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"I will be more than happy to become a powerful space commander in the world of Lilo and Stitch," he said.

"Great. Because you not getting anything" said the God, dropping a bombshell on him.

"Eh?" He said, blinking. "Aren't you supposed to be given me a system or cool powers?"

"Why? I'm dropping you off on an island filled with super-powered creatures that can even change the weather" said the God. "Do you really need powers when you can just grab an experiment?"

"...Good point." He said, sweat dropping before he said. "But still, I don't want to be put in the hospital every time Gantu is stomping around. I don't even want to be a rich towney. I just want to survive"

"Very well, then," said God. "I'll give you tougher skin."

"Oh, and can you give me special shades?" He said, making the God blink. "I just realised what the perfect experiment for this job is and I need shades to protect my eyes"

"Alright then," said the God.

Then the World came to life and he saw that he was in some wooden, not so special house, he saw a mirror and saw he was a generic-looking townie, the kind of person who would run the moment they saw an alien.

He turned around and some shades laying innocently on the generic couch and put them on, he began dressing like a tourist, complete with a fanny pack around his waist and bag.

This was all a disguise, an excuse to go places and not have certain people stare at him for too long.

He walked out, locked the door and began walking down the street.

If he remembered correctly, he needed to find a birthday party.

Luckily, a flyer for a birthday party wasn't that hard to find, the richest tourist came here to party all the time, because of the beautiful weather and scenery.

He managed to locate the party, but there were too many people around so he had to think.

With the little he had, he brought a drink at a nearby cafe and sat down and watched out of the corner of his eye.

He saw a person doing what a small group told them to do, clearly hypnotised.

He took in the view when in reality he was stalling.

But he had confirmed the most important thing.

When the party was reaching peak, he did everything he could to look like a drunk tourist, he unbuttoned his shirt, crinkle his hair and clothes, one of his sandals was left behind.

He took a deep breath and began singing off-key 'Reach for the stars' by S Club 7.

He shoved down any embarrassment as he crashed the party, everybody looked appalled as he slammed himself into people and things, while he secretly made his way to a certain table, with a certain alien on top.

"Reach for the staaarrrs!" He sang, as he used his bag to hide how he grabbed the alien and then he continued running, the police no doubt was being called for him, as soon as he was far enough, he started booking it back to his place.

He jumped through peoples backyards, anything to make it harder for the cops to find him and he managed to make it back to his house, he opened the door, slammed it shut and then breathed a sigh of relief.

Now safe, he looked at his hand, two large eyes stared back at him and then they turned to swirls.

He said. "That's not going to work on me, little guy. I just want to talk"

He put the alien down on the table and took a breather.

The alien looked at him.

"For one thing, I really apologise for kidnapping you from you home, Swirly but I wouldn't have been able to talk to you otherwise," he said before he said. "What I wanted to ask of you is far more fun then hypnotising people to be fun at birthday parties could ever be. Do you want to hear it?"

The alien stared at him and he thought it was his go-ahead.

"Allow me to introduce myself," he said. "I am Commander Drake. A commander from the stars" but then he said uncomfortably. "Well, kind of. You, see. I currently have nobody under me. All I have going for me is tougher than normal skin. My dream is to become such a power that the United Galactic Federation won't dare mess with me. But I'm a nobody right now. Nobody has ever heard of me." Before he said with energy. "And that's where you come in"

The alien tilted his head.

"I want to use your hypnosis to recruit my first galactic operatives," he said. "I have to be sneaky with this. There are two sides that I have to worry about, I don't want them knowing what I'm up to unless it's absolutely necessary." But then he paused and said. "However, If your content with birthday parties and don't need the excitement of building a galactic level organisation together. We can stop now and I'll just open the window to let you out"

He went to the window and opened it.

He saw the alien look at the window and then back at him, but the alien did not move.

Apparently, the perfect home could not match with trying to build an intergalactic organisation.

"Great. Were going to have lots of fun, Swirly" he said. "But before that. Let's eat."

The alien lept with joy at the mention of food, he made his way to the fridge and showed his expertise at cooking something great with what little he had.

He really was dirt poor.

They had mixed salad and then under the cover of darkness with the alien in a bag, they went outside, he did not look drunk this time.

So to a normal person, he looked like a tourist going on a nightly stroll, when in reality, he was peeking through people's windows to see who lived in which house, before finding the house, he wanted to visit the most.

It was no means as glamorous as the one Lilo lived in, but there was a roof.

He pressed the doorbell and took the alien out of the bag before whispering to it. "Time to shine, swirly"

The person who opened the door was none other than David Kawena, Nani Pelekai night and shining armour, who she still refused to date for some reason.

The guy looked surprised but then his eyes became swirls as he stared deeply into Swirls rotating eyes.


He said. "You are a hidden galactic level operative. I am Commander Drake, a person who you greatly admirer and respect. You will invite me in"

Swirly stopped and David's eyes returned to normal, he blinked and looked at him.

A part of him was worried that it didn't work until the guy smiled and said. "Commander Drake. Please come in. Is there anything I can get for you?"


He walked into the guy's house and Swirly looked around.

"Is that an experiment?" Said, David.

"Yes, Swirly will be working with us from now," he said, putting on his best important voice and stance."I have several pit stops tonight and just wanted to check up on you. Were supposed to be complete strangers, so it's hard to check on operatives"

And David said.

"Well, it kind of hard being stuck here and seeing my skill stunt by the day," he said. "I really want to help this girl names Nani out, she's running herself into the ground with worry about keeping her job. If I'm jobless, when worse comes to worst, I have the base to return to. However, when worst comes for her, she may lose her kid sister to social service. She's too nice to tell Lilo to not bring Stitch along, even though he destroys everything. It's so hard watching her pay for the destruction with a paycheck that will vanish if both of them appear."

He was surprised.

David was still David, he just had extra knowledge attached to him

"If you really feel so strongly about this girl, then I'll see to it that you get a higher paying job. Nani, won't last if I help her get a job," he said, and the moment he said that he could see the admiration in the other eyes.

"Thank you, Commander." Said, David.

"No need to thank me." He said, before saying. "Now, I'm going to leave now. When I get out, we will officially be strangers again" David opened the door, he walked out and said. "Thanks for the butter, neighbour"

The switch was amazing.

"No problem," said, David.

Commander Drake walked down the steps and shamelessly made a B-line for the Jameson house, one of the wealthiest families on the island, he could see the mansion from there.

"Ready, to change fate, Swirly?" He said to the alien.

Swirly thought he was way more interesting than any birthday party.

#morning at the Pelekai house#

"What!?" Said Nani, as Lilo and Stitch sat and ate breakfast.

"They just called now to offer me the job," said David on the other end. "They said they would be paying me on the days, I can come in. And if I want it full time, I will be paid weekly"

"David, are you joking?" Said Nani. "How much will you be making? Did you find a four-leaf clover recently? That's insane!"

"Well, it turns out I made a powerful friend recently and they vouched for me with the Jamesons," he said. "I'm heading out now to start the new work. Wish me good luck"

And then he hung up.

David drove to the Birds of Paradise hotel and parked there, and waiting outside was none other then Mr Jameson, the other workers we're understandable shocked when their boss shook hands with a guy who appeared in a vast, beach shorts and sandals.

"Let's me, give you the introduction," said Mr Jameson and he was laid to a room, that had curtains drown and hollow walls.

"Nobody can see or hear us," said Mr Jameson, guesting him to sit down.

"Ah, did Commander talk to you?" Said, David.

"He did show up to my house last night," said the man. "You were discussed but you weren't the main focus. He came around for something far more pressing."

And David's casual body language on the sofa was appalling considering who he was talking to, but the man didn't seem to mind at all.

"Now, you will be paid at the end of each day," said the man, before the man said. "The staff may complain but once you've shown them that you're working hard, they will ease up on you." Before finishing off with. "Now let's sign the employment paperwork and I can get you started"

They spent the next 30 minutes going through it before he was introduced to the laundry staff and was left to work like he had two extra arms.

People were disgusting.

The hardship he went through, would have anybody asking for a breather, but he was a galactic level agent, how could he let mere Laundry kick him down?

It was tough, but he managed to have breaks in between the work before clocking out, his back was sore and his hands had looked better.

However, he got into his vehicle with cash in his pockets and drove home.

He can now be the huge financial help he always dreamed of being to Nani.

#In a certain house#

"Okay, Swirly," said Commander Drake. "Is it possible to hypnotise somebody into learning a new skill?"

He was asking because Swirly introduction was making a woman much better at surfing.

The alien tilted his head.

"I'll take that as a no," he said before he said. "Damn it, I'll actually have to lay the groundwork for the skills"

Well, there goes his dream to magically take on Gantu without any training.

He needed to gain some fighting ability even if it was novice level and then hypnotise himself to be amazing at it before trying this on anybody else.

If he did not do this and foolishly went up again experienced fighters, the end result would be embarrassing for him.

He had to exercise.

And scene!