A tricky days work of dismembering, and slicing people to bits called for some snooze time. Alex wasn't there to pick up the phone this time. Instead he fancied getting on his computer. Keys jingled as they worked through a process of mechanics within a lock. It was revealed to be none other than Dana's doing as she opened the door.

"Dana I will say this once, I am trying to relax. Keep the whiny bitching to a minimum." Alex greeted.

"Alex the milk's gone bad." Dana complained opening the fridge.

"There's a fat cow next store, go ask it for some milk then." Alex replied typing away methodically at his keyboard.

"Ms. Hale doesn't have a cow, she's too obese to look after… oh." Dana stopped short. "Well what're you so busy that you can't get new milk?" Dana asked stepping towards him.

"First off, I'm conducting business internationally, through a medium of creation. I had a rough day at work." Alex put it elegantly.

"Work? You leave the house for hours on end, committing a new massacre every day. And uh? That's Minecraft on your computer, what business is there on Minecraft?" Dana questioned.

"You are nothing but a fucking simpleton Dana. It is here on my minecraft server where I will be transacting business between politicians, and leaders globally. Don't make my efforts out to be asinine, when you are the one complaining about the small things in life. Like spoiled milk." Alex said as he killed a villager.

"How am I gonna eat my cereal then Alex? This was your week to buy the groceries." Dana said with a pained look on her face.

"Had it ever occurred to your feeble working mind that I am not bound by the audacious rules of man? While you sniffle and cry in your confines, I am here going against the grain buying Minecraft instead of new milk. AWAY FROM ME AT ONCE YOU FUCKING NOOB!" Alex yelled.

"ALEX MERCER!" James Heller said gliding in through the window.

"Not now Heller I'm playing Minecraft." Alex said in an almost robotic tone.

"Oh shit my bad, I'll come kill you another day." Heller said diving out the window from whence he came.

"See Dana, that is how an adult handles Minecraft. If you were smart you'd realize you could make cheese outta spoiled milk. But you're not, as I was the one burdened with intelligence in a world where dumbasses like you exist. Minecraft is the only game that can save New York." Alex said getting up with his laptop to the next room.

Days passed and Dana had finally scrounged enough money to buy herself Minecraft. She told Alex her username and when she tried heading on his server she realized she was banned.

"Alex why am I banned from your server?" Dana asked.

"Who knows." Alex said lighting up a cigar while he played on his server.

"All my friends and co-workers talk about your server so I wanna try it." Dana stated not getting the point.

"Dana you're a weak excuse of an adult woman, you follow the crowd. A few weeks ago you believed milk was more important than Minecraft. Yet now that your buddy o' pals play it you wanna surf the wave too. Well I'm sorry, this life guard aint letting you go for a swim." Alex said.

Alex's Minecraft server broke records and earned many awards for its inclusion of political exchanges and gameplay.

James Heller forgave Alex after playing on his server.

Shadow The Hedgehog became the head admin on his Minecraft server.

Alex's Minecraft server fixed New York's economy.

Alex's Minecraft server brought peace to the world for seven years.

Alex's Minecraft server united several parts of the world.

Top researchers declared anyone who hadn't been on Alex's server a social outcast of society.

Dana never experienced Alex's server.

Dana then on would buy the milk herself.