Hello everyone and welcome to my new story.

A few weeks ago I began watching RWBY and I loved the show (Well, mostly). The world of Remnant is full of possibilities and after going through some of the fanfictions on the site, I wanted to write one myself.

I will start by saying that it is a Game type fanfiction with OC as the main character. I got the idea for it after reading "A Game of Grimm Consequences" by rapthorn2ndform. While his fanfiction has a very interesting idea, in the beginning, I didn't like the direction it took after a few chapters. I really wanted to read a fanfiction where the MC is a Grimm and unfortunately, most of those are abandoned. So here I am with my own story.

Now a few warnings. First English is my 2nd language so even if I try my best, mistakes will happen. If someone wants to beta this story let me know via PM. Second I will ignore all flame so if you can't give me a constructive opinion, don't bother. Lastly, while I will be happy to read your suggestions, I won't always follow them. It is my story and I write it as I want.

That ould be all, enjoy.

Chapter 1. Congratulations, you died

Did you ever wonder how you would die?

I did multiple times. Not to be a party pooper, but really I always thought that I would die of the old age or be one of the unfortunate people to die because of an incurable illness. Maybe not a too bright outlook on my life, but hey, I was always a little bit weird. My family made sure that I knew that... Not that they were ever malicious towards me.

Nah... I think that pointing out my weirdness was a running joke in my family. Still haven't managed to find out who started it.

Anyway, where was I?

Ah yes, how I would die?

Now I am quite a normal person (ignoring my weirdness), twenty years old university student. Lover of gaming, reading, and some anime. All in all your average person, who just wants to get by and live a peaceful life.

So, believe me, it was quite a surprise to be so lucky to have an entire scaffolding, about five-story tall, fall on you. Like come on, maybe I wasn't the best person out there, but to die like that?

I either pissed off some higher being or life just hates me. There was still so much I wanted to do and now it is the end. I feel like I should be at least a little bit depressed about that, but weirdly I am not. Maybe I just can't feel anything now?

No, that's not it. It must be another weird result of my death.

And that is not even the worst point of my current predicament.

Ever since I appeared here, I constantly feel like I am falling. Like really, if it wasn't that I couldn't even check the time, I would bet that I have been falling for at least a few hours.

I have never been too much of a religious guy, but if this is how you get to hell, then fuck you whoever decided on that method of transportation. And while I am not the one to tempt fate, I don't really think that my day could get any worse.




Huh, the falling stopped. I guess I arrived at wherever here is. For me, it was still the same pitch-black void and I couldn't really move myself to look around as I don't think that I currently have a body.

Oh well, guess I will be waiting for some mo-

[Congratulations, you died]

Wait, what?

Currently a blue, a bit transparent, square was floating before me. I mean I got congratulated a few times but some weird things but this is a new one even for me. You don't congratulate someone for dying, that is just wrong.

Is this some kind of joke?

[No, due to your unfortunate death. The One Above decided to give you an apology gift.]

The One Above? Unfortunate death? Gift? What do you mean, an explanation would be nice.

[Sigh... You see, you were not meant to die that day. Due to a small mistake on The One Above side, you died. So to apologize for this inconvenience you will be granted a gift.]

So my death was just a small inconvenience? Geez, talk about being unimportant.

Alright, so what is the gift you are talking about... well writing.

[You will be sent to another universe with a unique ability you are quite familiar with. There you will be able to live your life as you want.]

Another universe? Man, I am starting to think that I am just sleeping and this is one of my weird dreams where I am a character in anime.

[You are only wrong about the sleeping part. Now let me explain what will happen next.]

What?! You are telling me that you will send me to some universe that I know of? Which it will be? And what about the unique ability you were talking about.

[I do not have time for that, you will get your answers soon.]

Damn, and here I thought that a blue square couldn't get annoyed. Well, there is the first time for everything. Alright so let's get started.

[Good, now please choose your evolution path]




-Creature of the Sea



Uhh, what? Evolution path? What kind fo universe would need me to choose something like that. Naruto is definitely out. Harry Potter is a maybe, but will I really become a magical creature then? Who knows.

Well, I have no clue, but I always loved dragons so draconic it is.

[Draconic evolution path has been chosen.

Do you want to start a tutorial?


- Skill book

- 100 EXP

- 5 stat points


Holy shit! Is that what I think it is? Did you just give me the gamer ability? Alright, I may still be mad about dying, but come on who wouldn't want to have a chance like this. Now if I could only get the information of what universe I will be sent to.

Without wasting any more time I clicked Yes. Maybe the tutorial will shine some light.

[You have been granted the ability to live your life like a game.

You have gained two skills.

Please say or think 'skills' to continue.]


And just like that, another transparent blue window appeared before me with the list of my current skills. Like I expected I had two of them and probably everyone already knows what they are.

[Gamer's mind (Passive) lvl: Max

Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through, grants a peaceful state of mind. Immunity to mental attacks.]

[Gamer's body (Passive) lvl: Max

Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game. After sleeping in a bed, it restores HP, MP, and cures all status effects.]

Alright, the two most important skills were here. I wonder if anything from my only life could give me a skill. I shrugged or at least tried to as I still don't have a body. Well, it would be nice to continue, how do I d... Suddenly the window with my skills disappeared and another appeared. Okay, not need to scare me Game.

[Now that you are done let me continue.

Skills can be gained using many ways. Reading a skill book, experimentation, or repeating a certain action. Still, you need to remember that not every skill can be learned if you don't have high enough stats for it.

To continue, say or think 'Inventory']


And just like in every RPG game out there I was met with another big blue window. This time it was divided into smaller squares. All in all, it didn't look like it had a limit and I was totally fine with that. There was also a money section on the bottom but it was quite empty.

[This is your inventory screen. You can store things and pull them out whenever you want. You can also equip clothes and items right from the inventory without the need to change.

Better be thankful. A lot of people would love to have the ability to change instantly.

To proceed please think or stay 'Status']

Damn right that I know a handful of people who would pay for ability like that. My sister would be one of them... shit, now that I think of it my family will soon find out that I died. Fuck. I will miss them and would probably feel bad about this whole ordeal if it wasn't for the Gamer's mind. It is already affecting me.

Well, I will have enough time to think about what I lost later. Now I should finish this tutorial if I don't want to piss off.. whoever you are, more.

[For making a great decision and not pissing me off, your WIS increased by 1.

Now hurry up.]

Okay, okay.

'Status' I thought to myself. This time another blue window appeared, but this one was a bit bigger and the moment I saw the second line I finally knew what the hell was going on.

Name: Nameless

Race: Soul Grimm

Level: 1 (0/100)

Evolution Stage: Draconic 1 (0%)

Title: None

HP: 200

MP: 200 (locked)

STR: 5

VIT: 5

DEX: 5

INT: 5

WIS: 6

LUC: 5

Elemental Affinity:

SP: 5 | EP: 0

Lien: 0

So I am a Grimm with... a soul? Alright, that does explain some things, but I still have no clue what the Evolution Stage means. The universe of RWBY or the world of Remnant. Shit, never would I have thought that I would become a fucking Grimm in one of the shows I watched. How is that even supposed to work?

I have a soul so I will be able to use aura and unlock a semblance, but can I do that as a Grimm? And even then I wonder if I can somehow obtain a human form. Being able to change between Grimm and Human form would be really useful and make my life much easier. Oh well, maybe the tutorial will explain my questions.

My stats are nothing special, but that is to be expected from a level one player. The one point of WIS that I gained earlier is already there and I have both 200 HP and MP. If this system works like the ones in some fanfiction I read, then 100 Hp is the base amount and you gain 50 per level plus 10 per every VIT point.

[For figuring out how the system works your WIS and INT gained 1 point.]

Okay, that's nice. The more points the better for me so I am not complaining. Now that I read the page once more can anybody tell me why I am nameless? I am gite sure that I had a name in my old life and the RWBY-verse follows the color theme of naming people. So shouldn't I get a name like that even if I am a Grimm? (Still not sure how I feel about that). When will I get a name, can I choose it by myself?

[You can choose a name for yourself after you arrive in Remnant, but it will need to follow the color theme.]

Ah, that's fair I guess. Anyway, what's next?

[This is your status screen]

No, shit sherlock.

[Anyway... This screen contains all of the most important information that you will need during your new life. Think of any of those stats to get further explanation of them.

Check the information on every important stat to continue.]

Now that's what I was waiting for. Finally some information. Let's start with 'Race'.

[Your current race. It can change throughout your life.

Your current race is Soul Grimm. You are the only one of the creatures of darkness to possess a soul. This enables you to use Aura(MP) and posses a semblance. Unfortunately, this also means that other Grimm, while they won't attack you, they also won't help you.

That is good to know. For a moment I feared that I would need to run from both humans and Grimms. Knowing that at least the latter won't hunt me makes my new life a lot easier. Also, the aura is MP, does that mean that I can't use magic? Let's check it out, 'MP'.

[MP or aura as it was named by the population of Remnant, is used in most skills and spells.

Current MP regen: 1%/minute]

Okay, so I should be able to use spells and create them. That's good as while the Dust is fun and all, I would prefer to use elemental attack by myself. Now that I think of it, how all of this will work if I am a Grimm. So many unanswered questions. I don't even know what I will look like. Anyway, 'HP'.

[You health meter. It shows how much damage you can take after you lose your aura.

Current HP regen: 2%/minute]

Nothing out ordinary there. Now to finally get my answers, 'Evolution Stage'.

[Due to beginning your new life as a Grimm you unlocked access to Evolution path (You permanent path: Draconic). You can treat it as your second level. You gain progress toward the next stage as you level up, train, complete missions, and fight different enemies.

Upon reaching 100% of your current stage you can evolve. You do this by spending the accumulated Evolution points on different upgrades to your Grimm form. Due to your Draconic path, most of those upgrades will be associated with Dragons.

For example, you will be able to gain better natural armor, additional limbs, change how you look, or even add special abilities that you will be able to use in your Grimm form. You can also speed up your growth, but size can be gained naturally by leveling up.

You gain 1 Evolution point per 2 levels.]

Huh, now that's an interesting system. I will be able to create my own look, but I am restricted to dragons due to my path. I can work with that. Now one point per 2 levels is not too much, but hopefully, I can gain them through quests and fighting.

Now the game is constantly mentioning form, does that means that I will be able to gain human form?

[Everything is possible if you work for it.

Now proceed.]

Alright, thank you for the information. Now let's get going.

[INT - your intelligence. The more you have it the faster you learn, memorize, and think. Also, each point of INT raises your current MP by 10.]

Just like I thought.

[WIS - your wisdom. Your ability to make decisions and chose the best of available paths. Every 10 WIS increases your MP regen by 1%.]

Like always INT and WIS are almost the most important stats if I want to use my MP without any problems. I will need to find more ways to train those stats. No, what that I am wasting my points.

[STR- your strength, how strong you are. Pretty self-explanatory, don't you think? And no, STR does not affect how much you can carry in your inventory.]

[VIT - your vitality. How tough you are. If you don't want to get one-shotted then better invest some points in it. Also, every point of VIT increases your max HP by 10.]

Nothing new, but it is good to know the math behind those numbers.

[DEX - your dexterity. How agile you are. It also increases your attack and movement speed. It should be useful for dodging, not that I know anything about that. Besides that, this stat also helps with aiming ranged weapons or skills.]

[LUC - your luck, duh... It mostly affects your drops, but sometimes it can affect events.]

So pretty much the usual.

All in all, besides the evolution stage there is nothing that I didn't know already. I might have spent too much time reading fanfictions. Meh, at least I will be able to use this knowledge for once. Now that I am done with my status screen, what's next Game?

[The main part of the tutorial is finished. Do you have any questions? I might not be as merciful to answer them later.]

Yeah, I have two questions. How will my Grimm form look like in the beginning and wherein the timeline will I appear?

[You will find out after your deployment in Remnant.]

Alright, and when that will happen?


What are you tal- Well shit, I am falling again. Fuck you Game.

And that would be all for the first chapter of Grimm's evolution.

This chapter might not have been too long, but I just wanted to show you the base idea. From the next chapter, I will be aiming for 4-5k words like in my other stories.

The main character is an OC, not a self-insert. Hopefully, I didn't forget anything in this chapter as I was writing it without any planning. If I did, I will put it in the next chapter.

Anyway, like most of you can see, the gamer system I use is quite standard. I only added the evolution system so I could have more fun in developing my OC.

The timeline will be revealed in the next chapter and OC's goal in Remnant will come soon. For now, he was just overwhelmed and didn't really care what happened next.

I also cannot decide on the name of the character. I want it to be related to either red or black so if you guys have any ideas, leave them in the reviews. For now, I am thinking of Umbra (Latin for shadow) and Jet (Black gemstone).

Now let us talk about the world of Remnant. Currently, I am at the 5 episode of Volume 7 and even with how long the show is, there is still so much that we don't know. That's why I will probably add a few things from me here and there. This is fanfiction so it is expected, but for those who worry, at worst I will be adding more Grimm types and some smaller enemies for my OC to fight.

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