Chapter 3: The Rabbit and The Titan

The Doomslayer - he is rage, he is brutal, he is the bane of hell after fighting for eons; the living embodiment of vengeance. Yet there he sat in a park bench next to a strange little girl with rabbit ears, happily munching on a carrot shaped pastry whiles her ears wiggled every now and then. The situation seemed vexing yet oddly fitting.

"If you don't mind us asking, but what are you?" the disembodied voice of Samuel asked, breaking the odd silence.

"I'm a demi-human sir, a Bunny Maiden…" Daisy softly said as she continued to nibble on the pastry she was given

This continued on for a while as the Doomslayer sat there awkwardly, the sound of her munching away on the confection and trees swaying in the wind only present.

"Why were you in the streets?" Samuel asked, breaking the silence again

The Slayer looked at her as if he grew a second head but was a little surprise to see her head down with a somber expression, her eyes usually filled with innocents was now filled with sadness.

"My mother passed away when I was born and my father died when the Demon King attacked my small village in the outskirts of the kingdom, I was the only one left" she quietly answered in a hushed tone, her ears drooping downwards to the point where it covered her eyes, casting it in a shadow and hiding them from view.

The Doomslayer gave a sympathetic stare under his helmet and reached out and patted her head gently comforting her. Daisy was taken by surprise at first, her ears standing up like pole vaults as a gentle hand from this hulking mass of demon killing muscle was very unexpected. Yet slowly she eased her guard and melted into the petting. The Slayer cracked a small grin under his helmet, something that was foreign to him after fighting in hell for eons. This strange Bunny Girl he had just met reminded him so much of his own pet rabbit, she was gentle and shy - just like the Daisy he once knew.

"THERE YOU ARE!" a loud voice called out scaring the Bunny Maiden and causing her to hastily flee, disappearing into the bushes and leaving behind the unfinished snack to flop down on the bench seat. The Doomslayer reached out a hand to her but she was already gone, frowning the Slayer faced the source of the shout and saw the female knight looking for him. The Knight sped up her pace and met up with the Slayer only to see him stare her down with a slightly irritated expression present in his visor.

"W-what's with the scary face?" Luna uttered, shuddering at the raging aura the Doomslayer emitted "The Princess wishes to see you, we received word that one of the Demon King's generals was spotted in the kingdom over and we fear he might attack our kingdom next"

The raging aura the Doomslayer emitted suddenly disappeared like smoke, calming the nervous knight. The Slayer walked pass her and let out a small grunt. The knight went after him, feeling that she may have done something to offend him.

Peeking her head out of the bushes the bunny eared girl watched on with curiosity at the two walking off, when both of them were a good distance away she followed behind, carefully trailing the two but not before retrieving the half eaten snack she left behind.

The walk back to the castle was uneventful to say the least as the town's people stared at the well-known female knight and the mysterious man clad in green armor accompanying her. Despite the concerned looks the two were getting, what the people noticed the most was the knight's odd behavior. Gone was the stern and strict knight that was well respected by all and was replaced by a maiden acting out as if she was a different person, constantly pestering the man in green like a child and asking questions like "What did I do?" "have I done something wrong?" "HEY DON'T IGNORE ME!".

Like a puppy seeking attention Luna kept on nagging him and yet the man in green just continued to pay her no mind, for the people watching on it was truly an odd sight.

Behind the Doomslayer's visor was an irritated look, 'This knight is persistent' The hellwalker thought as the knight was now pulling on his arm and pleading to get noticed, the cartoonish tears in her eyes threatening to fall. Despite the fact he was being hounded by the knight, in the corner of his line of sight the Slayer could see the rabbit eared girl following them and hiding behind a small box of fruits near a stand, her ears popping out and moving every now and then.

As they continued their walk back to the castle, the ground shook so violently that it had thrown most of the town's people off their feet, save for the Doomslayer who was now in a battle stance.

Screams of panic and confusion quickly filled the air, as most of the people started running while others were huddled in a group.

"AN ENEMY ATTACK!" one of the patrolling knights shouted while running towards the large plume of smoke rising up in the air, other knights in patrol also followed his lead.

"That was the west gate!" The Female knight shouted, turning back to a stern and strict personality whilst pulling out her glowing blue sword and running toward the havoc, the Slayer close behind her equipped with his Combat Shotgun and easily catching up.

Injured and defeated Royal Knights and Guardsmen littered the gate's entrance, some barely conscious while others were knocking on death's door. A battle quickly ensued the moment the gate's defenses had been breached, sword clashing sword as the knights and Guardsmen fought the invading enemy only to bear no fruit, one by one fell to the blade of the invading force but the enemy's leader, the conductor of this discorded driven orchestra won the fight alone purely with his brute strength.

One knight laid flat on the ground, the light in his eyes just shy of burning out, in an attempt to escape the knight started to desperately crawl away from the devastated slaughter only to be impaled by a gigantic spear as he let a quiet gasp. His soul leaving his body brought upon by a cruel fate.

A powerful hearty laugh could be heard along with the march of trampling footsteps, from the thick plume of smoke came a large titan of a man, 'whose height was like the height of the cedars and who was strong as the oaks', covered in bronze armor from head to toe, on his left hand a large long spear that was freshly covered in blood, on the other a gigantic great shield that was nearly the same size as he and on his waist was a sword decorated in gold, his height like that of tall three grown men standing on each other's shoulders. Behind him stood an army of barbaric warriors in leather armor and armed with spears and swords, all ready to consume this peaceful land for the glory of their evil king.

"I am Goliathan Nephilims The fourth general in command of the demon king's army and the strongest in physical prowess! We shall conquer this kingdom and slaughter all those who oppose us!" the giant howled with prowess as he carelessly shook his spear with the lifeless knight still impaled on the spearhead before casually throwing the lifeless corpse away, the barbarians let out war cries to let their presence be known as they all stomped their feet.

"RED MOON: LUNAR STRIKE HUNDRED SLASHES!" Luna shouted as she rushed in with a barrage of attacks, her sword slashing furiously to the point where it looked like multiple swords was coming at the giant.

"Wall of Protection!" Acting quickly the titan raised his shield and blocked the attack but was slightly staggered by the impact.

When the move had ended, the female knight quickly jumped back to a safe distance and stood in a fighting stance, sword drawn and both eyes focused on her opponent. Her will had strengthen along with her resolve and her trusted weapon, vowing to prove herself to the Hero. Behind her the Doomslayer watched on to see her growth, his weapon ready to take over if the situation called for it.

"I am impressed" the giant complemented, his eyes fixed on her but mostly on the man in green "Of all my years of battle I have never met a warrior such as you, and from a lady no less"

"Save your praises for someone who truly cares you lowlife" Luna answered back, her sword pointed at him with a calm fury in her eyes.

"Bring me her head" The giant commanded with a sadistic grin, a dozen soldiers came forth and lined up in a battle formation shields drawn and weapons pointed at her but before the small team of foot soldiers could set another step in their march a bombardment of buckshots assaulted their ranks due to the Combat Shotgun's Auto mode the Slayer used, each and every one fell to the ground, all riddled with holes.

The demon king's general could only watch the scene unfurl with a slacked jawed expression, his army beginning to waver at the sight of the man in green.

"Ha! As strong as you may be you are no match for the summoned Hero!" The female knight boasted with her own smug grin, seeing the giant step back as an accomplishment not many can do.

The rabbit eared girl could only stare in awe at the power the man in green displayed, to call it divine retribution wasn't too far off yet to see this much destructive power was unimaginable. Daisy's interests were piqued and she was determined to find out more about the stranger. But her train of thought was abruptly interrupted by a cold undead hand covering her mouth, preventing her from screaming. Tried as might, Daisy could only wiggle about as she was dragged away helplessly against her will.

"I…have plans…for you…young one" An old raspy voice, told her as she felt her blood run cold.

The giant growled under his breath, the grip on his spear tightening as he looked back to his army to see nearly one eighth of his forces had been wiped out in seconds

"WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR YOU COWARDS, ATTACK!" The giant commanded with fury yet most of the soldiers stood still like deer in headlights.

"Ha! Even your army cowers at the might of the Hero's power, you are no match for him. Surrender now and we'll take pity upon you" the female knight gloated with a cocky grin.

"NEVER!" The giant, stomped his foot on the ground with such force it created a small earthquake, rocking the army violently "Those who shall disobey me will disobey the demon king himself! Now attack or meet a gruesome and painful death!"

The army of barbarian warriors all talked among themselves, either to fight the man in green or to go against the demon king as if the mere mention of the demon king was more than enough to make men choose death over meeting him, some of the remaining forces looked ready to flee but a glare from the giant stopped such thoughts. The Slayer took notice but remained unaffected by what scared them, his focus only on the army in front of him.

"I shall take the left flank, with only the two of us, it will be difficult to-HEY DON'T IGNORE ME!" the knight's words only fell flat upon the Doomslayer's ears as he was already charging the enemy forces head-on, his Combat Shotgun blasting any shield that was held up against him before he kicked back an enemy who fell on his back with no time to get up as the Slayer brought his iron boot down on his face, killing him instantly and smearing the ground with his blood and gore.

"Surround him!" one barbarian warrior ordered, a group of enemy soldiers did what was told and encircled the Slayer in a trap, caging him with their shields and pointing their spears at him. planning on skewering the Slayer, confident that the beast would not be able to break out.

He only stood still as the spears either bounced off his armor or just poked him in his exposed biceps. Getting irritated by what felt like someone poking him with sticks at him, the Slayer pulled out another weapon – The Chaingun, the four gun barrels started spinning unleashing a storm of bullets at the enemies' ranks, the shields they carried did little to protect them as each soldier hit was turned into swiss cheese.

Luna held her ground against the enemy forces well despite being out numbered, her skills with the blade was more than enough for the small team of foot soldiers she was currently fighting. In the distance she could see the enemy soldiers up against the Slayer, a few lucky ones were sent flying by his fist upon each blow but the rest - he cut down like a sickle through a field.

"I pity those who are fighting the hero" The female Knight could only grin as she stared down her opponents "I am nowhere near to him in terms of power but I am a force to be reckoned with"

"Attack her all at once" the barbarian warrior ordered, the group of soldiers did and charged at her with their swords drawn and shields up

"RED MOON: LUNAR SLASH" Performing another move, the Female Knight's blue sword turned red and swung her weapon at them, releasing a wave of red energy and sliced a large number of the charging force in half while others were blown back by the attack.

'The Hero had given me power beyond what I could ever achieve on my own' Luna stared at her sword, the blade showed her face, reflecting back at her. She looked up at the devastation her single attack did and held a hand on her chest 'And I intend to use this power to protect my Lord and Kingdom, to assist the Hero in defeating the Demon King in every way that I can…'

A loud horn was blown, it's call alerting the female knight. Turning to the sound she saw allied knights charging towards them as Luna could only grin.

With the enemy forces seemingly on the ropes it was the Kingdom's forces' turn to charge in, fellow Knights engaging the invading barbarians in combat. Their morals only strengthen as they saw the Hero accompanying them in Battle.

"Look! The Hero and Miss Luna has weakened the enemy, Charge!" one of the royal knight announced, donning his sword and joining the Slayer and the Female Knight in battle along with the other knights

In the distance the female knight saw the Doomslayer swipe kicking an enemy soldier's legs to send him in the air momentarily before kicking him in the chest, violently yeeting him into a group of enemy soldiers, knocking them down like bowling pins.

'I offer you my blade, my respect, my loyalty….' A shade of red made its way on her face, the hand on her chest feeling her heart beat steadily growing "…. My heart, my body….my soul" she quietly uttered

A strong gust of wind blew in her direction, undoing her braided pony tail and setting her crimson hair blowing free in the wind, resembling a blazing wild fire of beauty as she looked upon the Slayer who proudly stood triumphant in battle.

The Giant stood shell shocked as he witnessed a single man take on his army with ease, even more so when the knights of the Kingdom had entered the battle. His anger beginning to boil, thinking of anything to aid him in battle but none came. A tap on his lower leg got his attention, looking down he saw one of his allies.

A Necromancer, a walking rotting husk of what once was a man, his skeletal form showing decades of roaming the earth as an undead, adorned in a decaying red mantle as crimson as blood, his eyes a misty dead white that housed no soul. On his side he carried an unconscious little girl with rabbit ears, bound by rope.

"Master…I have the…answer…to your problem…" The necromancer spoke in an old raspy voice "I…only require some…time for…preparation" his cold hand gently caressing the Bunny Girl's head softly as she whimpered, shaken by the cold lifeless touch.

"Very well, see to it that we will claim victory and I will reward you with all the pure maidens you desire" the giant let out a small grunt as he stared at the man in green "There is something that I must personally deal with!"


warriors on both sides stood still as the Demon King's general called out the Doomslayer, his shout akin to a lion's roar as it echoed throughout the battlefield. The Slayer carelessly dropped an enemy soldier he held by the neck on the ground, his attention now on the giant.

"FIGHT ME HERO!" The Titan declared "FIGHT ME AND TEST YOUR MIGHT IF YOU DARE" He took his spear and hit his great shield with such force that it released an ear ringing bell sound, almost as if he had decided that this was where the Slayer would meet his end.

The Doomslayer casually walk up to the challenger as the remaining army of barbaric warriors stepped aside, letting him pass through. Each soldier he passed taunted him with insults yet the Hellwalker continued on unfazed by them whiles each allied knight he passed held a fist against their chest as a form of salute.

Everyone had stopped fighting. To witness the fight between the Titan and the Slayer seemed like a spectacle none should miss. As the Doomslayer came to a halt just a few meters away from the titan, his size dwarfing the Hellwalker to the point where his whole form shadowed the Slayer completely. Yet there the Doomslayer stood unfazed by him.

"Breaker Thrust!" The Titan raised his spear and attempted to stab the Slayer only for his opponent to dash to the side and miss the attack. The Slayer pulled out his Combat Shotgun and fired as single shot at the titan.

"Wall of Protection!" Thinking quickly the giant protected himself from the attack but it had left its mark on his great shield, leaving a noticeable indent. "Wall Breaker!" The titan raised his great shield and rushed at the Slayer in an attempt to bash him with his might, what the Titan didn't predict was for the Doomslayer to rush into the attack itself and unleashed a 'Blood punch'. The Slayer's attack was so devastating that it had cracked the giant's great shield but was relatively still somewhat useable, the impact of the attack shook the titan to his very bones, staggering back before falling on one knee.

The Female knight and other allied knights watched in awe as the Slayer brought the giant to its knee, cheering at his accomplishment as no man ever done before. The battle was far from over yet the knights could feel victory close by.

Luna stared at the Slayer with admiration, her cheeks flustering a red-ish hue as her heart only seem to beat faster at the scene unfolding in front of her.

The Titan slowly rose to his feet, still recoiling from the impact of the attack. His arm holding the shield shaking from the pain. The Titan could only grit his teeth from the utter humiliation he felt from fighting a warrior one-third his size. Readying his shield again, the giant prepared himself for another battle with the Hero.

A bright green beam of light suddenly shot in to the sky and interrupted the battle between the Slayer and the Titan. The giant could only grin as his whole body was suddenly wrapped in a dark green aura, his muscles grew slightly, eyes turning into a piercing red glow as he let out a dark chuckle "Now let us see how can you deal with me as this power increased my strength tenfold!"

The Slayer looked for the source of the light and found the Bunny Girl he met earlier. Her naked form sprawled out on the ground in the middle of a green pentagram, her face contorting in pain as tears streamed out her eyes. Next to her stood a necromancer holding a hovering book in his hands.

"Using a pure maiden…as a vessel to extract more…power from the dark realm was… wise" the undead magic user said "With this…power….victory shall be….ours"

"That much weakened Hell energy is nowhere near in turning that girl into a demon, however if you cannot stop it in time the damages will be permanent and she will be reduced to ashes" The voice of Samuel Hayden warned. That was the final nail in the coffin as the Doomslayer's eyes seemed to glow with rage.

"This is not good!" The Female knight said out loud "WE MUST HELP THE HERO NOW!"

The allied Knights charged in in an attempt to help the Slayer but was intercepted by the enemy soldiers

"Out of our way!" one knight screamed as he parried and enemy sword with his own sword

"As if we will let you!" an enemy soldier shouted back

And thus another battle ensued between the Knights and Barbarians. Looking at her opponents Luna stared at discontent at how she was unable to help the Hero.

'Forgive me sir Doomslayer, it appears as though I cannot assist you in this fight' The Female knight thought before launching her attack at her opponents.

"Greater Breaker Thrust!" Raising his spear and thrusting it at the Slayer, the Titan's power indeed increased as a strong gust of wind came with it. Feeling the surge of power flowing within him, the titan felt unstoppable.

Dashing to the side the Slayer missed the attack and countered it with a few shots from his 'Rocket Launcher'. "Greater Wall of Protection!" The giant blocked the missiles and protected himself from the attack but it had left more marks on his great shield, the noticeable dents growing larger as did the crack from before.

"Greater Wall Breaker!" The Titan rushed at the Slayer with all his might, putting every ounce of strength he had on this attack. But just as before the Doomslayer unleashed a devastating 'Blood punch' this time shattering the giant's great shield as pieces flew everywhere. The Titan was thrown back by the sheer power of the Slayer's attack before harshly landing on his side, groaning from the pain he felt as he tried to get up. With his only manner of defense now gone the giant was now vulnerable to the Doomslayer's mercy.

Unluckily for him it was in short supply.

Slowly the titan stood up for a second time, readying himself for yet another fight. "I'm not done yet! Greater Breaker Thrust!" thrusting his spear at the Slayer, the giant tried to prove himself as a formidable foe but ultimately failed as the Doomslayer just sidestepped himself from the attack and grabbed the spear with one hand before retracting his wrist mounted Doomblade and sliced the spearhead clean off from its shaft rendering it useless. Not knowing when to give up the giant unsheathed his decorated golden sword on his waist only for it to be blown to pieces by the Doomslayer's twin barreled Super Shotgun.

"None shall surpass me in strength!" the titan roared as he tried to throw a punch at the Slayer who easily dodge the oncoming fist, before delivering a light punch of his own at the titan's face, sending a handful of teeth flying.

"So be it" The titan declared holding his mouth in pain before throwing multiple punches at the Slayer who dodged all of them with ease. Ducking, backing and sidestepping it all before stopping one of the titan's punches with his bare hand, leaving the titan with no time to react the Doomslayer retracting his wrist mounted Doomblade again and sliced one of the titan's arms off. The titan let out a scream of agony as he felt the loss of one of his limbs, he turned to the Slayer his face riddled with pain.

"Tis but scratch…I've had worse, come on you pansy" The titan commented as he clutched the bleeding stump where his arm once was.

"Greater Wall Breaker!" In an all or nothing attempt the titan rushed at the Slayer without his shield hoping to somehow defeat this beast, but as fate would have it, it just wasn't his day. The Slayer stepped aside letting him past but not before grabbing his other arm and brutally tearing it off. There stood the Doomslayer with an oversized arm in his hands as he watched the titan howling in pain

"It's just a flesh wound…" the titan said after calming down from the sensation he felt. The Doomslayer only responded by throwing his severed limb away. "I AM INVINCIBLE, I AM GOLIATHAN NEPHILIMS THE FOURTH GENERAL IN COMMAND OF THE DEMON KING'S ARMY AND THE STRONGEST IN PHYSICAL PROWESS! I SHALL CONQUER THIS KINGDOM AND SLAUGHTER ALL THOSE WHO OPPOSE ME! I ALWAYS TRIUM-" the titan's sentence was cut short as the Doomslayer, without warning grabbed him by the neck with both hands and violently ripped his head off in one sudden pull, silencing him once and for all.

"No…this is…impossible!" The Necromancer stood in utter disbelief, mortified by the defeat of his master as the Slayer casually walked up to him with the titan's head still in hand. When he was meters away from the undead magic user the Slayer carelessly threw the head at him, landing it by his feet, the giant's eyes rolling back to look at him with dead fish eyes. The necromancer shook in fear, unable to move as the Hellwalker was now face to face with him.

The Doomslayer suddenly pointed at the Bunny Maiden still lying flat on the glowing green pentagram. Scared by the Hellwalker's piercing stare the necromancer scrambled to get the spell undone, chanting undecipherable incantations before the green pentagram completely disappeared leaving the bare maiden shivering in fear. When the spell had finally been undone the Slayer turned to the necromancer who stood slightly shaking, trying to hide his fear from the Hellwalker.

"Perhaps…I could…aid the…noble Hero in his…quest to-" the undead magic user's attempt to bribe the Slayer fell flat as did his body as a single shot from the Doomslayer's Super Shotgun reduced his head to nothing more but a red mist.

Letting out a surprised "Kyaa!" Daisy woke up to the deafening sound of the blast. Remembering the previous event's that unfolded, the Bunny Maiden turned to the Slayer and trembled nervously at his imposing figure. For a small moment she feared the same fate would happen to her, but hope came when the man stared at her without any form of malicious intent. For some odd reason, Daisy felt as if she could trust him. This was proven right when the Slayer ripped off the now dead necromancer's mantle and gently covered her naked figure, preserving her modesty from any wandering eyes.

Taking great care, the Hellwalker picked her up in a bridal manner as she let out a small "eep!" and walked towards the allies he had on the field. As she was being carried the Bunny Maiden took notice of the warmth that the Slayer radiated, his strong arms felt safe and secure, a feeling she rarely experience after living on her own. Slowly her built up fatigue got the better of her and she fell into a deep and peaceful slumber in the arms of the Slayer.

Seeing their leader defeated the rest of the barbarians all surrendered, dropping all weapons they carried as the allied Knights all let out victorious cries. The Female knight stared at the Slayer as he was coming towards them, a red hue still lingering on her face, walking to meet him half way but stopped when she saw the Bunny Maiden resting peacefully in his arms. Thinking quickly Luna ran towards the two and with casted a small healing spell on the sleeping individual

"This shall help her somewhat, but we should take her to see a healer mage to get her looked at" the female Knight suggested earing a small nod from the Slayer, her cheeks turning pink slightly from his response.

The Slayer looked around and saw the enemy forces being captured, bonded by rope and put into carriages, sending them off to prison. This wasn't the first time the Slayer fought in battle but this was his first time in eons that he had fought alongside allies. As he was busy looking at the aftermath of the battle a lone knight raised his arm in the air and cheered.


And with that the knights all erupted with cheer. Praising the Doomslayer

The return back to the kingdom was accompanied by the loud cheers of the Knights. Commoners and few noble men hiding in their homes peaked to see the commotion only to find the triumphant return of the Knights along with the head of the fallen titan. Traveling with them was the Female Knight – Lady Luna, a victorious grin plastered upon her face, next to her the very same stranger in green armor walking alongside a carriage that carried a small sleeping child with rabbit ears.

"What happened?" "Who is that stranger?" "Has the battle cease?"

The murmuring questions of the kingdom's inhabitants came to a stop as the female knight called out their attention.

"CITIZENS OF ASTERINIA!" Her voice full of pure passion and command, resounding off the kingdom's walls for all ears to hear "GOLIATHAN NEPHILIMS THE FOURTH GENERAL IN COMMAND OF THE DEMON KING'S ARMY HAS BEEN DEFEATED!"

The people all let out gasps of disbelief, after living in fear of the demon king's tyranny finally a ray of hope had been called for to oppose him. Some elders cried for joy whiles others cheered the unbelievable event, Mothers and Fathers held the kin out of pure joy.

"HIS ATTEMEPT TO CONQUER OUR KINGDOM IN THE NAME OF THE DEMON KING HIMSELF WOULD HAVE SUCCEEDED HAD NOT FOR THE DIVINE INTERVENTION OF THE HERO!" The Female Knight pointed at the Doomslayer, the proud smile on her face growing with each passing second.


The people stared at the green stranger in awe as the knights let out another loud cheer for the Slayer. However, some look at him with uncertainty, his rugged and intimidating looks deterring some of the people to see him as their hero.


Luna saw the uncertainty in some of their eyes, sad and tired eyes stared back at her without hope and like a picked flower her resolve was slowly beginning to whether. Something she understood very well, after the attacks the morals of the people was in an all-time low.

Was she not good enough to convinced people? was she not cut out to help them in their time of need? Those thoughts quickly vanished as she felt a strong reassuring hand on her shoulder, looking up she saw a The Doomslayer giving her a thumbs up. With a red hue still lingering on her face she looked at the unconvinced citizens, her determination now strengthened by the Slayer.

"I understand the some of you are weary to place your trust in others, it is understandable. I lost my fate in winning this war when I lost my mother as a child…" her voice was still heard, but the passion and commend was gone, in its place sympathy and understanding stood.

"So I stand here before you to say that this man!" The Female Knight pointed at the Slayer with unwavering determination.

"SHALL BE THE ONE TO SAVE US ALL!" Her resounding pledge shook the uncertainty in some of the people's hearts

"I, Dame Luna Ford Dustiness, the eldest daughter of the Dustiness noble household give you my word as a knight…and as the girl that lost her mother" Silence followed after the Luna's speech, her face a smoldering red from the embarrassment. "this could not get worse…" the female knight thought

She was proven wrong as a clap was heard followed by another and another. slowly more and more added into it, turning it into a loud applauds from both the knights and citizen, not just for the Slayer but for her as well.

"She is right!"

"The Hero is finally here!"

"Cheers for the Hero and Lady Luna!"

The Doomslayer felt odd being shown credit for his work, but at the same time it felt nice to finally get a 'Thank you'. Luna on the other hand had crawled in to a small ball, rocking back and forth in embarrassment as cartoonish tears streaming down her face.

"I'm never doing that ever again!" she childishly whined as the applauds for both only gotten stronger



"Ara-ara~ What an interesting individual~" A seductive shadowy figure commented, licking her lips as she saw the fight between the Summoned Hero and the titan on her crystal ball. Her voice cooed with suppressed moans as she stared at the Slayer with lustful eyes.

"I will obtain you for my own entertainment, my darling~"

End of chapter 3

Luna's Move set (because some of you asked)

- RED MOON: LUNAR STRIKE HUNDRED SLASHES - A barrage of attacks with her sword slashing furiously to the point where it looked like multiple swords are coming towards the target, it's shape taking on a full moon-like appearance the longer its being used. (her main)

- RED MOON: LUNAR SLASH - A single swing of her sword that releases a wave of red energy, slicing a large number of Targets

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