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Partners In Crime

1 First Meeting

Jen wrapped up Zombozo quickly and frowned, it just wasn't the same without Kevin and Gwen to banter with afterwards. They were on their way across the country towards Gwen's college. Her cousin had graduated a year early and was heading off to an ivy league college. She was feeling a bit melancholy so she decided to head to the Base that now sat under Bellwood. Heading into the front shop that sat above the Base Jen headed down the hidden elevator, still amused they'd decided to put it in the bathroom. She waved at Pierce where he sat at his console. He was still on light desk duty after being attacked by Sir Driscoll and his Forever Knights and nearly killed. He was still regrowing an organ, he'd be on light duty for a while yet. Jen headed past him into the personal quarters. Tapping in her code she headed into her Grandfather's quarters. He grinned at her and greeted her with a hug.

"Hey Grandpa!" He smiled at her ruffling her short brown hair.

"Hey Jen! How are you feeling?" She shrugged.

"Kinda hungry, I didn't get to finish breakfast thanks to Zombozo." Max lifted up a pot and Jen's expression grew apprehensive. "What are you making?"

"Zanturian goulash!" Jen's suspicions were confirmed when the lid of the pot went flying and several tentacles burst forth. One grabbed Jen around the waist and Max pulled his side arm blasting the creature back into the pot. Jen shook her head.

"Suddenly not hungry anymore." Max laughed, forcing the pot lid back on. Placing the pot back into the oven he pulled off his oven mitts. He picked up a data pad and smiled at Jen.

"I have some good news for you. I've just got news in of…" But before he could finish his sentence the whole base shook and alarms began to blare. They glanced at each other and raced back into the main base.

"What was that seismic activity?" The Plumber at the console shook his head.

"Explosive activity! Downtown at one of the alien owned shops." Jen took off for the elevator out of the base.

"Wait for backup! I'll send Alpha team!" Jen shook her head turning as she ran.

"I don't need backup I'll be fine!" She disappeared into the elevator as Max let out a breath. One of the other Plumbers stepped up to him. It was the small gopher-like being Jerry, from Inhuman Resources.

"Speaking of your granddaughter, her new partner just arrived. He's in the landing bay now." Max nodded.

"I'll meet him." Jerry nodded.

Rook Blonko was a bit nervous. It was his first time on Earth and he was definitely excited but he would be teaming up with a legend who had five years more experience than he did even if she hadn't worn the Omnitrix the whole time. His own personal hero in fact but he had pushed that fact out of his mind for several months now. He was determined to treat her like any other Plumber agent. He'd read her file through a few times now and was sure that she would not appreciate being treated by a celebrity by her partner. He was greeted in the Plumber base, not by his new partner but by her Grandfather, Magister Max Tennyson. The man smiled at him gesturing him forward.

"Agent Rook, it's good to see you on Earth. I'm sorry to say your partner isn't here right now. She's run off on a case that's just cropped up." As if on que Max's badge beeped.

"Grandpa!" He held up a hand and answered the call.

"Jen, what did you find?"

"A crater, a very hungry giant alien monster that tried to eat me and the owner of the alien shop, Pacmar. They say there's a protection racket running around Bellwood shaking down alien businesses for Taydenite." Max grimaced. "I am heading out to Baumann's now, I'm gonna check a few other places on my way, check on them. I'll call back if I find anything." An engine revved and the call cut off before Max could say anything. He shook his head.

"Alright, Agent Rook I'm gonna send you to Baumann's. It's a store near the outskirts of town, not too far from here. Runs a lot of alien merchandise, serves the people of Undertown a lot too. If there really is a protection racket going to the alien stores in town there's no way they'll pass by Baumann's. You'll make contact with Jen there." Rook nodded to Max.

"What exactly should I tell her, Sir?" Max smiled.

"Tell her you're her new partner, that I sent you. She might not take it all that well she's been convinced that she'll be on her own for a while. But she'll work with you." Rook nodded slightly concerned. Max smiled at him. "Don't let her intimidate you, she acts tough but she needs help just like any Plumber does. I was just like she was at her age, I thought I could take on the world alone."

That was how Rook found himself sitting at the bar in Baumann's shop. He hadn't had any breakfast and decided to order something to eat while he waited for Jen to show up. He was mostly finished with his food when a female Necrofriggian walked into the shop. Her gender was only discernible from the marking on the wings wrapped around her like a cloak. She kept her face in shadow as she made her way around the shop looking over the items for sale. It was a bit odd for a Necrofriggian to be without a flock, they usually traveled in packs of four or more though not always. Baumann seemed to notice something was off too and Rook stiffened wondering if this Necrofriggian was the one of the protection racket. But as she came to sit at the bar, several seats away from him Baumann spotted the moth alien's face and swore.

"No! Not now Jen I swear, you need to leave!" The Necrofriggian looked up and Rook spotted why Baumann was panicking. This Necrofriggian was very unusual with bright green eyes where there were normally a shade of yellow.

"You should have come to us sooner about the protection racket Mr. Baumann." Her voice was hissing and light just like the others of her species Rook had met. Baumann looked down as if ashamed.

"It's only been going on for a month or so. They come, we pay they leave, it's a simple arrangement." Jen shook her head.

"One I'm going to put a stop to." Before Baumann could say more a voice echoed from the entranceway.

"Time to pay up Baumann!"

Jen was not having a fun day. Saying goodbye to her team that morning had been bad enough. Then she'd been attacked by something large and angry that had disappeared just as quickly. Now she was timed out against three large aliens, alone. Or at least she was alone until the hooded figure at the table leapt into action throwing aside his hood and cloak and leaping after the aliens and attacking them with a Plumber device. She blinked confused as to what was happening as she pulled herself to her feet.

"I'm sorry who are you?" The alien turned. She would guess that he was male but had no idea if that was correct or not. He was tall, at least a foot and a half taller than her if not more. He was covered in blue fur, with black stripes and a white face. He wore deep blue armor and had a tool on his shoulder that was marked with the symbol of the Omnitrix, the symbol of the Plumbers. He smiled at her as his device fired off a net capturing the three aliens.

"I am Rook Blonko. Magister Tennyson sent me. I am your new partner."