Takes place around Season 2 after Rachel and Ross kissed. Please go easy one me! Don't attack or bullied me.

Joey watched them kissed, then he starts to feel uncomfortable and weird.

"See, they are each other lobsters." When Pheobe said those word, Joey felt really jealous.

"I forgot...to check something...in my room." Joey lied as he stood up as the gang, except Rachel and Ross, looked at him weird and confused.

"Your...room?" Monica asked him.

Chandler looked at him, with guilt, meaning he wishes he never have told Rachel that Ross liked her.

"Yeah. So?" Joey replied. "Bye!"

Joey quickly walked out of the apartment and back to his and his best friend Chandler's apartment, stopping at the counter mentality kicking himself for saying that excuse. Just then he heard the door open.

"Joe?" He heard Chandler spoke. "Buddy?

"Please leave me alone." Joey said.

"Look buddy, I know you like her. But..." Chandler started.

But Joey just stormed into his bedroom slamming the door behind him. Chandler has never seen Joey that upset. He knew Joey was deeply upset about Rachel and Ross. Joey has never loved any girls he hooked up with until they met Rachel, she was special to him.

"Joey! You don't know they'll be together forever!" Chandler yelled, trying to comfort his heartbroken best friends.

He lets out a painful sigh.

"I'm sorry!" Chandler yelled. "I wish I never have told Rachel that Ross liked her! C'mon man, please talk to me!"

Chandler bit his lower lip and walks over to the door.

"To be honest buddy, I was rooting for you and Rachel." Chandler said trying to cheer Joey up.

But as soon Chandler was about to knocks the door, Joey opens the door and walks straight to hug Chandler.

"It's ok buddy." Chandler says quietly.

Chandler hated seeing Joey this upset.

"It hurts." Joey cried.

"Shh, it's ok and look, you and I know that the only lobsters are there, are the those sea creatures." Chandler said trying to assure him. "Don't listen to Pheobe."

Joey sniffs and just cried in his best friend's arms.

"Calm down buddy." Chandler soothed.

Chandler didn't care if they were showing too much emotions, this was Joey. Joey was always like a brother to him. He also hated that girl who used Joey for hurting him along time ago, even though he never met her.

I know it's short, but I promise I'll my next stories longer and I really hope I got the characters right. :)