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Chapter 1:

October 5th, 2009:

High school sucks. A lot. And I had to do this for the second time! I was working on my Masters before, you know!

What do I mean? Well, I died. But don't worry. I got better. Other than the small problem that I was a baby again. In 1997.

My memories were blocked for a while, 5 years to be exact. For 5 years I was a regular baby, except I was smarter than a regular baby. And less energetic. But that's nothing related to my previous life, but to my father. I'll explain later.

Then, the night of my 5th birthday, July 14th, 1997, while I slept, I had dreams. Dreams of my previous life, of the wonderful small towns of India, of a different language, culture. A different family, with a loving but stressed mother, a drunkard but a man that tried his best, as a father, a cute younger sister, 2 loving older cousins, their mother and our grandmother, and all of us living in the same house. It might seem awful, but it was the best.

In those 9 hours of sleep, I lived through 24 years of life. It's... Weird. Don't ask how it happened.

As soon as I woke up, I wanted to jump around and tell my father about the dream. But thankfully, I got a fever, and a headache and slept for a few more hours. Now that I think about it, it was probably to let my brain better assimilate the new knowledge.

I don't actually remember all 24 years, my brain is not that good. But what I do remember, I remember clearly. I remember playing Basketball, chess for my school, cricket. I remember speaking broken English, but that's mostly because I was tri-lingual. I tried really hard to speak three languages and messed up in all of them. Yes, even my mother-tongue, Marathi.

Most of all, I remember watching movies, reading books, comics, but only if I actually liked them. I can count the comics I'd read on one hand. Most of those I'd read because I wanted to know about a character more in depth.

But movies? Those I loved to watch. I'd watched most movie series and loved them all. If I didn't find the trailer interesting, I never even touched it. But for those I liked? I watched them at least 3 times each. I watched all the movies in Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, MCU, X-Men, and even if I hated it, DC.

Which is why I remembered one movie in particular from my dreams, where I saw someone I knew. Norman Osborn. The Villain in the first Spider-Man movie, and the father of Harry Osborn. Which is now, yours truly. Yes, I was reborn as Harry Osborn.

I'd have preferred Peter Parker if it had to be this universe, but then again, I'm rich now. Screw it, I prefer Harry Osborn.

When I next woke up, with Bernard by my bedside, I understood the seriousness of the situation. First I thanked all the Gods of the Hindu Religion, then thanked Jesus, because I was an American and I went to the Church on Sundays, then thanked Allah, because, why the fuck not? Christians and Muslims worship the same God anyway. Then I thanked the greatest of all Gods, Stan Lee for this chance at a new life and the knowledge which might help me in my future. If I survive.

I still waited 3 weeks to let it sink in, that yes, I was reborn, my memories have just returned, and I'm in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Joy.

Anyways, back to my new life, I kept my head down and acted as normal as I could, in front of my father. My father, Norman, never even noticed the difference in my behaviour and continued to talk down to me, belittle me, at every chance he got. He was always an asshole so I never minded. In my mind I already had a father in my previous life, he was a little bit of an asshole too, but never on this level. And then there was Bernard. He took care of me after my mother's death, who died as soon as I was born, and noticed immediately that I was acting weird. It took a while but I convinced him that I was normal.

According to Bernard, my mother's death is one of the reasons Norman hates me. Other is that according to him I'm a disappointment.

I never took it to heart, instead I started to prove him wrong. My grades started to improve, I used the pocket money I got to get more stuff for myself that I'd never had in my previous life. Like a piano. It was cheap, relatively, but I liked music and I never had a chance in my previous life as a Middle class Indian family to pursue it.

Other than music, I started learning as much as I could. I liked reading, a lot. Be it a novel, fanfictions, or the Physics textbooks. So I started reading up on it.

I knew there were some differences in the laws of Physics in this Universe, relative to my Previous Universe, don't know how or why yet, but they are. Like some things that were impossible in my previous life were now not only possible, but practiced. Like Hank Pym and his Pym particles, or Howard Stark and his Arc Reactor, and so much more.

So I learned Physics, Chemistry and Math for that. I wanted to figure out why things are different here. Plus, I wanted to start my own company if Norman stays alive, or do something in Oscorp other than just manage it, if Norman dies. I was already pretty smart in those three subjects, being a Masters student in Physics. But I also added Computer Science to it, because, why not? I liked computers, and it was 1998, so the computers were pretty basic compared to the one I owned, in my previous life that is. Damn this will get weird. I'll call it the PU. As I said, I'm really smart.

Maybe my Osborn genes are starting to affect my ego. Hmm.. Other than that, I just took an intermediate course in Wing Chun. I didn't want to be a superhero at first, but then I thought about how many civilians normally die in each attack in the MCU and changed my mind. Why only intermediate? Because I was going to enhance myself anyway.

I knew that Peter somehow became a gymnast after the spider bite, he just didn't know how to fight. So I learned a few forms, how to take a punch, how to attack, a few hours of practice everyday and I had recorded the stances in my muscle memory. I was not going to learn any more fighting styles. Wing Chun was enough for me, it was my favourite style too thanks to the Ip Man movies, which haven't come out yet. Damn.

I even fixed up a gym for myself in one of the rooms in the basement. With weights up to about a 70 tons. Along with a punching bag. It was to prepare myself for Superpowers.

I didn't have an Eidetic Memory, I knew that. Which is why I started writing a journal, or as I like to call it, "The Black Book of Secrets." In that book, I wrote everything I remembered about Marvel. Comics and Movies. I knew mutants didn't exist, so I mostly concentrated on MCU and anything related to those characters. I still wrote about X-men, the DC universe, Naruto, and even Harry Potter. For inspiration.

Naruto has a lot of things I could learn from, so does DC and X-men. I could take techniques from those Universes and make them mine here. Who's gonna recognise them?

I found out that I was most probably in the MCU. I mean the most famous people from this Universe were actors in my PU. Like Tony Stark was RDJ, Steve Rogers was Chris Evans, but Elon Musk was Elon Musk. My father looked like the guy from Spider-Man movie, Peter Parker looked like a sort of mixture between Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland, Gwen Stacy looked like a really cute teenage Emma Stone. I don't really remember the other faces, which makes me think it was a really good idea to write the Black Book of Secrets.

Other than that, I mostly concentrated on building an AI. My father was mostly at Oscorp or meeting with his goons. So I had the home to myself. I commandeered the basement for myself and made it my own. It was the basement of a fucking mansion, so it was big. I mostly used it for a few of my experiments in Chemistry and my Computer setup. I already had enough servers built to make a supercomputer, which I was going to use in the AI Infrastructure.

It took 3 years of working 4 hours a day on week days and 12 hours on weekends to make it possible, but it was done. On September 28th, 2007, I managed to complete my AI, whom I named Siri. Hey, Apple didn't exist here. Steve Jobs died in his twenties in an accident, which now I think about it, was highly suspicious. Probably Hydra or my father had something to do with his death.

Siri was everything I wanted in an AI. She managed my home, security, the laundry. Hell, she even kept an eye on Norman for me. She's still young, I'm hoping she'll get at least semi-sentience before 2015. The Vibranium that I'll have gathered by then will be useful for a body. But that's a long ways away.

As the Head of my Cyber Security, Siri also hacked into Oscorp, to keep up with the research, mind you. I found out that they were working on Cross-species genetics, but using Lizards. Spiders were abandoned after Richard Parker's death. They also had a serum ready for the Military, Oz-Serum, which was still unstable. I was still working on it, 5th year of working on it in fact. The also had the Armour which later Green Goblin uses, along with the glider. I was working on improving the glider for my own uses. But it was on the back burner.

So we come to the present, in October 2009, where I'm on my way to Oscorp, along with the rest of the students in my class and a few teachers. Why are we going? To start the Spider-Man movie of course.

I mean, this is most probably the trip in which a spider bites Peter giving him the powers. Peter was one of my best friends, along with Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane. Gwen was an Intern at Oscorp, working under Dr Curt Connors and my classmate, along with the others. We'd dated in Junior year, but it didn't much work out. Well, at least we lost our virginities to each other. And it was amazing.

"Why are you grinning like an idiot?" A voice asks me from my right. Peter was walking beside me outside Oscorp. Huh. I never even noticed that we'd reached.

I scowl at him and say, "Nothing, you jerk. Just thinking."

He shakes his head and adjusts his glasses. He says, "Whatever you say. So, you excited?"

MJ snorts at his right and says, "Yeah, right. He's been here hundreds of times Pete. He owns the building."

"That's- I mean- ah..- It's still Oscorp's Genetics division, you know?" Peter stammers out. 13 years of being her neighbour and he still can't talk to her without tripping.

I smile amusedly at him and say, "I've been here before, yes. I've even helped Gwen a few times in her work, but I don't own the building. Norman does."

MJ winces at that. They both knew how close I was to Norman. Can't blame her though, she had a bad childhood too. But she is used to thinking that it only happens in her house.

We walk silently after that, diligently following the Guide, Dr Davis. He was cool, but he was still relatively new. I nod at him, and the security guards, who nod back. Why be rude to those who work for your father?

Davis starts speaking and Peter starts following the group around, which I mostly ignore. I wanted to mess as little as possible in Peter's chance to become Spider-Man. He's a good kid, if a little naive and unconfident. Flash's bullying did that to him. I was only saved because he knows I can beat him up. Plus Norman scares him.

I watched from a little far as Peter clicked away at his camera while trying and failing to flirt with MJ. It was funny the way he stumbled over words every time she smiled his way. Thankfully she's not dating Flash in this Universe.

"... And these are the spiders. One of our best, Dr Richard Parker, used to work on them. However before he could complete his experiments, sadly, he passed away. It was a tragic time for Oscorp." Dr Davis said, sadly.

Hah. Tragic time, my ass. Norman ordered the hit on Richard, that much I know. But I can't tell it to Peter. It'll break his heart. He's still looking at the spiders, while the others have moved on to the lizards. I stay with him, just to keep him company.

Suddenly, Peter smacks his left hand with his right. "Ah!" he gasps out.

Oohhh! Its here! The Spider just bit Peter! Oh where is it? Where's my precious? I look around for the spider and find it near Peter's leg.

"Siri, turn of all the lights of this floor." I speak softly to my watch. It was my own invention. Okay fine, it was a reinvented item from my PU. The smart-watch. It had my private Operating System, which mostly resembles Android.

Siri, who was already inside the Oscorp Systems, agrees and turns off the lights for a few minutes. Only the lights and the camera's. Don't want more of the insects to go missing. Once the lights turn off I call out, "Peter? Stay there, I'm coming to you."

"Please remain calm and on your positions. There's an electrical malfunction and we are checking up on it." An announcement sounds out throughout the floor.

I hear other such calls for lights and ignore them. Going to Peter, I quickly pick up the spider and store it in a small plastic container. I'm going to use it to improve the Oz serum.

"Do you know, what's happening?" Peter asks me when I get close to him. It was still fairly visible, just not enough to notice my theft.

"No idea, dude. Maybe some experiment went wrong or something?" I shrug. A few seconds go by in silence and the lights come back on. We're still standing in front of the Spider Enclosure and blink a few times to get used to the light.

"Mr Osborn! Mr Parker! Stop dawdling and come here!" Mr Raymond Warren, our Science teacher calls out.

We startle at that and follow the rest of the group as they start going outside. The trip was prematurely over, thanks to the Blackout.

I didn't care. I had the Spider. I had the Spider-Venom to study now. I had everything in my lab in my basement. Equipment, high processing computer, chemicals that I might need, the formula for the Oz Serum. There was just one thing necessary. The Spider.

At first I wanted to just take the Oz serum and improve it. But seeing as even after 5 years I'm still not successful, I decided to study the Spider and see if it works on removing the insanity factor. Hopefully it does.

We all get checked for any "souvenirs" we might have taken, which Flash, the idiot that he is, tried to do. Of course as the son of the CEO and a frequent visitor, they completely ignored me. Which works out best, and an hour later I'm home.

"Bernard! I'm down in my lab. Don't disturb me unless it's an emergency, please!" I shout out as soon as I'm inside.

"Of course Master Harry." Bernard says, coming out of the Kitchen.

I smile at him and go down to my lab. I scan my handprint along with an 8 digit password in my voice and the door opens up. It's not the best security, but it's up there.

"Welcome home, Boss. Mission Accomplished?" Siri asks me coming out in her Holographic form. It was just a floating head, which I designed after Gideon from The Flash.

I rub my hands and show her the Spider. I say, "Yup! I'm one step closer to completing the Oz Serum."

I immediately start up on carefully dissecting the Spider. I was not the best at Biology, but I studied it enough that I could bisect any insect, arachnid as well as plant I want.

Everything is carefully extracted in an hour. The Venom and blood was stored in different containers while the rest of the body parts were kept separately. I take a drop of diluted Venom and place it on a slide. In another slide I take the blood, while on a third slide I take its skin.

"Siri. Start analysis. I need to know everything about the Venom as well as the blood. Just one bite of this spider gave two people Spider Powers. I want to know how." I give out the order.

I start working with Siri on the Venom first, throwing ideas around. But nothing works. Yet.

"Keep working on this Siri. How are the other projects coming along?" I ask Siri as I clean up my desk.

"Very good, Boss. You own 18% of Oscorp now, and your father is still ignorant of it. The hover glider is complete and assembled, along with the Super-Suit. I'm still unable to hack into SHIELD remotely, prognosis is that I'll need manual access to do it, or a better power source." Siri answers.

I close my eyes and say, "Hmm. The opportunity will come. What about the Web?"

Siri pauses for a minute and says, "The Spider-Web that you designed has been studied. Improvements are possible, but for your own swinging use, it is adequate. I still don't understand why you need both the Web and the Glider.

I smile softly and say, "Never depend on a single mode of transportation. I'll primarily use the Web, while the Glider is for long distance traveling. I can use my webs to go around New York City, but what about outside it. You know what, take the Glider and start a new project. Label it the Jet for now. Remind me in 2 months to work on it."

Siri creates the file and saves it. It was necessary to make a jet for myself. Hover Jets will be faster than the normal ones. I'll probably steal a Quin-Jet one day and improve upon it.

"Any other news while I was away?" I ask Siri.

Siri frowns at me and says, "Yes, Boss. Mr Osborn is getting desperate. He almost lost the Contract with the military today. The armour failed to work the way the Gen Slocum expected it to, and has put pressure on Mr Osborn to scrap that project and work on the Super Soldier Serum. Oscorp has blood samples of Steve Rogers to compare it with, but so far nothing has managed to get close to it. Based on your Black Book, I think that he will take the Unstable Oz Serum today. He has already booked Lab 3 and sent for the gas chamber."

Huh. I didn't know Norman takes the Serum this early. Damn. Now I'll have to speed up my own Enhancement. This takes the timetable to just 15 days at most. I don't know when Norman attacks Peter and dies. Damnit!

I punch on the wall, in anger. I thought I'd have a lot of time to prepare. Not now, I don't.


It takes 10 days for me to work out a serum that'll enhance me. It was a mixture of the Oz-Serum of Oscorp and the Spider Venom. I and Siri worked really hard these few days. Even when I was in school, she worked on it individually. It took 8 days to isolate the genetic mutation that caused the Spider to be radioactive, which will give me Spider Powers, and safely combine it with my modified Oz-Serum, along with my blood. Another 2 days to complete the simulations of how this will affect me, and a few tests by mixing the new Oz-S serum with my blood. S for Spider.

Thankfully the tests have so far shown that it's bonding with my blood safely and amazingly. Still, I'm keeping the blood on observation for about 5 more days.

Speaking of school, Peter suddenly had a growth spurt. He was about an inch shorter than me before the bite, and is now exactly my height. No one else noticed, except MJ. But she just appreciated the view, as he was also ripped now. Plus, he lost the glasses.

The first day was amusing to say the least. MJ tripped near Peter, during Lunch and he, like a gentleman, caught her in one hand while simultaneously catching her lunch tray.

He still managed to throw his lunch tray on Flash, without even using his Webs, which I don't think he's invented yet. It was followed by Flash trying to beat Peter up and Peter beating Flash and his 2 cronies up. It was funny as well as amazing.

Damn! Wonder how it'll effect me. It still hasn't shown any side effects on my blood, but better be safe. I don't want to end up neither deformed, nor crazy.

October 21st, 2009:

"Siri. Is it safe to be injected?" I ask Siri, 5 days later.

"There's no chance that the Oz-S will cause you to go mad. There's a 97% chance that the Oz-S serum bonds completely with your blood, safely, without any side effects. 2% chance that it bonds, with side effects shown." Siri answers me quickly.

I think on it and ask, "What about the 1% left?" Already dreading it.

Siri almost sounds sad as she says, "You'll die."

I sigh. I already predicted it. There's a chance that I'll die. Lets hope my blood already in the Serum helps.

Ah! Screw it! Nothing happens without a risk. Plus Osborn is out there getting madder everyday. "Siri, I'm taking the serum. If.. if I die, erase everything on this project and ask Bernard to destroy the Samples. Also, tell him to move this lab to a warehouse. Peter Parker has full access to you and help him with his Spider-Man duties." I say softly and open the freezer.

"Yes, Boss." Siri says, sadly. She sighs and says, "If you die, I will miss you, Harry."

"I'll miss you too, Siri." I smile at her, sadly.

Taking the Serum, I adjust the injector and inject 10 ml of the Serum in a vein in my left hand. I walk to the bed, a little groggy, as it's already 1 AM, and pass out as soon as I'm on the bed. 'Hopefully, I'm Spider-Man once I wake up.' Is my last thought.

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