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Chapter 55: Training for the License Exam

Aizawa sighed as he lead the class to the gym. Not because the lesson that they were going. To be working on was going to be tough, but that a good chunk of his class already had something similar to the lesson.

He did silently wonder what would have happened if Izuku was placed into Class 1-B… after all things would be different if he and his first two student partners were there.

But still… he had to do that class.

"All right! Welcome to Gym Gamma or as it's called Training Dinning Land." Said Aizawa, "Now do you have any questions."

Several hands went up.

"No… Disney hasn't tried to sue us." Said Aizawa.

A couple of the hands went down.

"Also there is no facility here with the initials of "TDS"… " said Aizawa.

The remaining hands went down.

Aizawa could only groan.

"If it you build a TDS it better be better than this place." Said Kaminari.

Aizawa just face palmed that comment.

"Anyways until the Since Exam we're going to be working on ultimate moves." Said Aizawa.

Everyone was confused by this.

He began to explain ultimate moves to his students. Special moves that would be a final move.

He even revealed that before the transformation, Tenya's own Recipro Burst was considered an ultimate move.

"Now do you have any questions." Said Aizawa.

He honestly wasn't surprised when all of the magical girls raised their hands.

"I am aware that all of you have plenty of ultimate attacks using your wands…" said Aizawa, "Especially you Bakugo."

Probably not a good idea to have Katsuki do something with her current Ultimate attack.

"However, I don't know if you have done everything you can do with your wands." Said Aizawa, "I'm sure you can find out new ways to use them."

"I have a question… do I have to focus on one move?" asked Izuku.

Aizawa looked at Izuku and realized he should have known he asked that question.

"If you want to try out several new moves during this training you can…" said Aizawa.

Izuku nodded.

Something he hadn't told the rest of the class was that he had gained another quirk from bonding with All Might… One he hadn't really gotten a chance to try out yet.

Meanwhile Toshinori sighed. She was allowed to have a day off from school work. There wasn't much for her to do until school got back into session, but still…

She es still contacted to act as a teacher.

But today was important…

Because it was agreed upon day to meet with her former sidekick.

A sidekick who parted always after seeing her future with his quirk that lets him see into the future. '

A future he said that All Might would die due to the injuries.

However after everything… they had to talk.

So it easy decided to meet in a café and talk over drinks.

She sighed…

She hoped the conversation wouldn't be too awkward.

That was when her former sidekick walked over to the table.

He couldn't help but to stare.

Honestly the staring was something to be expected due to well… the pretty much entirely new body.

"Mirai." Said Toshinori.

"I'm sorry for staring… it's just that in person…" said the former sidekick whose first name was Mirai AKA Sir Nighteye… though at the moment it was just Mirai.

This was a personal meeting after all.

Back in the gym,. Izuku was taking some breaths.

His costume was altered slightly since the camp due to the fact well… he had test out the quirk beforehand. But hadn't really used it yet.

Said alteration was a flap in the back. He opened the flap and used the quirk.

That was when suddenly large mint green wings appeared from his back.

He had gotten used to flying his mascot form.

So it should be easy for him to fly in his human form.

Unfortunately he underestimated various things.

While he was able to take off,

He quickly crashed because he was wasn't use to his wing proportions as a human.

In his animal form, his wings were cute and small.

While in human form they were large and angelic looking.

So yeah… the portions in the wing size caused him to crash.

Of course everyone in the gym noticed it.

"Of course…" muttered Aizawa.

Back I the café the two mostly sat in silence.

"So… you haven't change your wardrobe." Said Mirai.

"U have no plans to." Said Toshinori she motioned over to her pants and t-shirt, "They actually fit better than before."

"That's because of how skinny you were…" muttered Mirai.

"Yeah…" said Toshinori, "Also I checked out women's pants… I'm actually considering teaming up with Best Jeanist to make a brand of women's pants with real pockets."

"What?" asked Mirai.

"You don't want to know." Said Toshinori.

"Wait did you say you just say you want to make a brand of pants with real pockets." Said a nearby y woman.

"Why yes." Said Toshinori.

"Thank you! I had taking my purse everywhere…" said the woman, "Sometimes I just want to go somewhere with just a phone and my wallet and not bring a purse! I will love you more than before if you make that happen."

Toshinori just laughed, he should have known that would be a reaction.

Mirai was just confused.

Back in the gym… Izuku laid on the ground in his animal form… Aizawa knew it would probably be a good idea to take a break after that crash.

"You okay?" asked Ochaco.

"I'm fine…" sighed Izuku as he got up.

"Wait! So you do have wings in human form?" asked Mina.

"Sort of…" explained Izuku, "It's hard to explain…"

"You're going to explain anyways aren't you?" asked Kaminari.

Izuku sweat dropped.

"You see I can summon my wings in human form… but they take the form of a quirk…" said Izuku, "I don't think I'd be able to summon my wings otherwise…"

He also didn't want to explain that had all of his partners had a quirk had a quirk chances were good he wouldn't be able to use his wings.

However due to the fact that Melissa was Quirkless she was able to summon his wings.

He didn't know that 100 percent sure, but he was pretty sure.

"Okay… I'm going to have to ask you ask for some time in the training grounds for you own personal training time so you can learn to fly then." Said Aizawa, "Also I don't think you should use All Might's quirk at the moment and focus on making moves at the moment."

Izuku nodded knowing that Aizawa was right.

Everyone went back to training their own ways.

Back in the café Toshinori knew that they couldn't avoid the biggest conversation of all forever.

"When you saw my future… that was I was going to die… I was a woman in your vision?" asked Toshinori.

Mirai sighed.

"No... you weren't." said Mirai.

"Do you think…" said Toshinori .

"That your fate has been changed… yes." Said Mirai.

Toshinori's eyes widened.

"It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Midoriya's quirk has the power to reshape destiny… I have seen many things through the years and a quirk like his…" said Mirai, "It would surprise me one bit that he can change many things with his bonds…"

While it was a nice speech but there was something that hero knew about her old friend .

"You're still into Pretty Yure…" said Toshinori.

Mirai sighed.

"I'm still into Pretty Yure…" he explained.

Pretty Yure was a very popular long running Magical Girl series that was very well known for having an adult male fan base.

Toshinori started laughing.

"So me turning into a magical girl… it's something you never knew you wanted…" Laughed Toshinori.,

Mirai just blushed at this.

It was probably better for Toshinori to get it out of her system.

Back at the gym… Izuku was thinking about many things.

New ways to combine his quirks.

That was when he realized something. Something he could try out based on a an earlier combination move he created.

He gathered some loose rocks as part of the experiment.

He touched all of them, first activating one of hi quirks touching them then switching to Ochaco's causing the rocks to float.

Once he had them all high enough in the air.

Then he switched to Shoto's quirk.

At the same time, Shoto was trying to figures out she could use her wand to fly due to the nature of the wind attack.

That was when there was a huge boom though the gym and fire started to rain down.

Shoto shot enough water into the air to try to help with the fire rain.

"What the fuck did you just do Deku!" she heard Katsuki yell.

Back in the Café. Toshinori had finished laughing.

"So you're not upset about this..." said Toshinori.

"Of course not!" said Mirai, "I didn't want to watch you die, that's why I left! I couldn't bear to see that… I did train Mirio to become your successor, but this is probably be the best thing that could have happened. You don't need to give up your mantle for who knows how long… Mirio can be a great hero without it."

"I also gave it to him Midoriya twice…" admitted Toshinori, "But the first time ironically it was because of the fact he was bonded with four people that he wouldn't be able to hide it."

"And not counting you, he has twice as many partners…" said Mirai.

"Yeah…" laughed Toshinori.

"What about the second time." Said Mirai.

"We wouldn't even be talking here if I ended up doing the second time." Said Toshinori.

Mirai knew what he meant. The fight with All for One.

"I think we can both agree I went with the better option." Said Toshinori.

Mirai nodded.

"Why did you procrastinate?" asked Mirai.

"I have no idea…" said Toshinori, "I guess there was just something telling him not to give it away just yet… I'm glad I listened to the voice…"

Mirai nodded.

Back at the Gym, Izuku was laughing nervously.

"Okay that's a really bad idea…" he said.

"Well part of the pointing of training to see if something doesn't work." Said Aizawa looking like he was done for the day.

He just wanted to crawl into sleeping bag until the next day but they still had time.

There were still fires all over the gym.

Momo had made a few fire extinguishers and Shoto used her water attack.

The only one not helping in some way was Katsuki to the fact she would make things worse.

"Don't do that combination again." Said Aizawa using his quirk on Izuku as a show of fear.

Izuku shuddered as his quirk disappeared.

"Teach did you forget something!" yelled Katsuki.

Aizawa started sweating as Shot owes unable to use her water thanks to him turning of Izuku's quirk.

Also it didn't help that Tenya was helping by using her wand to slow down the flames so that someone else could put them out.

Aizawa closed his eyes having forgetting that it turned off the Magical Girls powers.

"Never do that again." Muttered Aizawa.

Izuku nodded as he fixed the back of his costume so that his tail was in the hole.

Back in the Café…

"Did your necklace just turned grey for a few seconds?" asked Mirai.

"I think it has something to do with Young Izuku's training." Said Toshinori, "I've heard that the jewels turn grey should Aizawa used his quirk on him."

"I see." Said Mirai.

"Mirai.,.. I was wondering if you wanted to team up again the in the future… like old times." Said Toshinori.

"Not any time soon…" said Mirai, "I'm busy with a long investigation… but once it's finally over…"

Toshinori smiled, she of course knew it was going to be a while.,

"By the way… how much did Midoriya enjoy his internship in the spring." Said Mirai.

"He did not enjoy it one bit." Muttered Toshinori.

"He told you?" asked Mirai.

"Not really,. But due to circumstances I can't see him liking it." Said Toshinori.

""I see…" said Mirai.

Toshinori smiled.

"What are you thinking of offering him a Work Studies if he passes the License Exam." Said Toshinori.

"Maybe." Said Mirai.

"I'm sure he'll have a better time than he had with Never." Said Toshinori.

"He was with Endeavor?" asked Mirai.

Toshinori nodded.

Of course there could many bad things with Endeavor that could go wrong now that he thought about it.

That was when Mirai checked his phone.

"I should get back to work." He said, "We need to do this again."

"I'd like that." Said Toshinori with a smile.

Mirai left as he did he sent a text to Gran Torino saying: "You win…"

And then used a money app to send him some money.

It involved a bet between the two of them and it's better not known what the bet was about…

At the moment.

Sometime later in the dorms Izuku was sighing heavily.

"That was just one day Deku." Muttered Katsuki.

"I know…" sighed Izuku.

"Come on! Did you try to at least get some time in one of the other training grounds?" asked Toru.

"Aizawa called mom and asked to see if there were any times tomorrow during the fire…" said Izuku, "I got a few training times booked."

"Oh that's a relief." Said Ochaco .

"We don't want you to crash anymore." Said Tsuyu.

"Yeah." Sighed Izuku.

"By the way… do you think one of those training times could be used turning something else?" asked Katsuki.

"What do you mean?" asked Izuku.

Then he realized that it meant Super Mode.

"Oh you do that a good point.

" said Ochaco.

"We do have to fire out how it works even if it's an emergency mode." Said Tenya.

"Yeah…" said Izuku knowing they were right.

Either way turning for the License Exam had begun… and hopefully with what they will learn in the training will help them gain their licenses.

And also Izuku didn't know that he had a bright future ahead should he pass the exam…

Next Time: Izuku decided to try training the super mode with his partners. Will he be able to figure things out about their abilities of that One for All gives him? Find out next time!

A/N: Yes... this is going to be a story where Sir Nighteye is portrayed positively. Why? Because he has no reason to hate Izuku and every reason to like him. Come on... Izuku healed All Might and turned him in a magical girl... and yes that thing about Pretty Cure (which is what Pretty Yure is parodying) is true... it does have an adult male fanbase... I've heard that Kohei Horikoshi is a part of the fanbase too... But I do get his hate, he is a jackass (And I do plan to tear into him in My Heroes Reborn) but for this story, he's cool...