So I thought I would try my hand at the poly week prompts to see if I could get unstuck. This was my first attempt. It didn't fit the criteria but I didn't want to throw it out. Yule suggested I post it here for you all so here you go, you can thank her for it. I look forward to hear what you all think of it. Keep in mind it's just a silly one shot to try and shake Rey loose again. Enjoy!

Feet thundered against the ground as she ran through the forest, doing her best to avoid the roots of the twisted trees all around her, the red cloak she'd been wearing lay somewhere forgotten. Rey's eyes shot up to the canopy of the branches over her head as a monstrous roar shook the forest. Leaves and branches dropped, birds fell deadly silent and nothing but Rey moved through the forest. She skid to a stop, hiding beneath a particularly large tree. The forest now stood eerily still. Slowly she inched towards the treeline, if she could make it across the clearing up ahead she'd be safe to run home, to the safety of her wards, to her family, her brothers...What if it follows me?! The thought pierced her mind, causing the sweat running down her neck and forehead to turn cold as ice. No longer could she tell if her heart thundered because of the running or the fear. The thought of her stupid, stupid, stupid little brothers trying to attack it. Glancing around at the sky, Rey took a deep breath and ran.

Again an inhuman bellow shook the earth, sending Rey to her knees. She scrambled to her feet, ignoring her bloody palms and scraped up knees, as the shadow above her grew larger and larger until it blocked out the sun. It landed with a thud causing Rey to crash to the ground once more. She clawed at the dirt, pulling herself up, only for something heavy to drop on her. She struggled to push it off only for the sharp talon to slice into her side. She screamed as it ripped her side open, blood pouring out, staining her white shirt a deep red. Squirming she tried to push it off and free herself. The claw slid off her but the paw kept her pressed into the ground. Towering over her a colossal deep purple dragon roared with both its heads. She struggled more as her mind began to grow hazy and her limbs grew heavier. Yanking the knife strapped to her thigh she jammed it into the soft sole of the dragon's foot. It howled in pain, pulling away from her. Leaping to her feet she took off, not even waiting for the world to stop spinning. Clutching her side, attempting to keep what little blood she had left in her body inside it, she ran for the other side of the clearing. She just had to make it into the forest where the dragon could not fit and she'd be safe. The dragon's foot swung at her, smacking her across the clearing. She flew then her back connected with a tree and her entire world went dark.

"You hit her too hard!"

"No I didn't! You can't blame everything on me!"

"Well I didn't hit her that hard!"

"We've got one body! We share the actions!"

"She could die! If she's dead we'll still be stuck like this!"

"You think I don't know that?!"

Rey blinked slowly, the two bickering voices waking her from her deep sleep. The darkness pulled at her mind but the voices were far too loud for her to return to her slumber. Slowly she sat up, the blankets sliding down her body to her hips. She pressed her hand against her head, pulsing with pain. Slowly the pain in her side returned as well. Panic spread through her system and she slapped her hand to her collarbone, feeling the cool silver of her two necklaces she relaxed a bit. Pulling at the collar of her shirt to fan herself with it, she got out of bed. Cool air rushed over her as she staggered to the window across the room. The stars twinkled brightly in the sky. As her mind returned to her, she looked around. Her clothes were gone, a man's white shirt covered her body. Hanging off her like a dress, falling to the middle of her thighs. Finding neither her leggings or shoes or cloak she sighed. Stripping the bed she quickly tied the sheets and blankets together, not interested in meeting the two voices or the rest of the occupants of the stone tower she currently sat in. Sliding down her homemade escape rope, she dropped the last several feet. Wincing as she hit the ground and pulled the skin of her shredded side, she pushed herself to her feet once more feeling all of her muscles burn and ache in pain and started running. Eyes looking towards the sky she found the guiding star, the one that would take her home. Her bare feet silent against the dirt as she ran from the tower towards her home once more. No doubt her brothers were losing their minds because she had not returned before sundown. It had to be well into the night, possibly already morning.

Rey screamed as the dragon appeared in front of her, skidding to a stop so hard that she collapsed onto the ground in time to watch the dragon descend slowly and then split into two people who both landed on their feet.

"So it's true. The rumors that the two headed dragon is just a pair of cursed people. Never thought I'd see it." She shrugged, "Never really cared either. Oh, well. Now I know. I guess Lavi owes me." She almost smiled at the thought of what she could make her friend do, still the two people in front of her soured her joy.

"You ran away." The man accused, a frown spread across his face. With a swarthy complexion, dark curly hair and glowing gold eyes, there was no arguing that any person, man, woman, or otherwise, would call him attractive though the sour expression and previous actions made Rey more inclined to punch him in the face than anything else. At the very thought of it her hands balled into fists.

"Duh," She rolled her eyes at him. "You attacked me, almost killed me, and then kidnapped me. Gee, why would I possibly want to get away?" She asked sarcastically.

"You didn't have our permission to leave." The girl told her, a dark look on her face. Rey rolled her eyes.

"Funny, I didn't need it. Just let myself out." They both glared at her. Her eyes darted between them, noting the same, complexion and skin color along with their similar hair colors. "Huh, the legend said you were lovers," Horrified disgusted looks overtook their faces but she kept talking, "but you look more like you're family than lovers. Guess every part of the legend can't be correct." She took note of the bandage wrapped around their left palms.

"Gross!" They both snapped at her.

"We ARE related, she's my niece, NOT my lover!" The man snapped at her, refusing to look at either girl.

"Who comes up with this shit?!" The girl agreed. The corners of Rey's lips quirked up.

"I don't know, I didn't do it!" He argued.

"Well it started somehow." She retorted. Taking the opportunity, Rey bolted for the forest once more.

Just as she passed the first tree she heard them both, "SHIT!" Then thundering feet in her direction. Sucking in a deep breath, pushing more oxygen into her lungs she forced her legs to run faster, wincing when her shoulder bumped into one, the rough bark scratching and scraping at her skin, little trails of blood left on her skin and the tree. Branches slapped at her as she ran, she could hear them chasing after her, gaining on her. She let out a cry as someone tackled her and she hit the ground, their weight atop her.

"Get off! Get off! Get off get off get off get off get off!" She begged as her scab split open and the blood began to spill out once more. Immediately red began seeping through the bandages and blooming on the new shirt.

"Damn it, Road! You opened her wound again." The man closed the last few steps as the girl climbed off.

"What did you want me to do, Tyki? She was getting away! How is it that an injured mortal can outrun you?" She jabbed, as he bent down, scooping Rey up in his arms. She squirmed listlessly but her head grew fuzzy once more.

"Let me go," she moaned, her head dangling limply, looking longingly towards the forest and her home. "Me go. Let me go." She repeated. "my brot-" the words died on her lips as they disappeared from her mind. What was she talking about again?

"You can't even speak anymore, never mind walk, and you think you can get home on your own?" He questioned, as he carried her farther and farther from her home and brothers.

"And who's fault is that?" She spat at him, completely unable to lift her head up off his bicep. "Besides, if you're SO worried about me, you could kindly escort me home like a gentleman."

He shot her a smirk as Road skipped next to them, "I am."

"We're taking you home with us!" Road cheered.

"I want to go to MY home. That empty stone tower isn't MY home." She argued as it came into view.

Despite her protests she once again found herself in a dark stone room. Rey sat on the bed pouting as Road cut away the ruined bandages. Rey looked at the wound herself. She sighed deeply.

"It needs to be stitched closed. It won't just heal. The gash is too big. I'm amazed I still have all my organs." She grumbled.

"Would you stop doing that?" Road demanded, blood staining her fingers and hands all the way up to her wrists. "Every time it sends more blood gushing out!"

"What do you want me to do? Stop breathing?!" She retorted.


"If I did that I'd be dead!" She yelled, yanking away from her.

"Patience, Road." Tyki called from the other side of the door, having been forced out at Rey's insistence, leaving Road to tend to her reopened injury. "If she dies then we're screwed. We need her. Focus on being free."

"No," Rey interrupted, "focus on sewing up my skin properly. If you do it right then you might get your freedom, and you," she turned her attention to Tyki, "I need you to get a list of herbs, they'll help the healing process. Since you won't let me you're gonna have to get them for me."

"I'm not your servant!" He snapped.

"Patience, Tyki," Road mimicked with a wicked grin spread on her face.

He snorted, "ha ha ha, very funny."

"Are you two done yet?" Rey demanded. "I'm still bleeding out here!" No response. "Fine, I'll do this myself." Finding herself ignored, she got up once more and started towards the window.

"Oh no you don't!" Road snapped, grabbing Rey by her hair and yanking her back. She hit the bed with a yelp which quickly turned into a cry as the pain raged through her side. "Damn it!" Road cursed as the blood began to spill again. "Tyki, just go! Why are humans so damn fragile?!" The needle pierced her skin and Rey passed out once more.


"Damn it, Red!" Tyki's voice exploded through the tower as the thick, suffocating smoke drove all three into the fresh night air. Rey winced as her side pulled, she leaned against a tree to ease the pain.

"What was that?!" Road demanded as all three tried to catch their breath, their bodies doing their best to purge the sickening smoke away.

"A failed attempt! What do you think it was? A party? Gods! You people are impossible!" Rey snapped.

"We're impossible?!" Tyki demanded stalking over to where she stood. "You're the one who keeps messing up! Just do as we say!" She whirled around.

"You say that like you're asking for the simplest thing in the world!" She argued, straightening up to meet his gaze.

"How hard is it to break one little curse?!" Road sighed, watching the two bicker...again. She considered smacking them both over the head with a brick and leave them but the curse prevented her from doing so. Though the way Rey scrunched her nose up had begun to grow on her and she riled Tyki up which, normally, entertained Road but tonight she quickly grew tired of it.

"A little curse! Ha! Your curse is the farthest from a little curse. A little curse would be having an eternal itch on the bottom of your foot! Not being bound as one being with your niece! Get your head straight!"

"MY head is straight!"

"Clearly not! When you want something you're supposed to ask nicely! Not kidnap somebody and demand it from them!" She snarled.

Tyki adopted a saccharine smile, bending down to Rey's height and said condescendingly, "You can when you're a dragon. It's kinda the whole story of the princess in the tower." Sneering Rey pulled back and slammed her fist straight into his face. Taken by surprise he didn't move to block. Instead he flew away, rolling over backwards several times before skidding to a stop. Rey whirled around, stalking away from the tower, ignoring the blood seeping from her split and bruising knuckles while ignoring the pain pulsing from her bruised bones.

"Worth it." She muttered to herself. Road walked over to Tyki, checking on him before looking up in surprise. Rey had vanished.

"Ugh!" She transformed, flying over the forest, spotting the girl fleeing as best as she could, Road dove down, grabbing her in her talons. Rey shrieked and thrashed.

"Let go of me!" She demanded.

"From way up here?" Road teased, loosening her grip only for Rey to thrash harder, trying to slip in the space between the open claws.

"Yes!" Road's eyebrows rose but she released the girl. Rey fell through the air, looping around for another dive Road pulled up short as Rey righted herself and fired two spells. One slowed her down and the other manifested claws on her toes and fingers. She caught a tree branch and swung from one to another until she landed gently on the ground. Grinning she ran again.

Counting to twenty in her head Road started after her again, this time on her feet, looping around she cut Rey off who skid and then turned and ran in a different direction.

Flying up over the forest, she settled down, waiting for Rey to come out of the treeline. When she did, her nose wrinkled again and she whirled around. Road took a moment. Sniffed the air and then headed to the other side of the forest.

"Ugh!" Rey screamed upon seeing her again. Vanishing once more, Road cocked her head to the side, upon hearing Tyki's wings beat. She waited once more sitting between Rey and the path home. Rey stopped right in front of her. "Knock it off!" She shrieked.

"Where are you going?" Road asked, tilting her head to the side.


"Oh?" Road raised an eyebrow at her prey.

"Yes! Now get out of my way and leave me be! I'm not going to help you!" Road bared her teeth but Tyki cut her off landing on the ground behind Rey, making no attempt at being soft. Rey yelped and then groaned as she fell and her side began to ache once more. As she pushed herself up, Tyki's giant paw landed on her right leg, pinning her down. She struggled to pull it out from under him but he merely increased the pressure. "Get off!" She shouted at him.


"Get off!"

"No!" He pressed harder causing her to bit her lip in pain.

"Tyki." Road called. He ignored her.

"Get off!"




"Get off of me, you brute!" The ground beneath her cracked.

"TYKI!" Road yelled in his ear. He jolted away but nodded.

"Remember this, little witch," he growled in Rey's face, his breath blowing her hair, falling mostly loose from her braids, "you are breakable and you don't need to be able to walk to cast spells." The pressure on her leg grew and she thought for sure that he would break it. "Keep that in mind the next time you go running off." Pulling back off her, Tyki allowed Rey to yank her leg back, green glaring into gold. Road bent down, grabbed Rey by the back of her shirt and took flight. Rey hung limply in her jaws.

Rey staggered as Road tossed her into her room and said, "That's enough for tonight," she transformed back into her human form, "rewrite and we'll see about tomorrow night." The door slammed shut and the lock clicked into place, leaving her alone once more.

"Are you kidding me?! Not even five hours later?" Road demanded thundering after Rey through the forest.

"This isn't working, she's learning," Tyki grumbled. "We're too big to go through the forest, we need to go over." Spreading their wings they took off.

Rey rolled out of the way at the last moment as they landed. Whispering a word under her breath the blue sparks flew at the dragon, knocking them back. Rey whirled around and continued running for the river. She just needed to cross it then she'd be okay.

"We've got to stop her from getting to the river. She's probably got a spell up her sleeve!" Road shouted, shaking away the sleep from her eyes.

"You mean like the one she just hit us with!" Tyki snapped, having taken most of the damage from it. His scales were red and itched like crazy as if they were burning from his body. He started clawing at them.

"Stop it! I know it hurts. Hurts me too but we need to catch her." Road pulled him after the witch who only needed to take a few more steps to make the leap to safety. They lashed out at her, smacking her away though she crashed into the river and found herself being swept downstream.

Rey coughed violently as she expelled the water from her lungs, "Well that's one way to get away." Shivers racked her body and she wrapped her arms around her body, "Though not the way I was planning. I gotta get home before the sun goes down. Hopefully the sun will slow them down." She glanced up and frowned, it hung lower in the sky than she wished. A shadow appeared above her. "Not again!" She bolted but it did her little good. Another swipe of the paw sent her to the ground. Talons grabbed her and she found herself in captivity again.

"Stay!" Road snapped, face reddening despite the color of her scales, as she tossed Rey into a small closet. "We've got to fix your window apparently." Rey yelped, hitting the stone ground hard. The door slammed closed and she looked around. Barely large enough for her to lay down in, it stood completely empty except for her.

"So what are we going to do?" Tyki asked as they sat outside of Rey's room and the open window she'd escaped from. "It's not like we can take the blankets away from her or anything. She'll freeze." His head twitched, causing Road's to do the same. "God, when will this spell wear off?!" He started scratching at it again.

"Stop it, we're gonna have scratches all over if you don't stop that!" Road complained. "As for what we're gonna do, it's simple. We're gonna weld bars to it. Now help me." Once the bars were in place they put Rey, who'd fallen asleep in the closet, back in the room and left her.

Sometime in the afternoon they woke up to check on her, spying her motionless in her bed, they went back to sleep.

"She's been awfully quiet," Tyki noted suspiciously as he looked up from his book. "She didn't come down for breakfast."

"She's probably just sulking. You do it too." Road waved him off.

Road glanced over at him a few minutes later to find him still watched her. Their eyes met and then they both ran up the stairs fully expecting to find the witch gone again. Instead she lay upon her bed, unmoving beneath the covers.

"See? She's just sleeping in." Road answered, moving over to jab the girl awake. "It's ti-" the words died on her lips as she pulled the blanket back. Sweat dripped down Rey's forehead, her dark curls hung around her in damp tendrils, redness covered her face as she breathed unevenly, gasping for breath. "Rey?" She asked, pressing her hand against the girl's forehead. "Ha ha ha, cute spell, now knock it off!" She ordered, yanking her hand back. "Tyki! Start a fire! She's burning up!" She snapped over her shoulder when the girl didn't move. Tyki turned on his heels and ran to get the wood for it. Pulling the blankets all the way back, Road ripped the shirt that Rey had stolen from Tyki, open leaving the girl in her underwear. She shivered as the cold air, whimpered and tried to pull away. Stripping down to her own underwear Road climbed into bed with Rey and pulled the covers up. Tyki returned and started the fire.

"Road?" He asked, looking around.

"Get in." Tyki's head snapped over to see her curled up to Rey.

"What?" He questioned dumbly.

"Get in." She repeated. "She's still cold. She needs more heat, now get in on her other side." He shrugged but stripped and did as told. Rey settled between the two, her frozen skin leeching heat from theirs.

"This is actually nice, I never realized how hot we are until I met her. She always feels so cold. Cooling down is nice." He commented, pulling the girl slightly closer. Road made a noise and moved again.

"You're avoiding what you actually want to say." Road pointed out, resting her head on Rey's chest.

"Fine," he sighed, "this is our fault and you know it. We almost killed her, again. We tossed her into a river," his fingers pulled at her curls gently finding a large lump on her head, probably from a rock or hitting the wall of the closet, he figured, "and then we locked her in a cold empty closet for hours. She's fragile. We need to be more careful with her. She's breakable. Our actions affect her health. We need to be more careful with them."

"I know." Road sighed. "She just drives me crazy!"

"I think she's good at that." Tyki agreed.

"Oi, Red," Tyki pushed the door open to the witch's room, "Breakfast!" He called. His eyes darted around taking in the empty room. "Damn it!" The tray hit the ground, "She's gone again!" Whirling around on his feet he ran out the door. "Gotta find her before Road gets back!" She'd healed and now found it easier to vanish than ever.

Taking in a deep breath he pulled her scent in and ran down the path that would lead him to the village, grumbling along the way, "Of course she'd go this way! I should've known!" As he closed in he could hear her necklaces jangling against one another.

Rey could see the village when she hit the ground hard, she screamed in frustration, "Aaaahhhh! Let me go! Get off of me! Now!" She could see her house, see Allen pacing back and forth in front of the window, she could see Niko trying to calm him down as he stood by the stove, making dinner. Her mouth watered at the thought of Niko's cooking.

"Enough of this!" Tyki snapped, struggling to stay on top as she thrashed and bucked like a trapped animal.

"No! Let me go!" She yanked her left arm out from under her and used it to brace herself up. Slamming her head back into his she flung them sideways and rolled out from under him. Hitting the ground she squirmed free and bolted towards her house. Just a few more feet and she'd be in the safety of the wards that guarded her home and family from outside threats. Like dragons. Her grin grew as a familiar redhead walked into view of the window. Both her brothers scowled at the man but she could feel the renewed energy rushing through her veins. Ten steps. Seven steps. Four steps. One step – an arm wrapped around her throat and dragged her away. "Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!" She sobbed, scratching and tearing at his arm.

"Stop this!" Tyki tried to reason with her as he wrestled her back to their stone tower.

"I want to go home!" She shouted, whirling around to scream at him as he released her.

He yelled back, "What? You think we don't want to?!" She stopped, blinking at him slowly.

"I thought this was your home." She spoke softly, her voice raw from their shouting match.

"No," he looked away from her, "it's not. Road and I," he paused, his eyes glued to the floor, "we have a family. We haven't seen them since we were cursed. We can't go back until it's been lifted. It's why we kidnapped you. Witches are hard to find. Good witches are even harder. The only other witch we've seen is that friend of yours, the one who controls the wind to run."

"Lenalee..." Rey whispered, her heart aching for her friend.

"She doesn't have half the power you do and only seems to have an affinity with wind. That won't help us. We needed you."

"I'm sorry," Tyki's eyes snapped up to hers but now she wouldn't meet his gaze. "It never really occurred to me that dragons have families too. I guess I've got quite a lot to learn about you." She mumbled.

"Look," he sighed dragging his hand down his face, "if you stop trying to run away every time we turn our backs on you, we'll be...nicer."

"It's not EVERY time." She argued, crossing her arms over her chest.

He leveled her with a glare, "This is the seventh time in five days." She pouted but didn't argue.

"Fine!" She stalked back up the stairs and to her room.

"Oh my god," Tyki sighed, "Sheryl, WHY did you get married?" He asked the sky. It gave no answer.

"Tyki! She's gone, again!" Road's voice woke him up out of a sound sleep. Glaring at the clock as he got up he read it to be almost four in the morning.

"Damn it! She's been quiet for days."

They found her just outsides the wards of her house, she whirled around having heard them coming.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!" She held up her hands before they could grab her. "Just hear me out before you drag me back!"

"Why should we?!" Tyki demanded. "You said you were going to stop running away but here you are, doing it again!" He argued.

"I can explain!"

"Then do it!" Road snapped. Rey sighed, and dropped her shoulders, one hand wrapped around the charm necklace she wore.

"A, I need a spellbook that I have in my room but B, more importantly, one of my brother's is sick," she opened her hand to reveal one of the charms, a jester mask, glowing red. "He needs my help. Just let me help him. Please! He could die!" She begged.

"We don't know you'll come back and we can't sit out here all day." Road told her with a sigh.

"What about a deal?" Both sets of gold eyes flicked to her.

"What kind of deal?" They asked together. Rey pulled the other necklace off. A silver dreamcatcher pendant with a slightly smaller silver feather pendant hanging off it.

"This is my most precious material belonging. It's the only thing I have left of my parents. My brothers and I each only got one. This is mine. I'd never leave it behind. If I give it to you, you can hold onto it until I come back. When I return to the tower, you give it back to me. Does that sound fair?" Road opened her mouth but Tyki nudged her so she saw the way Rey's hand shook, the necklace jingling slightly because of it. Road nodded at Tyki. He silently held out his hand for the necklace.

"Deal." He answered as she dropped it into his hand.

"Don't be gone too long," Road advised, "with each full moon the curse gets stronger. The stronger it is the harder it is to break." Rey nodded.

"I won't. Thank you." They both nodded at her.

"The sun's coming up." Road noted with a groan. "We're going to turn back soon. It's time to go, Tyki." He nodded.

"I'd rather not be here when that happens." They turned to walk back to the tower when footsteps rushed at them. Tyki whirled around only to feel Rey's lips on his cheek. Then nothing. Rey passed through the wards and into the house.

Tyki and Road watched the boy with the brown hair embrace Rey and she hugged him back just as tightly.

"Why did you get a kiss and not me?" Road pouted when he shrugged at her question.

A few days later, smoke awoke them, noticing the night sky, they shifted into their human forms and investigated. In the kitchen, standing by the window, away from the smoking cauldron, Rey waved her hand back and forth, coughing.

"Well that didn't work." She groaned, running her fingers through her hair, pulled back into a braided ponytail.

"You're already setting things on fire?" Tyki asked, leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest. She stuck her tongue out at him. Road grinned and ran over, hugging Rey tightly.

"You came back!" She cheered and even Tyki didn't hide the smile on his face. The girl looked better. The dark circles under her eyes were gone, a real smile sat on her lips, and her hair and skin were clean. She'd taken the time to care for herself while with her brothers.

"I said I would. You let me go to my brothers so I came back. Speaking of which I'd like my necklace back please." Tyki pulled the necklace off and handed it back to her at her request.

"Any luck?" He questioned. Rey shook her head.

"No. My last idea was a bust. As you can see." Rey waved her hand at the smoking cauldron that nobody had bothered to put out. "Right now I'm too hungry to try again."

The next few days, much to Tyki's relief, were quiet. Rey devoured every book they gave her and answers to her questions about dragons. She would try again, but for now, as long as he didn't have to chase her anymore, he'd take it. He woke to Rey sitting by them, leaning against their warm dark scales as she read. Humming softly, he laid his giant head in her lap and went back to sleep. She rolled her eyes but just set her book atop his head and continued reading. A few moments later she heard whining. Looking up she found Road looking at her with big puppy dog eyes. Sighing, she stretched her legs out, letting Road set her slightly smaller head on her lower legs. She chirped happily and returned to sleep as well. The position, not comfortable in the slightest, made Rey shake her head.

"They're like puppies."

"Tyki, you son of a bitch!" Rey cursed as she stared at her favorite spellbook, innocently sitting on the very top of the cabinets, far out of her reach. She couldn't find him anywhere, despite looking everywhere.

"Speaking of Tyki," Road started from her place at the table, eating a pile of candy.

"What about him?" Rey asked over her shoulder as she clambered up the counter, intent on getting her book back.

"Why did you kiss him that day?" Rey stumbled, but managed to catch herself on the cabinets.

"I was expressing my gratitude, I guess. It's something my mother used to do. I guess I just wanted to try it. Seemed nice. Don't worry, I won't do it again. I'm gonna beat him to death with my book." She growled, reaching out for it. Still unable to reach it, she pushed herself up onto the very tip of her toes.

"I want one."

"What?!" Rey questioned, missing the book and tumbling off the counter. She winced as she hit the floor, sitting up on her elbows to glare up at the book that she couldn't get.

"I want one too. I let you go as well but I didn't get a kiss. So I want one now." Road explained, watching the girl on the ground.

"Alright." She agreed.

"Really?!" Road brightened up excitedly.

Rey shrugged, "Yeah, why not?" Road leapt up, running around to where Rey still lay. Settling down on her hips, she pushed Rey down to the floor, and pinned her hands to the ground by her head. Rey gave an adorable startled yelp but Road pressed her lips to Rey's before she could make another sound. They were full and softer than anything Road had ever felt.

"Hey, what's all the noise in here?" Tyki asked, coming into the room, to see Road kissing Rey breathless. He blinked slowly, watching the two for a minute. The soft moans escaping Rey filled his ears. He leaned back, just watching the way she squirmed on the floor, as Road's hands moved from hers and slid down her body, picking at the vest, Rey wore, one of Tyki's that she'd fitted with magic, and farther. "Road, they make beds for this." He interrupted. Road pulled away with a pout, leaving Rey flushed and gasping.

"Tyki," She whined. The name snapped Rey out of it. A metal spoon flew at his head. He just barely ducked it into time, crashing to the floor.

"You son of a bitch, get my book down right now, or else I'll turn you pink and leave you like that!" Rey snarled, pink sparks glittering between her fingertips threateningly.

"Okay, okay, okay. No need to get violent." Tyki held up his hands in surrender. Rey snatched her book away from him and stalked out of the room.

"Why did you do that? I was having fun." Road pouted at him.

Reeeeeeeyyyyyy~!" Road called as the sun began to rise, she and Tyki had fused once more. "Come read to us!"

"Road, I'm working on the spell!" Rey shouted back.

"Reeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy," Road whined, dragging the girl's name out even longer than before.

"Road," She sighed. "Tyki, help me out here."

"You should be getting some sleep too, Red." He pointed out, settling his head on their front paws.

"Not helping!" Rey argued, sticking her head into the giant empty cavern that functioned as the dragon's room, the huge pile of gold they slept on, smack in the middle of it. Road's head shot out, grabbing Rey gently and pulling her into the room before setting her down between the two heads.

"Read to me!" Road sang again.

Rey threw up her hands, "Fine!" Rey read well into the morning before Road fell asleep.

"Time for you to sleep too." Tyki nudged her towards the door with his snout. Rey turned around and ran her hand along it gently.

"You two sure do need a lot of attention. I'm never gonna finish the spell at this rate." Tyki watched her through drooping eyes.

"I think we'd be okay with it, as long as you were with us." His eyes did not open again. Rey shook her head and returned to her spellcasting room. The dragon having grown tired of her exploding the kitchen.

Night had fallen when the two woke, stretching they separated and then went to locate their favorite companion. Tyki frowned when he found her asleep, slumped by her cauldron. Road came barreling into the room, waking the girl.

"What? Who? I'm awake!" She shouted, jumping up, head whipping around. Slowly she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Stifling a yawn she asked, "How did you two sleep?"

"I think the true question is," Road put her hands on her hips, her frown matching Tyki's who had his arms crossed, "did you sleep?"

"Yes..?" Rey answered uncertainly. Tyki rolled his eyes and grabbed her. "Hey! Put me down! You can't always manhandle me whenever you want!" He threw her over his shoulder and started towards her room.

Dropping her in her bed, he ordered, "Sleep." He shut the door.

Smelling something sweet and seeing Road next to him, playing with a doll, Tyki set his book down and started towards the spellcasting room. Sure enough, Rey leaned over her cauldron, mixing something into the bubbling purple liquid.

"I told you to go to sleep!" She jolted upon hearing him.

Shrugging sheepishly she said, "I did...? It was a wonderful nap. Really. I feel absolutely refreshed!" It didn't fly. Road giggled as he dragged her up the stairs once more.

"Damn it, Red. I thought Road was a difficult person but you take it to a new level!" He complained, unfazed as Rey tried to wriggle free.

"Road help me!" She whined as he slung her over his shoulder for the sixth time that night.

"He's right." Road frowned. "You need sleep."

"I'm not tired." Rey argued. Tyki dropped her in the bed.

"We don't care." They said together. Rey pouted at them.

"I have an idea." Road jumped onto Rey who groaned.

"Bruising my stomach and ribs won't make me stay."

"Nope! But you can't get up now! Even if you don't sleep I can force you to rest." Tyki grinned and crawled in on Rey's other side. Rey whined as the two pinned her between them, Tyki's hot breath moved the small hair on the back of her neck.

"You guys are mean." Curling up to Rey's chest, Road settled, listening to her heartbeat as she gave up and closed her eyes, falling into oblivion. She felt neither kiss pressed against her skin.

"Are you sure about this?" Tyki asked. He and Road stood on the hill with Rey a few feet away.

"Yes. We can't do this spell inside. I think I've figured it out. Now hold still. This is gonna sting."

"We might be free though, right?" Road asked. Rey nodded. The dragon braced for impact, listening with closed eyes as Rey chanted in another language, one they never knew. White light consumed Rey's eyes and shot out of her hands enveloping the dragon. It burned like lava and tore the two apart.

Road blinked slowly as she pushed herself to her feet, "Rey, that really hurt." She whined.

"I'll say." Tyki's voice came from the other side of the field. Road's eyes grew wide as she looked down and saw her own deep blue scales.

"I'm free!" Road shouted, taking to the air in a burst of energy. At Road shout, Tyki also looked down, finding no trace of blue only his deep mahogany black scales. He joined her in the sky. The two dragons looped through the air causing Rey to smile.

"Finally, I don't have to suffer through your candy stomach aches." Tyki grinned at his niece.

"We can go home!" Road cheered, taking off. Tyki followed her.

Rey watched the two fly away. Slowly she looked down at her hands clutched to her chest. Blood gushed from them, raw red muscle hung off them in tendrils. Her body shook as she stared at them. Her head grew light but she turned on her heels and staggered to her house.

Allen and Niko rushed out to see her stumble out from the treeline, "Rey!" They shouted. She collapsed in Niko's arms. They rushed her inside.

Days passed slowly. Rey lay unmoving in her bed. Niko sat by her side. Then Allen would. Still their sister never moved. Never twitched. Never woke. Niko's eyes glazed over as he recalled the night Rey had returned home, Allen lay in his own bed. Flushed and gasping. Poison coursed through his veins. Rey had called it out. She'd stayed for a few days before leaving again, saying she'd made a promise to somebody else and would return home when she had helped.

"You promised you'd come home." Allen said accusingly to her comatose body.

"She never said it would be in one piece." Niko corrected him. His brown eyes drifted to her bandages hands. Like a wild animal had eaten from them. They were a torn bloody mess. "I'm not sure if she'll ever be able to use her hands again." He sat down next to Allen.

"How do we wake her up?" Allen looked at his brother hopefully.

"We can't." Niko sighed, knowing he'd just crushed his brother's hopes. "We can only wait and hope she wakes up on her own."

" such a hopeful guy, Niko." Rey teased, opening her eyes slowly, a tired smirk pulled at her lips.

"Rey!" Her brothers tackled her, hugging her close.

"I missed you two."

Rey watched the sky from her spot in the tree. Her hands tingled beneath the bandages but she paid it no mind.

"Looking for something?" Niko called up to her.

"No," Yes, "just enjoying the breeze. Do you ever wonder what it's like to fly?" She jumped down, landing in a crouch next to him. She knew they were never coming back.

"Nope! I'm good right here on the ground. You've been asking those kinds of questions a lot." He pointed out. She smiled as they walked home, Allen waiting for them up ahead.

"I guess it's been in my brain for a while. I want to know what it's like. To have the wind rushing through your hair, feel it on your skin, kiss the clouds, and chase the sun! I guess I'm just sick of sitting here. Doing the same old."

"Then let's leave." Allen joined in.

"What?" They asked together.

Allen shrugged but answered, "Let's leave. There's nothing here that we want. Mom and Dad are long dead. Cross never comes home and these people hate us. I wouldn't mind traveling and it would be worth it to see Rey smile for real again. So we'll find a way. Travel, gamble," All three grinned at the word, "and see the world. We might find something worth fighting for."

"I suppose," Niko agreed, seeing Rey light up at the mere thought of it. "Guess we should sell the house then. One less thing to pay." Rey ran ahead, rushing towards the house. Beneath her shirt a third necklace bounced quietly. A mahogany scale and an indigo one hung from a thin leather cord, gleaming in the light that seeped through the white material.

They induced the aching in her soul,

the longing for something gone.

Something she wanted more than anything.

Something she missed.

Something she would never have again.

A blessing


A curse.

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