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Chapter 6:

Spider-Man, NightCrawler and the Green Goblin fight, destroy property!

November 28th:Queens, NY:

In a surprising turn of events two nights ago, The Green Goblin, an unknown individual who uses bombs, guns and a hover board to terrorize citizens of New York City, and the one responsible for the attack during the World Unity Festival, was confronted by the Vigilante, who has been dubbed The NightCrawler, by the Daily Bugle. The fight began at 8 PM, on Thanksgiving night, when most of the residents of Queens were resting in their homes, with Green Goblin's entry in Ingram St, Queens. The reasons for his visit to the area are currently unknown.

The residents of Ingram Street heard two loud explosions at 11:07 PM last night, which resulted in a few broken windows. The Cops were called, when they saw two individuals they recognised as Night Crawler and the Green Goblin, fighting in the streets itself. The Goblin used explosives while the Night Crawler either threw them back to the Goblin, or fought him hand to hand. One source claims that the Nightcrawler used batons and tasers to try and disable the Green Goblin.

However, the Green Goblin proved to be tougher to keep down, and kept coming back. He was noted to have shouted "I will kill you all!" multiple times.

About 10 minutes after the fight began, Spider-Man the menace himself appeared on the scene, and began to help the Vigilante, Nightcrawler, take down the Green Goblin. The three fought, and in the end, the Goblin was tied to a tree in the park with Spider-Man's webs.

Officers had by then surrounded the park, but were afraid to get close, as one brave officer, who tried to secure the Goblin's Hover Glider, got electrocuted for his efforts.

The three masked individuals conversed for a minute, after which he Glider woke up and flew down to kill the Vigilantes, Spider-Man and Nightcrawler. The later, however, somehow sensed the approaching glider and pushed Spider-Man away, jumping away himself, making it so that the Goblin died of his own weapons.

Spider-Man then took the body and the glider away, while the Nightcrawler erased the blood that was present on the scene with an explosive. The police were unable to find any more evidence to point towards the identity of any of those individuals.

What did the three masked individuals talk about?

Why did Nightcrawler erase evidence? What was he afraid the police might find?

Who are the masked people?

To read more about the Green Goblin, Spider-Man and Nightcrawler, turn to page 4.

December 2nd, 2009:

It's been 5 days since the battle with the Green Goblin, and his consequent death. I had not spoken with Peter in these 5 days and simply spent them getting legalities out of the way. Thankfully, my father had a will, and bequeathed everything to me, with a few hundred thousand dollars to some charities.

It was sort of like a publicity stunt, so that people will remember him thanks to those charities. God knows I won't.

My original 18% shares, with the added 51% made me the majority shareholder, and the other shares were with the next of kin of the ones that Norman killed, who were not that used to business. I'll have to resell some of the stocks that I have, to increase the revenue I earn, but I'll do it later, as the 18% were still unknown.

The funeral preparations were over, and I had arranged it for the day after tomorrow, giving guests enough time to prepare. I had named Bernard as the Acting CEO, until my majority, which was still 8 months away.

I had locked up the secret room of Norman's, so that no one accidentally goes to it, and promised myself to check it out later. Siri was keeping an eye on everything for now. Speaking of Siri, I had her hack into Oscorp, properly this time, to check if anyone is dealing under the table. I don't want a Stane in my company.

She was tracking each and every one of the company's sales, to where they went, where the money went, and who paid for it. Thanks to that, I already had 7 of my employees fired for stealing weapons and selling them on the Black Market, and 2 more employees, who did the same because Norman ordered them to. They sold guns, armours, experimental serums, and even experimental bulletproof materials to local gangsters, big companies, and even a few terrorist organisations.

Norman didn't know about it, but he was indirectly dealing with Hydra, through Alexander Pierce and Doctor List. These were the only Hydra names that the files had mentioned, when it came to the selling of experiments.

The company was, for now, in the safe hands of Bernard, whom I trust not to pull a Stane, and betray me. And Siri would tell me anything I needed anyway.

I had skipped going to the patrols as the Vigilante, not wanting to take out my frustration on some poor thief. But I also knew that Peter still swung around New York, as Siri kept an eye on him.

The bell rings, followed by my phone, with a text saying, 'I'm outside.' From Peter. I get up from the sofa, where I was watching the news from, and go towards the front door. I open it, and look at Peter, standing there with hunched shoulders, and a depressed look on his face.

I pull him into a hug, and say, "Don't be upset, Peter. Shit happens."

Peter snaps his head towards my face and asks with a quivering voice, "Why- why don't you hate me?"

I pull him inside and close the door. I say, "Let's go downstairs first. I'll grab a few things and meet you there."

Peter nods, and starts walking slowly towards my lab, Siri letting him inside. I go to the bar, take a bottle of whiskey and two glasses. I don't know what brand it is, or how old it is, just that it's hella expensive.

I walk down the stairs, towards my lab and enter, seeing Peter standing halfway through the door, staring at the Vigilante suit, dumbly. The upgraded suit/armour was set on a mannequin, black in colour, with white eye glasses. It was similar to the Spider-Man suit, in that it covered my body completely, but different to his own, on a lot of factors.

Peter's suit was red and blue, while mine was black with a little bit of dark blue. His had Spider Insignia on the front and back, along with Web pattern all over it, while mine was plain, with no pattern or insignia. His was made of skin tight spandex, while mine was made of a comfortable and breathable, but durable carbon fibre.

Overall, it looked exactly like how I imagined it to look like, fear incarnate. I had put it outside, for just this purpose. To introduce myself to Peter, and to explain a few things.

"You like it?" I ask, snapping Peter from his trance, and making him jump.

Peter puts his hand over his heart, in an effort to calm it, and states, "You're the Vigilante."

"Yup." I say, without denying anything.

"You warned me of the attack on Ben's life."

"Again, yup."

"Why? And how?" Peter asks, getting a bit agitated.

I sigh to myself and sit down on a chair, inviting Peter to do the same. Pouring both of us a bit of Whiskey, not much, as this was going to be our first drinks, at least my first drink, I state, "I've been keeping an eye on my father for years. Through Siri, my AI, I had hacked into Oscorp, and a lot of cameras within and around the Oscorp Main building. Siri warned me that he was going to attack the Parkers, because he had found out that you were Spider-Man. He kept on muttering about you and your family, and how you were ruining his plans, so I went ahead as Vigilante and stood guard. As soon as he left the building and started coming towards your house, I called you."

Peter nods, and with a whisper, asks, "Why? Why was he doing all that?"

I sink back into the chair, and rub my face. I take a few seconds to think and answer, "Peter. Norman was never a good guy. He was always war profiteering, and he even sold weapons to the criminals on the Black market. But, when he lost a deal with the government to Quest Aerospace of all things, he snapped."

I sigh and continue, "He took an experimental serum, which was meant to enhance your strength beyond normal. When he took it, he lost whatever little sanity he had left, and went on a murder spree. The rest, you know."

Peter nodded. We stayed silent for a while, during which I tried the whiskey. Blegh! Not as bad as beer, but still. Why do adults drink this shit?

"How did you know I was Spider-Man? And how did you get stronger?" Peter's voice snaps me out of my brooding.

"Well," I say. I put the glass back down, scowling at it, and continue, "I saw you get bit by that spider. I was curious about it, knowing it was being experimented on by my father's company, and by your father before his death. So I took it home with me. It was dead already, so I extracted it's venom, blood, skin tissue, and even it's stinger, and tried to learn everything about it. A few days later, I noticed that you'd gotten taller, ripped, and then you kicked Flash's butt, good job btw, and I realised that the Spider had something to do with it. Then there was your wresting, and a few days later, Spider-Man enters NY. It was obvious to me. So, I kept on experimenting, seeing if it would bond with me too. It- "

"What!? Why would you want to do that?!" Peter shouts, interrupting me.

I glare at Peter and dryly state, "I'm a teenager, Pete, with an abusive father who had just taken Captain America juice, God that sounds so wrong. Forgive me, if I want to stop him from bullying everyone."

Peter ducks his head in embarrassment, and mumbles, "Sorry."

"Peter." I sigh, I've been doing this a lot today, and say, "Don't judge me, Peter. It was a little selfish, but Norman had killed 11 people, 3 of which were military, in one night. And I only knew about it, because I had Siri always watching him. Now, shall I continue?"

Peter nods, so I start talking again, "As I was saying, the Venom individually, did nothing to my blood. So I took it, and the failed serum which Norman took and combined them. I had to change a few things about the serum first, as the original one made people insane, which took time. 15 days later, a serum with 99% chance of success was made. I still waited a few days, to see if there were any side effects. Seeing that there were no downsides to it, I injected myself with the Oz-S Serum, and the next morning, I had the same powers as Spider-Man. Sticking to walls, super strength. Just the webs were missing, so I tried to make something, but it failed. So I rejected that idea, and here I am. Question, are the webs a part of your powers or did you make them?"

Peter who had widened his eyes during my story, scrunched his face in disgust and said, "God no! I made the Web shooters. Gross!"

"Oh thank God!" I sink in relief.

Peter takes the glass in his hand takes a sip, not spitting it out. Huh. He actually liked it, or he needs it for what he's about to say.

Peter takes a deep breath, looks at me with red wet eyes, and whispers, "Why aren't you angry at me, Harry? I killed your father!"

I shake my head and counter, "Technically, I killed him. I pushed you out of the way and let the Glider hit him, not you."

Peter continues crying and is about to argue, so I slap him once, and say, "Peter! Norman was a dick. Goblin was an even bigger dick. They both were bullies, and my Norman abused me! I was stupid enough to cry for my father, at least the idea of him, you don't have to do the same. Please!"

Peter hugs me, as this was the first time we met after Norman's death. He had a lot of guilt in his mind, and probably thought I would blame him for it.

"Peter," I speak up, after a minute of hugging silently, and say, "You know how Norman treated me, you've seen him belittle me. How can you still think that even if you had killed him, purposefully, that I wouldn't have helped you hide the body?"

Peter snorts, and gets back to his own chair. I look away from his crying face and muse loudly, "I hated the guy, man. I had dreamed of just slitting his throat, or messing with his car so he has an accident. Taking the gun I have and blasting his head in. Anything. But I couldn't do it. I couldn't kill a defenceless man, even someone as vile as him. Which is why I didn't try and fight him at home, where we both could just try and kill each other, without endangering any other family. For that, I am sorry."

Peter wipes his eyes with his sleeve and shakes his head. He says, "No! No- it's not your fault. I just.. he- let's just blame it all on the serum and calm down, alright?"

I laugh loudly, cause that's exactly what we were going to do. Blame the faulty serum, and blame Norman. I take the leftover whisky and drink it all in one go, not even pausing to taste. Coughing at the burning feeling, I look at Peter and say, "Looks like I don't like Whiskey either, ha Pete?"

Peter laughs at my red face and drinks his own glass empty, not coughing much. He pours himself some more whiskey and says, "Let's add it to Beer and Vodka. What's next? Scotch?"

We talk for another hour, just drinking whatever drink we want, as Norman's Bar was fully stocked, with no one to drink. Turns out, I like Scotch, at least 3 brands of Red wine, Cognac, and even Champagne. I absolutely loathe Beer, and Vodka, with some other drinks being tolerable, like Whiskey.

Peter sleeps the night at my house, both of us too drunk to drive, and Bernard had called Ben to tell him about our drinking binge, the traitor.

The next day, after I got over the headache, I spent most of the day time in my lab designing a new hover glider. The original, that I had built, was too similar to the Goblin's glider. So I was trying to think up new designs for it, hopefully nothing like the Goblin Glider. But it will take time, until which, I have my legs to carry me. Or else I'll just build a bike. The Vigilante-mobile.

I shudder, just the thought of a theme like Batman, and I feel a sudden urge to hide in the darkness.

Or I can make a suit that can fly. But repulsor technology is currently out of my range, and the propulsion technology we use is neither safe, nor clean enough to use as a Vigilante.

You know what, I'll at least try. I'll have to work with our engineers for it to work properly, so I have to be discreet.

"Siri! Bring up Project Jet." I order, once I'm sure of an idea.

Siri brings up the file, which shows the incomplete designs of a jet that would work on Repulsor tech, instead of propulsion tech.

"Send this file to Oscorp's servers, and have our engineers look it over. Let's see if they can figure the Repulsor problem."

"Yes, Sir." Siri says and sends the file to Oscorp. I'll worry about it later, for now, I have a funeral to prepare for.

The next day, the funeral went pretty normally. No attacks on my person, no unfortunate supervillain attack, nothing. I had to give a eulogy, with a straight face and no scowls, thanks to the media's presence, but I managed it.

I and Bernard, both were fixed on a cremation, as we didn't want his blood to be used in experiments. And the urn was kept safely on a shelf.

Peter, Gwen and MJ were there, along with their respective guardians. Bernard stayed close to me the whole time, making sure no reporter got close to me. He even looked Wilson Fisk in the eye and said 'No meetings today.' He needs a raise.

"How are you?" Gwen asked, once we were finally alone. We were now in my house, playing host to a few of the funeral attendees, having light snacks. There were a lots of conversations going on around us. Siri was on high alert, making sure to keep an eye on everyone, to make sure no one tries to plant anything, or find my and Norman's labs.

"I'm actually fine. Just- saying nice things about him is hard, you know?" I say in frustration. I had to pretend he was the best dad for 3 minutes. That was the worst 3 minutes of my life.

Gwen snorts, comes close to my ear and says, "Not to speak ill of the dead or anything, but he really was a dick."

I shake my head at her and say, "How's working for Connors going?"

Gwen then starts babbling about her internship which I listen to half heartedly, slapping a "That's nice- wonderful- you should do that!" at appropriate places. And I begin to think how I'm going to play the Super hero game next. Next was Iron Man, after which Hulk, Thor, and Vanko, all of it within a week. Then Loki's invasion. The rest, I don't remember without consulting the book or Siri.

Gwen punches my shoulder, bringing me out of my day dreaming about Infinity Stones, and says, "Firstly, ow! What have you been eating? And secondly, you haven't listened to a word I've said, have you?"

I smirk at her playfully and say, "Of course I was listening! You said Connor's stuck on Lizards and something which went over my head. You know genetics is not my field, Gwen. Honestly, hitting me for nothing."

Gwen mumbles a sorry but still keeps a playful air about herself. Once everyone is gone, Gwen stays behind to "keep me company" as she told her father, the police captain. After having dinner together and watching a chick flick, The Notebook, we simply lay on the bed together, without doing anything other than cuddling.

"Harry?" Gwen speaks up after laying down silently for 15 minutes.

"Hm? What's up?" I ask, raising on my elbow.

Gwen turns towards me, and asks, "Would you like to go to he movies with me?"

I widen my eyes, because whatever I thought she was going to ask, this was not it!

"I- uh- huh?" I eloquently ask her.

Gwen turns her back towards me and lays down again. She mumbles, "It's okay if you don't want to. I just.. I liked it when we were dating, you know? I loved it even. But when we decided to break up, it was still fun. We still had sex a lot of times, so it wasn't like we had a bad breakup. But I want to start dating again. And I thought you might be ready too. Sorry if I thought wrong." Gwen said all that very fast, letting me know that she was nervous.

I move closer to Gwen, kiss her neck and hug her from behind, spooning her. I whisper in her ear, "If you want to, we can give it a shot again, Gwen. We can be whatever you want us to be. Friends, fuck buddies, a couple. Heck we can re-enact the civil war if you feel like it. I just.. it was a surprise, that's all."

"You sure, you want to date me?" Gwen asks turning and looking me in my eyes.

I reply honestly, "Right now, there's no one else I'd rather have as my girlfriend. You know what, let's sleep on it, it's already late. I'll ask you tomorrow morning if you still feel like it, if so, we'll go to the movies. Sound fair?"

Gwen nods and kisses me softly. She snuggles back into her place as the little spoon, and says, "Good night, Harry."

"Good night, Gwen." I reply, and close my eyes to sleep.

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