes were too blurry from just waking up. He was about to drop his head back onto his pillow when a deep voice caused a spike of fear down his spine.

"Get. Out. Of. My. Daughter's. Bed." Fury growled through gritted teeth.

"SHIT!" Tony swore as he jumped out of the bed and stared at the glaring man in the corner.

Aurora sighed and got out of bed. Dum-E and U rushed over to her side, beeping and buzzing for her attention. She giggled softly and gave them each a loving pat as she walked over to Hedwig's perch. The regal snowy owl looked at Tony and Fury in annoyance before rolling her head to the side. "So, I am guessing you heard we're dating?" she asked calmly.

"I said no boys, Aurora." Fury growled, never shifting his eyes off the paling Stark heir.

Aurora frowned and crossed her arms. "Dad, you told me a year after we met you wanted me live a normal teenager life. Isn't dating a part of it?"

The two stared intently at one another for a moment before Fury reluctantly looked away.

"He's a player. I don't want you getting hurt."

Aurora sighed, "Tony may be an over the top flirt Dad, and carries around a baggage of rumours of former lovers – ones I am aware of and ones I am not-"

"How!?" Tony asked fearfully. He never wanted Aurora to learn of his past relationships. He wasn't proud of them and realized they portrayed him in a poor light. Aurora looked over her shoulder at him, "When you drink your lips are very loose." She turned back to her dad.

"Anyway, he's shown me he's changed from them or at least he's trying to. I mean If Tony really were a player, and I was just another one of his booty calls, do you really think he would risk his life to save me? Or embarrass himself in front of the whole campus by performing me a love song on valentine day?"

She watched her Dad closely and grinned when she saw his body relax. She won that argument!

"Fine." He grumbled. He grunted as Aurora wrapped her arms around his waist, her head resting on his chest. "Thanks Dad." He gently patted her head and returned the tight embrace. Pulling away he marched over to where Tony was silently watching.

"Hurt her and I can make you disappear."

Tony gave stiff nod. "I'd hurt myself before I would ever hurt her,"

Fury looked down on him before walking out the room and disappearing down the hall. Aurora and Tony stared at one another in complete silence before Tony spoke.

"So that was your Dad," he gulped. "Intimidating, isn't he?"

Aurora laughed and moved to wrapped her arms around his neck and kissing him on the lips. "Yes, but I am his little girl, and you are a boy stealing me away." Tony grinned back at her and kissed her on the lips again.


The two broke apart as Rhodey and a white as a sheet Clint walked in. "Bit early in the morning for that don't you think?" Rhodey teased.

Tony pulled away to banter with his roommate and Aurora moved to talk to Clint whose colour was slowly returning. She did not need to ask him what was wrong, it was obvious.

"Dad yelled at you."

"You have no idea."

She nodded solemnly, "Sorry"

"Not your fault. He wants to protect you, but that shouldn't mean you should miss out on life."

Her eyes widened, "You helped Tony and me get together on purpose. I was wondering why you were a part of the performance."

His lip twitched at the memory, "Yeah. Oh, by the way. I told them that I was your cousin/ brother through your godfather."

Aurora snorted, "All I can say to that is 'Welcome to our bizarre family. Currently in population of 3 Agents, a Witch, an Owl and a Mutant professor.'"

She turned at the sound of Tony laughing behind her, Rhodey was sitting on the floor beside an annoyed Hedwig and both Dum-E and U were beeping and whizzing around the room, chasing after a tennis ball Tony had thrown for them.

'And maybe a boy genius, a promising soldier and a robot or two.' She thought with a blush./p