The Slayer in another world (Doomslayer's get isekai'd)

After the events of Doom Enteral our favorite demon slaying badass Doomslayer gets transported into another world, join him in this cliché driven journey to stop the so called demon king from destroying this peaceful land.

Chapter 1: The Hero's arrival

After the battle with the Icon of Sin the Doomslayer marched away from the now defeated titan, his mission complete and the earth was safe for…the time being. The voice of King Novik looming over the devastated battlefield, echoing for any demons unfortunate enough to hear it.

'…and you will be their savior, your strength will be their shield and your will…their sword. You remain unbroken…for your fight….is eternal'

The portal to the Doom fortress opened in front of the Slayer but before he could even set foot into it, another one opened behind him. Confused as to why another portal appeared, the Doomslayer closed his own portal as to prevent any unwanted visitors into his domain and pulled out his Super Shotgun in the ready, ejecting the spent shells and loading in new ones, as the Doomslayer heard the satisfying locking sound of his gun the Doomslayer proceeded to investigate this weird anomaly.

Upon further inspection of the portal, the Slayer noticed the differences in comparison to the one he was used to. this portal glowing with a golden hue and with runes he was not familiar with.

"There's very little argent energy, despite that it seems to be a gate way to an unknown location" Samuel Hayden voiced out into the helmet's intercoms "I suggest to be cautious if you want to investigate further into it"

The Doomslayer stared at the portal, he didn't know what was behind it nor did he care, anything that could be considered dangerous behind that gate the Slayer could take, a new world perhaps? Maybe a world without demons, he could only hope so. For all he knew he could even end back in hell, not like that bothered him.

Slowly the Doomslayer reached out and touch the golden swirling vortex in front of him, feeling a sense of warmth and comfort, after doing bright light engulfed the Slayer and in an instant…he vanished out of sight.

The Doomslayer was in some sort of wormhole made of light, unlike the portal he was used to, where once he stepped inside he was already where he needed to be, however this one seemed to go on for much longer, after for what felt like an eternity a voice called out to him.

"Oh Hero…to wherever thou art from…across worlds or times, hear my plead and come to aid and in time of need, for our world is in peril…won't thee lend thine strength…."

The voice called out to him radiated with elegance and grace yet it hosted kindness and compassion, a sensation very foreign to the Slayer after eons of fighting in hell, as everything around him started to get brighter and brighter until it was hard to see.

The blinding light swallowing the Slayer slowly began to subside, opening his eyes and observing his surroundings the Doomslayer found himself in a castle of some sort. The smooth white walls that bore to the medieval ages built with nobility in mind, the floor covered in ceramic tiles adorned with royal patters the complete opposite of the Fortress of Doom, that was more gothic and rugged in its design, standing in the middle of a summoning circle the Doomslayer was surrounded by a small crowd.

But what caught the Doomslayer's attention the most was the people that occupied the large room with him, several of them in white robes, looking like mages, each holding long staffs with a small glowing orb on top.

Then there was the obvious ruler among them, a queen? A princess perhaps.

She wore a graceful white dress that blew with the slight breeze, a nicely shaped young looking figure that could swayed any mortal man easily, soft rosy lips that could be mistaken for the flora, her long sunrise-golden hair let down just barely touching the floor, a top her head a golden crown that signified royalty and finally her sapphire blue eyes shining like the jewel itself.

But they all shared the same facial expression….


"Is it a golem?"

"A barbarian?"

"Such strange armor"

"Could he be a villain?"

Was just some of the whispers the Doomslayer could hear coming from the mages but he paid it no heed, The Slayer looked their way, silencing them. This hulking mass of demon killing muscle before them, his raging aura for a lack of a better word – intimidating. His attire painted with dribbles of blood, it was no wonder why fear was the first thing that came into mind.

Among them the said ruler seemed to gather what little courage she could muster, putting on a brave face and stepping forth speaking on the behalf of the others present.

"Oh dear hero, we have summoned thee in our time of need, our world is in great danger" the ruler spoke with an angelic voice

"I am princess Catherine Alexandra Ann von Archambeau the forth, I am sure you have a million questions but fret not they will be answered in time" the princess motioned one of her servants to come and in response the head mage step forward, tapping the floor with his staff and conjured a hologram like picture above them,

It depicted a whole kingdom flourishing with life, people walking about in their daily lives without a care in the world all nobles and commoners alike. The Doomslayer looked up at these images his grip still firmly on his reliable weapon, but a thought came into the Slayer's mind

'It's like a fairy tale…'

"This is the Kingdom of Asterinia, Land of my people. Our world was once peaceful and just, we all lived in harmony for centuries, t'was truly a safe haven for all…." Princess Catherine began with a small smile on her face but that smile quickly vanished from the young maiden's face upon continuing

"That was until the demon king came into power…." her face saddens, a small tear threatened to escape her blue eye and the imagery above them changed, the once kingdom flourishing with life and people now a ruined flaming hellscape the Slayer was all too familiar with. People bond to chains and forced to do the bidding of demons and monsters, it made the Doomslayer's blood boil to see such wicked atrocities inflicted upon the innocents and he was damn sure to slay them.

"We tried to fight back…." Princess Catherine's tears began to flow, as the imagery changed again, Knights in shining armor leading a charge only to be crippled by the demon king's forces

And in the middle of it all the demon king himself, a large demon towering over the small buildings roughly the same height as a cyberdemon, its features are that like a baron of hell save for the face that was mostly human and tail with the tip on fire, on its head a crown of fire and tall horns to show its dominance over weaker foes, wings comparable to that of a dragon's, his eyes a hellish bright swirling yellow.

It was a truly terrifying monster…. but to the Doomslayer it was nothing more but a shitty rip-off from a child's story book.

The head mage tapped the floor again and the horrifying images vanish

"I beseech you dear hero, will you lend my people your strength?" Princess Catherine pleaded, her hands clasped together on her chest like a prayer

The Doomslayer stared at her for a moment, his thoughts raced on what to do until he heard the voice of Samuel over the helmet's intercoms

"We are still connected to the inter-dimensional tether luckily enough. After this we can return now if you so wish to do so" Samuel said suggesting the idea to the Slayer

Making up his mind the Doomslayer looked at the Princess and nodded in agreement letting out a small grunt as he did.

Princess Catherine let out tears of joy to the hero agreeing to help them, the mages cheered as well praising the gods of this world that helped them brought this stranger. The thought of their kingdom being saved by this visitor from distant lands still cause unease yet the hope outweighed it.

Samuel let out a small chuckle to the Slayer's actions "You just can't help but play the hero can you? well cleaning up the remaining forces of hell in our own world is an easy task but the resistance can handle them for now"

Just then the castle's wall began to shake and bursting out of it was an ogre in crude rusty armor, his green skin like that of animal hide covered in battle scars, armed with a large chipped battle axe that had seen action more than once, his greyish muddy hair carelessly scatted about in a mess, behind him a small army of goblins wearing nothing but lowing cloths and cheap leather armor, armed with nothing more than clubs and sharped sticks. The ogre let out a harsh hardy laugh followed by the small war cries of the goblins behind him.

"I am Ragnok, the fifth general in command of the demon king's army and second strongest in physical prowess" Ragnok the general proudly claimed, raising his arms triumphantly "Kill all the mages and capture the princess, she will make for an excellent breeding whore" the ogre general commanded the goblins

"NO!" Princess Catherine cried out, running away from the grim fate

"RUN PRINCESS!" one of the mages shouted

the mages lined up and readied themselves for battle each one trying to conjure a fire ball as the goblins ran rushing towards them, but before the goblins could set another foot a hook like projectile with chains zipped past them hitting the ogre general directly in the chest.

"Wha-" was the only thing the ogre could register as a man clad in green armor was coming towards him with such great speed followed by an ear ringing explosion that rocked the castle walls and with that the so called demon king's general fell. His body hitting the ground like a sack of bricks.

Shrapnel from the old armor and buckshot pierced the ogre's flesh and an unimaginable pain surged throughout his body, the ogre tried to scream but his chest caved in, Ribs crushing his lungs. The ogre lifted his head and saw the Doomslayer's foot in this shoulder harshly pushing him back to the floor

The Goblins and Mages looked upon the scene unfolding before them with a slacked jawed expression. Even the princess stopped what she was doing out of pure shock to witness the scene unbelievable unfold.

"K-KILL HIM!..." the ogre managed to scream despite the mangled internal body parts

The Only Thing They Fear is You – DOOM Eternal OST mixed by Mick Gordon Starts playing

Strange and aggressive music seemingly came from the hero himself, as the Goblins - every single one of them was hesitant at first but before long charged at the Slayer reluctantly, the Doomslayer put away his Super Shotgun and pulled out the Heavy Cannon and began firing a hail of bullets at the oncoming attackers, each goblin hit by a bullet dropped dead on the ground, some were smart enough to retreat while others that didn't met a brutal end, for the others that were still alive the Slayer pulled out another weapon – the Plasma Rifle, it was his turn now to charge at them. The Doomslayer fired at the remaining forces, any goblin hit was instantly vaporized into green and red ooze, with only three remaining the Doomslayer dashed at the first one ripping one of his arms off and plunging the protruding bone into its eye socket, for the second one the Slayer delivered a hammer punch so hard its head sunk into is torso.

And for the last goblin the Doomslayer pulled out the Chainsaw, the goblin dropped his club and fell on its rear with a thud out of sheer fear. This single man just took out an entire army of goblins which was an impossible feat itself, the goblin raised its hand as if to ask for mercy, begging to be taken prisoner instead but the machine with a thousand teeth kept revving. With a final swing the Chainsaw was cutting at the helpless goblin slicing at the chest and going up until reaching the head, cutting up the body completely in half.

When everything was said and done the only thing left was the so called general, desperately trying to crawl away from the massacre, his blood leaving a long trail. He heard the footsteps of the Slayer coming close and crawled faster only to be kicked on his side forcing him to face the Slayer, the ogre general looked into his helmet's visor and locked eyes with the Slayer, eyes as if it was a realm where an unbridled rage dwells and for the first time in his life the ogre felt true fear.

"Wha-" Ragnok could only muster before coughing blood

The fifth general in command of the demon king's army and second strongest in physical prowess was rendered powerless against this monster before him

"What…. are…you?" he finally managed to ask, his voice filled with dread and regret as the Doomslayer took out his Super Shotgun again, ejecting the spent shells and loaded in new ones

It was that then Samuel Hayden answered for the Slayer in a grim and threating voice that sent shivers down the ogre's spine.

"The Doomslayer…" The Slayer pointed his gun at the Ogre general's face. An explosion was heard throughout the castle and what remained of the general's head was nothing more but a red stain on the floor.

Everyone was silent and to shocked for words…

Everything was in a deep crimson stain, the walls, the floors, the curtains and windows, only a few parts of the room wasn't covered in blood or gore, multiple corpses of goblins and one ogre littered the room. The horrendous display was as if a nightmare somehow came to life in front of the mages and princess to see, to any normal person such a sight could cause an urge to expel the contents of their stomach which some of the mages did but no one blamed them. It was a terrifying experience and at the center of it all a certain man in green armor unflinching by the traumatic event

'they are rage, brutal, without mercy but you…you will be and tear until it is done'

the princess could hear a strong and powerful voice booming in her mind and she was sure she was the only one that could hear it

Heavy footsteps could be heard coming their way and the door to the large room abruptly opened, knights in shining armor came rushing into the room.

"PRINCESS! WE CAME AS FAST AS WE COU-" The female knight that was clearly in charged stopped dead in her tracks along with the others upon seeing the gore in front of them and the man in green attire

'These guys are slow' was the only thing the Doomslayer thought whilst looking their way, Chainsaw still in hand.

"YOU FIEND!" the head knight shouted unsheathing her sword, the other knights followed as well, the Doomslayer didn't want to hurt anyone present but if he had to fight he will fight and come out unscathed.

"That is enough Luna…" Princess Catherine motioned the knights to lower their weapons

"But Princess! He-" the head knight tried to reasoned

"-is the hero we have summoned" Princess Catherine answered silencing her

"Impossible…." the head knight whisper under her breath

Princess Catherine turned to face the Doomslayer with all the courage she could gather, she walked closer to him, avoiding the large puddles of blood on the floor, the head knight anxiously watched from the sidelines at her princess approach the barbaric brut. yet the closer the princess got to the slayer the less afraid she was, the feeling of security and safety was what replaced the fear in her heart but she stopped just a few meters away from the Slayer as to prevent getting blood on her dress

"Sir…Doomslayer was it?" she lifted her skirt slightly and bowed to the Slayer elegantly, giving him a small pure smile, smile that pierced the Slayer's cold unfeeling heart

"I hope to see that thou art here to save us all"

Yup the Doomslayer got isekai'd and comes with his very own boss battle music, how would you think Doomguy would fair in such a weird land?

Well one way to find out

Update: I fixed up some spelling errors here and there, don't know if I got them all but PM me if you see some