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Helltaker's Legacy

"This is… strange," Pandemonica, who had caught up to Izuku along with the other, remarked as they entered the sixth circle.

"What is?" Malina asked back.

"Cerberus, do you smell something in the air?" Pandemonica asked. The Hound Demon inhaled sharply and their eyes immediately widened.

"Features," the first Cerberus said.

"Holiness," the second one revealed.

"Virginity," the third one added.

"Angel," they concluded in unison.

"Angel?" the rest of the girls questioned in mild surprise.

"Angel?" Izuku blinked. "You mean like with wings and halo… speaking of which, why doesn't any of you have wings or tails?"

"Don't listen to what the Bible told you all the time, broccoli," Zdrada joked and flicked his nose.

"As for your question," Pandemonica began. "Yes, this is a real angel we are sensing, although." The demoness adjusted her glasses. "If she remained in Hell without triggering the alarm, it likely means that Lady Lucifer couldn't care less about our guest so I wouldn't worry about her either. Still…" the tired demon trailed off.

"I think Izuku should go see what's up," Modeus proposed. "He's a living human, so he won't immediately trigger the angel if she was the, you know, vindictive type."

"Well, is he up for it?" Malina asked.

"O-Of course," Izuku stuttered but nodded.

"In that case, please remember to be on your guard, angels rarely come to Hell for any good reasons.," Pandemonica informed.

"That, or they are just…" Malina couldn't finish what she wanted to say and an air of discomfort settled among the demon girls.

"Happy tourists," Zdrada finished it for her sister.

All the demoness shivered and huddled into a group hug at the mere thought of happy angelic tourists. If there's one thing people of every age, nation, race, religion, ethnicity, and morality can agree upon to hate, it is happy tourists — mainly because if they were happy you were unlikely to be.

Izuku just ignored them and went off to take care of the problem.

After making his way through the usual skeleton guardians and puzzle blocks, he finally arrived at the gate to the next section of Hell. Greeting him at the gate was not a sharply dressed demon girl as before, but a neatly white-uniformed black-haired girl with a halo on her head. She seemed to furiously scrub something onto her notepad. This must be the angel, but…

"Where are the wings?" he accidentally mumbled. He quickly slabbed his palms over his mouth but it's too late.

The angel quickly turned her attention from her notes toward him. She blinked a few times before a large smile spread across her face. "Oh, my heavens! What would a living human be doing in Hell? Most unusual."

"U-Umm, you see, I am looking for demon girls," Izuku answered.

"Oh? And why is that? Are you here to do your thesis on Demonology too?" the angel suddenly looked excited and started invading his personal space. "What's your topic? 'Modern Sins'? 'Anatomy of Arch-Vile'? 'Hell Overpopulation Crisis'?"

"N-No, I'm… here to… collect a… harem of demon girls…" Izuku blushed as he confessed.

'Please don't strike me down for my sins,' Izuku thought — and the idea of converting to Christianity sounded very appealing to him right now.

The angel's mouth hung open slightly. She blinked several times as if her brain was trying to reboot from short-circuit. Then an intense blush crept onto the angel's fair face.

"W-Well, t-that is m-most interesting," she stuttered, sounding as socially awkward as he was. "D-Do you mind if I-I tag a-along? T-This will be e-extremely beneficial to my r-research."

"S-Sure!" Izuku agreed, if only to dissolve the thick air of awkwardness that only two socially inept virgins could produce.

"O-Oh, how rude of me, almost forgetting to introduce myself to my new c-companion? I'm Azazel," the angel girl introduced.

"I-I am I-Izuku Midoriya, it's nice to meet you!" Izuku introduced me back.

"I-It's nice to meet you… also, did you drop that?" Azazel asked and pointed at something behind Izuku.

The greenette turned around to discover a stone tablet with four strange triangle symbols, each pointing in a specific direction.

"No… I did not," Izuku replied, scratching his head. Though seeing that it could be important, the boy decided to walk over and pick it up. Who knows, maybe it will be important.

"So… you got an angel into the harem, eh?" Zdrada questioned with a smirk. "Gonna say, I am a little impressed." The bitch demon puffed her smoke.

"Your 'impressed' doesn't mean much," Malina insulted, which only served to make her sister's smirk grow wider. "Though the next demoness's opinion would probably mean a lot more for sure."

"Yeah! Justice is great!" One of the Cerberus cheered.

"Justice is awesome!" The second one followed.

"Justice is blind!" The third one finished.

"Blind?" Izuku asked, his curiosity perked up.

"Ooo! So, Justice, the Awesome Demon is in the next level!" Azazel exclaimed with stars in her eyes. "She is so famous even up in Heaven. I wanted to interview her!"

"Indeed, she sealed away a powerful demon a long time ago and lost her sight in the process. That's why she is blind," Pandemonica explained.

"Though her new sunglasses made her really hot," Modeus added, blushing as she said it.

"And her abs," Zdrada and Malina added in unison.

"And her extremely sharp suit," Pandemonica threw in their two cents with a smirk.

"And her laser vision!" the Cerberus cheered.

"And my axe," a dwarf skeleton suddenly appeared out of the ground and added. Every eye turned upon him. Seeing the curious stare they were giving him, the dwarf did a sweeping scan with his non-existence eyes before sinking back into the ground.

"...anyways, you shouldn't be too worried about Justice, she's cool," Pandemonica reassured. "What you will have to worry about is the puzzle. From what I heard, this one is really hard since Justice is, well, blind."

"Right, don't worry, I will get through this," Izuku said with some newfound confidence. He had made it this far after all. In terms of getting through this damned place, he started to truly believe that he could make it. The greenette quickly spotted the map of the area and went over to observe it. As per usual, the girls started loitering in the area, waiting for him to take off and did his thing. He took his sweet time, but eventually, he spirited into action.

Justice was standing in front of the gate, being awesome (as usual).

They were on the horizon, she spotted something… well, not really, she was blind. Though she could still feel someone approaching by presence alone. No, hold on, wait, they stopped, crouched down, and picked up something — a stone tablet maybe, those things were all over the place. Soon, the figure resumed their march and came straight for her.

"U-Um, are you, Justice?" the young, masculine voice asked.

"Yup, the one and only." The demoness then sniffed the air. "Hey, are you a human?"

"Umm, yeah," Izuku answered earnestly.

"Dude! That's awesome! And did you solve all those puzzles by yourself?"

"O-Oh, yeah, b-but I mean this one is fairly difficult," Izuku admitted.

"Wait a minute," Justice held her chin. "You're a human that's trying to get a harem of demon girls, aren't you?!" A large, friendly smile appeared on the demoness's face. "I heard about you from the passing through skeleton guards. Man, you got some serious balls to come to Hell with a reason like that!"

"H-Haha, thanks." Izuku was soon reminded yet again that while his physical prowess had been increased and mental capabilities had always been top-notch, his social skill was still lacking. There was a short silence between the two. "S-So, do you want to join my harem?"

"Heck yeah!" Justice readily agreed. "I am not missing this!"

With that, the demoness with abs so firm you can grate cheese on them joined Izuku's harem. What he would face next, however, would be nothing compared to what he had faced before.

The Sin Machine was warming up for the boy.

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