Greetings one and all. This story is set 3 years after the events of Frozen 2 and 7 years after the Tangled series finale (Elsa and Rapunzel are both 27 years old and Anna is 24).

As the summary explained, this story will follow the Canon characters of Frozen and Tangled as they watch their children from the future fight to save their present world. Naturally many pairings are involved.

There are heavy elements of Kingdom Hearts in this story so a little knowledge of the KH lore would help benefit some viewers, though it is not total required so do not worry if you haven't played the games. yet

With that. Please enjoy

Lives After Happily Ever After

It was a beautiful Spring afternoon in the kingdom of Arendelle. Kristoff briskly marched out of the palace gates, making his way towards the town square. There was a bounce in his steps and a swing in his shoulders but most noticeable of all was the wide toothy grin plastered on his face, he was overjoyed at the moment and rightfully so.

Behind Kristoff came Kai the plump steward and royal advisor of Arendelle, almost having to run in order to keep up with the younger, much fitter man.

"Sir, I implore you... please consider your etiquettes... AS OUR PRINCE CONSORT!" Kai pleaded between buffs, panting in exertion.

"What? I'm striding properly." Replied Kristoff, suddenly self conscious but noticing nothing amiss.

Three years have passed since the freeing of Northuldra and Kristoff could hardly believe how much has happened in such a short time, how much his life has changed since; Elsa abdicating the throne to become the leader of the Northuldrans, Anna crowned as Arendelle's new queen, he and Anna becoming engaged, then married. And so much more following.

Now here he is, Kristoff a ruler of a kingdom on his way towards town with a BIG announcement to make.

The kingdom was alive with activity as per usual. Townsfolk and merchants haggled, traders and distributers from neighboring kingdoms exchanged news and gossips near and far. Kristoff past them all as he entered the busy streets, wherever he walked people stopped their activities to greet their prince consort.

"Good day your Highness," Peter the street vendor smiled waving his spatula.

Kristoff smiled and took a whiff, "Good afternoon Peter. Wow that smells good, keep it up!"

Then he passed Jenna the brewer. "How ya doin Jenna? Keep that poison strong." Kristoff encouraged, to which Jenna just laughed in resopnse.

The Prince Consort was well liked, it was bitter work at first but by now Kristoff had memorised the names and faces of just about everyone in the kingdom and went to great lengths to building rapport with his subjects. Not at all like the lonely mountain man in the past, who shunned social interactions and preferred the company of reindeers over people. He still loved reindeers of course, and trolls.

At last Kristoff and Kai reached their destination, a stone podium permanently erected on a stage at the edge of town square. More people noticed Kristoff at the podium and a small crowd began to congregate.

"Have you your speech note prepared, sir?" Kai asked.

"Sure have." Kristoff replied holding out a small note.

"Very well." Kai responded. Turning to face the now large crowd gathered before them.

"Ahem. Good people of Arendelle may I have your attention please. His Highness Prince Kristoff would like to make a special announcement." Kai spoke. The murmurs stopped and the steward beckoned the prince to begin.

"Thank you, Kai." Kristoff moved forward. "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, thank you for your attention. It is with overwhelming joy that I proudly announce that, earlier this morning..." Kristoff paused.

The crowd held their breath, in truth almost everyone already knew what he was about to say but it always feels good to be the first to hear it.

"ANNA GAVE BIRTH TO A BABY GIRL!" Kristoff cheered, throwing both the note and his arms in the air.


Back at the palace, Anna was lying on her and Kristoff's king sized bed, physically exhausted but still wide awake with joy. In her arms Anna cradled her newborn daughter, the proud mother gazing lovingly at the adorable sleeping baby. Princess Amelia Bjorgman.

At Anna's bedside sat Elsa, the queen's loving sister watching vigilantly, yet enjoying every moment of what was certainly a heart warming scene.

Then it came, the city wide cheer from the distance.

"Sounds like Kristoff just broke the news." Said Elsa.

Anna made a weak chuckle. "Do you think he behaved himselfthis time?"She joked.

Elsa shrugged and nodded. "Well I did see himwalkout the gates. Though it really wasn't walking so much as it was slow running. Poor Kai looked like he was about to collapse."

Anna burst out laughing. A few of the maids present giggled.

There came a knock on the door and Olaf's voice could be heard from the other side. "Hey Anna and Elsa. I'm sorry for disturbing you, but little Aidan really wants to see his mom." The snowman pleaded.

"Of course Olaf! Please bring him in." Anna called out.

With that, Olaf came waddling in, and holding hands with Olaf was a blonde haired toddler. It was quite adorable, the sight of the snowman walking the little boy around the palace always melted the hearts of the staff.

"Hey sweetie, come meet your little sister." Anna called to her son.

Aidan scurried towards the bed and tried to climb on, but without success.

"Here little buddy, I'll help you...hrrrr." The snowman proceeded to try and lift the crown prince.

"Oh here, I got you." Elsa said. Picking up her nephew and gently placing the boy beside his mother. Aidan began to observe and prod curiously at Amelia.

"Do you remember the day Aidan was born and Kristoff made the announcement the first time?" Elsa asked.

"Yeah. He hopped on Sven and raced to town, but when Kai didn't follow he came back to throw Kai over Sven's back and rode off again." Anna recalled.

The sisters laughed.


Back at town square there was celebrations in the streets. People danced and drank, children played and ran around laughing and chasing one another, a few ran past Kristoff making him chuckle.

"Can't wait to hear the sound of running feet in the castle." Kristoff thought.

After the initial excitement. The handshakes, hugs and well wishes were beginning to die down, granted it did last well over an hour before it did. Kristoff was starting to miss his family.

"I think I'll head back now, Kai. Will you be alright on your own?" Asked Kristoff.

"Oh I'll be quite alright sir, thank you. Never you mind me sir, I'll make my own way back." Kai spoke as the towns women pulled him into another dance.

The prince smiled as it seems the steward was legitimately having a good time.

Kristoff walked back through the shopping districts, the vendors all visably pleased with the extra excitement drawing larger crowds near their stalls. As Kristoff neared a minerals stall a young girl in mid turn bumped right into him, the jar she had just purchased went spinning in the air.

With one arm around a full shopping bag the girl tried to catch the jar with her free hand but it kept bouncing off her fingers. Kristoff also made to catch the jar but it bounced off his hand too. Suddenly the girl made what sounded like a battle whoop, then quick as a flash she dropped low, one knee bent, the other leg extended to the side, her free hand shot out and caught the jar just before it hit the ground.

A few witnesses gave a small cheer and an applause before they left. Kristoff was himself thoroughly impressed.

"Nice catch." He praised.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see you there eh-." The girl froze, her eyes widened into saucers the instant she had a good look at Kristoff.

"Da-... P-Prince Kristoff." She straightened then nodded her head, a gesture which Kristoff found unusual as women typically curtseyed.

'She couldn't be a soldier, could she?' He thought. Unlikely, the girl appeared only about thirteen or fourteen seasons at most, she was wearing a simple white one piece dress simple footwear and a straw woven hat with a few strands of light auburn hair hanging out.

There was something strangely familiar about this girl, he has definitely seen her from somewhere. But try as Kristoff might, he could not put his finger on it.

"Why hello there." Kristoff greeted. "Have we met before? Are you from around here?" He asked.

The girl relaxed a bit, she looked down as if to consider her words before answering. "Why yes...well yes and no, your highness. My family and I use to live in Arendelle when I was very little." She explained. "But we had to leave, for good. I haven't been able to visit until now, it's such a beautiful kingdom."

Though imperceptible to the eye, Kristoff could somehow sense the hidden sadness in the girl's voice. The prince considered his next words then decides to go through with it.

"How about I give you a tour?" Kristoff asked.

The girl looked up genuinely surprised by the offer.

"Really, but aren't you busy?" She asked.

"Part of a prince's royal duty is to promote his kingdom, and what better way to do that than to personally show visitors around?" Kristoff declared. "So what do you say?"

"YES! I'd love love LOVE that!" The girl beamed.

The rest of the afternoon was full of laughs and fun. The young teen had been REALLY interested in Arendelle and almost forcefully dragged Kristoff around wherever they went.

They finally stopped to rest by the fjords, the waters were calm and the winds were cool and refreshing. The girl stretched her arms and soaked in the afternoon sun, she removed her straw hat and ran her fingers through her mid length light auburn hair.

'Just like Anna.' Kristoff gaped. The prince could not help but notice the similarity.

Suddenly the girl's light brown eyes bulged in panic and she frantically scanned the area.

"My hair clip! I think must have dropped it. It's really important to me. HAVE YOU SEEN IT!?" She pleaded.

Kristoff looked down and spotted a yellow oval shaped multi purpose clip beside his boot. "Hey it's okay, I found it." Kristoff assured. He handed the item back to the girl.

It was a beautiful hair piece, Kristoff noted the material perhaps wasn't expensive, but the intricate hand painted patterns of metallic dark silver leaves and silver birds were astonishing.

The girl appreciatively reclaimed her treasure and clipped it back on.

"Thanks for that and thank you sooo much for that tour, your highness." The girl cheered. She was happy, REALLY happy. She even did a twirl of joy.

"Yup no problemo kiddo, I was happy to do it." Kristoff replied, waving it off. Truthfully Kristoff felt incredibly proud of himself, he knew he had really made her day.

At last the sun was setting and it really was time to part ways.

The girl slowly approached Kristoff, clasping both of his hands in hers, her light brown eyes bore intohislight brown eyes. "You've given me more than just a tour, you have shown me my real home, and what's more. In the...past.I could only dream of having a chance to meet Kristoff Bjorgman. Now, for the first time in forever, I was finally able to chat and get to know him. Thank you. I will remember it always." She finished.

Kristoff was taken aback by the strange girl's confession. "Uh, wow I can't say I expected... that."

"Sorry I didn't mean to make things awkward." The girl chuckled.

"Meh. No harm was done." Kristoff dismissed. Then a thought occurred to him.

"I never did get your name." He asked

The girl looked down in thought as if considering her response. At last she relaxed and faced him again. "My friends call me. Amy." Amy finally proclaimed.

And so the pair parted ways. Kristoff watched Amy skip away until she was out of sight.

"Now. Time to get back to Anna, Aidan and Amelia." Kristoff thought. He made his way back to the palace with all haste.

It would be weeks until he understood the full weight of that fateful encounter.


Across the ocean from Arendelle, in the island kingdom of Corona the Coronan royal family busied themselves in preparation for their overseas trip.

"Ooh let's get that one or this one *gasp* definitely this one it'ssoocute." Rapunzel squealed. The short haired brunette was browsing the innumerable nursery trinkets and toys that were on sale.

Word had reached their kingdom of Princess Amelia's birth and a letter was received inviting the royal family to the new princess's celebration ball. Naturally Queen Rapunzel took the news ecstatically, she scoured the kingdom high and low, scanning every store in the markets for the perfect gifts. And when she was done, she does it again!

"Seriously Blondie, this is the third shopping round, we've seen this same stuff TWICE already." Eugene groaned.

Rapunzel laughed and waved her husband off.

"Eugene, if I only looked once there's a good chance I could miss something great. Like this lamp for example, isn't it cute?" Rapunzel gestured at a baby blue oil lamp.

Eugene rolled his eyes.

"Rapunzel, you saw that lamp the first time we walked in, you thought then it was cute but you didn't like the patterns. You saw it again the second round, you thought it was cute but you worried oil lamps were a fire hazard. And now for the third time we walk in and you're gonna say 'The lamp is cute buuuuuut-.'"

"It's not that cute." Rapunzel finished and set the lamp down.

Eugene released a sigh but chuckled. As exhausting as his wife can be, Eugene enjoys every wacky moment with her, and they get to share these moments with two little angels.

"I'm gonna go wait outside with the kids, you take your time now, ok love?" Eugene called.

"Mhm." Rapunzel hummed her response.

Out onto the streets Eugene wheeled a most ponderable double seated stroller to rest at a bench, it had originally been quite a plain and colourless stroller. But once Rapunzel had gotten her hands on it and with her paints too. Life just takes its course.

Yet even Rapunzel's paintings could not detract the attention from the strollers occupants. Two beautiful chocolate haired babies sat, their ever wide curious green eyes staring at the exciting world around them. Barely a year ago Rapunzel had given birth to twins, a boy and a girl, yet both were so identical that even their parents and grandparents occasionally get them mixed up.

Arianna had once explained that on the day Rapunzel was born she and Frederic were originally going to name their daughter "Wrennetta" after the flower Wrennetta Powell. But then for whatever reason they decided to name her Rapunzel instead, which meant lettuce. In any case Rapunzel loved the name Wrennetta so much that she just had to give it toherdaughter.

At the same time Eugene was feeling similarly sentimental with his old alias so the couple agreed to name their son Flynnigan. But to just about everyone in the kingdom they were simply "Flynn and Wrenn" The Royal Twins.

A few towns folk passing by greeted King Eugene and gave a few "Ah(s)" and "Aw(s)" to the twins. The four ginger sisters stopped by and expressed how exited they are to give Wrenn a few braids when she gets older.

"Well, those four sure grew up fast." Eugene muttered, as he watched the now teenage sisters head off.

"I hope you two won't grow up too fast before my eyes. Makes me feel old." Eugene teased and began poking at his children who laughed and tried to catch his finger "But mostly because I just want these moments to last." He sighed.

"Eugene! I'm back." Rapunzel chirped. She waved a box of multi-purpose clips.

"Really Blondie? After all that you buy a box of clips?" Eugene grumbled. "And they look so plain and bland... Oh."

"You guessed it, I'm going to paint over these myself. I'll do one for Amelia and one for Aidan." She then turned to Flynn and Wrenn. "And yes, later I'll do one for each of you too." Rapunzel cooed. She tickled her babies.


At the palace throne room Frederic was having a discussion regarding leadership during the trip.

"Worry not my lord, I give you my word the kingdom will be in good hands during your absence." Nigel assured Frederic.

The Royal Advisor spoke with an air of confidence that would banish any doubt.

"Yeah. Don't you worry a thing your kinglyness. It won't just be Nigel here, you've also Moi to count on. Bring it in A team!" Lance cheered wrapping his large arm around the neck and shoulder of Nigel.

The advisor groaned and so the doubt returns... or at least it should have.

"Ha! Very good Lance, I trust you two will perform well." Frederic laughed. "But please Lance. I have not been the King for seven years now."

Frederic's demeanour is no longer what it use to be.

Six months ago the King Father was struck by a terrible illness, so sudden and unforeseen was this ailment that no hint was given as to how Frederic contracted the illness nor could any medicine or remedy abate it's effects. As the weeks wore on it soon became apparent that Frederic was not long for this world and the kingdom fell in a state of dark foreboding.

Rapunzel herself wallowed in unimaginable grief, the familiar pain of losing someone dear and no longer having the power to save them tore at her soul.

But... as quickly as the sickness came, one morning Frederic woke up mysteriously cured and what's more, the King Father was revitalised in ways he had not felt in years. No explanation could be found and nor did anyone question how; Although Shorty did say he 'Might have, perhaps, possibly not sure, glitter girl, knife hands... witnessed a murder.' But who believes Shorty anyway?

In any case, the kingdom had been praying for a miracle and their prayers were answered.

Now. Having been blessed a second chance in life, Frederic is determined to live his remaining years to the fullest. To enjoy and cherish every moment with those he loves. And so when the invite to Princess Amelia's celebration ball was received, Frederic was set on joining his whole family to Arendelle to congratulate Anna and Kristoff.

Queen Mother Arianna entered the throne room followed by Rapunzel and Eugene and with their children. Frederic let out a sigh of contentment, a moment to take in the sight of his entire family together, his heart swelled with pride.

"Ah Arianna my dear. Have you inspected our transportation?" Asked Frederic.

"Darling the Mega Blimp is amazing, Master Engineer Varian has certainly outdone himself this time. He gave me his assurance, we will arrive in Arendelle withina days travel!" The Queen Mother praised. Frederic was astonished. Such distance usually required at least five days travel by ship.

"I warn you dad, it's going to be fast sailing, and we'll be pretty high up. Think you can handle the thrill?" Rapunzel challenged.

Frederic gulped.


"Thanks for agreeing to look after Neoma for us, dad." Said Cassandra. "I know things will be extra busy with the royal family away, so we really appreciate this."

The reinstated Captain of the Guards simply chuckled in response. A cute raven haired baby cooed and snuggled in his arms.

"Cassandra, you know it is always my pleasure to spend time with my precious grand daughter. And don't worry about my schedules this is the safest kingdom there is after to that klown king." He muttered that last part good naturedly "And if things do get in the way I'll just drop Neoma at Quirin's, we've agreed to take turns looking after her, so everything will be fine." Assured the Captain. "Just keep a close eye onthe crew. I still have a hard time trusting them especially with the royal family." This time he was serious.

Seven years have passed since Rapunzel and Cassandra defeated Zhan Tiri, following that event Cassandra had ridden away with Fidella to find her destiny. None were too sure what transpired in her travels except that she had formed a team from a band of misfits and have travelled the seven kingdoms and beyond, performing good deeds and protecting the weak.

When at last after three long years, Cassandra had finally returned, her destiny fulfilled and her heart was at peace. Though she did lament missing out on Rapunzel and Eugene's wedding shedid notlament missing the infamous clean up. Upon her return Cassandra promised Rapunzel that she would settle down and remain in Corona from that day on if the kingdom would still have her. Needless to say Rapunzel was overjoyed and much to Cassandra's own surprise, the kingdom welcomed her return without rancour.

It was also on that same year that Varian declared his love for her. A red faced Cassandra had tried to dissuade the alchemist, at first trying to convince him that it must just be a silly childhood crush, and that he deserves so much better than her.

But Varian had matured during the years of her absence, his mannerism and now superior height was evidence. The Master Engineer confessed how he could not cast Cassandra from his mind or heart even as the years went by. His feelings for her only grew stronger ashegrew. Varian had been longing for Cassandra's return every bit as much as Rapunzel had, perhaps more so, and by then he knew he was in love with her.

Cassandra's rock hard heart melted that day, she returned his feelings and the pair became an item. A few more years passed and Varian and Cassandra are now married and with a one year old daughter of their own; Neoma, the name which means 'new moon'. Their family could not be happier.

"You sure you will be alright while we're gone?" An older Varian asked. "It's just that some of the newer boiler models are not so... user friendly... or safe."

Quirin shrugged. "Varian since when have any of the boilers been safe." Quirin laughed. "Son, if you expect others in the kingdom to adopt more of your great inventions you have to start by trusting people with them."

The former guard of the Dark Kingdom placed a hand on his son's shoulder. He looked up at the Mega Blimp, Varian's greatest work yet.

"Royalties and Nobles from all over the continent will be at Arendelle, let all see your works and know your brilliance." Then very quickly- "But don't steal the thunder. It's suppose to be Princess Amelia's day after all."

The pair laughed.


The queen, the king, the queen mother, the king father and the twins prince and princess boarded the Mega Blimp, a huge cheering crowd was present to send them off.

"Steady as she goes. Engage all four hot air balloons." Varian instructed. "And lift off."

The Mega Blimp ascended hundreds of feet into the air.

Rapunzel was at a wing operating a booster as one of the regular crew members was unable to join the voyage. Unsurprisingly the hot blooded queen volunteered to be a crew of the Mega Blimp,

"Set boosters angle to flat and engage Flynnolium on my mark." Varian's voice boomed over the trumpet. "Mark!" The craft soared over the ocean with a trail of green fire and smoke.

"Woohoo!" cheered Rapunzel.

"Argh." Someone nearby groaned. "Your Majesty, please lower the clamps to lock the boosters in place, then you can move around freely." It was Lady Caine.

Rapunzel smiled at the lead crewmember. "Phew that was amazing. I sure got a blast out of that."

Cassandra stepped out onto the wing deck to join them. "Excellent work people. Varian commends the crew for the smooth take off."

The Stabbington Brothers cheered.

Lady Caine snorted. "Considering the alternative would be a fiery death or a long drop down."

"Lady Caine, I heard that this was supposed to be your husband's post, how come he's not joining us on this trip?" Asked Rapunzel.

"Nash and I are parents now. One of us has to be the stay at home mom, and it sure as hell wasn't going to be me."

"Oh, yes I see." Rapunzel giggled. No way Lady Caine was getting bogged down, even with a child.

Cassandra passed Lady Caine a glance. Rapunzel doesn't know it, but besides looking after their son there was another very good reason why 'Nash' cannot go to Arendelle.

"How is little Novak anyway?" Cassandra asked. Changing the subject.

Lady Caine shrugged. "He's fine. His uncle's just won't stop coddling him, urgh who would've thought Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum could be such softies. Anyway he's fit and healthy and crawling all over the place." She spoke in a tone that suggests indifference.

Rapunzel and Cassandra exchanged a wry smirk to one another. Through bitter experience they have both learnt how to read whether or not a parent truly cared for their child. Lady Caine may act tough and pretend she doesn't care, but they both know the former pirate leader actually loves her son fiercely and would not hesitate to split skulls to protect him.

Lady Caine and her husband even named their son Novak, a word that means 'new.' They chose that name swearing to leave their former lives behind to start a fresh chapter.

And what a chapter it has been for the world. Times were good, the skies were clear and the future looked bright.

The world could not fathom the doom that approaches.

••• End of Chapter •••

I've had this idea cooking upstairs for a few years now but I wanted to see how Frozen 2 and Tangled the Series ended up first. To my delight, things fell into place perfectly for this story.

Quick recap, we have 6 of the 7 kids introduced in this chapter.

• Amelia and Aidan: Children of Anna and Kristoff

• Flynn and Wrenn: Children of Rapunzel and Eugene

• Neoma: Daughter of Cassandra and Varian

• Novak: Son of Lady Caine and "Nash" ;)

And that's the first chapter, thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and please leave me your thoughts