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Summary: They were both suns, burning bright.

Disclaimer: Only the plot (if you can call it that) is mine.

He was a sun. He was bright and bold and happy. When he smiled the rest of the world smiled with him. He was always up for an adventure, and he never complained. He was flirty and pun-loving. He would do anything to make you feel better. He loved without boundaries.

She was a sun as well. Her smile was infectious, and it made everyone feel better. She was always supportive and loving, and fiercely protective of her friends. She was strong and brave and wore her heart on her sleeve. She refused to be ashamed. She loved without limit.

Together they became greater, and the world became greater with them. They bonded as friends in their civilian forms and as partners while superheroes. The world changed, but their values never changed.

They went from friends to something more. You would never see one without the other. They were always touching, always smiling. Nothing could stop them.

They continued to save Paris, and they ended Hawkmoth's reign. He didn't stand a chance.

They moved as one, always knowing what the other was thinking.

No villain who tried to plague the city of love stood a chance against the two of them. They loved each other fiercely which led them to an understanding.

They fought with each other, by each other, for each other. No one else mattered in their world.

They became more ruthless. The villains stopped showing up because of what would happen to them. The two thought they could be happy.

But the problem with two suns is that they can't last very long together.

Soon he no longer loved her stubborn spirit, he hated the way it made her prideful. He hated that she always put others first, not thinking of herself nor him. He hated that everyone always knew how she felt, that she never needed to tell him anything because he already knew. He hated her bravery, how it got her hurt and put others in danger. He hated that she was never ashamed, not even when she should have been.

She hated that he always acted so confident, never letting her in. She hated that he had to tell her everything so that she could understand how he was feeling. She hated that people gravitated towards him, because he was supposed to be hers. She hated how his sense of adventure got him into trouble. She hated that he put everyone else's needs before his or her own, leaving them without money, without food, and without love. She grew to hate his many puns, and the way he would try to lighten the atmosphere.

They learned to hate each other just as they had learned to love each other. Everything they had loved the other became a flaw that they wanted changed.

They didn't get along anymore. They were fighting more with themselves than with their opponent.

They lost their ability to work together as a team, no longer understanding how the other worked.

They became ruthless towards each other more and more with each passing day.

Instead of fighting for and beside each other they were fighting for themselves and with each other.

They started burning brighter, their hatred for each other burning much brighter than their love ever had.

They hated that they had ever loved each other. They buried the fact as they fought. They tried to bury the leftover love with harsh words and cold looks.

And it worked too well.

As they became worse, the world declined with them. As they burned hotter with hate the world became a colder and darker place.

In love they flourished, but in hate they destroyed.

They were no longer saving others, or even themselves.

You see, the problem with suns is that they can't be in close contact for too long. They start to burn brighter and brighter, at first warming and then freezing their world, and then they explode.

The two exploded. And all that was left was a cold shell.

Both of them had lost all warmth, all feeling, into each other. The other consumed it instead of preserving it, and eventually they died out.

No emotion can last forever, not even hate.

Their story became a warning to all: love can easily turn into hate.

And it was true, although no other couple ever came close to what these two were.

They were the saviors of Paris, the favorite classmates, the only children, the passionate. They did everything passionately, and they died out passionately.

They drifted as fallen suns do, no set direction. They became nameless, and they died nameless.

Their names were lost in history, and so a simple drawing was carved on each of their gravestones as they sat in the ground in the same cemetery, but not next to each other.

The drawing was of a cat and a ladybug.

And years after they were buried their gravestones broke like their hearts, separating the two animals depicted. Forever.

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