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Chapter 15. In plain sight

In hindsight, I should have probably expected how the Faunus would react when I casually disabled their vehicle and greeted them like old friends. I just wanted to have some fun, it looks like they didn't enjoy my humor, I thought dryly as I sidestepped another clumsy sword strike from one of the Faunus.

Yep, I definitely should have expected this reaction. It looked like my plan to talk first and then fight just got reversed. Not that I minded it. There might be six of them, equipped with high-grade weapons, but they just didn't have the necessary training to even scratch me. Not with my aura and armor.

I spun around and released my tail from beneath my cloak. The additional appendage's scales glinted in the transporter's light and instantly rushed forward to bury itself in the Faunus that tried to attack my back. Pity.

The rest of the group retreated and watched with wide eyes as my tail lazily pulled itself from the Faunus heart, blood dripping on the white ground.

Pretty understandable reaction from their perspective, after all up until now I just played with them, dodging and deflecting anything that came in my way. I wanted to test their abilities a bit and find out how their equipment matched me.

It didn't, but as I mentioned earlier, they just didn't have the skill to use this equipment to its fullest capabilities. Welp, at least Neo would get some new toys to play with.

Shrugging, I grinned at the Faunus, "What happened boys? Is that all you've got?" If I was going for the stupid villain act, then I might as well stick with it. Besides, it at least broke their horror-stricken states.

"Y-you are a Faunus too!" One of them finally stuttered out, pointing to my tail, "Why would you attack your own people!"

I glanced at the bleeding body behind me and faked a yawn, "People? Please, you have no clue how wrong you are. I could correct you, but well... I see no sense in explaining anything to dead men," I slowly crouched and activated Gamer's mind to full force. I would need it for what was to come.

"See you in hell."

As the last word left my mouth, I stabbed my left hand into the snow and channeled my lightning affinity towards four of the five remaining men. All of them released agonizing screams, falling to the ground and thrashing all around, probably trying to fight through the pain.

I didn't let go, not even for a second. Not when the last remaining Faunus tried to penetrate my aura with his gun and not when he attacked me with his friend's weapon. No, I stopped the flow of my mana only when the four dead men stopped moving.

Letting out a heavy sigh, I stood up and immediately slapped the last incoming Faunus away, "I really don't have time for this," I murmured and grabbed the man by his neck.

He tried to force my hand away, but my hold was just too strong and so he could do nothing when I slammed his back into the transporter's front. The man only released a pained gasp and continued to fight for air as I finally released my hold on him. I didn't want him dead, not before I got at least some information out of him...

I surveyed the area around me and grimaced. I was really unnecessarily brutal with those guys back there, but it at least helped to intimidate the last guy, if his frantic eyes were anything to go by. Now for the worst part, I thought with another grimace as I looked at the heavily breathing Faunus on the ground. This world really messed me up and I was trying to fix my issue with emotions, not make it worse by doing shit like this...

Crouching down next to the gasping Faunus, I grabbed him by his chin and looked him straight in the eyes, "You saw what happened to your friends. Now I will be happy to let you enjoy an even worse treatment or let you go if you give me what I want. Do you understand?" I had no plans of letting him go, but maybe some incentive would work. I was pretty new to this intimidation thing.

In response, the Faunus glared at me and spat a bunch of blood straight at my face. How cliche, I thought as I wiped my face with the cloak.

"A pity and here I thought you wanted to live," I whispered, and with one mighty pull, I broke off the man's chest plate armor, "Never say that I didn't warn you," With one last look I stabbed the man in his stomach with my tail and thought of a skill I knew would be perfect in this situation.

I only tested it once since I got it with Neo, and the girl was very vocal about how bad it felt to be affected by it even for a second. And so 'Soul Drain' for the first time might prove useful. I only hoped that the man would break before I drained him dry. That would make this whole massacre almost completely useless...

I shook my head and activated the skill, Here goes nothing.

The moment the skill began working, the Faunus' whole body froze and a second later he let out a silent scream. I let go of his chin and observed as his eyes frantically searched the area around us in hopes of anything that could save him. Of course, he found nothing, and in the next second his wide eyes snapped back to me.

Stopping the skill for a moment, I addressed the man, "You felt that eh? Nasty thing, I tell you. Seeps the life away from you, leaving you an empty husk... Now, will you finally talk or do I need to continue?" I asked, emphasizing my point with a small twist of my tail.

"I-I will! J-just stop. Please!" The Faunus gritted out, his chest rapidly heaving up and down from the whole ordeal.

I halted the movement of my tail and sighed in relief at his compliance, "See? It wasn't that hard. Now tell me who told you to attack the mines and gave you the Virus?" A test question to find out if the man would even try to answer me truthfully.

"It was a fucking old man called Merlot," He spat the name like venom, which was understandable as the old madman was responsible for this situation.

At least he isn't lying, let's see how much he knows. I really hoped that the Faunus could shed some light on Merlot's whereabouts. I really didn't fancy flying through the entire continent of Solitas searching for one stupid old man.

"Good answer and remember, I will know when you lie," I informed the man and his eyes widened a bit, "Do you know where Merlot is currently?"

The Faunus frantically shook his head left and right, "N-no. He only gave us the virus and a few tasks. All I know is that the bastard is hiding somewhere near Atlas working on something."

Huh, that's a lot more than I expected. If he isn't lying then my search area got much smaller. Thank God or whoever is listening for small mercies.

"Good, good," I murmured, "And what are those tasks that Merlot gave you? Apart from invading the mines of course."

As the faunus' eyes began flickering from me to the transporter, I decided to give him some motivation and pushed my tail a bit deeper. He screamed as the pain probably again got unbearable. Well, that and the amount of blood flowing out of the wound definitely didn't make his situation any better.

"Stop!" He wheezed out, "We were supposed to go back to Mantle and break into another old bastard's house during the chaos. Merlot wanted his research on some shit, I don't know what."

My eyes narrowed, "Name. Give me a name!"

"P-pietro Polendina," he spat between coughs.

What? My mind came almost to a stop. What the hell did Merlot want with doctor's research? I didn't have a clue when Penny was created, but it couldn't be for another few years at least. Maybe Polendina worked on another project that caught Merlot's attention...

Fuck. Not enough information and I really doubt I can get much more from him, I thought looking at the faunus' poor state, "Last question. How were you supposed to deliver the data to Merlot? He must have given you some way of contacting him."

He shook his head, "He only gave us a Scroll number to someone who we were supposed to contact after the job. It is inside the transporter."

I nodded and noted this information for later. I didn't know how much it would help me, but that was the only lead I had. Better use it well, it just might be the thing I needed to find Merlot faster.

Shaking my head, I stood up and looked down at the bleeding out Faunus, my tail still in his stomach.

"Thank you for your compliance and trust me, it's nothing personal. You just decided to stand on the wrong side of this conflict and with that ruined a lot of lives," With a snap, I removed my tail from the man's stomach and ignored his screams, "Sorry but not sorry."

Like lightning, my tail struck again going straight for the Faunus' heart. The man gasped and coughed a few times, trying to fight for breath, hoping to save his life. It was not to be and after a few seconds of thrashing around the man went still. Dead.

I flicked my tail to remove the blood and once again hid it under my cloak, "That was... unpleasant to say it lightly," I murmured and this time I commanded Gamer's mind to back down a bit.

The disgust and some guilt instantly came crashing all over my mind, but I quickly reigned it in and tried to control my emotion once again. Killing? I got used to it in the last few months. It was just the way of this world if I wanted to survive, but torture? It left some bitter taste in my mouth and I really hoped I would never need to do it again.

Wishful thinking, I thought bitterly. The moment I got transported into this world as a Grimm, I should have known what I was getting into.

A Grimm living his life without bloodshed or some other fucked up shit happening around him. I snorted, Yeah, stupid excitement over becoming a gamer in an anime world clouded my mind...

I sighed and tried to clear my head of those thoughts. Now was really not the time for self-reflection — It never really was. I needed to figure out what to do next, or rather how. As I already knew that my next stop was Mantle. I needed to get the sample of the Virus there and maybe try to use the contact Merlot left for the Faunus.

But how do I get inside without getting straight-up shot down or trying to break my way into Atlas, I mused glancing around the area before my eyes again settled on the transporter, It could work... maybe.

Approaching the open door to the front seat, I jumped in and looked around.

Various controls, a steering wheel, and a shit ton of other things I couldn't understand. Who the hell designed those things... At least the virus was safely secured in the back of the transporter if what 'observe' told me was right.

I tried to use the skill on the controls in hopes of getting some instructions on how to activate this ride, without success.

Well shit, it's going to be a long night.

Qrow had been to Atlas a few times in his life. Do some scouting for Ozpin, deliver important messages and objects that no one else besides the addressees should see, or track some people that went off the rail. He did it all and now he could even add fighting a Zombie virus to his list.

All of those visits could be summed up into one fact. Qrow disliked them a lot and if it wasn't for the occasional eye candies, then he would outright hate them.

After all, what was there to like?

Snow and ice everywhere you look making you wish that maybe you should have stayed in your home? Freezing cold that would eat you alive if you weren't clothed enough or didn't have your Aura activated? Nah, Qrow would rather go to Vacuo again and fight with sand that loved to get into places it shouldn't. Hell, even women were better there... or at least their clothing.

Yeah, I'm definitely asking for a break after this. I haven't seen Yang and Ruby in a while, and some time to properly relax never hurt anybody.

"Ouch!" Qrow winced when his lovely partner decided to stick her elbow into his rib, "The hell is wrong with you?"

Glynda narrowed her eyes, "James is waiting for us. Come on."

Ah yes, Jimmy, Qrow thought with a chuckle and pushed his back off the wall. They had been waiting in this godforsaken hallway for almost an hour, because apparently, Ironwood had a meeting with the council. Like always those old farts had the perfect timing.

Politics, he scowled. Just another thing Qrow would rather never deal with. Give him a horde of Grimm, rouge Hunters, anything and he would deal with it. But politics?

Bah, Qrow just preferred to look the other way when this particular subject was mentioned. Even in his old team, the only one capable of dealing with any political mission was Tai and that was saying something as Qrow never met a more awkward guy. It was a miracle that he managed to charm both his sister and Summer.

Qrow sighed and shook his head as he followed Glynda through yet another white hallway... And here he thought that Shade Academy was confusing and annoying.

They probably walked for another five minutes or so — gods knew why they waited so far from Ironwood's office — before they came upon large open doors that led to an average-sized circular room. At first look, it didn't seem as fancy as the rest of Atlas, but Qrow knew that the room had many secrets he couldn't bother to care for.

Inside, like expected, the tall and well-dressed form of James Ironwood waited for them. Qrow really did not envy the man for all the shit he needed to deal with. Especially if it gave you graying hair this early...

Suddenly Qrow had a very strong desire to take out his Scroll and check if he wasn't in a similar situation.

"Thank you for arriving on such short notice. My hands are full and I just don't have enough people to take care of everything," Ironwood greeted them the moment they stepped inside the room, his tone not giving away any of the stress that the man probably felt. That Qrow could respect, even if he loved to annoy the man as much as Glynda.

"You know us, Jimmy, we couldn't miss the party. Although I could survive without the hour-long wait," Qrow responded, his voice as dry as a desert. He had to get some sort of payback for the wasted hour and not even Glynda's burning stare would stop him.

Ironwood cleared his throat, "Ah, yes. I apologize for the inconvenience, but it was out of my control."

Deciding to give the man a break and move onto a more important subject Qrow waved him off, "Don't sweat it. I'd worked for Ozpin long enough to know what you mean. Now, what is the situation? Ozpin only gave us a short summary."

Glynda also gave a quick nod to confirm Qrow's words. At least she isn't mad at me anymore.

Ironwood released a short sigh and walked to the center of the room where a circular table rose from the floor. Qrow and Glynda followed him, watching as James brought out a holographic replica of some structures onto the table.

Mantle, Qrow corrected himself when he took a closer look at the holographic projection. Some of the areas were colored in red, others in yellow, and more than a half in green. The Brawnen frowned and waited for Ironwood to explain.

"As you know, Mantle is divided into forty-one districts to help with security and management," Jimmy began, "Five days ago a large explosion occurred in the most northern district. At first, we thought that someone just mishandled explosive dust in one of the factories, but we were quickly proved wrong."

"Merlot planted his Virus there," Glynda cut in, getting a nod from Ironwood, "How bad is it now? With Atlas' army, you should at least be able to stop the Virus from spreading too much."

Ironwood sighed once again, his face finally showing visible signs of exhaustion from this entire situation, "In those five days we lost two districts, are holding the line in another four, and evacuated ten more. The worst part is that we are aware that people are still alive in those four districts. They are hiding from the infected, but with each day we are losing more and more people. I can't even send an extraction team as they will be torn to shreds the moment they land."

Qrow grimaced at the news. It really didn't look nice. Still, Branwen steeled himself and asked the question that both he and Glynda needed an answer to, "How many victims and dead?"

Ironwood shook his head, "I can't give you the exact number, but we are looking at about thirty thousand infected at this point with probably ten percent of them already dead from the fighting... Most of my android army and every battle machine Atlas possesses are holding the infected from spreading onto other parts of Mantle, but even with our numbers, we are currently at a stalemate. If I could send more living people there it wouldn't be a problem, but a small scratch is all it takes to get transformed into one of those monsters."

"I take it that the rest of your force is taking care of the Grimm that are flocking to Mantle like a moth to the flame," Glynda stated more than asked.

Jimmy nodded, "That and trying to find anything that could lead us to Merlot. Our scientists are sure that sooner or later they can find a way to stop the Virus permanently, but we need a quick solution that doesn't end up with a part of Mantle becoming a crater or graveyard. The infected are stronger than most cannon fodder Grimm and with most of my Hunters busy defending the walls, it might be the only solution left."

Glynda's eyes narrowed and Qrow had a good idea why, "You think that there is no chance to cure the infected?"

Yep, just as Qrow thought. Glynda might be a strict and cold woman, but she couldn't turn a blind eye when Ironwood casually mentioned killing thirty thousand infected that a few days ago were normal people. Qrow was of a similar mind and he really hoped that Jimmy had some sort of plan. Killing Grimm was one thing, but slaughtering thousands that you knew were human at some point? That, Qrow would rather avoid, he didn't need another reason to drink.

In response, Ironwood put his clenched hands on the table and glared at the holographic map, "I want to believe there is and that Atlas' scientists will find it. But as the General, I will need to make the hard decision if this carries on for too long. Our resources are not infinite and I can't risk any more lives just because there might be a small chance to save the infected."

Glynda shut her eyes tightly before taking in a calming breath, "Let's hope it doesn't come to that," Her voice was quieter than normal and much softer than Qrow ever heard from the Blond Huntress — which wasn't really that much. That was why Branwen decided that they should probably move onto another subject if even the cold witch dropped a bit of her cold act.

"Alright then, enough of this depressing stuff," Qrow quickly spoke up, "You asked Ozpin for help and here we are. Now tell us what you want us to do. You must have some sort of a plan."

If this was any other situation Qrow might have tried to extract some entertainment from this conversation, but even he knew that now was neither the time nor place for such things. Capture Merlot and find a cure for the virus, only this mattered now.

"For now I have two tasks for you," Ironwood stated and turned to the other man in the room, "Qrow, due to a particular talent you received from Ozpin I ask you to infiltrate the place where the Virus' outbreak happened. I know it is very risky, but if you keep your Aura active permanently you should be able to get out safely. Just remember to stay out of sight, we already tried a similar tactic with drones, but each time they were destroyed."

"Sounds simple enough," Qrow muttered dryly before speaking up, "Do I need to fully control my emotions? And what about an extraction in case of a failure?"

Ironwood rested his chin on his hand, "We are unsure about the infected's ability to feel negativity so you should probably be careful. And I can have an armed Bullhead ready to help you, though I doubt it will be useful."

"Forewarned is forearmed," Qrow shrugged and nodded to Glynda, "What about Blondie and the promised newbie specialist that we still haven't met?"

In response, Ironwood again made a few gestures over the table and this time brought out a map of the whole continent. Qrow noticed a few marked places and instantly raised an eyebrow.

"Glynda and Specialist Ebi, who should have already been here, will travel to those locations in hopes of finding and signs of Merlot. Those are a few spots that he might have used to save some time. We doubt that you will find anything, but at this point, we will follow any lead we can," Ironwood replied, gesturing to some of the marked areas.

"Isn't it prudent to have us circling Atlas to look for a needle in a haystack?" Glynda asked, a frown marring her face. Qrow almost snorted, it seemed that Blondie wasn't too happy with her assignment. Not that he could blame her, even his almost suicidal mission had higher chances of success.

"It might be and I could send some normal soldiers to investigate those areas, but I would rather have someone battle-ready there in case something happened," Ironwood explained before motioning to Blondie, "You Glynda, are a powerful Huntress with years of experience that definitely can change the tide of any mission. Specialist Ebi, while relatively new to his job, has achieved perfect scores in every training simulation and is a levelheaded person even under stress."

This time Qrow couldn't stop the loud snort escaping from his mouth, "Well, you definitely can't add punctuality to his CV."

Qrow was pretty sure that he heard a mutter of "Like you're any better," from Glynda, but he wisely decided to ignore it and focus on Jimmy who already moved to speak.

"I don't know the reason for his tardiness," he explained rubbing his temple, "But if you give me a minute, I will-"

Whatever the General wanted to say, he was cut off by a screaming tall man rushing inside the room, "General! We have a situation."

Qrow almost wanted to laugh from the subtle glare Ironwood sent at the man. Though it was a bit weird that the messenger received such a reaction. There must be something Qrow didn't know about.

"Specialist Clover Ebi, we indeed have a situation," And that explained everything, "You were supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago."

The brown-haired specialist that wore an outfit definitely not designed for Atlas' climate quickly spoke up, "Sir! I apologize for my tardiness, but the communication center found something important and as the highest-ranking officer there I had to take care of it. There is a chance it might help with the Virus."

The light glare instantly disappeared from Ironwood's face, "Report Specialist!"

Specialist Ebi straightened up and nodded, "Yes sir! Twenty minutes ago the sensors around the territory of Mantle spotted a mining transporter moving towards the walls from the east. Upon closer inspection, we discovered that for some reason the Grimm didn't care about the vehicle and just passed by it. The people at the communication center thought that the vehicle might be in autopilot mode, but we still attempted to make contact with the transporter's radio."

Certainly interesting that Grimm ignored a moving target, still I don't hear anything important that could help us, Qrow mused when the specialist took a moment to calm his breathing. The man must have been running a lot in the past twenty minutes or was just stressed out. Qrow would bet on the latter, no one capable of using Aura with a lean and muscular build like this would get tired from some running.

"After a few minutes, we finally received an answer to our call," Clover finally continued and a slight frown appeared on his face as he began recounting the rest of his report, "The speaker identified himself as Umbra, and claimed to have vital information about the Virus and our target, Dr. Merlot before we could even ask another question."

Huh, weird name and even weirder approach, subtlety mustn't be the guy's forte, Qrow hummed before speaking up, "A trap?"

The short-haired specialist frowned, "We don't know sir, but the man agreed to stop the transporter behind the snow dune close to Mantle and wait for us to contact him back. I came here as soon as I could."

Qrow waved the man off, "None of the sir shit. We will be working together, Qrow is fine," he said and glanced at Ironwood, "So what are we doing with our little surprise? It should be at least worth checking out, who knows maybe Merlot has more enemies than we expected," he finished with a shrug.

Jimmy sighed and Qrow was pretty sure that the man was overthinking this like he usually did.

"We definitely can't dismiss him," he whispered, before turning his gaze to the other occupants of the room, "It seems that my assignments will need to wait. You three will take a Bullhead and first investigate if this isn't a trap. I trust your judgment to decide whether or not to approach this man."

"Will be done Jimmy," Qrow mock saluted Ironwood and addressed the rest of his team, "Let's go then, there's no time to waste. Oh and newbie, we need a quick summary of your abilities. I won't go into the field with an unknown in my team."

With his part said Qrow strolled out of the room, ignoring Glynda's exasperated sigh. He was blunt, sue him.

Stealing, or rather taking over a mining transporter definitely wasn't one of my brightest ideas. Shit barely reached speeds that could be counted as reasonable and the distance between Atlas and the Faunus' meeting spot was just enormous.

Like really, it took me two days! Two fucking days of nonstop driving to even come close to Mantle. Oh, I used this time well, after all, I had to create a good bullshit backstory of who I was and why the hell I was even trying to bring Merlot down. And let me tell you, it came out a lot better than I thought it would... At least in my humble opinion.

Still, it got really boring just driving the transporter for two days straight. If it wasn't for the fact that Atlas would destroy me the moment I appeared in my true form near them, I would have already flown over there. But no, instead I decided to go incognito and use my human form as a way into Atlas.

Hiding in plain sight, that was my plan. The changed quest objective said that I only had to worry about giving away my true nature, so going in as a human with a Grimmified arm and tail should be possible. That was what I told myself when my common sense screamed at me that I couldn't come up with a more idiotic plan.

And so after those two tiring days, I was now hiding just outside the Mantle waiting for Atlas to give me a sign that they would at least try to hear me out.

Propping myself up on my elbow from my spot on the transporter's roof, I cast my gaze at the area around me.

Snow, Grimm, and more snow, "Just great," I snorted.

Had they decided that my potential help wasn't worth it?

I shook my head. Nah it couldn't be that. I might not remember much about Ironwood's character, but even he won't ignore a potential fix to his problem. I just need to wait... wait... and well, wait.

My eyebrow twitched as yet another arctic Beowolf casually trekked past me. And what the hell was wrong with those guys. Not that I minded some free time from fighting with my 'brethren', but their casual dismissal of me was a bit insulting.

Ah whatever, just another thing to add to research in the future, I thought with a sigh and dropped my head back on the cool roof. I just didn't have the patience now to try to understand the Grimm's new behavior. Maybe some sleep would help...

The moment the thought of a quick nap came across my mind, the familiar soft humming of an aircraft's engine reached my ears.

Eyes snapping open, I jumped to my feet and watched as a single Bullhead made a few rounds around me high in the air. What was the reason for such action, I had no clue. At least the Bullhead finally decided to stop its roaming and lower its flight.

I cracked my neck and with a single leap landed a few feet away from the transporter, my eyes never leaving the Bullhead.

The massive aircraft softly touched down onto the cursed snow, and I took a small amount of satisfaction when some of the ice began to melt from the heat of the engine. If only I could burn it all... should have taken fire as my element.

Shaking my head to clear my mind of those definitely not sane thoughts, I decided to instead focus on the ramp that slowly began to open.

It only took a moment, but when the ramp fully came down and three familiar figures began to walk towards me I only had two sudden urges.

To punch something very hard and scream at the heavens for the unfairness of it all. Why at least one thing couldn't be simple in this god-forsaken quest. I get the impossible difficulty, but it was just a joke right? Right?!

After all, I just had to walk straight into a younger Qrow Branwen, Glynda Goodwitch, and who might be Clover.

Here you go, hiding in plain sight you fucking idiot...

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