Phineas and the family travel to The Tipton Hotel in Boston, and Zack and Cody get them in trouble


"I can't believe you, boys!" Says Linda.

"How could you." Ask Lawrence.

"Easym we make mischief" responds Phineas

"Just for that, we're sending you to off to summer camp... Camp Kikiwaka!"

"What! Summer camp!" Phineas exclaimed.

"Ha, loser!" Says candace

"Don't get cocky, Candace, you're going too!" Says Lawrence.

Later, at Camp Kikiwaka

"Welcome, my name is Gladys" says Gladys.

"Hi, I'm here to send my children to camp"

"Age" says Gladys

"48" Linda and Lawrence say

"Not you, the children!"

"Oh, 13, 14 and 16" said Linda

"The boys will be in the Grizlies cabins, the redhead will be a weasel!" Says Gladys

"What?" Said Linda

"Not important" responds Gladys

"Hey, guys" says a familiar voice

" *gasp* Zack, Cody, how are you?" Says Phineas

"Horrible" scoffs Cody

"Mom sent us here for getting you in trouble Friday night, we're sorry" says Zack

"Who are you?" Ask a little brown girl

"Well, I'm phineas!" Says Phineas

"Wow, your nacho shaped head makes you... atractive! I'm Zuri!" Says Zuri.

"Personally, i like the redhead!" Said Ravi

"Wow, I'm in an ongoing relationship" says Candace

"What about you, Finn!" Says Zuri.

"You dating anyone?' She ask

"Nope" says Phineas

" *chuckle* clearly, this was a bad choice, we'll be heading home now!" Says Lawrence

"Bye mom and dad, see you in two weeks!" Says Phineas

"Lets f***" says Zuri

"zuri Ross!" Says Ravi

"Wait! Take me home!" Shouts Phineas.

"Sorry you'll be hear for 2 weeks" says Linda

"What better way to pass time?" Ask Zuri

2 weeks after putting up with trechorous work and Zuri's constant romantic gestures Phineas was ready to go home, not Candace, though. She was at the beach with Ravi holding hands. "I don't wanna leave!" Says Candace. "I could move to Danville with you!" Says Ravi. "I'd love that, very much!" Says Ravi. They kiss. Now, on their way home, Candace looks out the window. She sees Ravi waving bye with a teary face. Candace waves back as the episode concludes


Vincent Martella - phineas

Thomas Brodie-Sangster - Ferb

Ashley To stake- Candace

Caroline Rhea - Linda

Richard O'Brien - Lawrence

Mary Scheer - Gladys

Karan Brar - Ravi

Skai Jackson - Zuri

Cole Sprouse - Cody

Dylan Sprouse - Zack

In memory of:

Cameron Boyce 1999-2019

Dedicated to:

Thomas G. Wildfong (my dad) 1973-2015

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