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Chapter 9. Moving on

I am definitely raising my luck after this shit. What the fuck am I supposed to do with a kid who looks at me like a big teddy bear, when I am the closest thing to a monster in this world?

That was the main thought running through my head as I watched young Neo hold my tail very tightly. How the girl was so strong I would never know. It was just another of those mysteries of the world that you would never solve.

Like really what choices did I have now?

I could A. Reveal my ability to talk and try to explain to her why she should run after the rest of the women. This option would be probably the best, but I had no clue if the girl would even listen to me. After all, she had the balls to hug a Grimm who slaughtered the whole bandit camp.

Or B. I could fly away and leave her here to die. We all probably saw the problem with this idea huh? I mean I didn't save those people to now leave the kid so she would die from Grimm or again get kidnapped by other bandits. Besides it was Neo, I mean almost everyone liked her in the show. She probably was a bit mentally unstable but was one of the better characters. It would be a shame to let her die.

I really needed to hurry with my decision before the bundle of negativity that just left the camp would get slaughtered by Grimm.

With a heavy sigh, I looked at the young child and spoke... I would probably regret this choice later on, "Alright kid, that's enough. Why the hell are you not with the group?"

Neo's head snapped up so fast that I thought it would fly away. She looked at me with wide eyes and I couldn't help but snort, "Yeah I can talk. The question is can you?"

The girl even though she was still shocked, shook her head, and pointed at her throat. Great... She already lost her voice or never really had it. This would make this conversation a lot harder.

"That's inconvenient," I sighed again and walked into one of the tents with Neo still following me. I guess even a talking Grimm couldn't scare her off. Thankfully inside I found what I wanted, "Do you know how to write?" at a small nod I continued, "Great, then take this notebook and pen, and please tell me why the hell are you still here?"

Ignoring the incredulity of this entire situation - really a conversation between a Grimm and little girl? - I was getting slightly annoyed and wanted to deal with this as fast as I could."

Thankfully the girl was quick to write, "I saw you kill all of them. You are strong so it is safer with you."

That was her reason? Really? I was a fucking Grim, I could have just killed her. Besides how the hell did she see me? I was sure that I got out of sight after I opened the cages. I voiced my opinion and Neo was quick to answer.

"I was in one of the tents. Apparently they were preparing me for their next transaction. And I knew that you wouldn't kill me because you saved the prisoners. No Grimm would do that," she showed the note to me and grinned. Cheeky brat.

Still, she had me there. I saved the prisoners so there was a chance that I wouldn't kill her after she showed herself to me. And apparently choosing Grimm as your survival method instead of other humans made sense to the crazy girl.

"And what do you expect to happen now? I am a Grimm and you can't go with me. Better run fast so you can join the rest," I said as I began to walk out of the tent. Unfortunately, I was stopped... well not stopped but interrupted by Neo holding tightly to my tail again.

"For Gods' sake girl! You are not going with me!" Neo only hugged me tighter and I whined pitifully. Why couldn't I be some cold-hearted bastard that would just leave her and be done with this? Like I said I was already regretting my previous decision.

Bob! Get your ass here, fast! I commanded through my link. I had no time to bargain with an annoying child. It had already been a few minutes and soon the prisoners would get attacked.

Thankfully Bob arrived a few seconds later, scaring Neo a bit, "Look brat. This is my second in command," give him an important title so Neo would believe that he was strong even though Bob was a dumb idiot, "He will stay here with you while I go and escort the freed prisoners to their village. I will come back and then we will talk about what to do with you. Is it acceptable?"

Neo hesitantly nodded after a moment even though she was still visibly scared of Bob. Well, tough luck as I was already flying away. She had Bob and enough food to survive there.

At least I hoped so...

It took the whole day. The whole fucking day of flying around the group and killing weak Grimm left and right. It was the most monotonous task I had done in this world. The Grimm were weak, but there were so many of them that I didn't even get a break for a minute. At least I leveled a lot of skills or at least I think I did from the number of notifications I heard during the flight.

After we reached the village I instantly left them and began flying back to the camp. Those people were no longer my problem and their survival depended only on them. I did my job and thanks to their arrival the number of negative emotions lowered a bit, so they had a chance.

I arrived back at the camp when it was already dark, but I saw Bob lying before one of the tents, chewing on a human leg that was probably cut off during our attack.

I ignored the feeling of disgust and asked, "You didn't kill her right?"

Bob dipped his head to the side with the leg still in his mouth and I couldn't stop the groan that escaped my mouth, Why do I even bother? Of course, it wouldn't understand when I ask about something important.

Stepping through the tent's entrance, I instantly noticed Neo lying on a dirty mattress. She was already looking at me and had her notebook and pen in hand. At least she knew that she would need it.

I sat down - or at least tried to, it didn't work the best with a draconic body - and addressed the girl, "Before we begin. What is your name and how old are you?"

Confirmation about her age and name would be useful and satiate my curiosity. Neo was a bit surprised by the question but answered nonetheless, "Neo, and I am eleven almost twelve."

Huh. So I was a bit off about her age, but that wasn't surprising when you take into consideration how she looked. Neo was short even in canon and she was a grown-up woman in the show.

Now for the question that would hopefully fix this whole mess, "Do you have family or even friends that could take care of you?"

And she shook her head. Of course, she did, why would it ever be easy.

"Then what the hell am I supposed to do with you? You can't go with me, the wild is no place for a little girl and I would like to point this out again. I. Am. A. Grimm," I was getting really frustrated, I could take her to one of the major cities, but the brat would probably disagree again. I was really rethinking my decision on just leaving her.

"Train me," she scribbled down.

"What?" I said incredulously. Neo again pointed at her writing, "I understand what you mean, but it doesn't make any sense! How many times do I need to tell you that I am a Grimm? I don't fight like humans, so I can't teach you shit," I almost screamed at the end.

Neo again began writing, "I don't care. Train me. I don't want to be helpless again."

This time I screamed. Gods, it was some sort of stupid kid logic right? Where they ignore everything you say and wouldn't stop until you agree. I really couldn't teach her anything with my current form apart from some things about Aura.

I knew that Neo wouldn't accept anything else so I could either leave her here to death or agree to her demands. There was also the third option where I grab the girl and then drop her near Vale or any other village, but this could create many problems that would bite me in the ass later.

The choice was unfortunately obvious as I already said that I wouldn't let her die. But if Neo thought that she would always get what she wanted, then the girl was very, very wrong.

"Okay brat. I will take you with me," the girl instantly smiled widely, "But if you really want this then I have a few rules that you will abide by. One, you will listen to everything I say and there is no way around this rule. If you break it, then I will just drop you off at the nearest village. Two, there will be no whining about our accommodations. Three, you won't ask questions about my abilities. And finally four. You will only stay with me for the next two months. I will teach you what I can, which isn't much. And after that, you are going back to civilization where you won't tell anybody about me. Do you understand? You either take this offer or I leave you here."

Neo definitely wasn't happy with the deal, but when given an ultimatum her choice was also obvious as she nodded in agreement.

"Great," I would clap my hands if I had them, "Do you know what Scroll is?" a nod, "Then go around the camp and try to find some. Bob will watch you so don't worry about anything."

Yes, I just sent an eleven-year-old girl on a loot run in a bandit camp full of dead bodies. Not my problem, Neo made her choice and I was going to use it. I was fine with dropping the brat near other humans, but she chose to stick with me. She will need to adapt which probably wouldn't be too hard. After all, the girl was mad enough to follow Grimm.

I chuckled lightly and began my own task. I only looted the most important things, but there was still something I could get from this camp.


If they didn't have Scrolls then I would probably find something in the stacks of papers I saw in a few tents.

It is gonna take a while…

The problem with pseudo-adopting a young girl?

Taking care of her. Like I had some experience with looking after kids that my family had, but this was a completely different situation. I wasn't human any longer, we were in a world infested with deadly creatures that just waited to kill us all and Neo wasn't exactly your everyday kid.

At least food and water wouldn't be a problem. I didn't really need it, but a normal human would just die after some time. That was why after I collected every important file I could find, I searched the camp for any food provisions and then put it all in my inventory. If I ran out of it before it was time for Neo to go, I would just hunt some wildlife. There was plenty of it in this world. The only problem would be with preparing it.

Oh well, I was sure either I or Neo would figure it out... probably.

The next problem was a bit more simple but still troublesome. Where should I take Neo?

I needed some temporary base, a place where I could come back to after a long trip. Unfortunately as a Grimm, it was pretty hard to find a suitable place that would be able to be good for me and a human that needed much more than me to survive. That was another reason why I put into my inventory more things that would help with that.

All in all, with my inventory stocked, I was pretty sure that Neo would stay alive for those two months. At least when I finally found a place to rest.

My map around Vale was mostly uncovered and I really wanted to be close to the city just in case I needed to drop off the little girl. Thankfully before Neo came back with three Scrolls I already decided where we would go.

The big mountain range to the east of Vale.

Even if I didn't visit this place yet, I knew that it was there. I really hoped that the territory there wouldn't have anything too dangerous. I also doubted that it was the warmest place on Remnant, but I could deal with that later. I had enough problems as it was.

Surprisingly it wasn't a problem to get Neo to sit on my back and hold very tightly to my spikes. Thankfully she was very small and even I could carry her without bigger problems. If I didn't level up a few times during this mission then I probably would have more problems with carrying her. I was getting close to the size of a small horse, hopefully, the next evolution would give me another boost.

Fortunately, the bandit camp was quite close to the mountain range. We managed to arrive in the new territory after about half a day. I needed to take breaks every hour or two, but I didn't expect Neo to last on my back without any stop. At least she didn't take a long time to recover and wasn't against me flying quite fast. I wasn't too worried about her falling down as Bob was always under me just in case.

Not that I trusted the moronic subordinate to catch Neo, but it was always something...

To my surprise, the new territory was very friendly and I thought that it would make a good base even in the future. But there was one thing that I didn't understand about it.

[Number 9: Mountains of Vale (No man's land)

Requirements to conquer:

-Exterminate individual number of Grimm (0/50)]

No man's land? Game? A little explanation would be nice.

[It is very simple, really.

As you know all of Remnant was divided into territories. Most of them are controlled by humans/fanus or Salem/Grimm. But there is another very small category that you just found.

No man's land is a territory that even though will most likely have Grimm, there won't be many of them, and killing them won't notify Salem. You can easily conquer those territories, but unlike other major lands, those won't give you any benefits apart from anonymity.

After conquering it, the Grimm will stay away from you, but you won't be able to control them like in other major territories.]

That's... helpful. The anonymity part is going to be very useful and at least I won't have a problem with keeping the Grimm away from my base. Anyway, thanks Game.

[Yea, yea. Now hurry up with finding a place to rest, the brat is almost falling asleep.]

I craned my neck to look at my back and saw that yes, Neo was slowly falling asleep. That was not good. I better hurry, I wouldn't want to rest in the open.

It wasn't easy to find a perfect place for a temporary or even permanent base, but I did it. It was good that I did it this fast as Neo instantly fell asleep when I landed. How the girl managed to be comfortable to sleep on my scaled back, I would never know.

Our new home was a cave. No surprise there.

Thankfully it wasn't too high in the mountains, so it wasn't too cold and Neo shouldn't have any problems reaching it after I showed her a few things she could do with aura.

The opening was big enough for me even if I grew a bit and from what I saw, the cave was quite long and big. The first large chamber would be enough for us now, but if I decided to make it my permanent base, then I would probably expand into the other tunnels. The only problem would be making this place secure, but that again could wait for later...

Yeah, the number of things to do later was getting bigger and bigger.

With Neo asleep, I used this time to take out most things from my inventory that the girl would need to survive. There wasn't that much of it, but if the bandits managed to survive with this then the mad girl should too.

Next on my list of things to do was quick scouting of the cave to check if any Grimm were deeper inside.

Unsurprisingly I didn't find anything so I went back to check on Neo. I hoped that she would still be asleep in the tent I took from the camp as I still had some things to do.

Thankfully she still was so I sat down at the entrance to the cave and finally checked my notifications. And boy there was a lot of it.


-Quest: Man or a monster. Completed

-You leveled up 5 times

-You now have 90 SP and 21 EP available

-'Flight Mastery' is now at the maximum level (25)

-'Aura' is now level 24

-'Spike Spears' is now level 18

-'Stealth' is now level 34

-Rewards for clearing the temporary territory were added to your inventory]

Yeah, that's a lot of EPs. It is a pity that 'Flight Mastery' doesn't have any additional bonus, but I should have expected that. Now let's see what the quest gave me.

[Quest Chain Completed]

Man or a monster.

All objectives finished successfully.

You choose path number 2. Good luck


Choice 1: 4 EP, Free Evolution: Monstrous human form, 12k EXP, 10k Lien, 5 random stat crystals (Failed)

Choice 2: 6 EP, Free Evolution: Mostly human form, 15k EXP, 5k Lien, 3 random stat crystals (Completed)

Choice 3: 3 EP, Free Evolution: Limited human form, 8k EXP, 1k Lien, 1 random stat crystals (Failed)

Choice 4: 8 EP, Evolution permanently locked: Human form, 25k EXP, 5k Lien, 2 random stat crystals, Title: Butcher (Failed)

Holy shit! So that's why I leveled so many times and have so much EP. And a free evolution that will finally fix some of my problems, though I wonder what the 'mostly' part means. Oh well, I will find out when I finally evolve and with the amount of EP I have, I could do this even tomorrow.

My status page was already looking a lot better with all the level ups and additional stats I gained during my fights in those past two days. To think that a quest like that would change so much, so quick. It was almost unbelievable, especially the human form.

It was something that I really needed if I wanted to at least have some normal encounters with humans and fanus. It would let me use my Lien, but it wasn't as important, even if now I had a lot of it.

With a shake of my head, I closed the notifications and decided to check the inventory. After all, the system said that it added some items there, besides I wanted to use the stat crystals and see what other items from my looting were there.

Money, food, basic weapons - firearms and melee alike - were there, but I also spotted the two crates of dust crystals. I wanted to see what I could do with them, but it wasn't too important now and could wait a few days. Besides, experimenting with dust probably wasn't the best idea when I was still in my temporary home...

Yeah, just leave it for now.

With normal items checked, I moved onto the stat crystals. I must have dropped one from somewhere as I saw that I had four in the inventory. Without much thought, I crushed them with my wing.

You have gained the following stats:

+ 5 DEX

+ 5 STR

+ 10 VIT

[1st STR milestone: +5% damage when using weapons and limbs

1st VIT milestone: +10% Max HP]

Okay, not bad. The milestone boosts are definitely nice, but I really wanted more INT and WIS. Gods know I need it.


No one asked you, I answered automatically. At this point, I already expected those comments. At least it was never boring with the Game.

Snorting quietly I let my gaze finally fall on a skill book that wasn't previously in my inventory. Definitely a surprise as it was a long time since I received one of those. Hopefully, it would be useful.

[New Skill learned.]

[Soul Drain (Active) LVL: 1 (0%)

Aura is the manifestation of one's soul and now you can steal it from other beings to recover your MP at a very quick rate. Requires constant physical contact and focus. This ability is very easy to interrupt. Warning: Target will die if you drain them dry.

-Effect: Drains 50 MP/s from your target]

Well, I didn't really know how it would be useful to me. The number of beings I fought that had aura was very small. It would probably become useful later on or after it was somehow upgraded, but for now, I couldn't see how to apply it in my current situation.

With everything finally under control I brought up my status screen.

Name: Umbra

Race: Soul Grimm

Title: Young Grimm

Level: 17 (4780/7500)

Evolution Stage: Draconic 2 (100%)

HP: 1635

MP: 1295

STR: 28 + (25%) = 35

VIT: 33 + (25%) = 41.25

DEX: 37 + (25%) = 46.25

INT: 23 + (50%) = 34.5

WIS: 23 + (50%) = 34.5

LUC: 15

Elemental Affinity:

SP: 90 | EP: 21

Lien: 25801

Yep, I was progressing quite nicely. I didn't really know how strong were the higher tier opponents, but I was still happy with what I achieved in those few weeks. Now that another evolution was waiting for me I knew that I would only get stronger. There was also the human form that I couldn't wait to test out.

So much to do. Thankfully those two months with Neo should give me enough time to deal with the changes that would come after my evolution and the long list of things to do that I gathered during my travels...

I really need to stop putting things away for later. It is gonna bite me in the ass one day.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a moment of free time to evolve during the next day. Neo insisted that I at least teach her something, so we began with Aura. I wasn't surprised that hers was already unlocked. I had a feeling that her Semblance was also already available, as I didn't believe that she would be able to sneak up on me without it.

Neo didn't know how to access it so she most likely used it subconsciously when she was high on emotions. I was alright with that. It was embarrassing enough to have an eleven-year-old unlock her Semblance faster than me.

Anyway... I showed the girl a few things she could do with Aura as she had almost no control over it. It took us most of the day to get down the basics before I left Neo alone so she could practice and I went to do some scouting of the area.

I found out that when I was at the highest point of the mountains, I was finally starting to get cold. That was good to know, now I was pretty sure that going to Atlas wouldn't be too comfortable.

Apart from that, I only found a few Grimm, that were really weak, probably weakened from the cold. Killing fifty of them would be a pain in the ass, as it took me a few hours to find only six and I didn't want to waste too much time hunting Grimm.

After I came back it was already dark and thankfully Neo was sleeping. As I already informed her that I had something to do and might not be here when she was up, I went further into the cave to find a place to evolve. Bob was guarding the cave so the girl was safe.

I found an average-sized chamber a few minutes later and there I finally made my decision.

Your EP: 21 | Spent EP: 20

Chosen evolutions:

- Armor (reinforced) | Cost: 3 EP | Bought: level 1

- Predator's Eyes Lvl. 2 | Cost: 4 EP | Bought: level 1

- Second pair of limbs | Cost: 4 EP

- Lightning core | Cost: 3 EP

- Faster growth | Cost: 1 EP

- Hunter pulse | Cost: 2 EP

- Free Evolution: Mostly human form

- Climate Resistance: Cold | Cost: 3 EP

[Do you want to proceed with the evolution?]


I had waited long enough for this moment and I got every evolution that I needed now. Now I just needed to press the button.

[Evolution will begin now. Estimated time until completion: 9 hours.]

And just like the last time the notification disappeared and darkness consumed me. I let the process flow through me with my mind free of any problems. Now I just needed to wait.

As the evolution finally finished and the cocoon of darkness disappeared, my gaze again settled on the empty cave chamber. I instantly noticed that I felt much different.

I was bigger, probably two times my previous size. A welcome surprise that was for sure. Now my fights in close quarters would be much easier if I was bigger than my opponents. The only downside of this change would be the decrease in my agility. It happened the last time so I expect it now. Oh well, nothing a few more points in dexterity wouldn't fix.

The next change that I almost instantly noticed was the addition of two new limbs. I quickly brought them before my eyes and saw that they looked just like I hoped.

They were about the same length as my back limbs, but their build was different. I could move them almost like a human could move their arms and my claws were capable of grabbing things. I was a bit worried that they would just be another pair of legs that wouldn't be too useful, but now I knew that with limbs like that, my combat capabilities would be higher.

Apart from that my vision was even better and I knew that I could activate the weak thermal vision with just a thought. I also felt the change in my aura that probably came from my new elemental affinity. I would definitely test it out after I got out of the cave, but for now, I wanted to see what the system got for me.

[New skill acquired]

[Hunter pulse (Active) LVL: Max

The ability of any Alpha predator. Send a pulse of energy through the nearby territory in search of anything alive. Warning: Some creatures are capable of sensing the pulse, or hiding from it altogether.

-Range: 350 Feet]

Pretty good range, got to admit that. I thought it would be half of that or even less, but I would take what they gave me.

Alright next.

[You gained your Main Element. Special tab has been added to the skill menu.]

[Lightning elemental (Passive/Active) lvl: 1 (0%)

You chose your element and lightning answered your call. You can now use pure lighting with your MP however you want (Some uses might still be unavailable, reach higher levels to unlock them). Higher mastery of this skill lowers the cost of using it and raises the damage dealt. Using this element has a small chance of paralyzing the target.

NOTICE: While you can control lightning almost as you wish, you can also create and unlock special attacks for better effects, damage, and lower costs.

-Damage: 50 BASE + INT x1.5 (Due to the nature of this element, armor can't lower its damage by more than 50%)

-Cost: Initial 50 MP, gets bigger with longer and bigger use

Special Attacks: Trap (Paralyzes the target for a small amount of time, Higher base damage), Lightning Stream (The lightning version of Fire breath, DMG depends on the MP input)]

Now that was something I have been waiting for. The choice of the element was never hard. I always loved any lightning attacks and there was no way I would miss such an opportunity to use them myself. Besides now I could see that it definitely was a good choice even though the damage wasn't too high yet.

All the additional effects that Lighting granted me were definitely worth it, even if other elements would have higher damage output. I was also really glad that I could manipulate my element almost without any limits, and even those would probably be taken down after I leveled this skill.

Now all that was left for me to check was my human form.

Game, some help? Evolution didn't tell me how to access it.

[Right. Here you go, the basic tutorial to your human form.

Human transformation is now available to you. Using this function is quite simple as you only need to focus on taking the form and the system will do the rest. Remember your human appearance has been already chosen for you and you can't change it yet.

The change will also affect some aspects of your skills, stats, or evolutions. One, your STRENGTH will be halved in your human form. Two, some skills might work differently. Three, remember that you are still a Grimm and if you stay too long as a human, you might receive some negative temporary effects. And finally four, your armor mostly doesn't apply in human form so be careful.

Good luck.]

That simple huh? Some of the changes I expected, but the lowered strength wasn't too nice. Oh well, it is not like I will use my new form in a major fight.

As the system told me, I focused on the change and a moment later I felt my entire being shifting. I didn't see anything, as the transformation took away my sight, but thankfully it only lasted a moment before it finished and I was now standing in my new form.

It was definitely weird to again have a human body, but I still enjoyed the feeling. Or I would have enjoyed it if I didn't notice something very wrong with my new form.

For fucks sake. Now I know what it meant by 'Mostly'...

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