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Beta: Eleventh Crow

Chapter 11. Madman's plan

I awoke in my own tent and stretched out every kink in my body. I yawned and slowly got out of my new bed. You heard right, a bed. After months of sleeping on the rocky ground that left me sore and groggy -no thanks to you Gamer's body -, I rushed at the opportunity to sleep on something normal in my human form.

The bed wasn't anything you would find in a normal house. It was just a dusty, barely standing wooden piece of furniture. Good enough to let me forget about the world around me when I go to sleep and remember the times when I woke up in my old apartment. It let me feel like a human again.

Weird, I know. Nowadays I just took whatever small comforts I could.

Sighing, I sat on the bed and took out my personal Scroll from the inventory. Fiddling through the apps available on the electronic device, I finally clicked on the calendar. I grinned as the date appeared before my eyes.

It's time. I have waited long enough for this meeting.

Almost three weeks. Bunch of time with nothing to do. Neo and training consumed a lot of time, but even the constant company of my little student couldn't save me from walking in circles in hopes that the clock would move faster.

Even then a smile stretched on my face as I thought about my time with Neo. The girl grew on me. I had no one to talk to when I arrived in this new world. Alone and transformed into one of the monsters. Before I took her in, I wasn't prepared for any human interactions, but now she was here. An annoying and somewhat crazy little brat that shined some light at my lonely existence.

Maybe that was the reason why she was still with me. Two months already passed and I dodged the subject of our agreement at every step. At this point, it was probably I who needed her more. Maybe I should ask her if she wanted to go back to civilization.


I snorted. As if. Silent whoops when she learned something new, wide smiles when I praised her for a job well done, or her snuggling next to me when I slept in my original body. Those actions showed me all I needed to know. Still, I planned to talk with her about a new agreement.

I stepped out of the tent and closed my eyes as the sunlight hit me right in the face. Add creating doors to the cave to my list to do. Getting blinded every day almost made me pull out my hair... or scales.

As my sight returned I took a survey of the rest of the cave.

Neo evidently woke up early today. She sat by the large campfire we created some time ago in one of the chairs with her legs swinging back and forth. Her face formed into an adorable pout as she tapped her fingers on her Scroll.

"Good morning Neo," She instantly whipped her head in my direction when my voice reached her ears. I gave her a small smile and nodded to the Scroll lying in her lap, "What got you working so hard?"

The girl hopped off her chair while her fingers danced across the screen, "I am reading on something that could help us communicate. I just can't find anything relevant."

My brow raised, "Oh? Show me then. I might be able to help."

Neo handed me the device and began to tap her foot on the rocky floor. I skimmed through the page that Neo opened and palmed my face when I read the last part.

"Sign language... Can't believe I forgot about it," I almost whispered. Unfortunately, my voice must have been loud enough for Neo to catch it.

The girl stepped forward and ripped the Scroll out of my hands. I almost averted my gaze again when the girl shot me a glare, "You forgot? When you are living with a mute person for a few months?"

In response, I took a few steps away from the fuming girl and laughed, "It happens you know? I didn't even think of trying to find another way for us to communicate. My bad."

She didn't answer. Her fists clenched and unclenched before she huffed and stomped away. I followed her movement back to the seat where she dropped down and crossed arms over her chest.

Yep, she was mad. Damn, now I would need to show her something new to slither back into her good graces again. Still, I needed to have a talk with her so I needed to defuse this bomb before it blew.

I slipped into the plastic chair across Neo and faked a cough, "Neo," she peered at me, the glare still preset. No matter, at least now I had her attention, "Even if I know about sign language, I have no clue how to use it. I promise we will search for instructions on how to learn it. I will even go to Vale if you really want to learn it so hard. Just let me take care of today's business."

Neo slowly dropped the glare and nodded. Great, one problem down, onto the next.

I leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes, "As you said, it had been a few months already huh," I peeked with one eye and had to fight a smirk when I saw Neo froze, "Our agreement was for two months. No longer and yet here we are."

I finally opened my eyes fully and fought a grin when I noticed Neo who was fidgeting in her seat. This would never get old. Neo was just too easy to mess with. Sooner or later she would realize this but until then? Fun is fun.

Shaking my head, I stood up and approached the girl. Neo most likely noticed my movement and stilled. Her wide eyes following my every step.

That's enough.

Finally, I reached the girl and ruffled her hair, "Don't worry, I'm not going to send you away."

Neo looked up and stared at me with eyes even wider than before. Her mouth opened attempting to say something even if her disability wouldn't allow it. Still, she didn't need to as I understood perfectly what she wanted to say.

I crouched down and looked her straight in the eyes, "I'm not joking. If you want, you can stay here. You may be annoying, demanding little brat from time to time, but it wouldn't be the same without you here. Of course, some things will need to change if you stay and we wil-" Whatever I wanted to say, died in my throat by the small child that dropped from her chair and engulfed my abdomen with her arms.

A moment later her body began to shake. Knowing what was to come I returned the hug and chuckled silently, "So you want to stay with the big bad monster, eh?"

The shaking stopped and Neo began to shake her head up and down so fast that I feared it would fly away. With another chuckle, I picked the girl up -not the first time I carried her -, and placed her back in the chair.

I remained crouching in front of her as Neo wiped the tears from her eyes, "As I said earlier some things will need to change. Like your further training or normal education," she grimaced at the last part and I couldn't hold the snicker from escaping my mouth, "Yes normal education. We will discuss it more in-depth when I come back, but know that you won't escape it."

Seeing as Neo stopped her tears and slumped down in her chair, I stood up and approached the exit of the cave. Reaching into my inventory I pulled out a pure black cloak that took a lot of sweat and time from me to create.

With a swish, the soft material of the cloak landed over my human form. Almost my entire body disappeared from the view. My right arm stretched, the only limb not burdened by the new article of clothing.

I glanced at the exit before averting my gaze and sighing deeply, "Neo. I don't know perfectly what will happen today. No one does. I tell you this every time I go out for a longer time but remember. If I don't come back in a week, you're to go to the nearest village and then get a passage to Vale with the money I left you. I am confident you will be able to protect yourself if anything happens. See you soon brat."

[New Quest Obtained]

Investigate the meeting. Find out who is the buyer and what they're planning.

Rewards: ?

Failure: The end of the World, Possible Death

This quest is mandatory and cannot be declined.

If I was a human currently, my brows would have reached my hairline after reading this notification. To be honest, I expected some kind of quest to appear a bit earlier, but this was far from anything I thought I would get.

I felt it in my bones that this meeting would be more important than anything I've done in the past, but the end of the world? Either the Game was trying to prank me, or I just opened a can of worms that I should probably leave alone.

Too late now.

I tucked my wings to my body and dived towards the earth. The ground began getting closer and closer. Two hundred feet, an almost draconic grin stretched across my face, or whatever the dragon equivalent was. One hundred and fifty, I relaxed my wings in preparation. One hundred, various scents assaulted my nostrils as the green forest got closer. Fifty and my wigs stretched again to their full width, stopping my fall and leveling my flight.

I fought the thunderous roar that wanted to escape my jaws. I might be a big ass dragon, but there was no need to alert the entire forest of my presence. Still, flying would never get old. The freedom provided by this simple action never failed to make my heart hammer in my chest.

I shook my head lightly and cast my gaze at the green scenery below me. My other senses followed and soon I knew everything about those lands. Almost no Grimm, animals running through the trees or resting near the small river, and most importantly, no human presence.

My wings flapped a few times and my movement slowed considerably. A small clearing greeted my sight and I very slowly lowered myself onto one of the tree's branches.

I winced as the tree screamed in protest and instantly leapt to the ground. Right, I wasn't a dog-sized dragon anymore. I already missed those times when I could land anywhere I wanted without fear of destroying anything.

Oh well, at least now I'm powerful, I thought as I scanned the familiar empty clearing.

The sun was still right above my head so I had a few more hours before the meeting was supposed to take place here. My form began shrinking, and my wings disappeared. Nowadays my stealth was much better in my human body. Not a surprise considering my very quickly growing dragon body.

I sighed and ran a hand through my weird hair, "Guess now I wait... Bob should reach this place in an hour or two so I might as well take a nap."

Shrugging, I laid down against the bark of a tree behind some bushes and closed my eyes. With "Stealth" and "Presence masking" active, I was pretty much invisible to anyone without some pretty good tracking tech or skills.

I rolled and hugged the tree as the sound of engines hit my ears. A quick check of the time showed me that it was high time for the meeting to start. From what I gathered Bob already arrived here and was resting in the canopy of a tree about a mile away from here. If I encountered a problem, he would fly here as fast as he could.

The huge, metallic form of a Bullhead slowly descended upon the clearing. The wildlife definitely didn't appreciate the foreign sounds. Almost every animal scurried away as far as they could and soon my senses managed to identify only myself, Bob, and the new arrivals in the clearing.

Where the hell did they manage to get a Bullhead, I had no clue. This little mission was getting more and more interesting.

The aircraft finally touched the ground, engines turning off. I peeked from my cover and observed as the side doors of the Bullhead slid open and a ramp extended from it to the ground.

The sound of chattering followed and soon two, tall humans stepped on the ramp. Their loud voices were easy to hear, "I fucking knew that those bastards would be late," the black-haired one complained.

The second man swatted his companion in the back of his head, "Shut your trap, Robin. At least we got out from the shitty base," the man shivered slightly, "Those scientists there are mad!"

Robin snorted as he settled down at the base of the ramp, "Don't need to tell me that. If it wasn't for the pay Merlot is providing. I would be in Atlas right now."

Merlot! That's why the quest is more important than I thought it would be. Maybe now I'll be able to find out what exactly is so special about this guy.

Of course, the thoughts of why the man needed to trade with bandits were also running through my head. What did he need human slaves for? This whole situation made me frustrated at the lack of information... At least now I could get some answers. That was the quest's objective after all.

Robin, Thug lvl: 5

HP: 100

MP: 350 (locked)

Tier: E-

Additional Info: Pilot and weapon handling training, Aura locked, Paid mercenary for the mad scientist Merlot, No special abilities

Right, nothing special about him.

The second guy wasn't any different. Nick was his name, and he only had weapons training. Not even a challenge if I wanted to take them down. Two bolts of lightning should do the job... Not that I wanted to kill them of course. Patience was the key here.

Slowly the sun began to disappear on the horizon and I had troubles standing in the same place for too long. I had enough of listening to those two idiots talk about their plans after the job or complain about how they were wasting time here.

No shit sherlock, you were wasting time! The bandits were fucking dead! Killed by yours truly.

There were times when I almost stepped out of my hiding spot and tried to scare the thugs away. Maybe then they would leave faster... Oh well, a Grimm could only hope.

Darkness fell upon the forest, but my senses remained sharp. Thankfully, I didn't need to wait any longer as both Robin and Nick returned to the Bullhead, and soon the jet engines lit up the whole clearing.

My form shifted and I flexed my wings. Time to fly.

Bob, follow after me but remain unseen.

The acknowledgment of my command passed through our link. I nodded, flapping my wings while my four limbs performed a mighty leap that immediately carried me over the trees where I continued my flight.

I kept a safe distance between me and the Bullhead. Two hundred feet should be enough. I had no clue what detection or defense systems the aircraft had while in the air. I definitely had no need to test them now. I had faith in my armor and aura, but this wasn't the place for overconfidence.

My wings and the wind carried me at speeds high enough to keep up with the machine. I fought the urge to accelerate and pass the Bullhead. To show I was the only king in the sky here.

Not now.

Small sigh escaped my jaws as the adrenaline left me. Moments like that happened more often than I was happy to admit. Just another effect of my ever-changing life.

Leveling my flight to the same altitude as the aircraft, I scanned my map from time to time. The border of a new territory approached quickly, and it was one I never visited before.

[Entering Major territory nr. 5]

[Number 5: Deserts of Vale

-Defeat powerful Elder Grimm (0/1)

-Clear Merlot's base (0/1)

-Exterminate Grimm (0/50)]

Huh. Now that's a territory...

Another base of Merlot's. Whoever the scientist was, he really liked to have a few of them. Not good. I might be out of my depth here. I grew powerful since the last time I was near one of those bases, but this guy seemed very organized if he had so many bases.

A silent growl left my mouth. No backing out now. Besides, the quest won't allow me.

Spotting the Bullhead lowering its altitude, I began to slow down and circle the area where it was landing. I surveyed the area below me, trying to spot the base before the aircraft reached it.

Dunes of sand filled my vision with the rare rocky hills growing from the ground to break up the scenery.

Nothing to the left, nothing to the right. I glanced at the Bullhead, and then at the direction it was headed in. My eyes squinted.


The small glint of light caught my attention as it reflected from the small steel doors hidden between two rocky hills. They almost completely blended in with the environment, so it wasn't a surprise that I almost missed them.

Sneaky bastards. Merlot sure knew how to hide his base. Not that it had a chance to hide from me.

Tucking my wings, I shot like an arrow towards the rocks. My four normal libs extended, ready to land at the moment's notice. When the high rocks were a few inches away from me, my claws dug deep into the terrain, instantly killing my momentum.

I held the groan that wanted to escape me when my muscle stretched to their absolute limits. Right. Not landing like that ever again if I don't need to.

My entire form hugged the rocky cliff and I blended into the darkness of the night. I craned my neck and observed the space below me. The Bullhead already landed before the doors that were slowly rising up.

Damn, that was a thick ass door. No way any of my skills would pierce this. Maybe in a month or two, but for now I was only getting used to my new abilities.

My form shimmered again as I began to slide down the cliff. My clawed left arm the only way to break the fall. As I neared the edge, I finally acted and pushed my legs.

I flew through the air in the direction of the opposite rocky wall. I tapped into my Aura and my arms began to change. Strong scales filled my skin and long, sharp claws grew instead of fingers.

Don't fuck this up now!

Again my claws dig into the horizontal rocky wall, but this time I was falling much faster. Just as I wanted. Hours of training with my new form and skills definitely paid off.

Adrenaline again filled my being as I saw the door closing. I had a few more seconds before they shut completely and any hopes of a surprise attack would disappear.

Halfway through the fall, my legs pushed off the wall, and this time I was falling right towards the closing doors.

Performing a quick roll, I dashed forward as the sound of steel hitting the ground filled my ears. I spun around, my claws at the ready as I pushed them into the unprotected backs of the two mercenaries that just arrived here.

Blood slid down my claws as the two turned slowly to face me. Their eyes wide and mouths open in a silent scream. Fortunately or unfortunately for them, their deaths were — mostly — quick as my tail whipped forward, piercing them right through their hearts in quick succession.

I shook my head and opened my inventory, "You should have stayed in Atlas instead of following a slaver," I murmured as their bodies entered my private storage.

Almost unnecessary deaths if you asked me. And the ease with which I still ended their life almost made my stomach turn. Almost…

Don't think about it now. Focus on the task at hand.

I looked back at the closed doors and frowned. Finding a place to open it manually was going to be a pain in the ass, I knew it. Bob scout the area. Try to find another entrance. If you fail go back and guard the Bullhead.

With the command sent I closed the link between us. If Bob understood me then great, if not? Well, I would cross that bridge when I came to it.

Now, let's descend into the maw of a Lion, I grinned at the concrete stairs leading deep underground.

You never know what you had until you lose it. In my case, it was the incessant idiocy of Bob, which in hindsight, had provided me an odd sort of comfort. Well that and Neo, but the girl was completely another case.

Don't get me wrong, Bob was a Moron, capital M, but his loyalty was the real deal. Whenever he wasn't bumping into trees, or smashing his head into the ground via divebomb, he always tried his best to follow orders or be there for me. Hell, the recent evolution even improved his almost non-existent intelligence.

I sort of missed that now. Bob was on the surface, thick steel doors separating us.

It was during the serious moments like these where the tension really ramped up that you realized you really needed some comic relief, AKA Bob.

I sighed, and continued down the dark, eerily lit hallway. A very long hallway that appeared after I finished my descent. Who designed this shitty place?

I shook my head. I was getting lost in my thoughts, that wasn't good. I had to stay vigilant at all times, I couldn't afford to slip up now, not after how far I've come. And taking into consideration that the only sound reaching my ears were my footsteps I definitely should focus.

My senses stretched to the max as they tried to pinpoint every other sound and smell in this location in an attempt to locate the danger before it located me. My nose picked up scents that wouldn't register with even the keenest of dog Faunus, and my ears were like a beacon, bouncing back sound waves to my ears and helping to make out the general area surrounding me in a mental map.

More light hit my sensitive eyes and I squinted a bit. Finally rooms.




Avian research.


And finally, the data room.


I slowly squeaked the door open, the noise echoing loudly in my ears, giving me plenty of noise to make an even bigger mental map of the room I was currently stepping into.

A large computer lay at the center, the monitor covered in blood, the scientist operating it still sitting on the chair, dead.

And lying around the room, were dead bodies. More than I'd care to count. Most slashed to pieces.

I grimaced, walking up to it. I breathed through my mouth as I rolled the chair with the body away, making sure to not get the wheels caught in the entrails, while silently cursing my acute senses.

I almost covered my nose as the smell of rot and decay hit me when I stared at the dead bodies. Whoever did this was quick and unnecessarily brutal. I shook my head at the sight. Yes, I killed a lot of humans, but all my kills were quick and mostly painless. I definitely never had the desire to butcher dead bodies any further.

Why are you even dead? Those two I killed worked here... or maybe they were from another base and didn't know what happened here. No, after all someone opened the doors for them, My fist tightened, It just doesn't make sense.

I crouched down and studied the body's injuries while trying to ignore the sick feeling in my stomach. In times like those, I regretted asking the Game to make my Gamer's mind a bit weaker. Unfortunately, I needed this if I didn't want to become an emotionless monster and it was one of my few ideas on how to stop the change.

I frowned and focused back on the injuries. Clean cuts, most likely made by some kind of blade or very sharp claws. Grimm could do that, but no, those mindless creatures wouldn't leave the body. Besides this room was too small to fit a Grimm that could do this.

Then who or what?

I stood up and approached the computer again.

Maybe you will have some answers.

My fingers danced over the keyboard. File after file I scanned their contents. The sickness in my stomach only got worse and worse with each new thing I saw. At least now I knew who Merlot was. Sick bastard.

I gulped as my gaze landed on the next folder.

Laboratory tests.

Subject number 012

I played the footage.

"Subject 012 of the Greenblood virus has shown multiple severe symptoms in reaction to the latest strain." In the background, a little girl was thrashing against her restraints and screaming as if to pierce the heavens, to which Merlot simply rolled his eyes. "Overdramatic one, that." He zoomed the camera in on the subject. "As you can see, she is coming along quite nicely. Her fangs and claws are coming in, and she is beginning to smell fear." The video showed the girl, her veins and irises an unnatural green, growling and snarling like an animal.

The video went on. The plan, essentially, was for Merlot to spread a virus, one that mutated humans into a Grimm-human hybrid and release them into a major population center. The infection could be transmitted through the scratch of a claw or the puncture of a tooth. At least it couldn't get through Aura.

Basically, zombie Grimm. Merlot wanted to transform humans and Faunus into zombie Grimm that were faster, stronger, and "superior" in his mind to humanity. They had zero impulse control and feasted on the living with the same ferocity that actual Grimm did. And Merlot wanted an army of these fuckers.

And he wanted to begin that army, in Atlas. After all, if you wanted to cripple any chance of finding a cure, you destroyed the most advanced nation in the world.


I opened my map. Shit, that was a long flight from here. I needed to copy these files and destroy this place after getting everything important. Plan later, act now.


Yeah, yeah. I know.


I finally finished copying the files. The hope was that someone in Atlas would be capable of reverse-engineering the formula and manufacturing a cure. Because at this point, I think Merlot may have already begun preparing to release the virus. I had a day or two at max to get there and try to help with this shit. No one literally no one apart from Merlot would be happy if the virus spread all over the world.

Hell, even Grimm would lose their purpose.

The other rooms didn't have anything important apart from some weapons and dust I could use later. Unfortunately, before I could escape there was one more place I needed to check, a corridor that led even deeper.

I cut the connection between a spare Scroll and the computer and put the small device back into my inventory. Taking a last glance around the room I sighed and closed the door.

"This will be your graveyard," I whispered walking down the hall, "I hope you will find peace in your next life. Even after all that you have done here."

My human hand extended and a small ball of lightning began to spark over it. My night vision was perfect, but I wanted to have an attack ready, just in case. Beside this corridor was even darker than the rest of the base.

My pace quickened as my gaze landed on the opening to a larger space before me. I walked in and took a look around the room.

It was a huge circular hall that extended serval feet in every direction. The ceiling was high enough for me to transform into dragon form and move freely, but I wouldn't be flying here anytime soon.

Something's wrong, I thought as my gaze and other senses swept over the mostly metal room.

I flinched as the sound of steel hitting steel reached me. Turning around I noticed with wide eyes that the entrance doors were closed.

My heart began to hammer in my chest.

No, no, no.

Like a switch was flipped, lamps began to activate, filling the previously dark hall with light. Finally, a large screen was ejected from the far wall and when I saw the person on the screen my blood froze.

"Merlot," I growled.

"It is nice to meet you too little dragon," the madman's sick voice filled the room, "I have been waiting for this moment for a few weeks. Now, we will have some fun together!"


Bonus Scenes:

He watched the curious Grimm/human hybrid as it dragged its fingers across the panel. It swapped between files, it's red eyes flickering back and forth with startling intelligence.

"What a curious thing." He stroked his beard.

But curiosity was good, he could use that.

His plan, after all, was to cause chaos. And the plan was to stir the pot. To add in as much to the concoction, to oversaturate it so much that it would just... combust.

And an intelligent dragon Grimm that could use the aura that his sensors detected? That was plenty chaotic, so of course, he would add it into the mixture as well. How lucky he was to spot the dragon during one of its raids.

"Now, what will you do? Show me. Impress upon me your might, those who have waged this shadow war for millennia. Show me what you are capable of, the depth of your experience so that I may prove to you how shallow it is in comparison to the genius, the superiority, of Merlot!"

In his cave, the two Faunus prepared their men for the coming mission

"Finally we will show Ghira that diplomacy isn't the answer to our problems. And then we will take the White Fang away from him."

"I still think that trusting a human is a bad idea."

"My brother, we aren't trusting him. We are using the trash, to fight the trash."

In Atlas, the general prepares for war.

"Specialist, we have... Well, I think you'd best see for yourself."

"Are those... Zombies?"

"They're Merlot's new toys, is what they are. We already have our best people on the ground trying to contain this. I'm giving you the important mission of getting your hands on Merlot and dragging his sorry ass down here. We need a cure and we need it now Specialist! We can't let this thing spread, get on it."

"Consider it done, sir."

In his tower, the wizard decides to finally break the stalemate.

"Qrow, I need you at this location, James says it's important."

"Jimmy coming to us for help for once? What a surprise. So, what's got him so riled up he decided to swallow his pride and come asking for it?"



"Zombies, Qrow. Don't think too much about it. You're with Glynda, meet up at this location. You'll be pairing with a new Specialist as well. Expect heavy resistance Qrow, Merlot knows we're coming."

"Merlot and a newbie eh? Heh, alright then, sounds like a party, I'm in."

In her castle, the queen begins her plans for domination.

"Tyrian, dear. Make yourself useful and bring me my pet. I believe I've waited long enough for the doctor. He'll be in Atlas, that seems to be where he is staging his plan."

"Of course! At once my queen!"

"Oh, and make sure to stop his little plan. It wouldn't do for humanity to face extinction before I can even reveal myself."


"You heard the queen! Don't 'eh?' me! Move your ass! Our destination is Atlas!"

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