"Everyone we are picking up a distress signal" Pilot announced as everyone onboards gathered around the bridge.

"From what the signal says they became lost in this sector of pace..." Pilot stopped speaking before and even seemed to hesitate before continuing his report.

"John Crichton, the language they are using, its similar to your own"

Everyone on the bridge turned to look at the only Human onboard who just had a shocked expression.

"Take us to them" D'Argo ordered pilot and everyone onboard watched as the lost Human ships appeared on the screen, none of them would admit it, but they all lt a hint of fear as they laid eyes on what was shown to them on screens.

Each ship had its name displayed on its side and it was John who read them out loud so that everyone onboard could understand what was written on them.

"The Infinity, the Death Star, the Phalanx, the Enterprise,"

"Everyone it seems they have detected us and are now trying to communicate with us," Pilot said to them before the various transmissions of the ships began to be played one after another.

"Alien ship, this is the U.N.S.C. Infinity, identify yourselves"

"This is the Death Star identify yourselves or you will not escape"

"This is the U.S.S Enterprise, we mean no harm please identify yourselves, I repeat this is the u.s.s. enterprise, we mean you no harm please identify yourselves."

"This is the Phalanx our allies have repeatedly tried to communicate with you peacefully and you have refused to answer, identify yourselves or we will fire"

The communication was turned off and Pilot's voice immediately came threw.

"Everyone the Phalanx is powering up its weapons, there s a massive energy surge"

"Pilot put me threw"

"This is Commander John Crichton of the Starship Moya, we had trouble with our communications so we couldn't answer. I repeat this is commander John Crichton of the starship moya" there was a heavy silence before the Pilots vice cut threw it.

"Commander the Phalanx is powering down, we're receiving another transmission"

"Commander, we nearly shot you man, hey we would rather see who we are talking to, so can you put us on screen, or is that not working at the moment?"

The screen immediately changed from showing the ships to showing four men dressed in different types of clothes, but everyone onboard Moya instantly noticed that the bridges of every ship shown to them were empty.

"So at least we know where we are, the Farscape universe," one of the men said as he looked at John and his companions.

"I'm sorry what?" John asked them.

"We went down a rabbit hole and ended up in another reality" the same man answered him.

"Allow me to explain, we discovered a wormhole, one that no longer exists, as you can see there's nothing around us anymore."

"This same wormhole connected to each of our realities, judging from your companions, I'm guessing this is your universe. So, commander Crichton, what can you tell us about this universe of yours we are listening"

John looked at all four of the men but didn't say anything he just stared.

"Why don't we start with introductions and work ourselves from there" John answered the man.

"I'm Captain Rico and this is the U.N.S.C Infinity" besides the man a holographic woman whose body was made of different shades of orange appeared.

"This is Sonia, my A.I" Rico introduced the orange woman to everyone.

"I'm Michael captain of the Imperial Death Star"

"I'm Guy ruler of the fortress ship Phalanx of the Imperium of mankind"

"This is Zander captain od the U.S.S Enterprise, it's a pleasure to meet you, commander Crichton"

John took in a deep breath and began to tell them everything, he told them about how his ship became lost in space, how he was on the run from aliens and even how he joined the escaped prisoners that were with him.

He left out several important things, but he figured it was better that he kept some secrets rather than let both himself and his crew exposed to whatever the stranger might do in the future.

"So that means we're all lost, how many of you are willing to go and search for the earth and how many of you want to see space?" Guy said to everyone.

"I'm in"Rico immediately answered.

"Same here" Micahel followed.

"I have no particular attachments to that world so why not," Zander said before all four men stared at John Crichton, none of them said anything they just waited.

"I'm trying to get home so I cant go with you guys" John answered.

"So it's three on one vote, unfortunately, we don't have any maps, nor do we know of how the people in this universe act, so commander do you mind if we accompany you for a while," Zander asked John.

John for his part simply turned to look at the various aliens that accompanied him all of them had troubled expressions, but they all nodded.

"Sure, but none of you can come aboard for a while" John answered Zander, who just smiled in response.