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Joey was packing up boxes because he was leaving to go to LA, he didn't like changes, and he hated that all his friends has someone and have a family. So Joey decided to move on and not to be in pain, epically with Rachel being with Ross. He loved her, he really TRUELY loves her. He never felt like that with other women he hooked up with in the past. He even swore to himself that he'll never find love and not get hurt again. He sees a picture of him and his ex-girlfriend Hannah, in the 8th grade, who only used him just to make her boyfriend jealous.


"Joey, we need to talk." Hannah says to Joey.

They were at her locker.

"Sure baby, how about we take this somewhere private?" Joey asked using his charms, while winking.

"Joey, stop. I'm being serious." Hannah says, clearly annoyed.

"Oh ok, what's going on?" Joey asked.

"Ok, well I'm just gonna come out and say it." Hannah said. "Oh what the heck, Joey I don't love you."

When those word came out, Joey felt mix of emotions.

"W-What?" Joey asked.

"Wow, you are so dumb." Hannah said. "I said, I don't love you, I never did. I only used you to make my boyfriend jealous." She admits.

"You lied!?" Joey yelled.

Everyone was staring at them.

"Why? How could you do this to me?" Joey yelled.

Joey hated when people lied or cheat.

"Oh don't be such a baby." Hannah said. "You should know that nobody cares about you. Your gonna be alone when you're an old man. Beside why would someone wants to go out with an idiot. See ya."

Then she turned and walked away feeling no remorse for Joey, while Joey just stood there feeling anger, hurt, sadness and betrayed.

~End Of Flashback~

Joey held the picture in his hand, feeling anger and betrayal, so he clenched his fist, while crumbling the picture. He hated feeling alone, all he wanted to have someone to love him back as he loves them and have a family one day. Joey was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard his best friend and brother Chandler call his name out.

"Buddy?" Joey looks over to see his friends at the doorway. "You ok man?"

"Y-yeah," Joey lied.

"You sure?" Monica asked.

"Yes, I'm fine!" Joey snapped.

The gang were dumbfounded, their sweet childish loveable Joey just snapped. He rarely gets upset.

"S-sorry guys." Joey mutters as he walks out of the apartment.

"What was that all about?" Ross asked.

Chandler walks over to the box, picking up the picture that Joey had crumbled.

"Oh God Joey." Chandler said quietly.

"What is it?" Rachel asked as they walked over to Chandler.

"Its Joey with a girl." Phoebe said.

"I told him to throw this piece of shit away when he moved here." Chandler cursed. "It'll only make him feel worse."

"Honey, what is going on?" Monica asked her husband.

"This was Joey's ex-girlfriend. Apparently she only used him just to make her boyfriend jealous and literally told him that no one will ever love him, and called him an idiot." Chandler explained.

Everyone felt their heart broke.

"Oh poor Joey." Phoebe said.

"And this is why Joey took so hard after the break-up." Chandler said looking at Rachel and Ross.

"Are you saying it's our fault?" Ross asked.

"Well if you haven't acted like a little spoiled baby about it, Joey wouldn't be so depressed!" Chandler snapped.

"Honey, calm down." Monica said trying to get her husband to calm down. "Look baby, I feel bad for Joey, you know I do, but it's not Rachel or Ross's fault."

Chandler looked at his wife and let out a sigh.

"I'm sorry guys, it's just...when he was left heartbroken, he started act like he can't feel no pain, so he sleeps around and never return call. Afraid of getting rejected over again. But deep down, the man is a broken soul."

The girls had tears in their eyes.

"I feel like such a horrible person." Rachel spoke.

"Your not," Chandler told her.

"Guys can you give us a moment?" Ross asked.

Chandler, Monica and Phoebe just nod their heads and walked of the apartment.

"I literally reminded him of his so call of a bitch." Rachel say.

Ross looks down feeling bad.

"Look Rach, I know I haven't been the best of boyfriend. But what's the real reason you broke up with him?" Ross asked her.

"Because of Emma." She replied. "She needs her parents."

"Wouldn't Emma still be happy that she has a stepdad?" Ross asked.

Rachel looks up at him.

"Ross…" She started.

"Rachel, please." Ross said serious.

"But...are you gonna be ok with it? I don't wanna make you uncomfortable." She stated, as she stood up.

"I don't want to spend my life that I took a man only real true love away from him." Ross told her.

Rachel thought about it.

"Yeah, I don't want him to stop hanging out with us and plus Emma really loves Joey." Rachel added.

"So...this is it. We're officially breaking up?" He asked. "Epically for Emma, who won't fight constantly."

"Its better for Emma, thinking how our lives would be if we're together." Rachel explains, picturing how their life would be.

"Yeah, fighting parents, not a good idea." Ross smiled.

"You'll find someone to really love one day, I promise." Rachel smiled back.

"Thanks." Ross said. "Now go get your man." He added.

They hugged and Rachel went to look for Joey as everyone else came back in the room when Ross smiled.

"Your gonna be ok?" Monica asks her brother.

Ross smiled.

"Yes, it's better this way...for us, Emma, Joey and you guys." Ross added. "Beside Emma should have 2 loving parents who loves her even though they aren't together." He adds.

Rachel walked out of the building to see Joey on the lower step of the building. She smiled sadly and walked down to sit with him.

"Hey sweetie." Rachel spoke.

"Hey." Joey quietly say.

Rachel felt her heart break. She hated seeing Joey like this.

"Chandler told us about your ex." She started. "To be honest, that girl is a bitch for doing that to you."

"Great, now everyone gonna think that Joey gone weak." Joey said looking up.

"No, no you are NOT weak Joey Tribbiani." Rachel says firmly.

Joey looks over at her, her heart nearly broke when she saw his sad broken face filled with tears streaming down.

"You don't think I'm unmanly?" He asked her.

She shook her head.

"No, you're perfect." She replied.

But Joey stood up.

"What is happening to me?" Joey asked.

"Because you love me.' Rachel said standing up with Joey's back to her. "Just like I love you..." She admits.

Joey stood still, thinking he missed heard what she just said.

"And before you asked, Ross and I officially broke up." She added.

"W-what about Emma?' He asked.

"She's still gonna have her parents no matter what." She told him. "And maybe someday...she can have a stepdad?"

Joey looks up, not sure how he wants to react.

"Joey, please turn around." Rachel begged. "I love you," she said again putting a gentle hand on his arm.

Joey turns to her and saw her smile, he tries to look away but Rachel puts her hand on his cheek to make him look at her.

"I love you, Joey." Rachel repeats. "And it'll always be you."

Joey bits his lower lips.

"Kiss me you handsome devil." Rachel smirked.

Joey leaned down a bit to kiss her on the lip.

"I love you too, Rach." Joey said. "Always has." Rachel smiled.

The two began kissing, they didn't even knew that their friends was watching the whole thing with a smile on their faces.

"See you were wrong Phoebs," Ross started. "Joey is Rachel's Lobster."

Phoebe smiled.

"I agree." She answered.

They watched as Joey dips Rachel in his arms as they still kissed.

I really hoped I did the characters right! If not, don't attack me please. I know I made Joey very angst, but I love him!