It's becoming Midnight and both Cuddles and Toothy are preparing for Bedtime. After Cuddles got comfortable in the Bed Toothy followed ny cuddling up next to him. If there was one Thing Toothy loved the most about Cuddles, then it would be cuddling into his Friend's soft Fur.

"I'll never get over the Fact how soft you are Cuddles."

"My Beaver always gets what he deserves." Cuddles said with a Smile on his Face

Toothy kept on nuzzling him until Cuddles closed his Eyes in comfort and unexpectedly fell asleep. Toothy noticed this and started to think about something.

"There has to be a Way how i can get a closer Bond with him." Toothy said quietly to himself

Toothy starts to think harder until he came up with something he always wanted to do. Toothy got up, pulled the Blanked from the Bed and sat down on Cuddles' Legs. Facing towards him he placed his Feet on Cuddles' Chest and waited for him to wake up. Cuddles then woke up after feeling something on his Legs. He opened his Eyes and all he saw first were Toothy's Light Purple Soles and a from his Perspective bately visible Smile on Toothy's Face.

"And what exactly are you planning here." Cuddles said confused

"I just want you to give me a Foot Massage. That's all."

"Do i really have to ?"

"Please. I want one really badly." said Toothy trying to convince him with big Eyes and a sad Tone in his Voice

"Alright. If you really want one you'll get one." Cuddles said before starting to rub Toothy's Feet. Toothy gave a big Smile and closes his Eyes in Relaxation happy about the Fact he could finally get Cuddles to give him a Foot Massage. But Toothy wanted more than that. He's getting interested about how much Cuddles actually enjoys having his Feet right infront of his Face. To test that he sits down on Cuddles' Belly and places his Feet onto Cuddles' Cheeks. Cuddles was confused at first until he relaxes when Toothy started to move his Feet in a circular motion.

"This actually feels kind of good." Cuddles said with surprise

"Don't think it ends here. I want to do more than that with you."

Cuddles opened his Eyes a bit but only saw his vision being covered in a Purple Colour when Toothy put his Feet on Cuddles' Face. One Thing that surprised Cuddles is that Toothy's Feet didn't smell bad. Everything he fellt were Toothy's soft Soles and the Massage from Toothy moving his Feet in a circular motion again. Toothy kept this up for quite a while before breaking the Silence.

"Are my Feet comfortable for you ?"

"They actually are. I didn't expect them to be this soft." Cuddles said still relaxing

"How do my Feet smell ?" asked Toothy curiously

"Not bad at all. Another Thing i didn't expect."

"Do you really think i would rub my Feet in your Face if they would smell ?"

"Maybe. I don't know." Cuddles said trying to find a decent Answer

"Don't worry about that. I wouldn't make you suffer through that. But there's still one more thing we'll be going through."

Toothy removed his Feet from Cuddles Face and turned around so Toothy was facing away from Cuddles. Now Cuddles had Toothy's Feet on his Face (still only seeing a Light Purple Colour) and Toothy had Cuddles' Feet infront of him.

"Hopefully you're ticklish. This would make it better." Toothy said dragging a Finger across one of Cuddles' Slippers.

"What are you planning on doing to me Toothy ?" Cuddles said but Toothy could barely hear him as he has his Feet pressed hard into Cuddles' Face.

Cuddles thought that Toothy only changed his Position and started rubbing his Feet again.

"Now it's Time for me to return the Favour and you'll definetly be enjoying it."Toothy said removing Cuddles' Slippers. He didn't hesitate and started licking Cuddles' right Foot slowly.

"What are you doing there Toothy ?" Cuddles said with his Vision still blinded.

Toothy didn't answer and continued licking. After a while he moved on to lick Cuddles' Sole which made him start giggling. He licked every Part of Cuddles' Foot until his entire Foot was covered in Saliva. After Toothy was done he started building up a lot of Saliva and licked him one more Time across the Sole spreading the big Puddle of Saliva on it.

"You're quite the tasty one. You're Feet a bit delicious. Toothy said wipping of some Drool from his Mouth.

Toothy then moved onto Cuddles' other Foot and started licking it again until there was Saliva on every Inch of his Foot but Toothy still wanted more. He put the Tip of Cuddles' Foot in his Mouth and continued licking it again. Cuddles in the meantime was still busy massaging Toothy's Feet, having his Face trapped in Tooth's Soles and giggling from having his Feet practically eaten by Toothy. Everytime he feels Toothy's Tongue brush across his Sole he starts giggling.

Toothy was finally done after he licked Cuddles' other Foot aswell. He then picked Cuddles' Slippers up and put them back on his Feet. Cuddles could feel the Amount of Saliva inside his Slippers from all the Licking Toothy gave him. Toothy gave a yawn from him and got ready to sleep.

"Goodnight my ticklish Bunny." Toothy said before falling asleep. He didn't change his Position and stayed the Way they are now.

Cuddles noticed that Toothy fell asleep and knew that he had to spend the Night with Toothy's Feet in his Face and his Feet inside his Saliva filled Slippers.