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17 Pulling Back Together

Rook sat alone in the mess hall staring into his tea. Someone sat across from him and he looked up into the spiked face of Pierce Wheels. He smiled slightly.

"I heard what happened, thought you might want someone to talk to." Rook took a sip of his tea.

"You have been a member of her team for a very long time correct?" Pierce nodded.

"Yeah, well Max's team but we've worked together, I was there when she beat Vilgax, time before last." Rook glanced around, they were alone, most everyone was exhausted from beefing up the security from the break in and near break out earlier that day. He was silent for another moment so Pierce spoke up again. "Is this about what damage to the Omnitrix does to her?" Rook blinked at him.

"Yes. I am worried about her." Pierce nodded pulling a small pill container out of his pocket and swallowing a few.

"No I get that. Last time I saw something like that was when she destroyed the original Omnitrix. It nearly killed her. Taking it off nearly killed her. It never goes well when something happens to the Omnitrix. Gwen and Kevin could tell you about the time that a few transformations escaped." Rook raised an eyebrow.

"So this has happened before." Pierce shrugged.

"Yeah, I wasn't there for it but Ethan told me about it after."

"Ethan?" Pierce flinched slightly.

"Has she told you, about her fiancé?" Rook nodded.

"She did not say his name but she did tell me he had passed on yes." Pierce nodded.

"Story for another time really but he was a great guy. Several of her transformations escaped before but they didn't fuse with beings like they did today but it was still really hard on her." Rook nodded. Pierce shrugged. "Could have been worse though. I mean there are thousands of transformations in the Omnitrix. We're lucky only a few escaped." Rook nodded as Pierce was called away by another Plumber agent. The Revonnahgander frowned as Pierces words fully penetrated his mind.

"Thousands. One among thousands." He whispered it to himself. Words he'd first heard in a steam filled cave on his home world. He shook his head. There was no way but he couldn't help the feeling of worry that still gnawed at him.

Jen sat up gasping for air. It took a moment for her surroundings to clear. When they did she sighed in relief. She was in Azmuth's lab, one of them anyway. She'd guess on Galvan since she didn't feel Primus like she usually did when on that planet. She was in the Genesis Cradle again which made sense, the last thing she remembered was the purple Cerebrocrustacean yanking part of the dial of the Omnitrix apart. She glanced down at her wrist. The Omnitrix rested there still, like it always did, and it was whole or at least felt that way.

"Oh good you're awake." Jen blinked. The voice was female and slightly familiar. Jen looked around and found a female Chimera Sui Generis at one of the desks.

"Myaxx?" The female stood and nodded.

"I'm honored you remember me, it has been years since we saw one another after all. How are you feeling?" Jen shook her head running her hands through her hair.

"Uh better I guess. I don't remember what happened." Myaxx nodded.

"Azmuth said that might be the case. He and Eunice stepped out for a moment to check on an experiment in a separate lab." Jen nodded and stood wobbling slightly. Myaxx steadied her. The door to the lab opened. Eunice walked in Azmuth on her shoulder. She smiled at Jen and waved with the hand not holding a steaming bowl. Myaxx helped her out of the cradle and had her sit down at one of the desks. Eunice sat the bowl down in front of her and nodded.

"You should eat something." Jen glanced at the contents of the bowl. It was amber liquid and smelled like chicken. Eunice grinned sitting down across from her.

"I did my best to replicate chicken soup." Jen laughed and picked up the bowl. It did taste like it. She nodded.

"You did a great job." Eunice beamed, Azmuth stepped between them.

"What happened?" Jen took a deep breath.

"I'm not sure." She told them everything she remembered. Which wasn't much. "He took a piece of the Omnitrix. Then everything get's blurry. I woke up here." Azmuth nodded and tapped a device around his wrist. A holo image of the Cerebrocrustacean in question appeared as Jen kept eating.

"The being you encountered goes by the name Dr. Psychobos. A Cerebrocrustacean, like your transformation Brainstorm. He has been trying to one up me for years but he's never managed it. Mangling part of the Omnitrix may have been a revenge tactic." Jen shook her head.

"I don't think so. For once in my life I know something you don't." Azmuth raised an eyebrow.

"Oh and what is that?"

"There's another knockoff Omnitrix out there." Azmuth blinked. Jen nodded taking another sip of the soup, Eunice hadn't thought to bring a spoon. "It's called the Nemetrix. It's got the predators of the Omnitrix aliens in it. At least half a dozen probably more. Rook, my new partner, and I ran up across the guy who owns the dog who wears it." She paused looking into the dregs of her soup. "He said they got the original specs from Malware." Azmuth blinked again.

"Do you think he is still alive?" Azmuth asked seriously. Jen shook her head.

"You tell me, you know Mechamorphs better than I do." Azmuth frowned.

"It is difficult to tell with Malware, he was always different to the other Mechmorphs." They fell silent for a moment Eunice could sense the stillness in the air, a tension that she could practically taste. Azmuth nodded. "I will keep watch for any sign of Malware. You should go home." Jen nodded slurping down the last of the soup.

"Alright." Azmuth hopped onto her shoulder and tapped his teleportation device. The pair of them vanished. Eunice turned to Myaxx.

"Who is Malware?" Myaxx frowned.

"An old enemy. A very dangerous one little one."