This would take hours. The book signer seemed to be a few blocks away. Alex in under any other typical circumstance would just simply walk away. Why hadn't he then? Why was it that he was waiting on some God forsaken line, for a signature from some book author who was making bank of the catastrophe that was the black light virus? Why didn't he think of that?

"Alex wait on line I'll be back." Dana announced.

"What the fuck why? You're gonna have me wait in line while you go to Starbucks or something." Alex asked unsure of his sister's antics.

"You owe me remember." She said before wondering off.

Alex was going to die if he stood in this line any longer. He was going to have to use his head to get out of this dilemma. Jumping several stories in the air, he lands on a building. Shapeshifting into a soldier he picks up a walkie talkie.

"This is Bradford activation code 06-7119-84, I need an immediate air strike." Alex acted out effortlessly.

"Bradford we've got you covered, just need a blast zone." A voice said out the walkie talkie.

Jonas Lakes continued signing books until multiple explosions occurred tearing into the crowd. His ears ringing and his head disoriented. What was left standing in the smoke among bodies and rampant flames was Alex Mercer. Who walked forward toward Jonas who's mouth gaped open unable to fathom what had just happened.

"Ahem. I have this book that needs signing." Alex said with his arm fully extended out for it to be signed.

The author did as he was told, and signed the book, thus providing a solution to Alex's predicament. Dana slowly crept back to the line, or what was left of it. Her eyes wide with a hostile knit brow on her.

"What the fuck Alex? You killed everyone again? Hanging out with you is becoming a problem." Dana complained.

"I did what I had to do to get the damn book signed. You gonna thank me or what?" Alex asked.

"What is wrong with you?" Dana cried out.

"I DID WHAT HAD TO BE DONE!" Alex yelled.

"But… This was only a twenty-minute line?" The book author stated.

"You can't just kill people Alex there's consequences to everything in life." Dana made clear.

"Oh yeah you're right, witnesses." Alex said removing a glock from his holster shooting Jonas Lakes multiple times as Dana covered her ears screaming. By the time she opened her eyes Jonas was on the ground like everyone else.

Dana face palmed with two fingers and let out a sigh of disapproval. The two of them walked away.

"So what now?" Alex asked.

"We stay away from that neighborhood for a while, and when we're watching what happened on the news around others we pretend to be shocked or surprised. Got it?" Dana asked.

"Dana I'm sorry but your behavior around me is getting out of control. The way you were telling me what to do, is very calculating and controlling. I didn't wanna say it back there but now it's getting out of hand. I think you should see a therapist and get your emotions in line with reality." Alex muttered out walking away with his hands in his jacket's pouch. Leaving Dana speechless for several seconds.

"… Alex I'm gonna punch you one day." Dana let out following her brother's lead.