Pilot watched his companions sit across from one another and then turned his attention to the four ships accompanying his host, Moya was both a living being and a ship.

Still, he couldn't help but feel curious about what he was seeing, John Crichton had been onboard Moya long enough for him to at the very least be able to understand some of the man's facial expressions, and the ones the man had made were a combination of shock confusion and fear.

He turned to his control panel and press two buttons, allowing his next actions to be heard and seen by his companions.

"Excuse me, I would like to know about you and your histories." Pilot said to the four human ships, to his surprise however, it was the captain of the Phalanx that answered his call.

"And what do you plan to do with that information?" Guy asked Pilot, however, he sent out a text message to the other three human-controlled ships.

I'm about to lie a lot back me up on this.

"Nothing, it's simple curiosity" Pilot answered Guy.

Guy smiled. "I take it you serve John Crichton," Guy said to Pilot, however, he already knew the answer and just wanted to test the alien, he believed to be a fictional character.

"Yes, as a Pilot I serve to help communicate the needs of Moya and those within her" Pilot answered Guy.

"I see, a servant. You can relax Pilot I'm not a puritan, you know your place so I'll tell you what I can"

"What you see is the colony ship Phalanx, there are many other ships like it and others similar to the Infinity and the Enterprise"

Guy took a deep breath as he remembered the lore behind the Warhammer forty-thousand universe he loved to read about.

"You see we send ships like these to the depths of space and when we find a garden world or a world suitable for Human life we begin to colonize them"

"Space is dangerous, so we arm ourselves with as many weapons and shields as possible. As for the Death Star, well the name says it all"

The crew inside Moya looked at John Crichton with shocked expressions as pilot continued his conversation.

"I see however I don't find any other signs of life on board your ships except for the four of you" Pilot answered Guy.

"And why would you, something went wrong and we were all pulled into a wormhole that suddenly opened near our location, so until either we are discovered by the Imperium of man or we manage to find a star system we have already mapped we are the current Human empire."

"Can you tell me about it, your Empire I mean" Pilot asked Guy.

Guy wanted to laugh this is where he began to dig his own grave.

"Certainly. The Imperium controls two million worlds, not counting the many moons, asteroids, and planet-sized space stations under its control."

"Just like any other empire, we are aware of the need for such grand constructs. Judging by the size of your crew I would say you have run into hostile life as well"

Inside Moya, the crew watched as both Pilots and Moya's memories were shown to them as they remembered their encounters with hostile alien life.

"Pilot, I tell you its a time to be alive, no one feels useless, there is plenty of room for everyone and the best part of all, is if you don't like where you live, you can either buy yourself a ship and sail the stars or move to another planet."

Pilot was about to say something when the screen in front of him began to glow red alerting him that an emergency jump was about to occur.

Moya had noticed a familiar-looking ship and was now attempting to avoid it.

Guy and the rest of the ships accompanying his, could only watch as Moya disappears in front of them, their computers alerting them that something nearby had done the same thing before their ships tore open holes in reality as they tried to follow both Moya and the mysterious ship.