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David was completely oblivious to how his body had changed because if he did, he would be flexing in front of his Crush.

But Nani could defiantly see him from where she worked.

So to those who didn't know that he hadn't seen himself shirtless in the mirror for a while, thought that he was rather aloof about this.

Nani noticed that the pretty lifeguard woman was looking Davids way.

For the first time in years, the woman was paying attention to David.

They finished the relaxing day out and everybody was left with questions.

Jumba called a certain experiment over.

"What? You want me to spy on Nani, not yet boyfriend?" Said Nosey.

"There is definitely something going on with the human male," said Jumba. "He's changing too quickly, friends we don't know about are appearing, he got little girl into the best school on the island and now he has the body of a fighter. It's like he met somebody who is changing him."

"Well, I don't see why not," said Nosey. "I'll be on him tomorrow"

And Nosey made his way to Davids house in the early morning, only to be shocked to see that he was awake and doing weight back lifts in his yard.

"What on earth?" He said, suddenly getting interested.

David was drenched with sweat as he continued to jump with the weights and when he was done, the guy went inside and through the window, Nosey could see that David wasn't done because he dangled on a high bar and began to do upside-down press-ups.

Nosey blinked owlishly.

When the human was done, David got out a practise pole and decided to some training with it.

It was just one thing after another, it didn't stop until it was an hour before his work and then the human went to shower, David, placed the suit in the washer.

He came out in a towel, showing his amazing body.

"Wow, look at that body." He said. "But why?"

He then watched, David go to the fridge and cabinets and get out healthy food and cereal.

David clearly didn't like the no sugar cereal, it must taste like dirt but the human pushed through it and swallowed.

Why though?

David finished and put on his favourite vest, shorts and flip flops before taking his keys and driving his car to his workplace.

Nosey latched onto his bumper.

The vehicle stopped at the hotel and David walked out and entered it, Nosey then used his stealth to follow David inside and he followed him to the Laundry section where he saw a regular guy doing a job.

Nothing unusual about this, except he had seen David working out this morning.

He decided to do some snooping in the guy's house.

He made his way back, opened the window and climbed inside.

It looked like a normal house.

He began to look around, it was the standard stuff, work out equipment, pictures of Nani and the whole family with him in it, he didn't see anything unusual...

"What in gods name?" He said.

Right in front of him was a massive board, it was a timetable, it narrowed his life down to what he should be doing every hour.

Even down to the food he was eating.

"But why?" Said Nosey. "It's almost like he's training himself to fight aliens."

It was so ridiculous but at the same time, why else would a guy go this far to improve on a luxurious island unless he wants to defend himself against the aliens on it?

This obsessive behaviour was new, he had been inside everybody house before and he had never seen this in Davids home.

He went back to David and saw that the guy was going for a break, he saw that David followed the dietary suggestion to a T, even down to the amount of time he chewed.

Then the guy went back and did work.

David came back for Lunch and exercise, again following the timetable, then he went back.

Nosey was fully watching him now when David officially finished, he saw that instead of going home like the rest, the human went inside a room.

A room with no windows and the door was locked, he couldn't hear a thing.

"What the?" He said.

When he came out, Nosey saw David walk out with a stack of cash which he promptly put into his wallet and into his pocket.

He knew where David was going, but something told him to wait.

Minutes later, none other than the Hotel owner Mr Jefferson walked out.

He was stunned.

Did Mr Jefferson just give David cash!?

They knew each other!?

He had followed this man before, and never once was David name mentioned or written down.

They shouldn't know each other and yet the man was given David cash personally, inside a sealed room?

How did they knew each other that well and why we're they hiding it?

With that kind of a connection, David could easily be front desk manager.

Nosey followed David back to his house, he watched David stretch, rubbed some cream on his back, eat a healthy dinner and then begin his bed routine.

The guy went to bed, waiting to start the day all over again.

Fast forward to a few days, the collecting of secret money continued and to Nosey shock, every time David went to 'self improve', he always lost him somehow.

Him, an experiment designed to follow and monitor, lost a human being and when he did find him, he was usually far away from the spot he disappeared from.

It was as if he was teleporting somehow or there was a secret web of tunnels he didn't knew about.

And David knew people, people who lived completely separate lives from him and yet, he still mysterious knew them.

By the end of the week, his view of David had completely changed.

"David Kawena," he said. "Who exactly are you?"

Was the surfing idiot in love with Nani just a persona?

The human didn't scream CIA, the caseworker never acknowledge the guy, David had met the supreme councilwoman several times and she never looked at him like he was anything but a regular human being who was there for the ride.

He had quiet the report to tell Jam-

Suddenly he was tapped on his shoulder and he turned around, only to stare at big hypnotic eyes.

Isn't he-

He blacked out.

When he came to, he was in a holding cell that had taken a page out of the maximum-security prison of the galaxy but this time, there were no faults.

"Did I just get kidnapped by my own cousin?" He said, shocked before he said. "Wow! I stumbled onto something huge!"

His secret senses were going off.

Suddenly he heard. "Indeed you have"

A screen appeared before him and there was a dark figure in a too big cloak and speaking in a voice changer that could be a man and a woman.

All done so the experiment couldn't match him.

"So you are the experiment I've been hearing about," said the voice.

"And you are?" Said Nosey.

"My official title is Commanded Drake," he said. "I'm the head of a galactic level organisation, that is the third side of this island"

"Oh, so David is apart of your organisation then?" Said Nosey.

"Yes," he said. "David is undergoing extensive training right now. I knew Jumba would send you one day to follow somebody. I'm just shocked that it took him this long"

How much did this person know? Nosey thought, he sounds like he knew his creator personally.

"So now you have a choice," said Commander Drake. "Your first option is to forget all of this and go back to your creator thinking that you've just spent a week watching a normal guy take up kickboxing. In your mind, there will be nothing unusual about David and no need to follow him further"

Nosey was horrified, but with Swirly, this was very possible.

"And the second option is," said Commander Drake. "You will become the organisation's spymaster"

His eyes went huge and he said. "What?"

"I've been watching you for some time and Spying is indeed in your programming," said Commander Drake. "I want you to become the organisation's spymaster. As the Spy Master, you will be paid for any valuable information you have. You will receive perks and know the inner workings of the organisation. However, if you take it, Swirly will make sure that you don't talk about the organisation outside of its members or without clarence. Your blabbering mouth is quite infamous. So now you have two options and 2 minutes to decide"

And then a countdown started.


"Well, that was the most boring week of my life," Nosey said, to Jumba. "The guys clean, he just took up some karate lesson. He goes to work, surf then Karate. His house is filled with pictures of Nani though, so his crush is still confirmed and it not like I can ask people if they knew the guy. He's been here much longer then I have."

"Well, that's disappointing," said Jumba. "I thought there would be something about that human male but keep an eye on him just in case. You can go now"

The experiment left and but instead of wandering around the island, he made a line to most gossip prone person on the island.

"He totally brought it," said Nosey, as he was given a sandwich. "And Jumba isn't paying me, so I'll hang out with you guys"

He had taken the job.

He was the organisation's spymaster.

And scene!