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I stood starin' at those three fools in front of us and felt nothin' but a deep hatred for them all. One that had festered in my very soul for twenty years. They had to have known one day I'd get free and come lookin' for them. Maybe they imagined it wouldn't be for many years, but fate was like that, she surprised us all at every turn. They had tried to ruin all our lives, for what? Nothin', that's what. They had gained no ground, had acquired no tactical advantage, they had achieved nothin' in twenty years! That just showed the level of incompetence they suffered from and it was kind of amusin'.

I really didn't mean to start laughin' as I had that notion, but it rumbled up into my throat like it had come from my belly. Its suddenness rang out around the room, shockin' quite a few and incitin' others to join in as I unintentionally projected it to everyone. One thing I knew about them all, was how much they each hated to be ridiculed. I had been doin' that in spades because I could and they deserved it more than any other vampires ever. Bella was clutchin' my arm and laughin' wholeheartedly along with me. I loved how my gift always found a way through her shield.

She could block out everyone and any power except me and mine. Not that I'd ever use it against her, I couldn't she was my mate, my everythin'. I smiled as I reined in my projection and leant down; placin' a lingerin' kiss on her lips and that started that bitch Alice off,

"You're my husband! How dare you flaunt that tart in my face!" she yelled at me and I just hugged Bella closer to my side deepenin' the kiss,

"Nope! Never been your anythin', bitch! You insisted on me marryin' you as Jasper Cullen. Ain't no such person! He was once an alias, true, but that don't make him me. Anyway by Volturi law you need to have a vampire matin' ceremony performed to be recognised as a true couple.

Human shit and pieces of worthless paper don't apply to us and Carlisle at least should have known that. I never did that or would have done that, with you! What's gonna be your next stupid remark Mary-Alice?" I drawled out and the room collectively sniggered at the sad demented woman.

"So Major Whitlock, what are your plans for our three accused?" Aro asked raisin' an eyebrow,

I so wanted this to be over, we'd had our fun with them and now I just wanted to get on with my forever with Bella. I know that Alice's punishment would take a while, but it would be done privately and with no drama revolvin' around it or her. This too would be an insult to Alice, she saw herself as important in our world. Whereas hardly anyone even knew her name until now and although they would never really forget it, most would just bury it at the back of their mind as just one more irrelevant piece of information.

"Not interested in what happens to Edward the whiny brat. In fact, I think Chelsea should have the honour of decidin' his fate! But that is up to you to choose" I said without any emotion,

Edward bristled at my indifference to his life or death, he still thought himself way more important than he really was. They were so far up their own asses they couldn't see daylight any longer.

"And what about Carlisle?" Caius inquired in a bored tone,

"Again, I don't give a shit one way or the other, to be honest. But I'm sure Felix would love to deal with his sorry ass! Again at your indulgence", I mentioned and the big guard cracked his knuckles,

"Oh, if you decide in our favour might we request Alec's help with that, Masters? After all, we wouldn't want Carlisle to actually enjoy his punishment!" Esme said and Carlisle almost blanched at the idea of feelin' nothin' as he was punished and then finally eradicated,

"So, that just leaves you with Mary-Alice. You, I suppose have plans for her, Major?" Marcus asked and I nodded,

I stepped forward and stood taller allowin' my eyes to flood black. It always felt strange to me that others took a step back when I allowed my more feral side to surface. I was still in control, but everyone felt the shift from Jasper Whitlock to the Major.

"Ah, yes! She broke the Volturi's main law on matin'. To never put another's mate in harm's way or knowingly stop a mate aidin' them in their time of need! I also am aware that the punishment for this crime has never changed over all these centuries since it was written.

She kept my mate from me for twenty years, therefore her punishment will last twenty years. But I wish to deal with it myself, not pass it off to someone else. I need to deal with this personally. Captain Whitlock and I have found the perfect place to keep her for these years.

It's a small out buildin' on our property. Hell, it was once actually the outhouse for the property! The place still reeks of human faeces after all these years" I say darkly and Alice starts to scream loudly.

Isabella throws a shield around her and we hear nothin' more.

"She can still hear you, Major" she purrs at me and I wink at her, looks like even my mate can spot the change in me,

"Isabella and Charlotte have designed the perfect outfit for her to wear. I believe it's made out of common sackcloth?" I continued to say and this brought forward sobbin' from Alice, but we heard nothin' thankfully,

"We are goin' to soundproof it and keep her in there for the duration of her punishment. And each day one piece of her will be burnt before her eyes, until nought but her head is left. I would like to request a set of vampire proof chains if I may? In fact, I know of a couple of sets in Washington State and they would do admirably!" I explain, likin' the irony of her bein' chained up by the very manacles she left me in,

The brothers nod to me in acknowledgement of my unpleasant plan for Alice's demise. There is also respect in their eyes that I am willin' to carry it out myself, well the four of us are to be exact. I owe the Captain and Charlotte some recompense for the attacks on their lives that Alice had ordered. I hope Isabella will participate in this only at the beginnin', as it will be very grizzly come the end. Not that she couldn't handle it, but why should she soil herself with memories of the likes of Mary-Alice Brandon!

"My main stipulation is that from the moment we leave; there will be no footage of her at all. She thinks she's special, so I want her to die in obscurity. Seen by none, mourned by none!" I said firmly and adamantly, watchin' as she crumpled to the floor in abject horror.

"So be it! We concur with Major Whitlock on the conditions of each of the accused parties sentences. But I have one last question! Please bring Carlisle forward, Demetri. Now Carlisle, just how long did you know Esme was Felix's mate?" Aro demanded,

But stupidly Carlisle hung his head and refused to answer his question. Grabbin' Carlisle's head between his hands, Aro sunk his nails into his head as he foraged for the answer.

"Oh, my! He knew from the moment Alice told him to change her in Nineteen Twenty-One. Dear me, one hundred and four years. Your punishment will be a slightly longer one Carlisle" Aro said wiping his finger off on Carlisle's shoulders.


Finally, we're gettin' somewhere and it is almost time to go home. Edward is dead and although his punishment was quicker it was much more humiliating. His head was removed and then his eyelids as well, so he couldn't not look. Chelsea had him fucked by any man that wished too and there were a few, he was an exceptionally pretty lookin' boy. This happened on camera and for the same amount of times he did that to her body over the almost twenty years, she was decapitated.

His torture was not just hearin' all their thoughts as the used his body while starin' into his eyes. No, it was his body's own reactions to havin' that done to him, that was what would torture him the most. Once that punishment was completed he had been released. Chelsea refused to kill him or have him killed by another; she merely had him thrown out of the castle,

"If you want to die, Edward, it will be by your own hand, no other vampire will aid you!" she told him scathingly,

It was not one day later we saw the purple smoke risin' from the valley below the Citadel. Edward had taken his own life, a broken, humiliated and unwanted vampire. Carlisle was now facin' a similar fate to Alice. Felix felt it was only right as they now knew Carlisle was told by Alice in Nineteen Twenty-one who Esme's real mate was. That was when he was sent to turn Esme by the connivin' bitch. So his punishment will last a lot longer than hers, a further eighty-four years if I'm not mistaken. Alec has mastered his gift to the point where he can cut off all, some or just one of your senses at a time.

So Carlisle will hear, see and smell his own body as it's destroyed, hell he'll even taste it! Felix intends to peel him like an onion over all these years and the fact he won't feel the pain it is the icing' on the cake. His vampire body will react to the removal of parts, it will ache and twitch, it will quiver and sting from the loss. But he will not have the sensation of pain, so no release for Carlisle except in his final death. The brothers will allow any visitors who wish to see Carlisle's punishment, to do so. It in itself would be a deterrent for any who thought to take their throne.

The old punishments were long and painful, so it didn't do any harm to remind vampires what awaited them if they tried and failed to take on the Volturi! Whilst reinforcin' the importance of mates in our world.


Isabella and I along with Peter and Charlotte, Felix and Esme, Emmett and Rosalie stood before the three brothers. I let go of control back to my gentler, Jasper side as they performed the vampire matin' ceremony on us. Our hands were bound to our mate's hands, as we fed each other blood from a chalice. Makin' it so we had to help each other to do it, representin' a partnership. Showin' neither vampire was above or more important than the other. An exchange of venom through a bite was also given and received, but it was above the heart of our mates, not seen by any other's eyes but our own.

And finally, a vow was spoken, where we affirmed that only our final death would separate us from now on. Then a token was given to each other, the Volturi had supplied us each with a small ingot of gold. We had to fashion them into somethin' we felt symbolised our bond before it was infused with venom to stop it ever wearing away. I made a flyin' golden swan with a pair of opened manacles in its beak. She depicted me as a wild stallion whose chain was broken by a golden heart slicing through it. Both of us showin' how she set me free, enablin' us to love each other.

We have no idea what the other depicted as it is personal to them and only them. The whole thing was very movin' and felt much more intense than a human weddin' would have and I am truly thankful to have Bella as my mate for as long as our eternity lasted. But whatever it is like and for however long it is we will be in it together. Now I just wanted to get home and start our life together, all four of us. We would be just a coven of four, 'the Whitlock Coven' and I couldn't be happier. This was how it should be, no pretensions, no pretendin' to be what we weren't.

We had no intention of losin' touch with our new friends in Volterra, but we could never live that way. Ours would be a much more laid back affair. Well, once Alice was out of our hair it would be, but I would not let her torture interfere with our new way of life. I knew in my heart she would not survive these twenty years of punishment, but I would keep to my word and continue even after her brain gave up the ghost. Because unlike the Cullens I was a man of my word and I could do no less. It would probably be a blessin' in disguise if her mind gave out, for both her and us. I don't relish havin' to do this, but she crossed the line.


"Are you happy to be home darlin'?" I asked Bella cause she was bouncin' around in her seat as the plane came into land,

"Yes, I've missed my store. It may not be much but it's mine and it kept me sane in this life. I know I have to be in disguise, but I plan to hand it over to myself soon. I can look like me for a while; I will pretend to be my own niece I think. Isabella Swan's niece Isabella Whitlock. What do you think?" she asked me with a concerned look on her face,

"I think that's a great idea, but maybe not be Bella as well. What about Isa or Izzy, even Sabel or Ella?" I reply and she smiles widely at me,

"Which one do you prefer?" she asks shyly and I wrap my arms around her and whisper in her ear,

"Isa, I think that might be my favourite"

"Isa it is then and you can call me that all the time if you want," she says lookin' down,

"Thank you darlin'. I love you, my Isa!" I declare and know she would be blushin' if she was still human,

"Will you work with me? We could be a couple, a newlywed couple Isa and Jay Whitlock. What do you say?" she exclaims liftin' up on her toes and kissin' my jaw and then her bite over my heart,

"I would be honoured," I say sweepin' her up into my arms before continuin' with, "Let's get home first. I want to make love to you in my bed. Just like I've been imaginin' for months now"

I feel her shudder in my arms and it's not fear that's for damn sure. Peter has arranged for a helicopter to be at our disposal, it will take us straight to the ranch. He had a landin' pad built a couple of years ago, didn't know why, just that it would be needed in the future. We didn't need anyone seein' just what we'd transported from Italy. She was bein' silent as the grave, almost statue-like and I guessed she'd been tryin' to get a vision of any kind. But there would be no escape for Alice; she couldn't see because of Bel..., no Isa and I had her so chilled out with my gift too.

Tomorrow would be day one of Alice's punishment. The manacles from Forks should have arrived by now and Felix was keeping the other set for usin' on Carlisle. I had no pity for the fool; he brought this all on himself. His greed and avarice brought this to pass and he couldn't blame Alice or Edward really as he changed them, not the other way around. So once Peter and I had secured Alice I returned to the house and my mate.


They say the first cut is the deepest and I agree because it's more psychological than physical. Because up until then the person doesn't actually believe you will do it. Sadly this was true for Alice. She thought our previous life together would stay my hand. Far from it doin' that, it just reminded me how bad things actually were. But I never let that push me to be cruel or vicious as she herself would have been. What got to her the most was that none of us ever spoke to her at all. She knew why she was here, no point in goin' over it a million times, that never changes the outcome. So we stayed silent no matter what she said or intimated and it drove her around the twist.

The joy I gained workin' with Isa was beyond anythin' I could imagine. She didn't change our appearances, but she did block the shine and that made a huge difference to me at least. The other two had benefitted in the past from this. To walk in the sun and not sparkle was amazin'; to never disappear on sunny days was great. Because they were the days the store made the most money. People dropped in as they passed by and we could put things outside to entice them in. It wasn't the pretendin' to be human act that the Cullens had, but the interaction with like-minded people no matter the species I enjoyed.

Books had a way of crossin' all barriers, age, gender, race and now unknown to them species. So the first year was settin' up an on-line side of her store, somethin' she wanted but never got around too. Then when the change over happened we became the new owners and I bought her the store next to hers and it became a cafe/readin' room. We had found some people wanted to read but not own a certain book and that sparked off another side to her business. Book readings and storytime for young children made her bookshop a hit and when Isa was happy so was I.

"Jay? How would you feel if we changed the name of the store to 'Swan & Whitlock Books'?" She asked me out of the blue and I was honoured,

"I'd like that very much darlin', thank you for bein' you and givin' me this life" I answered from my heart.

The years flew by and Isa just adjusted the way we all looked a little at a time and gave us the chance to stay for longer than we could have before. We had holidays all over the world, findin' rare books for ourselves and others for the store. But like all good things the end was nearin' and we had to in reality move on. So the shop was now managed by book minded people, like ourselves and we continued the online store ourselves from the ranch. Alice's twenty years was comin' to a close and she was truly insane by any standards and had been for several years now.

"It's time guys! This will be Alice's last day on earth and we all need to witness it and record it for the Volturi" Peter said out of the blue one mornin'.

"Wow, twenty years already! Feel like it's flown by" Char said and Isa nodded her head in agreement.

So while we looked for a new location to open another store I informed the Volturi that Alice was no more and sent them the video of her final moments. We moved not long after that and this time Peter and Char went off on their own for a while. We loved them but time apart was somethin' most vampires did. So here we were alone in Maine buyin' out a couples run down store and makin' it into another 'Swan & Whitlock' bookstore. We even championed new writers, holdin' events and offerin' publishin' deals as the prize. I had never thought all those years ago that this life would have been what I wanted.

We bought out the whole buildin' the store was in and now live above it. Havin' a mate who can change your appearance has been the biggest boon to our life. We are now Jas and Ella Swan, alternatin' between the surnames will be how we play things out over the years. Our new venture here is a small independent publishin' house in this building. Almost immediately we hired people to run the store so we could concentrate on this new venture. We both wrote as well now and the feelin' of seein' your own work in print and on the shelves was mind blowin'.

"We need to expand the history section Jas, if you keep this up they will all be your stuff!" she said one day in the store and everyone laughed as I pouted at her,

"Would you rather I wrote bodice rippers Ella? I'd still need to do some research, you up for it darlin'?" I drawled to her and true to form she got all embarrassed.

Over the years we have been visited by Emmett and Rose, Esme and Felix and many of the guard spend a couple of months each summer workin' in the stores. The chance to be themselves appealed greatly and many have found that havin' an outlet helps stave of ultimate boredom. The Volturi has funded many to start up all kinds of businesses and endeavours. Esme has become the go-to interior designer in Italy; Rose now owns a string of repair shops for vintage cars. We are now givin' back to the world that supports us, do we still drink from humans, yes. But like everythin' else evil still abounds and we make a point of helpin' to thin them out.


Since Maine we have moved to Colorado, Oregon, New Hampshire and are now about to move to Texas. 'Swan & Whitlock' has become a well-known name in the book and publishin' world. Yes, people can use many different ways to access reading materials, but many still want books and the feelin' they represent. We have moved with the times and diversified, but books are our first love and always will be. But first, we need to head to Italy, the brothers called us to be present at the final death of Carlisle Cullen. This is standard when any former or still rulin' coven leader dies.

"Darlin', Felix called we need to head to Italy, his time is up!" I explained and we called Peter and Char to meet us at the airport,

"So the end of the Cullens is here at long last. I wonder if he wishes he had never started this all those years ago?" Char asked as we climbed about our own jet.

It's hard to believe one hundred and four years have passed and his punishment is at its end. Unlike Alice, because he felt no pain during all this time Carlisle's mind is still intact. Maybe a little spacey, but generally he is still 'compos mentis' as it were. It is a sombre group that gather for this and he can see us all. There is no remorse in his feelin's and I detect a simmerin' hatred in his emotions too. So the great Carlisle Cullen still believes what he did wasn't wrong, just a means to an end. Well, may he rot in hell, because he will never be goin' anywhere else!

"Light him up Felix, that bastard still feels he was in the right!" I say with a deep growl and feel Isabella's hand on my back,

"He's gone and with him the past is closed! He deserved this and we have had a great life as he slowly burned" she said and everyone nodded in agreement.

The four of us decided to spend a few months here in Italy before returnin' to America and heading for Texas. This time we were Jasper and Isabella Whitlock and it always gave me a thrill to hear our names together like that. It's been many years since I've been home and I am lookin' forward to it. Yes. It's changed as has everywhere else, but so have I and that's as it should be. You can't stand still if you do you petrify and the world would just move on without you!

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