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Quirk: Magical Girl Mascot

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: The Exam

Many years ago a baby was born in China that lit up like the sun. Since then about 80 percent of the population has since gained powers.

To the extent that super heroes and super villains had begun to rise and becoming a hero was a popular profession.

Many schools popped up to teach on how to become heroes and in Japan, the best was UA.

And that day as the entrance exam.

Many students had gather… including a girl wearing a sailor fuku. She had blonde spikey hair. Around her neck was a simple necklace that had a bright orange gem.

However interestingly was a strange animal on her shoulder. It was green, had bunny ears and a tail that resembled a dogs. But it's body shape was most interesting, it was bipedal and it sort of resembled a stuffed toy. Also there was a gem on its forehead that shifted between bright orange and a vibrant green.

"I can't believe it!" said the animal which had a boy's voice while its tail was wagging, "We're really here!"

"We are." Replied the girl.

She then tossed the animal off her shoulder who landed with a thud.

"Kacchan!" cried the animal as he got up.

"Seriously Deku!" yelled "Kacchan" pointing at the animal, "If you want to be a hero you have to be in your human form! You can't be in you animal form all day."

"I know… but I only have four hours! We don't know how long the test will take." Said "Deku".

"But shouldn't you be entering the school as a human at least." Said "Kacchan".

"Deku" sighed and there was a puff of green smoke, when it cleared he was now a teen aged boy wearing a school uniform. He had messy dark green hair and freckles on his cheek. Also he still had his bunny ears and tail.

"Is that better?" asked "Deku".

"Kacchan" nodded.

And both of them headed into the school building…

When "Deku" tripped over his feet.

"Of course…" groaned "Kacchan".

However "Deku" suddenly found himself floating.

"What!" he said.

"Sorry about that." Said rather bubbly voice.

They turned and saw a girl with rosy cheeks and shoulder length brown hair.

"It's a bad omen to trip before the exam." Said the girl.

"No it's fine." Said "Deku".

The girl put her fingers to together and Deku managed to land.

"That's such an interesting quirk…" said "Deku".

"You really think so?" asked the girl.

"Deku" nodded.

"What does it do?" asked "Deku".

"It allows to me to take the gravity of objects I touch." expalined the girl.

"That's so cool!" siad "Deku".

"Well it was nice talking to you." Said the girl, "We do have an exam to take."

"You're right!" said "Deku".

"See you later!" said the girl running inside.

"Deku's" tail wagged.

"I did it! I talked to a real girl!" he said.

"Deku…" growled out "Kacchan".

"Deku" froze as he looked at the angry "Kacchan".

"Oh no… I just implied she wasn't a real girl…" thought Izuku who began to sweat a lot.

Kacchan glared at "Deku" then started laugh.

"Relax… I'm just fucking with you." Said "Kacchan".

"Deku" breathed a sigh of relief.

"I knew what you meant." Said "Kacchan", "I know you would never think that way about me…"

Deku smiled when she said that.

"Besides… I bet by the end of the day you bond with her." Said "Kacchan".

"Kacchan!" cried "Deku".

"Come on we have an exam to take." Said "Kacchan."

"Oh right!" said "Deku".

They took the written exam and soon enough it was time for the orientation for the practical exam.

"All right listeners are you ready for the practical exam!" yelled the one explaining everything who was obviously a Pro Hero, "Everybody say "HEY!""

He got a silence as no one yelled along with him.

With "Deku" and "Kacchan" as they sat next to each other due to going to the same school, "Deku's" tail was wagging.

"IT's Present Mic! I listen to his radio show every day." Said "Deku".

Kacchan snorted at her friend.

"All right you're all serious. All right so this test is going to be a battle simulation in a hip urban setting. You will be fighting faux villain in a fake setting. Each of these faux villains will have a point assigned to it. 1, 2 and 3 pointers. And you have 10 minutes to accumulate as many points as possible" Explained the Present Mic.

"Deku" looked at both his and "Kacchan's" ids and saw they were in different battle fields.

"I guess they don't want friends teams up…" said "Deku".

"We wouldn't have teamed up for this anyway." Muttered "Kacchan".

"But still… what are the opponents." Said "Deku" who began to mutter about what the villains could be and how to fight them.

"Kacchan" just rolled her eyes at her friend.

"Excuse me." Called out one of the many students.

"Yes examinee 7111." Said Present Mic.

The spotlight was shown on a rather tall boy with dark blue hair and glasses.

"You said there were three villains the pamphlet said there would be 4 of them." Said the boy, "I would think that an institution such as UA wouldn't make such mistakes."

Then the boy turned to where "Deku" and "Kacchan" were sitting.

"All you with the rabbit ears! Your muttering is distracting. We're here to try to become heroes! Take things seriously!" he yelled out.

"Deku" shivered at the attention and then he was engulfed by a puff of green smoke and reverted to being an animal.

Before "Kacchan" could say anything back at him Present Mic answered him that it was a Zero Pointer, just something to act like a distraction.

The two listened but it was clear Kacchan was angry.

"That guy better hope we don't share the same place." Muttered "Kacchan" who started to finger her necklace.

"I think you'd be disqualified for attacking him." Pointed out "Deku".

"I would tail him and steal his points." Said "Kacchan" with an evil smirk.

"I should have known." Sighed "Deku".

They paid attention as Present Mic gave them a quote from Napoleon then gave them the school Motto "Go beyond Plus Ultra!" he cheered.

But of course no one join him.

They all got ready with "Deku" having to be in his human form on the bus right to his testing ground.

He was nervous and looked around at the other participants.

He considered acting one of his abilities to have them reassure them, then he noticed the girl he met at the entrance who was trying to calm herself down.

He decided to try to help her, however that one boy stopped him.

"What do you think you're doing. Can't you see she's trying to calm herself." Said the boy, "You shouldn't be interrupting her."

"I didn't mean it like that." Said "Deku".

"We are trying to be future heroes. We shouldn't be hindering other students." He told him.

"Deku" didn't say anything. And it only worse as he heard a lot of the other test takers says stuff about him like "That's one less person we have to worry about" and "Really? He thinks ears and a tail will let him pass?"

"All right! Go! Go! Go!" they heard Present Mic yell.

Everyone was confused.

"There's no countdowns in real battles!" yelled Present Mic.

They realized the test had begun and everyone ran in.

At the same time, "Kacchan" was getting ready. Everyone stared at her as she didn't change out of her uniform like everyone else.

However when Present Mic yelled this out, she smirked.

"All right!" she said.

She grabbed her necklace and suddenly as engulfed in a bright orange light.

Back with "Deku" he ran through the city.

That was when he came across one of the villains, it was a robot and there was a "1" written on .

"That's one pointer." Said "Deku".

He had a plan to deal with them.

Looked at the robot and pulled his hand in a certain way, a piece of the robot flew to his hand disabling it.

"All right! That's 1" said "Deku" then he ran to find more.

Not noticing a disappointed boy nearby laminating that he wasn't able to kill steal.

Izuku found more robots, this time 2 2-pointers.

"All right! I should use Kacchan's then." Said "Deku".

He ran towards the robots and when he was close enough he let loose some explosions form his hands blowing them up.

And it was his strategy, he would blow up the 2 and 3 pointers while ripping out the components out of the 1 pointers.

Of course the teachers were watching the exam.

One of the teachers, a very thin and skeletal man with messy blonde watching noticed the fact that "Deku" seemingly had two quirks, a teleclinic one and a explosive one.

That was when the principal of the school, a creature that was either a large mouse, a small bear or some kind of dog noticed his face.

"I see you're worried about Izuku Midoriya." Said the Principal,

The teacher froze for a second then turned to the screen with "Deku" or rather Izuku on it.

"That's part of his quirk." Explained the principal.

"What?" asked the thin teacher.

"His quirk has multiple aspects. One of them is that it allows him to create bonds with people." Explained the principal.

"Bonds?" sked the teacher.

The principal nodded.

"It's a symbiotic bond, he gets a permeant copy of his quirk while in human form while the one he bonds with gains new abilities including stronger version of their quirks and special armor." Said the Principal, "In fact one the people he bonded with is taking the exam."

"Which one is it?" asked a teacher wearing what appeared to be a space suit.

"Katsuki Bakugo… she's in a different testing site." said Nezu.

The thin teacher turned and to the screens showing that group and saw "Kacchan" or rather Katsuki

"What is she wearing?" asked the thin teacher.

"I said it was a special armor." Said the Principal .

"That's armor?" asked a teacher wearing a gas mask and was dressed like a cowboy.

With Katsuki she was blowing up robots left and right.

However many of the other test taker couldn't help but to stare at her, or rather what she was wearing.

It consisted of black sleeveless shirt with an orange x crossing it a metal collar, a green frilly skirt that somewhat resembled a grenade with the way its frill were. Black army boots and green gloves. Over her eyes which was a black mask that had black and orange spike shape coming from and right above her mask a was the bright orange gem from her necklace. Also her hair was now peppered with bright orange streaks.

Back with the teachers they couldn't help but to stare at the strange outfit.

"The other person he bonded with was his mother." Explained the Principal, "That's where the other quirk comes from."

The teachers all nodded.

However the thin teacher breathed a sigh of relief.

He was uncomfortable with someone displaying multiple quirks, and if there was an explanation for it, even it was particularly strange, it did put him at ease.

Back with Katsuki she decided it was time to up her game.

"All right! I think it's time to bring that out!" she said.

She lifted her hand to the gem on her forehead and suddenly an orange light appeared. The light took the form of what appeared to be a wand. The handle was a bright orange while the top was a glimmering green gem that resembled a grenade.

She swung her wand and the robots all exploded.

The teachers watching stared at this site.

"Did she just summon a wand and blew up all those robots with a wave of the wand?" asked a woman teacher dressed like a dominatrix.

"Yes, yes she did." Said the principal not even hiding amusement in his voice, "By the way… I think it's time for the real test."

Back with Izuku he was taking a short break trying it calculate how many points he had gotten so far.

That was when everything began to shake.

He turned and saw a giant robot that was emerging. On it was printed "0".

"That's the 0 pointer!" cried Izuku.

Everyone started to run away from the giant robot.

Izuku was going to run away too but that was when he heard a cry.

He turned and saw the girl from the entrance, she was trapped under rubble.

With the 0 Pointer looking like it was going to crush her.

He didn't even think he ran towards her, as he did he ran right past that one boy.

When he got to the girl he began to look at the rubble.

"It's too big to use mom's and I might just hurt her more if I blow it up." He thought.

He then remember what she said about her quirk earlier.

"That might be my only choice… he thought realizing it.

"Hey!" he said.

She looked up.

"It's you… can you help me." Said she said.

"I can… but we have to bond." Said Izuku.

"What?" asked the girl.

"It's part of my quirk… I can from bonds with people… but the bond is permeant. So you'll be stuck with me for the rest of you life…" said Izuku, "But not physically we'll have a telepathic bond, it won't be on all the time I have to activate but every time I activate I'll be there and…"

She stared at the boy as the zero pointer headed towards them.

"I accept." Said the girl knowing they were in danger.

"Okay." Sighed Izuku.

She was wondering how this would go.

She didn't expect for him to turn into a small stuffed toy like animal in a puff of smoke.

"What!" she yelled out.

"It's part of my quirk." Said Izuku blushing.

That was when the gem on his forehead started to glow and a small yet bright light emerged from it the same size of the gem.

"Grab it." Said Izuku.

The girl managed to reach other and grab it.

When she did she was engulfed a light pink light.

She felt a warmth all over her body.

Her clothed also turn into something else. It was a light pink and black like leotard, there was a light pink belt., below the belt was a black skirt with a second layer underneath that was light pink, she also wore puffy light pink boots and over her face a pink visor of some kind. On her wrists were light pink bracelets and she had short sleeves that were light pink clear bubbles and on her chest was a light pink gem stone. Also though her hair she gained light pink streaks including two framing her face.

Not only that but Izuku's forehead gem now shimmered a light pink along with the bright orange and green.

The girl also had a feeling, a new power within her. That was when all of the rubble started floating on its own.

Though Izuku was also caught up in the zero gravity.

"No way." She said getting up.

However the zero pointer was right on them.

"Oh no!" she cried out.

She grabbed the floating animal and then flew away from the giant robot.

As they were flying away she realized two things.

One was her quirk drawback wasn't affecting her (it caused nausea) and the other was that she was flying it was nothing.

"The bond also powers up your quirk when you're dressed like that…" Izuku explained nervously.

"Really?" asked the girl who was surprised and excited at this.

In the viewing room all of the teachers had saw this… they knew they had to score both things… however most of them were just surprised and baffled at what they just saw.

"Did… did young Midoriya just turn into a small animal… and somehow changed her outfit…" said the thin teacher.

"He did." Said the Principal sipping tea, amused at all this and was actually happy to see the bonding in action. He had heard that due to multiple reasons Izuku didn't really bond with people beyond his friend and mother.

"What is his quirk?" asked the teacher dressed like a dominatrix.

"It's called Magical Girl Mascot." Said the principal once again not hiding any of the amusement from his voice.

They all stared at the screen.

They realized that the boy/ small animal had gained a enough points to probably pass…

Meaning that one of the students was going to be a magical girl mascot…

In the back of the room a teacher watched, he was dressed in almost all back expat for a type of scarf. He rubbed his forehead.

"That kid is going to end up in my class.." he muttered to himself fighting off an oncoming headache.

Back in Izuku's testing site, the girl landed just as Present Mic called out "And times up!"

"Are you okay?" asked the girl putting the small animal down.

The animal nodded before turn back into his human from with a puff of green smoke.

"I'm fine… what about you? I think you might have hurt your leg." said Izuku.

"Oh it's fine…" said the girl, "When you did that… I felt it heal right up."

"Oh I didn't know I could do that!" said Izuku surprised, "It's just I've only ever done it twice… and both were accidents… though mom knew she was doing… and…"

"Um…" said the girl deciding to stop him, "How do I change my clothes back?"

"Oh you just focus on turning back." Said Izuku.

The girl did that and her clothes turn back to the work out clothes she as wearing.

She also noticed that she was now wearing a necklace just like Katsuki's except her gem was a light pink.

"Oh right I should tell mom and Kacchan." Said Izuku.

"What?" asked the girl.

"Hey…" she heard Izuku's voice in her head, then remembered what he said about a telepathic bond.

"You better have racked up a lot of points Deku… we are not going with plan B." came Katsuki's' voice.

"I'm sure he got enough points." Reassured another voice that was clearly an adult woman's.

"I think I did." Explained Izuku, "But it's not about that…"

"What is it?" asked the woman's voice.

"I bonded with a girl…" thought Izuku.

"Hi…" the girl joined the conversation realizing if she thought they could hear her.

"What?" asked the woman.

"There better be a good reason Deku." Responded Katsuki.

"She got pinned by debris when the Zero Pointer showed up." Explained Izuku, "It was the only way to save her."

"Okay… that is a good reason." Replied Katsuki.

"Zero Pointer?" asked the woman.

"We'll tell you later aunty…" replied Katsuki.

"Wait… should I join you… I mean…" said the girl.

"It's better if we all explain it in person." Said the woman.

"You can just tell your parents you met some new friends at the exam… which is pretty much true…" thought Izuku.

"You're right…" replied the girl.

"I'm pretty sure you're getting stares right now… so we'll just meet up at the entrance." Said Katsuki.

"Later…" said Izuku.

He cut of the telepathy.

"So…" said the girl.

"Oh I'm Izuku Midoriya." Said Izuku, "Sorry for being stuck with me."

"It's fine… it's better than being crushed… and I'm Ochaco Uraraka." Said the girl named Ochaco.

"Excuse me…" said voice.

They turned and saw a small old woman dressed in a lab coat and also had a visor and was using a syringe shaped cane.

"No way! You're Recovery Girl!" sqeeued Izuku as his tail started to wag.

"His tail wags as a human! That's so cute!" thought Ochaco blushing.

"Yes, yes… now are either of you two injured?" asked the old woman.

"No we're fine." Said Ochaco.

However the two of them were being watched by the boy.

"He ran in to save her even though it was test… granted it if it wasn't a test I would have done the same thing." Thought the boy, "Wait… is it possible…"

Not too longer later, Katsuki was waiting for Izuku and Ochaco.

"Kacchan!" called out Izuku.

Katsuki turned to the two.

She looked at the other girl.

"What the fuck Deku…" muttered Katsuki, "I was joking earlier when I said you would bond with her."

Izuku laughed as he turned back into his animal form.

"I know…" sighed Izuku.

Katsuki sighed and smirked.

"Either way… welcome to the team." Said Katsuki, "Come on we have a train to catch."

Izuku jumped onto Katsuki shoulder and Ochaco followed them.

And thus began the story of Izuku Midoriya, who would go on to form bonds with quite a few his classmates, other people who weren't in his class and would go on to become one of the most… interesting heroes of all time…

Next Time: They explain to Ochaco what's the deal with Izuku's quirk while she also adjusts to her new abelites. Also their test results will they get in? Find out next time!

A/N: I figured waiting until the end would be a better place to explain, yeah Izuku isn't going to One for All in this story. He also never met All Might due to various reasons. In this story All Might caught the Sludge Villain without any problems and easily got him to the police. So yeah...